Nikon instant rebates for March


Those are the Nikon US instant rebates for March, 2013:

Both offers are currently set to expire on March 30 (Nikon's financial year ends on March 31, 2013).

Nikon France also has introduced new savings that will expire on April 30 (check Amazon France pricing):


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  • AB

    Be nice if the lenses I want weren’t back ordered!!! Its March… so I guess Nikon is trying to clean inventory.

    • lorenzo

      I think that at B&H if you make the order now you will still have it at the current price – call to verify. They’ll charge you only when they ship.

      It would be nice if the discounted good lenses that I don’t have like the 16-35mm or the fisheye 🙁

  • n11

    Does Canada not count or something?! I’m willin’ to buy that 28 1.8 lens at the discount price here.

    • Mike

      75% of Americans couldn’t point to Canada on a map. So no, Canada does not matter. :~|

  • AT

    Bring the rebates to Europe (NL specifically) and I’d be all over it!

  • Pierre

    Yep….thank you for Canada !!!

  • Son of FE

    How about $400 off the new Coolpix A? That might make it move out of the warehouse. After over 30 years shooting Nikon, I’m really worried about how they are losing touch (already lost?) with their clients.

    I cannot express how underwhelmed and disappointed I am with the “A”. A Nikon “Fuji X100s” is what I was looking for, not a larger sensor Sony rx100 at almost twice the price!

    Sheesh! What bone heads!

    • desmo

      How about $1000 off on new AFs 80-400mm
      count me in

    • Don’t forget about 14-24.
      And 800mm…
      I would be happy to see 85 1.4 for $300 as well…
      Finally they could reduce price for D800 to $2300
      Yeah, why not?

      • ILU Nikon

        Waah, tere kya “Arman’ hai, bhai?

    • neversink

      If you were looking for a Fuji X100s, then why don’t you buy one. I don’t like the “A”either, from first glance, particularly the price of all the so-called options, everyone which should be included free, as part of the camera. I also don’t like the cheap door that opens and closes.

      I still shoot my Leica M6 and beat up iiif.

      • Son of FE

        That’s what I almost did until I heard that Nikon were going to release a DX compact. So, I got excited and waited. For nothing.
        Now waiting to be sure X100s has no gotchas. If things look as good as the specs and changes indicate, then I’ll order one.
        Just wish I could have stayed in Nikon’s world.

  • Merv S

    None of the wide angle zooms seem to be discounted again

  • Garçon

    Offers in France expire 4/30/13, wondering if the financial year has any impact on Nikon’s unpredictable pricing schemes?

    • lorenzo

      … and it started March 1st.
      Wonder if there will be an “extension” in the US.

    • Larry Gray

      Probably no impact. This ending March 30th, the day before the fiscal quarter ends is probably coincidence. All the sales for Nikon Worldwide Corporate are done. This sale is only depleting inventory at the retail level and sporting future orders impacting next quarter as they re-stock the pipeline. That said, retailers advanced knowledge through the private internal network of forthcoming discount programs, MAY have caused an order spike to prepare, but those numbers are already in at Nikon HQ level.

  • DonD

    Wow, cant wait to take advantage of that $200 off a D4, 70-300 combo, what is that, a whopping 3%?

    • bernard

      It’s still $200.

  • crimsonkeyan

    im waiting for the rebate for A…

  • mw

    Admin, is NR being paid for these posts? If so that means these are advertisements, not informational updates. FTC doesn’t look kindly upon blurring these lines (and far, far more importantly, your readership doesn’t either).

    • desmo

      I’m confused are you against rebates,discounts?
      or are you against everything?

    • Fel

      You know… lower prices on photography gear is pretty useful to photographers. As in, “useful information”. But I guess you can take your bitterness and get on the phone with the FTC right away. I’m sure they will hop right into the FTCmobile and send the advert police because this is a huge priority.

      • FTCwtf

        With the U.S. budget cuts this year — most likely they will followup…. in the year 2032.

    • AlphaTed

      I want to be informed.

      I found out similar rebates previously posted here. Just in time when I’m ready to buy one.
      I bought a little earlier, but I saved significantly. If I didn’t see the ongoing rebates here, I would have missed the promo.

      It’s welcome as far as I’m concern.

    • zoetmb

      You think the FTC cares about the information posted on websites? You’re out of your mind. There’s nothing wrong with posting information on websites about sales and/or availability of equipment, even if that includes links to the e-commerce sites. And I would go even further and say that even if this site gets paid a small % for any resulting sales. I’m much more concerned about the actual ads and popups that permeate websites and that I find incredibly annoying.

      At work, where I use a Windows PC, there seems to be a new category of pop-up ads that don’t get blocked by the pop-up blocker. Those are driving me nuts. (I’m not talking about this site — i’m talking about in general).

  • Syco

    WTF Nikon where are the Aussie discounts ? We get taxed extra just for being in Australia – why not extend the rebates to us? Will save 90% of people from buying import gear!

    • BrainBeat

      I fully agree. I know we have had them at some stage in history as the last and only time I have bought Nikon gear ~3+ years ago when I bought my D5k it had a $150. It seems like our market is making them too much money to even think about dropping (rebating) prices. I guess they are only going to offer them to struggling markets that are already highly discounted like in the USA.

  • Deepshade

    Talk about alienating your customers. No UK rebates again!!??. That tipped it for me – going to get the new Tamron 24-70 – cheaper and sharper. So much for brand loyalty.

  • Guest

    Any rumor this coming to Canada???

  • Steve

    Just grabbed 80-400 AF-D VR for incredebly low $1349 from Amazon. Had to wait until appears sold by Amazon, not some 3rd parties. But it was worth it.

  • Danonino

    There should be an instant rebate on the Coolpix A instead..

  • Mark

    I don’t think it is necessarily Nikon that is limiting the rebates to the U.S. It may be quite possible that Nikon corporate doesn’t want to deal with the myriad of laws in various countries dealing with rebates (where, in some cases, can be deemed illegal). That can especially be true for companies with a large market share.

    • Deepshade

      I’m wondering if it is actually lawful to offer France rebates while excluding other countries within European Union?

  • lorenzo

    I wonder if Nikon discounts these lenses because they are aware of manufacturing issues. The 24 mm f/1.4 i got – US, new – instead of Nano crystals came with Macro crystals 🙁 It had 3 fragments of glass (or air bubbles?) inside the lens, so I sent it back and ordered another one.

    It was made in Japan, serial US606126, FYI.

    Finding a Pro Prime Lens with defects seems to confirm that Nikon quality is declining, not just on the cameras as we saw, but even on lenses that were the strong point of Nikon. That’s too bad!

  • Robert

    we want is new Nikon!

    • asdfasdfas

      So get one.

  • Aldo

    I want the 14-24 🙁

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