Weekly Nikon news flash #205

BCN ranking

  • In the last few months of 2012 and in 2013, Nikon took the #1 position in terms of market share in Japan according to BCN Ranking (Nikon: yellow line, Canon: orange line).


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  • lorenzo

    Quite interesting the Consideration Article 55047 above.
    We shouldn’t complain about camera focus or lens softness any longer; it is always a user error, says Nikon…. grin.

    • Up $#!t’s creek!

      VR is a must – however we shall manufacture our flagship mid range lens to not have it

      • lorenzo


  • lorenzo

    Very impressive video of the D4 shutter burst. Before seeing it I didn’t believe the mirror was bouncing that much – thanks Admin!

  • Sorry, but I do not care about Japanese market share. No info about total market share since 2010.

    • KnightPhoto

      In some respects Japan leads the trend. E.g. mirrorless take-up and penetration in Japan is well ahead of USA

      • Only in SOME respects. I have read that Nikon and Canon have equal share for three years (info from several sources, but no numbers). For example, Pentax GH3 is not as popular in Japan as in other countries because they do not have as many indie filmmakers as America or Europe has. Camera was released 4 months ago and it is marked as sold out in many retail stores. Moreover, the numbers in the article are sales, but not market share. You can visit the source if you do not believe me.

  • FineTune

    Interesting that Nikon doesn’t recommend using AF fine tune. Why do they include it in cameras then?

    • A. Vandalay

      No. They don’t recommend in MOST cases, which is just a way to say to use it consciously, because most people will tend to blame on inaccuracies on lens/bodies when actually it’s most of the time the photographer to blame. But if you really know what you’re doing, it will correct and improve the sharpness of a lens/body image. That’s why.

  • D700s

    Just picked up the Sigma 35mm and I love it. Built like a tank, reminds me of my Zeiss glass. Sharp as a tack, lovin it!.

    • I have to agree. This lens is a winner!

    • I picked one up a couple of weeks ago – absolutely amazing lens. I’ve used the Nikon 35/1.4 and honestly the Sigma (apart from the sealing) absolutely walks all over it…

    • YES. I got mine last week and it’s beyond stellar. I wouldn’t feel bad replacing ANY equivalent Nikkor if they are this good.

      If Sigma can keep this up, they’ll really scare the big boys. I do think it would be very very difficult to get *too* exotic and keep the prices like this. Even a 24mm f/1.4 to best the Nikkor version (at a price difference like this) would be unlikely.

  • A. Vandelay

    Olympus: green line; Sony: blue line.

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