Few hours before the official announcement, I will say it again: the Nikon D4s will be 16MP

For the past two months I have been reporting that the Nikon D4s will be 16MP (see this and this posts) and today I received a dozen of emails from readers asking me the very same question. If you are still believing the 24MP hype, you should seriously reconsider the websites where your are getting your Nikon news and rumors. I have also said that if the D4s is 24MP, I will shut down this website for good. Stay tuned for detailed coverage - everything should start around midnight EST (5am GMT).

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  • John

    ohhhhhhhh SNAP!

  • manhattanboy

    Any news on potential lens co-announcements?
    Specifically the 300 f4 DO?

  • Eric Calabros

    I dunno what they want to do with that extra 8 mega pixels

    • Aldo

      with 8 extra mp you can capture light beyond the event horizon of a black hole…

      • Mike

        Or the flare from a gnat’s ass when passing gas 🙂

    • AM

      8 MP mean 50% more pixel peeping.

      • Aldo

        that means you can look at the file with both eyes.

    • Zinchuk

      When you print 60 and 96 inch wide canvases, more megapixels would be better. I have to do some serious Perfect Resize work with my D4’s files to make prints that big.

      • JJ168

        You have bought wrong camera for your need?

        • Zinchuk

          No, I wouldn’t say that. I use the D4 to its fullest capabilities as a working journalist and commercial photographer. The D800 came out at the same time. When I purchased the D4, one of the very first in Canada to get their hands on one, at that time I was not expecting to buy an Epson 9900 44 inch printer and start selling such large prints. Now I could use 36 megapixels, but I’m waiting for it to come out in a D4X or something like that form factor.

  • Mansgame

    I bet it’s recycled Df sensors….

    • ckbren

      Yup, this is a very safe bet, basically the D4 sensor optimized to have better high ISO, new Auto focus system and some new video features.

  • James Chen

    I hope there will be some suprise in D4s……
    If it is really the same pixel as D4.
    I will be a little disappointed.

  • Scott M.

    I kind of get the feeling you think it is going to be 16mp.

  • Aldo

    You are wrong. I can put money it’s gonna be 16.163840 mp (effective) NOT 16mp

    • koholmen

      ehh it’s 16 163 840 (3280×4928) pixels not mp

      • Aldo

        I would delete that comment if I were you…

        • Scott M.


    • Mike

      Will that qualify to get him to quit the site? I Hope not….

      • Aldo

        nah… here at nikonrumors we forgive technicalities. we are all friends.

  • dclivejazz

    Don’t shut down the site, even if it is 24 mp.

    • Scott M.

      Yeah. We hope you are wrong but don”t shut down.

    • AM

      Don’t worry. If that ever happens, the site will be renamed Nikon Gossips.

    • Aldo

      yeah don’t do it… it gets lonely down here in the basement without nikonrumors…

    • JJ168

      Yes, do not shut down this site if you are wrong pls. It is more fun to come here then to go out shooting. 🙂

    • mark

      people will forgive NR for getting the MPs wrong…
      but shutting down the site is a different matter…


  • Scott M.

    Nikon just saved me $6k! Thank you Nikon!

  • Narretz

    Quick, a last post before the site shuts down!

  • DMT


  • John

    Stay the course, Admin.

    • You sound like a Vanguard investor 😉

      • John

        i would like to be a D4s investor.

        • Aldo

          you’d prolly get more profits investing on the d600 than on this..

          • John

            I am still getting huge dividends from my D700.

            • Aldo

              ha! no would could predict the d600 would sell at the same price or even lower than the d700.

            • John

              Yeah and my kids have 24 mp in a D3200. D600/610 is looking pretty good.

  • Benno

    What if it is 20MP?? Will you only shut down 1/2 ?? 🙂

  • I don’t at all doubt Peter’s 16MP prediction, but there’s no need, whatsoever, for him to state that he will shut down this website if that is somehow not the case. His accuracy track record is without peer.

    • it’s just for fun 🙂

      • Jay Pike

        Thank you for clarifying that… Let the smoke clear after the announcement and I guarantee those naysayers will just disappear into the nether….

        In my opinion, you’ve already won the battle… Google shows this site above KR’s site when searching for “nikon d4s”… given that he makes significant revenue off of that blog, I’d say the ranking on this topic is victory enough!

  • clifflwms

    16MP is fine, but I hope it has some new, tangible benefits… “Better” image quality and auto-focus had better be REALLY noticeable, or D3s users will continue to wait out the D5 or move to the 1Dx, here’s hoping for the best.

    • You bet :-). the owner of the shop were I bought my D3s is urging me not to sell it yet. I told him It’s not gonna happen

  • Jon Ingram

    Don’t play with my heart like that. If you’re wrong, where will I go to hear people gripe about all the latest gear? It’s OK though, you’ve never been wrong before, so no worries

    • Actually I have been wrong few times before on not so important products.

      • Jay Pike

        True, but this is an intelligence business of sorts, and you don’t want to always be dead on otherwise you’ll burn your sources (even if you are getting it from more than one – you could be burning a whole division)

  • Andy

    D4 is 16 MP, DF also 16MP, and D3300 is 24MP! so I don’t really think Nikon will stupid enough to make new D4s 16MP…….

    • Aldo

      absolutely! … I sold my d800 for the new 40mp nokia phone… I’m smarter than nikon.

      • KT

        You are just slightly ahead of the curve, that’s all. Like night follows day, sooner or later, the enlightened masses will see the wisdom of such decision and follow through

        • Aldo

          your words are inspiring… to be honest… sometimes I amaze myself at my own brilliance.

      • Jay Pike

        Oh oh oh… Sony’s coming out with a cell phone that does 4k video, so, why would anyone ever want a Red camera?

  • Sweet 16 🙂 vs sassy 24 🙂 which one would you choose guys? Talking strictly MEGAPIXELS 🙂 and still believe in my only 12 D3s…

  • sperdynamite

    I bet they add auto film rewind.

    • Aldo

      nah… that most likely will come with the d5X … nikon doesn’t like going all out.

  • D800_shooter

    12mp 16mp 24mp 36mp—-> Who cares………Please just lower the price because I want one (serious face)…

  • bgbs

    Because everyone wants 24mpx, Nikon will release a 16mpx on purpose.

    • Jay Pike

      Because everyone wants 24mp, Nikon now knows that they can sell both a D4s and a D5 and still turn profit… granted, pro-SLR market makes up such a small margin for Nikon, but I’m sure the D5 feature set in addition to resolution will make for good press down the line.

  • Ray Justice

    I bet it is the exact camera as the D4, just with a firmware upgrade… Like they say in the country, Nikon just did a spit shine and called it a D4s…

    • Jay Pike

      Doubtful… there will be some “major for some/minor for others” updates that will be significant enough to move volume in the right segments of Nikon’s pro market… specifically those entities that have fully depreciated D4 bodies sitting in their asset spreadsheets that need to be written off before the line item causes serious fiscal friction to CFOs….

  • ohnocanon

    …but Peter…Flim Flopwell has already held it, tested it, and reported it to be 24mp…SHUT NIKON RUMORS DOWN!!!! LOL

  • ress p

    All “s” version ALWAYS keep the same sensor, 2 years ago in a chat conversation with Nikon France, they confirmed that the D3s has the D3 cmos sensor. The definition of second version is improve and optimize not change.
    My english is bad sorry, so if you want my explain in french with more informations ^^ ==> http://forum.nikonpassion.com/index.php?topic=93511.120

  • Anonymous

    Has there ever been a flagship released that wasn’t back-ordered for months? Dunno if this will see the inflated prices above MSRP like every other pro Nikon body has had initially.

  • Mike

    Really?! This aught to be a fun evening. Any relation to Alec Baldwin?

  • JosengSisiw1

    That’s good news! That means D5s is coming, then I can afford D4s, but then will think twice again because its only 16 mp only. Maybe I’ll just wait for D6s.

    • Vid

      Which will all be released and available before the D400

  • Hey, it is 24MP.

  • matprat

    Geesh, I thought the D4s was announced four months ago.

  • RandomDesign

    Part of me wants this to be a minor upgrade that won’t make me want to move up from my D4, part of me wants there to be a big surprise that would get me to upgrade. My wallet probably prefers the former.

  • John_Skinner

    Ken Rockwell will look quite the ultimate idiot if it is.. He’s got an entire page up as if he owns and uses one.

  • Damien

    I agree. It’s likely to be optimised for high-ISO/low-light performance, low-noise, and shots per second.
    If you must have a huge number of pixels, go with the D800. It has a wonderful sensor, but suffers in shutter actuations per second.
    Remember, the D4s is just an incremental upgrade on the D4.

  • broxibear

    Yeah, shut the place down Peter. You’re always wrong about things anyway…you can’t even spell rumours ? lol.

  • MDS

    I fully agree that it will be 16MP, BUT, you Really shouldn’t say things like if it is 24MP you will shut down for good. That is just bad in case something happens somewhere down the line on something else. I DO however agree with you on the 16MP. IF, they were going to go to 24MP, it would be in the D5 but I don’t think that will even be the case.

    • Aldo

      look up “just for fun” in the canon dictionary.

  • Dave

    I want admin to be wrong, but I believe he is right. What I can’t understand is if it is essentially a non upgrade (16mp) why would it be so secret and not revealed back at CES? I mean why all the secrecy for a very weak launch considering the incredibly competitive market right now?

  • John

    Ruh Roh!

  • DMT

    But will it have 16-bit color?

    That would be the icing on the high-ISO, improved AF cake (which alone is enough reason to replace my three D4 bodies). The improved video is nice, but the D800 will still trump it for that.

    Hopeful…but not optimistic. That would be the huge upside surprise in my book…but I already have the camera on order regardless.

    • lord eels

      all of this will be true… after 2 firmware upgrades! lol. it’s really crappy how the ability to fix things later has pretty much all camera makers pushing out NICU-bound preemies. especially nikon and fuji.

  • Aldo

    I think we can agree that Rockwell isn’t bothered by looking like an idiot… that being said… going over what he wrote makes you doubt.

  • YS

    He’s been looking like an idiot for over a decade. Doesn’t seem to stop him.

  • YS

    Why is everyone moaning about megapixels? The D3s had the same megapixel count as the D3 and the upgrade in sensor performance made it quite a relative hit.

    • Aldo

      because we are a bunch of hypocrites… we say 10mp is enough to rule the universe yet we are always demanding more. Nikon knows this… that’s why the d800 was a success.

    • DMT

      The D3S was a huge upgrade if you shoot at ISO 8000+ all the time like I do…

      • DMT

        Not to mention much better low light AF…

        These are precisely the areas where the D4S will perform better than any other camera ever made.

  • Insider

    Yes main purpose is to fix D4 focusing issue. Subject of another upcoming class action suit.

  • tap0

    Ok, its 16 mp, and you get to keep nyour website.

  • DonD

    It was announced 12 minutes ago. Where is your post?

  • BryanM

    To digress, I appreciate the Admin’s general style of journalism. I once so often visit other camera brands’ rumour sites and the language used there reeks of fanboyism.

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