Additional Nikon D4s details

Some addition details on the upcoming Nikon D4s camera:

  • New focus mode: now can use 3D-Tracking in 9 or 21 points group
  • Native ISO: 100-25,600 (as previously reported)
  • Improved time-lapse movie recording: can change interval shutter in 1/6 stop (adjustable)
  • White balance can be fine tuned by 0.25-0.50 Kelvin
  • You can adjust the color tone of the camera LCD screen (probably because of this issue)
  • Same resolution as the D4 (16MP)
  • HD movie at 60 fps/1080p
  • Small change in the body design
  • Same price as the D4 ($5,996.95 in the US)
  • The official announcement will most likely be next week
  • Shipping will start in March or latest April
  • The first sample images taken with the D4s are already available online
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  • peterw

    color management on the LCD screen on the back…
    What kind of colorimeter would you use to calibrate it?
    Makes sense to use your D4 camera for that, make a calibration picture of a Nikon testchart, use a set of two specially color calibrated flash guns, And add some application to Camera Control Pro… :).

  • Bruce

    Disappointed we’ve waited so long for a new Dx and this is barely an incremental upgrade over the D4. And for those of us who work just as heavily in video as in stills, no 2k or 4k video? I at least hope that 1080p in FX will actually be usable this time round.

    • Naval Gunfire

      The “s” iterations from Nikon have never really been big updates to the product line. Anybody who was expecting a big update was always going to be disappointed, you only have to look at their history to understand that.

  • Ralph

    This is as exciting as a change in wrapping for my favourite breakfast cereal

  • broxibear

    Here’s the first advert I’ve seen for the D4s, in the March issue of French magazine Chasseur Images.

  • Bob L

    Thank goodness no 4k … I would be happy if there was no video at all! Like the price … will be ordering soon!

  • broxibear
  • Sergio Ortiz

    Looks like the top Nikon body will remain behind the top Canon body at least until the D5 (and I own the D4)

  • Mac Rockwell

    Why they cant put Built-in WIFI with this bulky camera! I have to hit the gym because of this dumbbell!!!!

  • Rafa R

    as long as they dump the XQD card..

    • G0nzo


      • Rafa R

        I Have a D4 and having two different kind of readers and two sets of cards is just a pain in the butt, besides XQD cards are not supported by Sony, what I mean not even Sony uses them in their own cameras. So when I buy in to the XQD system feels like buying Beta videotapes.. you know their are going to go extinct any minute. Don’t get me wrong the cards work great, but even Lexar stopped producing them! I honestly think the D4s should only be Compact Flash compatible

        • G0nzo

          but that lexar will stop producing them is not sure, and sony are still producing them, their latest 4k cam all support xqd. but i know what you mean, it sux that there arnt any combined card readers, only xqd seperates.

        • G0nzo

          Hey Rafa, you might be interessted in this, just found on amazon. Was bored and looked for some new xqd products,, and found a Multi Card Reader that also supports XQD: Lexar LRWHR1RBEU. I double checked it and yes it can read xqd. And not very expensiv (the hub only). 🙂

          • Rafa R

            Nice! good info thanks

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