Cyber Monday deals and the latest Nikon instant rebates

The new Nikon instant rebates are already online and are valid till December 15th. The main change in the program is the price drop on the D7000 camera. In addition, those are the Cyber Monday Nikon deals I was able to find online:

Check out the full list of Cyber Monday specials at Amazon, B&H and Adorama.

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  • Jim

    Whoa! Nikon quietly bypassed the 24-70 VR1 and announced and released the 24-70 VRII with a rebate just for cyber Monday?!?!?!?

    • ragamofyn

      when Nikon finally announces a 24-70mm w/ VR, it’ll definitely be a Gen2 or Gen3 VR system, so it’ll probably be named as such. Nikon has skipped iterations before (e.g. their TC-17e II teleconverter, which never had a version 1).

    • AM

      That typo has been around for months. I wonder why they haven’t corrected it. Makes me believe they are deliberately misadvertising it to lure some pigeons.

  • HD10

    $200 discount on the D7000 is the best indicator that it will soon be replaced by another model with a 24mp APS-C sensor. The question is, other than the sensor change, will there be any other feature upgrades?

    • Wow, looking at the D7000 page it’s almost like buy a 24-70 or 70-200 and get a D7000 for $300.

  • ragamofyn

    There’s a new rumour for you — B&H’s ad mentions a 24-70mm f/2.8 VR II. Could have been a copy & paste error from the text for the 70-200mm, but maybe not?

    • zoetmb

      It’s a typo. If you drop that lens in the shopping cart, it says it’s model #2164. That’s the current lens – the one that was released in November, 2007.

      • ragamofyn

        yeah, I’m sure it was an editorial mistake, but stranger things have happened in the past. if the person proof-reading the page *knows* that a 24-70mm VR exists it could be a telling mistake to make…

  • Sports

    No D300S on the list at all. Even the D90 is still there.
    Looks like the D300S is history.

    • desmo

      D300s not being discounted could mean they aren’t planning to replace

  • iamlucky13

    I didn’t check to see if it’s good elsewhere, but Adorama is offering Lightroom 4 for just $44 if you buy it with certain SLR’s. The D7000 is included.

  • I heard dust and oil spot come free with the D600 bundle

    • Luis

      Ive been using my d600 for more than half a year now and several shots taken. No “dust and oil spot”s at all.

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