Nikon announcement on February 11th

Update: This press event was be for the Coolpix cameras that were announced on  February 6th in the US.

According to the invitation pictured above, Nikon have scheduled a press conference for February 11th, 2014 (next Tuesday). The CP+ show in Japan starts on February 13 and Nikon is expected to announce several new products.

The UK magazine Amateur Photographer published what appears to be the first press image of the Nikon D4s camera on their front cover (all other D4s pictures were from CES):



The magazine did not provide any D4s details or specifications.

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  • J

    I hope they announce some new Coolpix!!!

  • HausOfHustle


  • andy

    CFast 2.0 card on the same picture as D4s D:

    • broxibear

      Hi andy,
      Here’s a quote from the CFast piece inside…
      “We have yet to see CFast 2.0 compatibility in a DSLR, but with the Nikon D4S likely to maintain the same dual CompactFlash and XQD memory support, perhaps CFast 2.0 will appear in the next highend Canon DSLR – or even the rumoured EOS 7D Mark II”
      This a quote from what they say about the D4s…
      “The new engine could also help improve AF speed and open up the possibility for the D4S to shoot 4K video. Full details should
      be released in the next few months.”

  • peterortphoto

    Brace yourselves: ISO 1,000,000 is coming

    • WC

      LOL seriously !!

      • The D4 offers “204,800” (pushed, obviously) ISO 1,000,000 is only 2.5 stops away. It’s really not a joke at all.

  • Mark

    They better announce the Nikon D400…. with the same or better feature set of the D5300… and professional qualities (FPS, weather-proofing, lens compatibility, etc..) of the D300s.
    Ok, if they call it the D7200, but HAS to have the qualities.

    • itznfb

      Needs more buffer…

    • Morris

      announce a d400 on 11 feb, before cp+ where they announce the d4s ? 2 bodies in 2 different (close) events ?

      • Deep_Lurker

        They might announce the D4s and the D400 at the same time, the way they did the D3 and D300 in 2007.

        Not likely, I fear, but it could happen.

        • I seriously doubt that.

        • achilleas

          Exactly the same scenario
          …i hope!

  • pwmorg

    sure how about some more Coolpix before a D400!

  • fdfdf

    mirrorless FF 10 fps = Nikkormat shape without the sonuy color fringing or fujy watercolor painting

  • Davis5

    lexar 3333??? how many number is?

    • Davis5

      ops… lexar 3333 is officially announced on their site… coming soon ecc ecc…

  • KubaWer

    D800s D810 etc… :(( no info at all

    • Mike

      No need. The D800/E has no competition other than medium format. It’s not an old camera yet.

    • Morris

      6 days and we’ll know 🙂

  • KubaWer

    D800s D810 etc… :(( no info at all

  • RMFearless

    SB920 with PW receiver inside!

  • YS

    I believe this should be the D4S announcement.

  • desmo

    AFS 300 F4 VR…..

    • Morris

      please Nikon allmighty!

    • manhattanboy

      I pray that this is in the announcement as well as the D4S. If nothing else it makes a great companion for the Winter Olympics!

      • Morris

        imagine if they show the d4s with 4k video and a lens (300f4VR) with the same VR of the new 70-200 which is amazing, for long distance sport AND nature(birding)
        a great video-action combo

    • Mansgame


  • Morris

    the flowers… an hint ?
    nature lens ?

    • Morris

      google translate says ‘I AM –> harbinger?/indication of spring’

      outdoor-nature lens ? hope it’s not a pink coolpix

      • Guest

        it means >>> I AM Indication of Spring.

  • mrw

    Oh, our czech language on NikonRumors 🙂

    • Lubos

      No neni to bezva? 🙂

  • Morris

    Praha, what are you doing ??? it’s time or the managers are eating ? 😛

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