Rumors: Nikon D7100 kit price drop on March 14th


The latest rumors suggest that Nikon USA will introduce a new $100 instant saving for the D7100 kit (with 18-105mm lens) starting on March 14th 2013, which is also the camera's shipping date. Currently the D7100 kit is listed online for $1,596.95. The price of the D7100 body only will remain the same ($1,196.95). This is not the first time for Nikon to announce a discount the day a new product starts shipping - similar was the case with the Nikon 1 V2 last year. On a related note, check out the new Nikon D7100 article by Moose Peterson - he seems to be the only person who had the camera before the official announcement.

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  • Vin

    Do I smell another camera?

    • Mamiya-Joe

      I think you are absolutely right: there will be another camera! Probability 100%!!! Yay!!! Good nose!!!

      • JorPet

        I see a long line of cameras in Nikon’s future…

  • waterengineer

    Let’s hope that be true.

  • Tommy

    So does that mean if you order from amazon or b&h now, it will ship on the 14th?

    • I think so, they may even auto-adjust the price difference.

      • Called B&H they are receiving them tomorrow and they will drop price, but call and make sure was what I was advised…

        • I received the same info – they will adjust the price. No need to cancel your pre-order, just give them a call.

  • Robert

    Moose got an early copy of the camera to shoot part of Nikon’s marketing campaign for it. So far, he’s heaping praise on its capabilities.

  • zeno

    The image quality of D7100 is not very good compared with D600’s.

    • Twaddler Belafonte

      You would think at low ISOs it would be pretty much indistinguishable, yes? And seeing that it doesn’t even ship until next week how do we even know? 😛

  • If True then the $100.00 is really off the price of the lens

  • Aldo

    I’m gonna dare to say this camera is shaping up to be a success like its predecessor

    • cgw

      On what basis? No reviews to date aside from Moose pointing it at some tiny turtles and mentioning that it works.

      • Aldo

        Just a simple guess from the specs. They are building on a already great camera. The 60i 1080 is sexy not even my d800 can do that . The 51 point focusing system… if its anything like on the d800 that alone is a significant improvement. A lot of people forget nikon is the underdog in the video department and i expect great inprovements there as we saw in the d5200

        • Martijn

          you really want to shoot interlaced? and then de-interlacing to 30p losing most o your sharpness??

          • Aldo

            why? if you want 30p shoot 30p.

      • One More Thought

        When the Moose speaks, everyone had better listen. The Moose only speaks the ancient wisdom.

      • Brad

        On top of that the images of the turtles were not very good anyway.

  • SkintBrit

    Sorry if I’ve been on another planet, but Moose mentions a 70-200 VR3? That’s the first I’ve heard.

    • desmo

      He may be refering to the new 70-200F4. It’s VR3 and very sharp.
      The VR performance of the VR3 is impressive

      • padoods

        Yep he was referring to the 70-200 F4. If you read his article again you’ll notice that he hyperlinks “70-200 VR3” to the 70-200 F4’s page on B&H

  • Spy Black

    That lens s a piece of crap. Just get the body, you’re not saving anything by getting it with the lens. The 18-55 kit lens is a much better lens, and you’ll save an additional $100 if you buy that lens instead!

    • desmo

      debating kit lenses?
      the 105mm long end alone would make this lens preferable

      • Eric Duminil

        Don’t laugh.

        The 18-55 is really sharp, has useful range, has great macro, it is very light and cheap.

        I bring 5 lenses to every wedding, and the 18-55 is one of them.

        Mostly for macro and photo-booth shots, but also for young or drunk guests that want to play second shooter for a while.

        • desmo

          Nikon’s own MTF charts show the 18-105 not only better at 18mm,but the 105mm plots are better than the 18-55 is at 55mm.
          lats time I did math 105mm has a lot more reach than 55.
          For the first time purchaser(kit lens user) this is a significantly better one lens solution
          if you want IQ on DX buy the 16-85

          • Spy Black

            MTF charts for the most part mean jack. Have a look over at Photozone for comparison of the two lenses tested on a D7000. While the 18-105 shows some better edge numbers, the 18-55 for the most part has better center resolution, better falloff figures, much better distortion characteristics, and significantly better chromatic aberration numbers at comparable focal lengths.

            The difference at 55mm isn’t that high either, and frankly you’re comparing one zoom at it’s optimum zoom range against one at the far edge of it’s range.

            For my money, I’d rather spend $100 more than what you pay for an 18-105 and get an 18-55 and a 55-200. The latter lens has superior IQ to the 18-105 at comparable focal lengths.

            • desmo

              mtf is factual data

              photozone is

              1. your opinion

              2. wide # of variables in how photo was shot,lighting fstop ,lens , photographers technique,etc

              in short you can rely on

              your unskilled eye and uncontrolled samples

              or scientific fact

              ps Nikon’s MTf charts are at bot extremes for bot lenses neither are optimum

            • Spy Black

              Photozone’s test are done in quite controlled conditions. You need to accept that fact the lens is simply not that great, and surprisingly simpler lenses will typically outperform it by virtue of simple physics, that being optics with less zoom range.

              However, you’re quite free to use the 18-105 if it suits your fancy. No one is going to take your lens away from you.

            • desmo

              mine came with my D90 sold it to upgrade to 16-85
              as I said no reason to debate kit lenses
              if youre a 18-55 fan boy there’s tons of them on craigslist for $25
              photozone still introduces variations in exposure ,lighting,magnification,etc
              from one test to the next
              if your eye was trained you could see that

            • Spy Black

              I am indeed an 18-55 fanboy, because I own one, as well as the 55-200, and I’m quite surprised at what these optics can do, especially for such inexpensive lenses. For only $100 more together @ ~$500, they are a much better investment than the ~$400 18-105.

        • knightPhoto

          I don’t know what you guys are talking about; I checked Photo Zone and the 18-105 looks excellent on Centre and corners.

          • Spy Black

            The 18-105 does have better corner figures as I said, but as I also said generally the 18-55 not only has better center figures, but better falloff figures, much better distortion characteristics, and significantly better chromatic aberration numbers at comparable focal lengths.

            This isn’t due to any magical process, but merely the physics of having a shorter zoom range than the 18-105. The longer a zoom range, the more taxed the image quality will be overall.

            I suppose the 18-105 is a live-able lens for some, as is the even worse 18-200, but for me breaking up the zoom range is a smarter idea when you want better image quality, and the 18-55/55-200 combo yields much better optical results than either of those lenses, even if that combo are cheaply made.

  • LesM

    Good luck to you US based folk.

    In Australia, Nikon know how to treat their customers like mushrooms! (Keep them in the dark and feed them on b******t).

    I pre-ordered a D7100 a couple of hours before the announcement (Yes – my pre-order was accepted). I did that because I’m about to travel around the world for a month or so, and I’d like to have the camera for at least a week before I go – just to get used to it.

    But Nikon, they ain’t saying nothin’. I might or I might not have the camera before I leave – they simply won’t say when deliveries will begin in Australia. So I’m about to cancel my pre-order and travel with my trusty old D200.

    When I get back home, I’ll take my time re-evaluating the D7100, the prospects of a D400 (not good), the D600 (scrapping my DX lenses and buying replacements), or, perhaps, switching to Canon because I’m sick and tired of Nikon’s uncaring attitude toward their customers – at least Canon have made a “statement of direction” which makes clear that DX is NOT their future path.

    • SleeperSmith

      Exactly why I shit on local channels/dealers and get import. Not only do they fuck around with announcement/delivery dates, they can’t even offer a price anywhere near competitive.

      They might as well fuck off from Australia for all I care and not be here.

  • cgw

    That discount screams desperation. Suspect we’ll see price cuts on the body soon, too. Separating customers from nearly 50% more for about 25% more camera over the D7000 won’t be easy–especially if early reviews aren’t wildly enthusiastic. Pushing the price point closer to the D7000 is the only way Nikon will move these quickly. Nikon needs to shift merch faster. Still hoping for D7000 price drops but suspect it will get the D90 treatment and hang around for another year or more.

  • Rob

    Why were the only two lenses Moose used both FX lenses?

    • Spy Black

      To show the capability of the camera right to the edges by minimizing the edge image degradation you’d get with a DX optic. Actually the best way to do this.

      • desmo

        plus, being a pro shooter,
        he probably doesn’t own a lot of DX glass

  • ok well those photos look awful. i wonder what the iso was because they were noisy as all hell. maybe if nikon chilled with the megapixels we wouldn’t have that problem.

  • I read the “moose” story….really not much of anything of quality. That was a really lame story….like we expected the camera to die on him??

    I want substance and factual documentation…so now I know the “on” switch works ! We know that ‘specs” so expectations are high that Nikon is not about to drop the ball on the DX market.

  • Daniel Watson

    The previews so far on this camera say it will be impressive. Nikon is likely giving us an amazing camera at a very reasonable price. Just take a look at what this camera offers:

    • Tommy

      Only thing is they’re previews not reviews. When a review site reviews these properly, we will see how it performs.

      • desmo

        you believe some self appointed reviewer knows that much,

        or cares

        thats a leap of faith

        send money to feed my starving children

        • Tommy

          I’ll let your children starve 😉

          • No longer Pablo Ricasso

            Is there somewhere I can send money so that a thug will make sure desmo starves too?

            • Tommy

              I’m sure if his children are starving and he’s looking at nikon rumors, he will too eventually.

    • IslandNature

      I’m curious about the weather sealing aspect of this camera – reviewers keep touting it as being “built like a tank,” same weather sealing as the D800 etc. Seems to me that it has the same build quality (based on how it looks and location of the magnesium components) as the D600 rather than the D800. Can anyone confirm if it is closer to the D600 than the D800?

      • Tommy

        Closer to the D600 in build, but the weather sealing is on D800 level.

  • IslandNature

    I’m surprised than no one is whining about the “Effects” option on the mode dial – or did that come up in comments on a previous post?

  • obahilari

    Which lens are better for D7100? FX or Dx.
    I want to buy FX lens for my D7100, thinking about a full frame (maybe D710 or D600s) in the future.
    I am not satisfied with both D600 and D800.

    • desmo

      by the DX 10-24 for wide angle ,

      then Fx after that

      maybe 24-120 F4VR and 70-200

      or 10-24 dx and 28-300

      you don’t need dz lens for a Dx camera except wide angle
      to get appropriate field of view

  • Any word on the release date for the grip?

    • I could not find a release date for the grip.

      • I received a reply from Adorama which stated: “Per the estimates from the manufacturer, [the grip] should be available after 03/17/13.”

  • BigD

    I call bullshit on the Moose. Just a passing mention to garner a few hits to his sight.

    • desmo

      Bullshit on Moose,
      is a littlte out of line,

      as he is not only a highly capable Pro shooter,
      but highly respected as well

  • jake

    the best way to buy it cheap is buy the 16-85VR kit and sell the lens.
    then it would become 920USD , 89400yen.

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