Lens-only instant rebates are coming back next week for Father’s day


One of the most popular Nikon lenses, the Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G, will be $100 off next week.

Nikon may bring back the popular "lens-only" rebates (no need to purchase a DSLR body in order to qualify) for six different Nikkor models for Father's Day. The special is supposed to run from June 8-14th and will include the following lenses (with the corresponding instant savings):

  • AF-S NIKKOR 28mm f/1.8G: $100 off
  • AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G: $20 off
  • AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G: $100 off
  • AF-S NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8G: $100 off
  • AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR: $150 off
  • AF-S NIKKOR 16-35mm f/4G ED VR: $260 off

I will publish a separate blog posts once those rebates are live.

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  • Ian Dangerzone

    Time to start bugging the wife. I’ve had an eye on the 85 for a long while.

    • Neopulse

      Hopefully you can get it right away without having to wait too long until it comes back in stock again :-/

    • chkchkboom

      Ditto. My body is ready.

    • DuncanM

      Great lens, though I wish now I had ponied up for the 1.4 instead. More than a couple times that extra 2/3rds stop would have been useful.

    • Aeroengineer

      It is a fantastic lens and a great buy. Wonderful results on the D800E.

    • some.guy from.texas

      As an aside, try a few test shots if you can and look at OOF points of light – the shape, I liken it to a football, is annoying, at least IMHO. Same w 50G F1.4 [don’t know about f1.8]. I much prefer AF-D lens version rendering frankly.

      • Ian Dangerzone

        Thanks for the tip. I took a while back and while I didn’t notice anything about the football shaped light, I did notice the bokeh was very creamy, matched only by my 80-200 and exceeded by my Lester Dine 105, which is still the finest piece of glass I own.

        • some.guy from.texas

          Ah, Lester Dine…I hope to own one some day.


    • Dave Ingraham

      Good luck with that. My order of the 85/1.8 from Adorama has been on back order for over 2 months :-/

      • Otternoir


      • Ian Dangerzone

        Yeah, I don’t know if I’d order it from them. Chances are I’ll just take the ad into a local shop and ask for a pricematch.

  • Jed

    I wonder how they select eligible lenses. Have no clue.

  • wewsa

    Nikon 35 1.8 FX ……King of vignetting is missing…;)

    Hmm anyway, buy rather the 28 than the 35mm…wider is better…and better overall performance…

    Get a cheap travel prime combo or trio 28, 50 and 85….

    If you wanna buy a fifty get definetely the 1.8 version….so much better than the older 1.4 afs lens…..sharper less chromatic abberations etc…..

    50 1.4 needs immediately an update beside the stellar performance of the sigma 50 1.4 art…. a lot of other lens (hope they just not update the super/tele lens primes with flurotine coating)…should get an update…especially popular ones (whole 1.4 line —–1.8 line or the sigma art 1.4 line performs better with exception of the 85 on the d800, 16-35 fx, 24-70 VR, new fx fisheye, tilt and shift lens, wide angle prime….

    Please hurry up or wake up!!!

    what about dx already dead for you nikon… dx lens line up ??Nikon didnt get done in 10years what fuji did within 3 years…….

    So may the answer is…..dx user should buy more expensive, bulkier fx (wideangle) primes….

    • Global

      If Nikon made a pro set of f/1.4 DX compact ART primes and introduced a Fuji X-T1 / D300 style hybrid as a Df-400 with more belles and whistles and more fully featured than the D7100 and X-T1 combined, that would be awesome. Nikon could suddenly attempt to keep the part of its DX market whose eyes are starting to look elsewhere.

    • Gloobus

      I own the 1.4G and now am debating whether to grab the 1.8G and perhaps sell off the 1.4G. $196, psychologically speaking, seems so much more afforadable the the usual list price of $216 😉

  • Global

    I realize this is just a rumor, but usually admin is correct. So i just wonder…Why such a limited set of lenses?? The supreme irony is that these arent even the lenses that are the most overpriced. Who the heck controls Nikons pricing strategy?? Or is this basket of items solely to promote entry level FX..? Then why the 16-35/4, is the 18-35 variable?? They couldnt even manage a nominal $50 bucks off the trinity pro zooms? And seriously, the 35/1.8 not being there would be just weird, yet two 50s. Nikons pricing manager is bizarre. Everyone loves a good deal, but no one loves feeling like they arent getting any deal when others are. If i was a Nikon exec, i would have at a minimum, $20 off every single lens — just to include every possible potential buyer and generate goodwill across the board. Then more off for whatever lenses are hard to sell, and even more off for any lens facing sudden steep competition.

    But this basket lacks logic. Sorta like when they have FX bodies combining with DX lens combo discounts. That blows my mind. How did they choose these lenses only? A sale is not just to boost numbers of one or two items for accounting purposes, its marketing. Do these managers understand how their customers think and what they want? Couldnt even give $15 bucks off the 24/1.4 or 80-400? I know they think “well its a discount, you should just be happy because something is lowered,” but when it excludes soooo much, its sorta like getting a “jelly of the month” membership from your company instead of a xmas bonus. Ill take the jelly, but ill think my company is crazy. How does that help the brand?

    • Royl

      I suspect if they offered half off you would be back here complaining it should have been one fourth price. You seem to be here bellyaching about something Nikon every day. Do you use Nikon gear? If so, why? If not, take it someplace else. By the way, the 35mm 1.8 is a very popular lens, newly released and in short supply. Yet you propose it should be on the rebate list. Are you actually thinking as you write this stuff?

    • Thom Hogan

      I think the story is probably more complicated. You may note that the latest instant savings deal (camera+lenses) actually seemed to be announced after it started ;~). I suspect that NikonUSA made some last minute changes to the program, and that this new change is a “make-up” of some sort to dealers who got caught by the last minute change to the program. This is becoming more of a problem as camera makers wait to the last minute to announce new discount programs: dealers who are using coop advertising have fixed deadlines for submitting ads, and changes to programs are coming after ads get submitted when the camera maker doesn’t announce the new program until the last minute.

      I’ll give you an example: your store wants to advertise in the Sunday paper. Those Sunday papers start appearing as early editions on the previous Thursday, and your ad deadline is likely going to be Monday or Tuesday, maybe even earlier depending upon who’s doing the printing (separate inserts may take longer). So if a camera company waits until Saturday night to announce their new rebate program starting Sunday morning, your ad is probably going to have wrong prices in it.

      Finally, as I noted in my story about the new discounts, you have to guess that the items that are selected for these programs are ones where the inventory is higher (or at least “less tight”). Those might also be items that are high margin, as well. A camera company’s goal this year is not going to be to sell more product at a discount, but to make more money on the products it does sell. The declining market size makes that more imperative than ever.

      Note the article I posted on sansmirror yesterday. In terms of dollars, DSLRs this year are running at 91.5% of last year’s sales, and lenses at 87.8%. You could push discounting to get more sales, but then your profits will take a big hit. The Japanese are trying to micromanage the decline. At the moment they’re picking higher profit over higher sales.

      • so

        With all this, Nikon still did not put 35mm f 1.8G on sale… bad

      • Guess there’s one good thing about people not reading the paper anymore.

  • neonspark

    maybe @doge will finally be able to afford some of that “elitist” glass he keeps saying it is too expensive for the average consumer.

    • doge

      I’m so glad you think about me in your free time. Such an honor.

  • DuncanM

    What does a person have to do to save a few bucks on a 58/1.4?

    • AM I Am

      Don’t buy it and you will save a lot of bucks.

      • DuncanM

        You’re so…witty.

    • nwcs

      Buy it used or refurbished (when available)

      • DuncanM

        It usually isn’t available in either, the exception being eBay/amazon. I don’t buy used from either anymore, but Adorama does have refurbs for $1399. Never bought refurb glass, anyone have any experience with that. I guess my biggest concern would be an unwordly amount of dust inside the barrel or minor scratches on the elements.

        • nwcs

          My understanding is that the legal term for refurbished is that it is an item returned by a customer that was new and is now repackaged for sale or was fixed back to factory specifications and packaged for sale.

          • DuncanM

            I hate to lose that warranty to save a few hundred, though.

            • dclivejazz

              I had bad luck buying refurb directly from Nikon. A 70-300 stopped auto-focusing a couple months after the 3 month warranty and after light use. Meanwhile, I’ve had much better luck with used glass, including the 24-70, 70-200 and 85 1.4. The lens rental companies can be a good source.

          • saying

            you want to get laid, but dont want to buy her dinner….

            • nwcs

              Non sequitur

        • I bought an 85mm 1.8 from B&H, looked new to me. Nothing wrong with it.

      • Steve

        I had mixed results with refurbished. I ordered a D7100 from Cameta and it was completed NEW. No so a TC1.4 that I bought from Roberts, it had heavy signs of use.

        • Neopulse

          Whoa that sucks, if it was refurbished by Nikon, it literally should have had parts of it replaced if it had heavy use. Have bought refurbished twice and looked new pretty much except for the shutter count.

    • Kynikos

      Can you get to Canada, or order from here? Something like $1600 US, all in.

      You’re going to like that lens. Specialized tool, but I love it.

      • DuncanM

        I work mainly portraiture, It will get some good use. I may not want to take it off from some of the samples I’ve seen. Ethereal is the only word I can come up with to describe it.

    • Cos

      Consider Sigma 50mm art lens.

      • DuncanM

        They’re not even in the same category, so no. I would like a 50 that performs a little better than my 1.8, but not for $1000.

    • Neopulse

      Give it time… too new of a release. Great lens though, although I only was able to test it out on a D5300. It made a great portrait lens though

    • notes


      e.g. – 85 1.4G reduced by 100 bucks after 2 years…

  • Pat Mann

    This is a strange selection, and all really FX-oriented (though the 50s and the 85 have some DX appeal). I thought it might be oriented at lenses someone with a 24-85 FX kit lens would look for as a first system expansion, but then I’d look for the 18-35 rather than the 16-35. If it’s move-up zooms, then the 70-200 f/4 belongs with the 16-35.

    Maybe the 16-35 is due for an upgrade? Those fuzzy corners and fisheye effect getting a do-over?

    Nothing for me here, sorry Nikon.

    Perhaps the 4th-of-July specials will have something more appealing.

  • TrP

    I wish they’d include the 35mm FX 1.8G

  • Exm3racer

    YES! been saving for 16-35!!! I knew it would go on sale at some point!

  • LarryC

    Wish they would discount the SB700 or SB910.

  • doge

    Might have to pull the trigger on the 50 and 85 finally.

  • Mockys2k

    I’m hoping the 24-70 will make the list. I’ve been waiting for it to come back. I think the last time it made it on a list, it was $200 off.

  • Mansgame

    Include the new 1.4x teleconverter and we can talk business.

  • Carlos Henrique Pereira

    I think I’ll go for the 28mm if this happens. Last time, I got the 85mm. I think they’ll go very well together for a DX camera.

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