Nikon Coolpix P330 vs. the P310 specifications comparison


Nikon Coolpix P310


Nikon Coolpix P330

The new Coolpix P330 camera is actually a step in the right direction - Nikon did include a larger 1/1.7in. sensor  (the Fuji X20 still has a bigger 2/3 in. sensor) with less megapixels and freshly added NRW/RAW support. The price is also right at $376.95. Here is a quick specifications comparison between the new P330 and the old P310 models:

Nikon Coolpix P330 Nikon Coolpix P310
Effective Pixels 12.2million 16.1million
Image Sensor CMOS CMOS
Sensor Size 1/1.7in. 1/2.3in.
Lens Zoom 5x 4.2x
Vibration Reduction Lens-shift VR Lens-shift VR
Motion Blur Reduction Motion Detection (still pictures) --
Focus Range [W]: Approx. 1 ft. (30 cm.) to infinity
[T]: Approx. 1 ft. 8 in. (50 cm.) to infinity
[W]: Approx. 1 ft. (30 cm.) to infinity
[T]: Approx. 2 ft. (60 cm.) to infinity
Macro close-up mode: Approx. 0.8 in. (2 cm.) to infinity
Monitor Size 3.0in. diagonal 3.0in. diagonal
Monitor Type TFT-LCDwith5-level brightness adjustment TFT-LCDwithAnti-reflection coating
5-level brightness adjustment
Monitor Resolution 921,000-dots 921,000-dots
Storage Media SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card
SD memory card
SDHC memory card
SDXC memory card
Movie Full HD: 1920x1080p / 30fps
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 25p
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 24p
Full HD: 1920x1080 / 60i
Full HD: 1920x1080/ 50i
HD: 1280x720p / 30fps
HD: 1280x720/25p
iFrame® 540: 960x540 / 30fps
iFrame® 540/25p
VGA 640x480/ 30p
VGA 640x480/ 25p
Audio file format: AAC stereo
Full HD: 1920x1080p / 30fps
HD: 1280x720p / 30fps
iFrame® 540: 960x540 / 30fps
Movie file format: MPEG-4 AVC H.264
Standard TV: 640x480 / 30fps
ISO Sensitivity ISO80-3200
Hi 1 (equivalent to 6400)
Hi 2 (equivalent to 12,800) (available when using A, B, C or D mode)
Hi 1 (equivalent to 6400)
Auto (auto gain ISO 100-1600)
Fixed range auto (ISO 100-400, 100-800)
Top Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution Up to 10 shots at approx. 10 frames per second Up to 5 shots at approx. 7 frames per second
HDMI Output Can be selected from:
Can be selected from:
Battery / Batteries Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL12 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL12
Approx. Dimensions Height:2.3in.(58.3mm)
Depth:1.3in.(32mm)Excluding projections. Method of noting dimensions and weight is in accordance with CIPA DCG-005-2009 guideline.
Depth:1.3in.(32.0mm)Excluding projections. Method of noting dimensions and weight is in accordance with CIPA DCG-005-2009 guideline.
Approx. Weight 7.1oz.(200g)With battery and SD memory card. Method of noting dimensions and weight is in accordance with CIPA DCG-005-2009 guideline. 6.9oz.(194g)With battery and SD memory card. Method of noting dimensions and weight is in accordance with CIPA DCG-005-2009 guideline.
 Price $376.95 $209.00 after rebate

A brief video showing the new Coolpix P330 camera:

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  • David G.

    Looking great!
    I wonder how it will fare against the Canon S110.

  • Spy Black

    Yeah, this a much more interesting camera to me than the the A. Technically it can stand up to the S110 (stills-wise). The S110 is a very good stills camera, but sucks at video. It’s obvious the video capability in the Nikon is far superior to the S110, but I hope the audio is up to par as well.

    The S110 distorts audio at high SPL, hopefully the P330 won’t. The S110 will crap out in sound environments where my 8-year-old Fuji E-900 will handle audio just fine. If the Nikon can hold up audio like my old Fuji, I’ll dump the S110 on the spot and get the P330!

    BTW, the P310 had a high-speed 640x480P 60fps video not posted here. I had one, which died 4 days into ownership, but I remember the high-fps setting.

  • Rudy

    Lens info and compare?
    For now, I’m keeping my Panny LX7.

    • mypobox

      ditto. not to mention rumor has it the lx9 is in aug. so excited to see if the buffer improves.

  • Chris

    Is this the first camera to reduce pixel count?

    • Rasmus

      No as far as i remember quite a few have, the Canon G series went from 14,7 to 10 with the release of the G11.

    • Boca

      No, Nikon P6000 (13.5M) => P7000 (10.1)

  • Gerard

    Yeah, right. An optical viewfinder that costs more that a semi-pro lens. Keep-em coming Nikon! I AM | TOO EXPENSIVE:

    • Gord

      Optical viewfinder? This isn’t the Coolpix A. Stop posting just so you can spam your stupid blog.

  • Nikonnut

    When I was looking for a decently priced low light “fits in your jeans pocket easy” camera the Canon S100 was the only real choice. The S95,100,110 series is very popular especially at nightspots (bars, clubs) where im from and its also the camera I would recommend to friends if they want a “compact point and shoot camera which takes better pictures than their phones”

    As a nikon fan it dissapointed me that at the time the P310 just didnt quite match up to the s100 which it was clearly competing with.

    Very happy to hear that the P330 is going 1/1.7, 24-120mm (35mm equiv range), RAW support and most importantly keeping the F1.8 lens (which tops the canon s110’s F2.0 slightly)

    But really it should have had wifi built in and an adjustment ring around the lens.

    Looking forward to the reviews and maybe upgrade the S100 to this.

    Maybe this camera will help Nikon’s financial woes because judging from how many canon s95,s100,s110 i see around this is an important P&S entry.

  • EnticingHavoc

    Shelf stuffing at its best. Make a basic camera and derive 3 useless sisters which suck up space in the store just to make it look like a tons of completely different models.

    That sucks so much.

  • niXerKG

    Umm so didn’t they just stick the P7700 guts into a smaller body?

  • Bratislav ILIC

    Finally after 4 years and million of lost sales Nikon has something to compete with CanonPowerShot Sxx …

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