Nikon booth at the 2013 Focus on Imaging show


Few images of the Nikon booth at the 2013 Focus on Imaging show in the UK that started today and will be ongoing till March 6th, 2013. The full schedule of Nikon's seminars during the show can be found here (photos credit: Mark Payne).


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  • Looking forward to seeing it for myself tomorrow 🙂

  • Eric Calabos

    I read the photographer’s name Max Payne! 🙂

  • Ken Rockwell

    Pushing the Limits of patience. WTFIT D400?!

  • Phonton

    D4 is pushing the limits, ie getting upgraded next 😉 D4X anyone?

    • lorenzo

      If it works at specs as they’ll say… I am interested.
      No more defects Nikon, please!

    • scooby

      yes, i would buy it.

  • RamesesThe2nd

    D4 was certainly pushing my budget limits, so I bought D800.

    • scooby

      d800 awesome! good choice.

    • Do you have the dust being sucked in between sensor and filter problem?

      • RamesesThe2nd

        No. D600 is the camera infected with sensor dust issue. My D800 is fine.

      • RamesesThe2nd

        No. D600 is the camera infected with sensor dust issue. My D800 is fine.

  • James0b57

    is that a panorama of dslr’s on the grid above the stage?

  • James0b57

    is that a panorama of dslr’s on the grid above the stage?

  • yeah they’re pushing the limits all right….with the d4 im not sure i didnt waste my lcd screen,images not always sharp,missing focus sometimes…nikon claiming tha the screen is more acurate than before until you look at their previous model then you’ll konw that’s a load of crap

    • Eric Calabos

      I bet you havent even touched that camera

      • how much do you want to bet and i might be sending it in to nikon as im an nps member and hopefully the loaner wont be as crappy

    • The D4 misses focus? Admittedly I do not own a D4, and I’ve only played with one specific unit, but it was dead on every time, near instantaneously, much better AF than the D800, which hesitates for a split second, and miles ahead of the D600 which hesitates for about half a second.

      I thought that thing was magic. Not the right camera for my needs, but I was still in love with it.

    • scooby

      you must be a canon fan. nikon fans only sorry.

      • been a nikon user since the nikon d1,i have them all i love the d4 but my copy has issues and the green screen is very real

    • Yeah, I noticed all the professional series cameras that were made in Japan the last two years either had poor quality control or bad engineering. I’m not sure if this is because of the tsunami or engineers quitting/laid off or what.

    • Kermit the frog

      This “my images are green” has been around since the D3 and were just as ridiculous then.

    • gsum

      Troll score:

      Originality – 0/10 – nothing new there
      Use of language – 1/10 – only one mild swear word
      Grammatical errors – 0/10 – were you brought up in a barn?
      Entertainment value – 0/10 – paint drying
      Overall impression – 0/10 – you’re very, very dull.

      Not very impressive. Hope you can do better next time.

    • Alf-Egil Bogen

      I have owned the Canon 1D Mk2+3, the D3s and now own the 2 x D4. I take a lot of pictures where the object moves fast. Wingsuit base jumpers for example. The D4 is AMAZING when it comes to focus speed and sharpness. It is important to program the autofocus correctly for the type of photography you do. Many times when I hear about focus complaints it is a user error. The camera is the best I have ever owned for sports photography.

  • niXerKG

    Nikon needs to fire their US marketing director. The IAM campaign is so much better than Ashton Kutcher. I’d actually pay for one of those fancy shirts.

  • niXerKG

    Nikon needs to fire their US marketing director. The IAM campaign is so much better than Ashton Kutcher. I’d actually pay for one of those fancy shirts.

    • Aldo

      or get someone everybody likes… like jeniffer aniston

    • zoetmb

      I dunno….”IAM Pushing the Limits”? of what? User’s patience with their poor customer service? Not acknowledging when their cameras have problems? Selling price? Not being able to keep lenses in stock? Not selling parts to independent repair shops anymore, but having repair wait times of weeks or months? Quoting constantly different prices for the same repair? Trying to tell you that the camera “must have taken a hit” when there’s no visible signs of damage when it’s brought in for warranty repair?

      Having said that, I recently bought a D800 and am very happy with it (except, perhaps for the price) so far. Had they gotten the D400 out, I probably would have gone for that instead. I have no known problems so far with the D800 and my old D200 still works relatively well as well.

      But Nikon’s marketing in the U.S. has been pretty bad for years. And yet, while I personally don’t like Kutcher, I can’t say that was a bad decision. He’s a very popular actor on TV, is about to play Steve Jobs in a new movie and he appeals to younger people, a demographic that Nikon has to get on board if they are to have a future. You don’t only want to appeal to old white guys, the demo that inhabits sites like this one and who attends trade shows. Aldo’s suggestion below of getting Jennifer Aniston is actually a good one if Nikon wishes to capture (sic) more women to the DSLR line. Nikon has got to get more customers for either the Nikon 1 or the DSLR line because the Coolpix line, even though Nikon still sells tons of units, will disappear as more and more people use their smartphones for informal spur-of-the-moment photography.

      Nikon is a good company, but it used to be a great company. It needs to rediscover that greatness before someone else (perhaps Sony or perhaps some new company – maybe even Samsung) gets it right. If Olympus ever got back in the full-sized DSLR business and made the digital equivalent of the classic OM-1, I think they’d give Nikon a run for their money.

  • Lan

    Any chance of 300mm f4 VR announcement?

  • D4ve

    Please ask them if we’ll be seeing:
    * D400
    * 300 f4
    * 80-400
    …how can life go out without these?

    • AlphaTed

      at least one of them is now rumored. 🙂

  • Nice stand Nikon, agreed with Dave looking forward in seeing those 2 lenses (same as Canon their 2 equivalents are long in the tooth) – as regard to bodies quite happy now with my D7000 & D800, although there is a need for the D400.

  • well, I am looking forward to the D7100….my D7000 has been great, but it will be interesting to see how much better the new model is with the additional pixels and other features.

  • Pyrrhus

    When I read “Focus” in the title, I thought it was a joke, then ; “pushing the limit” it’s totally right : on my D4, my focus in the center of the image is pushed at the extreme right or left,… or somewhere else…but never at the right place, and sometimes out of the zone of the 51 collimators even if I used only one collimator ! Thancks for help, I’m desesperated.

  • :)

    lol:) I’m on the photos:)

  • :)

    lol:) I’m on the photos:)

  • nacho

    Out of topic question: I was reading about RED digital cameras and they say that they have proprietary sensor (20mpx -16 bits per color) and capable of 19 stops of dynamic range on classic test (18 o more on this link ( I say nahhh no way! Since I read DxOMark and I know that Nikon d800 is at the top of the list with 14.4 EVS I felt kinda dissapointment or a rare feeling. Does anybody knows how this dynamic range is achieved? HDR via two frames? or just one frame??? sorry about my english

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