Nikon 1 V2 in stock, eligible for instant rebates

I don't think I have ever seen this before - a camera to get an instant rebate the day it is released. This is the case with the Nikon 1 V2 body that started shipping today and is currently in stock at Amazon and B&H with a $50 instant rebate:

The instant saving goes up to $150 when you purchase a lens combo:

The current Nikon instant rebates end on December 15, 2012.

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  • Gtrush

    What an ugliness!!!

    • WYS

      Some may argue “function over form” but there is no denying that is one horrendously ugly camera.

    • ogotaj

      Fugly is the word 🙂

    • `/1nc3nt

      Sorry guys,

      I think you must be over 50.

      This is a look teenagers and yuppies likes. Look at 2014 car models.

      • stepper

        Designers for big name products make designs that they THINK teenagers and yuppies would like. But the truth is that teenagers and yuppies will like whatever is marketed to them as being cool.

  • Dave Ingram

    I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t sell well : )

    • AlphaTed

      Nikon probably realized the initial target price is more than what people wants to pay for it.

  • Capt. Obvious

    No, the reason there is a rebate on “everything” now (including new cameras) is because all of you freaking, “I won’t buy anything unless I get a deal.” people.

    • stepper

      And why do you have a problem with this and with people who like getting their money’s worth?

      • Capt. Obvious

        The issue is the fact that there has to be a rebate or sale on it. What if Nikon just made the price the lower instead of a rebate? We good le American consumers have been brainwashed into needing sales. Take a $200 item put it on sale for $150 and everyone buys it. Take the same item and make the regular price $150 and no one wants it. It’s pathetic.

  • At that price point, there are some MUCH better mirrorless options out there. If you like that kind of thing. Great AF though.

  • Mike Summers

    I understand where Nikon is going with this and think that the V2 is a beastly looking mirror-less – but is a sign of the future. It can be said that professional cameras are known for being beastly. Obviously the V2 is not a professional camera… yet. With the ability to use the FT1 in combination with professional grade lenses, photographers are now able to easily take decent photos without carrying around a large DSLR.

    The need for a mirror and prism is becoming outdated and the electronic viewfinder capabilities are increasing. The view finder even has a higher resolution than the back screen. To not have a viewfinder on a mirror-less makes larger lenses useless as they are overly difficult to posture use. With a thinner lens to sensor ratio photo quality increases drastically.

    A new V2 shooter; a press photographer in Montreal for an undisclosed large output paper has been recently using the V2. FT1 and a 200mm f2.0. You can now produce similar quality images for print and web, have full
    manual capabilities, and use professional glass.

    With a CX sensor (compare sizes slightly smaller than that of a micro 4/3 at 2.7, photographers are able to take advantage of the sensor size in combination with lens choices. The 200mm mentioned above now becomes a much longer at f2.0.

    The price point of this camera is slightly above high end point and shoots and less than consumer DSLRS. These lower cost cameras with excellent imaging capabilities (relative size) are very promising and will improve greatly once they can pack a sensor similar to that of the D800 into a much smaller body.

    • RakSiam

      Just had a chance to handle one in Hong Kong. It is in the big shops here now as well. Street Price with kit lens is about US$970 here. It handles head and shoulder better than the V1. But I agree there’s no way I would buy one at this point. Wait until they slash prices later. I think they have taught those of us paying attention how this is gonna go. Fool me once…

      The 1’s seem to be pretty popular over here. I have seen several in the wild.You complainers aren’t the target audience.

  • AlphaTed

    They need to move inventories, really fast to meet the goals.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Yep, I think that Nikon’s first last and only priority here is to get as many N1 bodies out there as possible so that they can sell lenses.

      The reason that Minolta and Pentax were always second best in the DSLR world is that they didn’t have the market share, everyone knew that and so anyone who wanted a professional lens or thought they might want one was limited to Nikon at first and then after they caught up it was Nikon or Canon.

      Nikon know that what matters in the mirrorless interchangeable format stakes is not who makes the best camera but who sells the most.

      I just bought a second V1. It is my favorite camera right now and gets much more use than the D300. Reason I bought it was I wanted the 10-100 lens and the kit with a camera, flash and other goodies was only $100 more.

      And it is completely working right now. As far as most consumers are concerned the J1 and J2 are the only interchangeable lens cameras in the game. The V2 styling is aimed at making it look different to the J series models in my view.

      I agree its not pretty, but one thing I do miss from my D300 is the ability to carry the camera by my fingertips wrapped round the grip.

  • instant rebate thats because its not a very good camera. for what it is, it may be the cheapest or most affordable in its category but i believe the consumer would rather pay a lil more to get something way way better like a sony nex7. sorry but the cx format is just too small a sensor to deliver pictures which a larger sensor can out perform it easily on other cameras. second nikon knows they are not selling that well so they add a rebate to make look better. sorry to say, and i’m a nikon fan but nikon has screwed the pooch on this nikon 1 series. it lacks features that enthusiasts want

    • roadie

      NEX7 is twice the price, not a lil more..

  • Rhonbo

    The new form factor makes it too big to be pocketable, that being the case might as well get something with a bigger sensor. If size is really important then the Sony RX100 fits the bill. I just don’t see that big of a market for this at that price. The J1 at its current price makes more sense. I think Nikon should put a hot shoe on the J1-2 and offer some faster glass with it and call it good.

  • MB

    I really hated the looks of black one but white one is actually very cute in my opinion … but they killed AF speed on this one and it is not so cute to handle …

  • OMG!! Seriously the series 1 was a great design. What is this all about – butt ugly.

  • I Flopwell

    No Thanks..I will wait and see when Nikon releases 1V10…by then they might be caught up with Sony…with 24mp and full frame…and on and on….Just like the meager first one…Over priced. for very little.

  • i think i preferred the v1 style, but whats more promising i think is the possible direction this can go in, gimme a fullframe cuz i do crave the new sony rx1, in my style of photography the more mp the better. me thinks its possible a d800 vs nikon 1 hybrid will arise. imagine if nikon would bring a new line, say rival the sony rx1 but offer interchangeable.i looks like it might have a runaway success imo does not have a flagship mirrorless yet, and i believe most agree the nikon 1 was a luke warm reception. if they can make the v3 to be a fullframe then i’d say its got AF and FX, i’m hopin they go that route. personally i feel nikon has lacked in the nikon 1, too little, too late but hey ya gonna ride it on in then go ahead, i’ll watch but wont spend my money on ya.

  • gengbaldi

    That huge hump of a viewfinder should have been made an optional accessory

  • pl capeli

    cosinaphile say:

    Nikon has decided to control the prices its cameras are sold at in the same fascist manner as other overpriced electronics such as Bose and Apple,
    a sad move imho

    but Nikon knows that this overpriced , profoundly ugly tiny sensored fail is not gonna move anywhere near their expectations . hence this big brother sanctioned rebate desperation , .yes ….in a world where disposable income is drying up faster than a puddle in the gobi desert

  • Nikonguy

    $50 rebate ! ….Put another number I front like a 2 and we’ll have a deal

  • crb

    the samples so far are far from exciting…blurriness everywhere

  • ronin

    While $50 off is nice, I really can wait until 6-9 months from now, when this camera will sell for 1/3 its launch price. Nikon has taught us 1 owners that we are suckers to buy when the items first come out, because the price drop on these items will far exceed even historical percentages for consumer electronic cameras. Nikon V1 plummeted even whilst it was still the top of the line camera available in Nikon’s category.

    I’ll pick up a V2 next fall for $300 new.

  • Pat

    For even $849 the V2 is not even a match for the Sony NEX6 : $999 give you APS-C 16MP sensor that you got on the D7000; a 16-50mm pencake motorised zoom, a decent EVF, 1080/60p and 1080/24p capability.

    This is from a D800E shooter.

    • Csaba

      … and a wide selection of lenses. Oh wait. But I agree with you, the V2 is overpriced. Got the d800, and the d7000 is my “light” camera. I’m looking for something lighter, but currently none of the mirror-less offerings offer what I want. All the things I want are scattered through different brand offerings.

      The micro-thirds got the lenses, I’m eyeing Olympus cameras for their in-body stabilization that starts to kick some serious-ass, but focusing is just not there. The V2 got the focusing speed. The NEX line got the image quality, but not the lenses, plus the lenses are really big (kinda defeats the purpose of “ligther”). Basically, once a mirror-less offering comes out that come close to my d7k’s capabilities, I’m in. An OM-D with Nikon V1/2’s focusing capabilities would come pretty close to what I’d love to see 🙂

      • Pat

        I’ve tried to put the NEX6/16-50 with a V1/10-30 side by side, the NEX6 is only ~10% bigger in all dimensions, when both lenses are in collapsed mode. The collapsible 16-50 really help reduce the size, you might want to check it out.

        Nikon APS-C mirrorless is definitely coming. I am guessing in another 1.5-2 years? Imagine NEX IQ plus V1’s autofocus…..

        • Csaba

          Yeah, I think DX mirror-less is coming, though I do hope they go for in-body stabilization. I’ve read the specs and discussion about the new stabilization used by Oly and it seems just as capable as VRII – this would help reduce lens size and cost… Unfortunately, I think there is little chance Nikon will go down this path. What I’m curious about is actually what Sony comes up with for full-frame. The A99 seems to be a hell of a camera, though I wouldn’t choose it over the d800… but who knows the future (I mean 5-10 years into the future). SONY at the moment seems to be more innovative than either Canon or Nikon…

  • Csaba

    Can’t believe the comments I read about the looks of this camera. The whining that it’s ugly. Is this what photography (or rather, the majority of Nikon shooters) is about? The look? I wouldn’t be surprised on a Leica rumour site.

    I think good ergonomics and functionality is way more important than the “look”. What’s your problem guys? That it doesn’t come in pink? That it doesn’t LOOK like Fuji? A good looking camera will take better photos? Or do you care about how You look with the camera more than how your photos look? I love good design and good looks, but I love taking pictures more. I view cameras as an extension – does it play well in my hands?

    I need something fast, something with enough control points on the body that changing settings becomes muscle memory. The V2 is a huge improvement over the V1 when it comes to ergonomics, and you complain about the looks? It’s a camera, not jewellery, for god’s sakes! I think the Hasselblad Lunar would be the perfect camera for those who want bling (but then you’ll be whining about the price).

  • desmo

    Let’s see they make multiple iterations of a 10-30mm lens another 10 to whatever, now a 10mm prime

    10mm equates to 28mm on FX or 35mm
    this is not WIDE

    being small this cameras only redeeming value is travel

    for museums ,historic buildings travelscapes etc you need much wider

    until they proved a 6mm lens (16mm equiv FOV)

    this system is worthless

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