Recall: Nikon CF-DC6 case for Df cameras

Nikon-CF-DC6-case-for-Nikon-DfNikon CF-DC6 case
Nikon Japan issued a warning about the semi-soft case CF-DC6 for not fitting properly on the Nikon Df camera. Nikon will replace the defective cases for free. I have not seen any CF-DC6 cases in US stores except on eBay where it sells for around $300. In Europe the price seems to be lower (159 EUR)

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  • Joseph Li

    errr…ok…nikon cant even build the case right
    let’s hope there’s no issue with the Df!

    • Neopulse

      Chances are it wasn’t Nikon, it was some place in China that got the licensing to make them, but messed up doing it under Nikon’s name :-/ Which kinda is of embarrassing since there should be a guy doing QC at the plant with a DF on hand.

  • Kynikos

    In either case, it’s likely on a small minority of manufactured products, but…

    Case is off by a couple centimetres… recall!

    Oil spewing off the shutter mechanism onto the sensor… crickets.

    • trading

      Because the case is bad, i need a discount on DF body

  • JR

    Cool! one more thing to complain about this camera……right on! Let the bitchin’ begin!

  • tertius_decimus

    What happened to Df? So much hype before release and silence after. No reviews, no nothing…

    • compares

      There was a review from DXO. DF performed close to D4 and D600… but below D800 i remember, because i got the d800 : )

      • umeshrw

        I read that Dxo review and comparison. Df sensor performs better than D4 which performs better than D800.(Moot point though as I too love my 800e)

    • Ronan

      Plenty of reviews… People that use it, love it. D4 performance with a more hands-on ‘retro’ approach.

    • Mansgame

      Looks like a gigantic flop so far. Plenty in stock with absolutely no buzz nor excitement. Aside from a few rich old guys who want to recapture their youth, few people want to buy an overpriced and crippled camera when they can get so much more for their money in other cameras that cost same or less.

      • nikondf

        Jealous much? LOL

        • Mansgame

          Not at all.

      • Spy Black

        You can’t get a shutter speed dial where it used to be for ages on “other cameras”. I’ll buy this “overpriced and crippled” camera as soon as I can afford it, for that shutter speed dial alone…

  • Lamar Lamb

    Hmm no CF-DC610 announced…… Amazing. Nikon actually admitted that there is an issue with a product …… AND are going to replace it for free…..

  • IslandNature

    In addition, not enough oil from the shutter mechanism to keep the leather supple.

  • scott800

    The case looks kinda clunky to begin with, i think i will eke my Df naked. I do like the leather strap, not avail at B&H yet…

    • BernhardAS

      Naked is good

  • Ole

    Wow. A product that is cheaper in Europe compared to the US. That’s a first

    • WDF??

      Ebay is not the US..

  • stormwatch

    Tell me please how it’s possible to s…w such a simple thing like a measuring the proper dimensions for the case? I bet that I have the proper explanation of this, the case is of course made by someone else for Nikon, but Nikon policy is not to share it’s engineering specifications with anyone. So they considered that the Df dimensions are also of the utmost secrecy, and had given the manufacturers of the ledder soft cases only a poorly rendered picture of a box without any actuall dimension! So the manufacturers had to make sort of reverse engineering on this one too.

  • Jorge

    OMG Too Funny!

  • 103David

    Just so the newbes know, in the old hipster/DadCam days, these used to be known as “never-ready” cases. However, the California-Traffic-Cone-Orange color is a new wrinkle.

    • WDF??

      Admin; do something about your colour management will ya? I saw one of dese, its tan, not orange.

  • Mansgame

    So no D600 recall? Come on Nikon, you can’t pretend to not know what “recall” means anymore.

  • metsatsu

    Nikon “let’s make up for the recalls that we should have made for D800 and D600. Oh, the DF leather case is not fitting? now’s our chance!!!”

  • alreadyupsidedown

    Ha! They should have just released a new version of the case and called it the ‘CF-DC610’

    Honestly the sort of thing I expect out of Nikon these days.

  • Mark

    Are all of the cases defective or just some ? As can not read Japanese…

  • sell_him

    Damn Nikon really don’t seem to be able to get anything right these days.

  • Michael Choong

    To look cool with this beautiful cases it cost u 300 bugs. And it can fit your df perfectly.

  • gimar bazat

    They should just recall the DF camera and call it off. The nostalgics already got their cameras in the first day and for the rest of us this is a piece of crap.

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