Deal of the day: Nikon P330 for half price

B&H is currently selling the Nikon Coolpix P330 compact camera for $196.95 (available also in white) which is almost half of its original price ($376.95):

The P330 was the first model in that product line to have NRW/RAW support - detailed specifications and sample images can be found here.

I already mentioned that Nikon will most likely replace the P330 at the upcoming CP+ show.

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  • simple

    I will take DF for half!

    right priced.

    • Kynikos

      You know, you’ve hit on something there. I’m not sure why Nikon doesn’t sell pro/enthusiast bodies at a significant loss just to get more of them out there… to suck people into the cult and get them to spend on full-price glass. God knows the new 80-400 and 35-FX are fully priced.

      • Most people don’t buy lenses. This includes people who buy pro bodies because they’re “pro”. So it’s like the old lose money on the handle and make money on the blades theory, except the handle works fine on its own and most people never buy any blades.

        • Eric Calabros

          You mean most of D4 owners buy 28-300 instead of 24-70 and 70-200 combination? 🙂
          Nikon never sell Df at half the price, cause that means they lied when said its selling well at full price!

          • Aldo

            I’m sure it’s selling well… just not so sure many working photographers are buying it.

            • AntonisX

              I bought it. And I AM a full-time pro. Great for hipshots. 😉

            • clifflwms

              Ditto, I’m a pro, and I also own one, it complements my other cameras very well; I really enjoy it. Seems that most of the people who hate it don’t own one, or supposedly “Tried it in the store”… right. 🙂

            • peterortphoto

              I got the D610, only because I need video. When I’m able to get a second body the DF will most likely be at the top of my list simply for the low light capabilities. The controls are not that bad. All I hardly ever change is my ISO, shutter speed and aperture and even those don’t change a whole lot during a shoot.

          • peterortphoto

            Hey it’s number 91 on amazon’s best selling DSLR list. That’s pretty good! Lol

  • Spy Black

    That’s a good deal if you’re looking for a decent pocket camera. Hopefully they’re more reliable than the P310 I bought that lasted me 4 days. 🙂

  • Yo

    Shut up and take my money

  • moshpittman

    if only they would drop the Coolpix A price by a (big) bit…
    I was waiting for ages to see if they would but gave up in the end and bought a Ricoh GR for not much over half the price.
    It’s good to have a pocket camera again as I otherwise use 2 x D3s’ and carrying that kit around is a pain at times…

  • Spy Black

    I guess the replacement model is coming soon.

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