Nikon Df camera cases and straps are now shipping

Nikon-CF-DC6-case-for-Nikon-Df Nikon-DF-leather-case
After initially being recalled, Nikon is now shipping the new/fixed Df cases and straps:

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  • phil

    ..great news, for all 4 Df owners…

    • Three. I don’t want a case.

      • mrj

        Two, I don’t need one. Where are the other two owners?

        • scott800

          I’m right here. No case for me. The last guy can get one.

          • MShelbz

            Nope, I don’t need it either

            • this nikon guy

              I want a case but its way to expensive. I would just use the bottom half anyway…

            • that nikon guy

              Funny, for me it’s way too cheap. I’m very old and rich, and prefer to overpay for all my photography equipment.

    • Mansgame

      All DF owners who don’t want to use anything other than 50mm lenses.

  • Alan Chow

    Got one brown strap at B & H Photo last week, should arrive tomorrow…

  • frank

    My grandfather had a case like this for his camera. I guess if you’re going to go retro, you might as well get the noob case too.
    Once order one of these for a customer’s N90 – took 18 months to get in from Nikon.

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Df. 3. 2. 1. Here come the hate comments. Haters can’t help them self, negative narrative runs in their bloodstream.

    • mrj

      Just be patient! They will come. Creativity hasn’t been one of their strongest assets to date. They are trying to find creative comments by listening to Kai’s videos.

  • VikingAesir

    I have no need for the case, but I like the leather strap.

  • dgr

    I preordered the case from Adorama for $49. I’m going to guess they won’t honor that now. No way would I spend $249…..just buy the Gariz for less than half.

  • T53

    Very nice looking but then at the price it should be. Too bad the strap interferes with the front command wheel. Made a test spin of the camera at ASAP and the location of the strap lug is definitely a design flaw.

    • mrj

      Are you saying that almost every film slr had a design flaw with the location of the strap lugs? This ‘design flaw’ never stopped me from taking pictures for over 30 years. Strange that I never noticed this flaw! Thanks for letting me know.

      • T53

        You are most Welcome. I never had a problem with film cameras and strap lugs either and I’ve been shooting since 1968 but then none of my film cameras from an srT-101 thru an F3 to a F100 had or have a command wheel flat against the front body a half inch from a front mounted strap either.

        • mrj

          It hasn’t bothered me at all. I don’t think that you handled the camera long enough to really adjust to it. None of the owners that I have spoken to find the lug to be a problem. If you are trying to find a problem with camera, you will always find it.

          • T53

            I’ve handled the camera plenty and the strap when attached to the lug really bothered the heck out of me whenever I tried to access the front command wheel. I’m glad you didn’t have a problem. I did. End of Story.

            • Donald D.

              How funny, 2 baby-boomers bickering like dpr forum trolls!

  • Mansgame

    This looks like a beagle.

  • Robert

    My Df is now my main camera. I don’t use the D800 half as much now because the Df is a low light gem on par with the D4 and in real world shooting the AF, size, weight and handling are superb. Naturally a lot of arm-chair shooters are all upset, but they’re just helping the Df along. In spite of the haters it’s selling very well, extraordinary for an expensive niche product. I love mine, a perfect companion for my D800.

    • Mansgame

      You have no idea how they’re selling. The only stats we have is by how many verified buyer reviews places like BH Photo and amazon have compared to the D600, D610, D800, and D4. Df is dead last.

  • Dermot McDermot

    I think the case is a great idea if you want to travel light with a small camera such as the Df or Leica M. I’ve done thousands of km on bicycles and sailplanes with my Leica and it suffers. You can pay for the case with what you save on broken screen protectors.

    Sure, it looks old fashioned but so does the camera. It’s a shame that the Df doesn’t follow the tradition of great cameras like the F2AS with a 29 page instruction manual 🙂


  • thisistheultimatedouchebagcame

    Hipster douchbags everywhere rejoice!

  • imadouchebagDFowner

    Ed Hardy edition comming soon……

    • DFequalsDoucheFace

      Put me down for two.

  • fonefuner

    Don’t use it at the winter Olympics, you may get arrested!

  • Ласточка ¢

    похож на улитку,.. ну такую которую спортсмены одевают для защиты яичек

  • lucretius

    I pre-ordered the case, picked it up and returned it one week later. I found it awkward to shoot with the bottom half attached. A knob juts out from the bottom making it impossible to lay the camera flat on a surface. The top half fit really tight and would not fit with the cap on the viewfinder — and needless to say, it will not fit with any lens that is even slightly longer than the 50 f/1.8G. Also, there is a little gap where the top half meets the bottom half, exposing the camera to dust. Color me unimpressed.

  • Matt Wolf

    Thank you all for your comments… are there any Nikon cases that fit other cameras that will properly fit a df? Thanks

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