Nikon Coolpix A camera additional coverage


What you may have missed about the new Nikon Coolpix A compact camera:

  • the Coolpix A is compatible with the optional WU-1a wireless mobile adapter (see demo)
  • the camera does't not have an optical low-pass filter
  • the new Coolpix supports 14-bit compressed NEF (RAW) images
  • it seems that only the top plate is made from magnesium alloy
  • Nikon markets the Coolpix A as the smallest compact camera with a DX sized sensor
  • the 18.5mm f/2.8 lens has a manual focus ring


Nikon-Coolpix-A-with-SB-400-flash Nikon-Coolpix-A-optical-viewfinder

Nikon-UR-E24-HN-CP18-lens-hood-adapter-ring-set Nikon-DF-CP1-optical-viewfinder

The main accessories listed for the Coolpix A model are:

  • DF-CP1 optical viewfinder
  • UR-E24 adapter ring for attaching lens hoods and filters
  • HN-CP18 metal lens hood

The Nikon DF-CP1 optical viewfinder is priced at $449.96, the adapter ring and lens hood will be sold together as a set for $129.96. After adding the listed $1,096.95 price of the camera, the entire Coolpix A set comes to $1,676.87! I am not sure what Nikon is thinking, but I believe the Coolpix A will join the instant rebates program very soon.

Here is the complete charts of compatible accessories:


MTF Charts

MTF charts at f/2.8 and f/5.6:

Nikon Coolpix A MTF chart at f2.8 Nikon Coolpix A MTF chart at f5.6

Sample Images

Sample images from the new Coolpix A can be found on Nikon Imaging, Nikon Japan websites and on flickr:


Hands-on with the Nikon Coolpix A at Focus on Imaging:

Nikon Coolpix A quick menu walkthrough video:

Nikon Coolpix A AF test:




What others are saying:

"How do you get an APS-C senor into a point-and-shoot camera? You compromise on the lens [...] At $1100, it's a tad more expensive than what you imagine an audience of enthusiasts will be willing to pay." -Gizmodo

"There's a handful of DSLR-like features, such as a full-size hot shoe with i-TTL compatibility, a dedicated mode dial, an adapter ring that accepts a lens hood or 46mm filters, and WU-1a WiFi module compatibility. There's no optical viewfinder in the box, but no matter -- you can add one on for a mere $450." -Engadget

"Though we liked the build quality, we felt the camera's front grip could have been bigger for a more secure hold. The camera's On/Off lever--which some mistook to as a zoom lever--could be easily toggled and fared no worse than a conventional power button." -Cnet

"What we do know about the sensor is that there's no optical low-pass filter, so the usual softening caused by anti-aliasing is avoided and, therefore, shots should be sharper." -Pocket-Lint

"Our biggest concern, though, is one of specifications. While we're sure there are people who will be happy with a fixed 28mm equivalent lens, we're not sure how many of those will be happy to pay $1100/£1000 for a camera with a relatively modest F2.8 maximum aperture." -Dpreview

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  • Spy Black

    It’s the 50’s all over again…

  • Crusty

    I prefer the sony RX100 actually. For that much money the RX1 looks more tempting.

  • Paulo

    What is the target market for this camera?

    People willing to buy a P&S are not likely to pay USD 1100 on a camera… Imho…

  • Rhonbo

    Looks like a great camera, I wouldn’t mind having one. The only problem here is the price. The price will adjust according to demand. The fast AF is the one strong feature that will set it apart from the rest. We will see how well it is received.

  • mike kobal

    my first reaction to the A was bahhhh….not an appealing design, however, I am getting interested (assuming there will be an instant rebate of a couple hundred bucks very soon) because of the size and because I really like 28mm lenses. AF speed appears to be so~so but not terribly slow and I bet the image quality will kick a@@ I don’t see it as a X100s competitor but I might replace my Sony RX100 with this one, of course not at the announced price….time will tell

  • pyt

    …and what about interchangeable-lens camera with DX sensor?

  • 711oscar

    I have a Canon s100 that has everything this new Coolpix almost has (not a DX sized sensor and doesn’t have a hot shoe) but it has a faster f2.0 lens and shoots RAW, too. I use either the P or A mode on it. You got all the menus controls you’d see on a DSLR. Has Canon DSLR technology in it. I got an s100 kit and that cost me around $450. Extremely pleased at the quality of photos you can get from it but Canon does make the best point and shoots so that wasn’t surprising. The Coolpix’s $1200 price is asinine. I own a Nikon D700 and several lenses and would buy this Nikon A, since this point and shoot FINALLY can compete with Canon’s best point and shoots, but not at that price. Just who are they marketing this to? Not the everyday normal person for sure.

  • PhotoOp

    Cool looking Camera, but I agree with a lot of people on here Nikon and Sony are smoking too much weed, if they think they are going to sell a lot of these at this price! WTF is right, the view finder is $450 bucks, which is the price the camera should be priced at. I would buy a used D7000 or the new D7100 instead of this. Hell the new Panasonic GH3 or Olympus OMD would even be a much better choice.

  • EnticingHavoc

    It’s so great that one can use the VF and speedlight at the same time on this marvel. I also love the fast f1.4 lens which makes this camera so outstanding.

    The MTF charts are impressive as well. Even wide open the lens delivers a perfectly straight line as was to be expected from a prime lens.

    All in all I love this camera. Finally it’s enticing price point makes is hard to resist.

  • CartierBesson

    Nikon is obviously gunning for idiots who wants smaller camera body b.s.

  • Jim

    It is like they looked at the sony RX1 and figured that APS-c is kinda like full frame and 18mm f2.8 is kinda in the same ball park as a 35mm f2 and figured they can charge a premium for this too……and completely missed the whole point of the RX1 and why its more than just another point and shoot. Looks to me like the coolpix A is destined to be an epic fail.

    • PhotoAl

      Huh? Why would you compare this to the RX1? This is tiny (not just the body, the lens as well) and less than half the price. Both the A and the RX1 are expensive but they are in two completely different leagues.

  • DeadOnArrival

    Why wouldn’t I just buy a Sony RX100 or a RX1 if I have money to spend?

  • pyt

    why not interchangeable- lens camera?

  • I hope they stick with Nikon naming tradition. The next camera will be Coolpix B, then it will jump to Coolpix Q, and spin off into Coolpix QPX, which will be a better model in the series than similarly named Coolpix QPXU…

  • Just like the V1, Nikon priced this so when it comes down in price people will think it’s ‘value for money’. Nikon still makes a profit on the V1 at $300, don’t be fooled by the marketing.

    You just have to wait till Nikon decides they’ve had enough profit from the early adopters. I think the price will settle around $500-$700

  • Fraucha

    If this were April 1st I would understand. However, what a frigging joke this turns out to be. For a P&S just get a D3200.

  • Paul

    I’ll bid it for $600 w/ OVF!! going once… going twice…

  • Magnus

    AMAZING camera (a bit pricy – but with *perfect* specs).

    Everything I wanted (small, f2.8, wide angle, big sensor, Auto ISO, PASM, etc.).

    It will be a perfect companion for my D4 with 70-200.
    Not as a true backup – but I gladly sacrifice the option of having exchangeable lenses for size.

    Mainly for quick wide shots and candids of people (most of whom normally react in strange ways when I point my 24-70 at them).

  • Nikonrocks

    “The camera’s On/Off lever–which some mistook to as a zoom lever”

    Wow… On a camera with a prime lens, they thought the power button was to zoom… Cnet really knows what they’re doing with these reviews, don’t they? haha.

  • shootanyangle

    This camera needs a built in GPS like the nikon P6000 had.

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