Good deal: Nikon D600 price drop and more

B&H has a pretty good deal on the Nikon D600 right now (this offers ends on November 24th):

  • $100 instant savings
  • Includes free: Lowepro Rezo 170 AW Camera Shoulder Bag, SanDisk 16 GB SDHC Memory Card Extreme Pro Class 10 UHS-I, Pearstone EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack ($114.83 Total Value)
  • 2% rewards back
  • $300 mail-in rebate with purchase of an Epson R2880 printer
  • You can also save $20 on Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 with the purchase of a D600

Similar deals are available for the D600 kit and the D3200 camera. Check also the current D600 offers on Amazon. I will have another post with more Black Friday deals next week.

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  • WhatLooksGoodMustBeGood

    This should be permanent drop, in China it is already 12000 rmb which is 1930$ – for at least 2 weeks by now

    • Rizwan

      Can I get a reliable site like in China?

      • Henry

        If you are in the US or Europe and looking for a better price just come to Canada. Aden Camera (and possibly others) in Toronto have had the D600 for under $1900 for a few weeks. Not on their website, but in-store. Call and they will give it to you though. Here is a thread discussing it

        • Aden also has a deal on right now for a carry case and a 3 year extended warranty for $1999.95. includes free shipping.

      • WhatLooksGoodMustBeGood (it is like defacto the chinese amazon+ebay) -> search nikon D600 -> order by sales volume ( 默认, 人气, 销量 <- this last one)
        Here you dont need to pay extra tax, but 400 rmb for the invoice to be able to use nikon varranty, but of course you can buy without it as well.

  • I hope this doesn’t mean it’s not flying off the shelves.

    • MJr

      You’ve got that the wrong way round.

  • Jorge

    Can’t give this crap away…

    • Aldo

      My guess is that the overstock thinking there was gonna be a crazy demand for it as it was for the d800…

      • Aldo

        sticking a new sensor to the d7000 and selling it for double the price doesn’t seem to me like they will be losing money…

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          And a bigger mirror box, and a bigger pentaprism, and a bigger shutter . . . . .

          • umeshrw

            Which is same quality as 7000. How else justify 4000 max shutter.

      • bjrichus

        I think there is, but not at list price and probably not at this price either!

        Bring it down to US$1500 or so and it’ll be another matter…

        • Aldo

          at 1.5k I have some change to buy a vacuum cleaner lol

          • bjrichus

            Oh man … That sucks … HAHAHAHA!!!!

        • lorenzo

          Supposedly there were no sensor problems, at $1,500 how could you justify a D300s still sold at 1,699?

          • umeshrw

            300s is pro built. 600 is amateur.

  • btdown

    Not buying it no matter how much they drop it. I want the real d700 replacement…

    • Aldo

      D800 works well… your min handheld shutter speed is gonna be 1/160 though.

      • lorenzo

        I missed this one. I only heard that 2% of them have the focus issue, what was about the shutter now?

        • umeshrw

          I think what he means is, “higher shutter speed to get non blurry images on higher mp cams. But if true then it should also apply to 600. Shutter speed of 100 maybe due to lower mp count”.

    • Mansgame

      The Megapixel war is over. We lost.

  • Mansgame

    They need to do something about the sensor dust issue and release that firmware. It’s a great camera otherwise.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    No, don’t make any discounts before I sell my D700 !

    • catinhat

      I would keep it, it is still one of a kind, especially if you don’t have a D3s, and even if you do, I wouldn’t take it on a vacation.
      BTW, D700 was the only Nikon I ever had without any suspicious spots on the sensor. Both D200 and D300 had them, probably oil, as I couldn’t blow them off. They would show in macro and landscape shots at f13 and smaller. But if you rarely go below f8, you may never see them or know they existed.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I bought a D800 last month. It excels in versatility, ergonomics & absolute image quality. D600 is ok but inferior to D800 at every department, except for its price. Btw, $1K difference shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for someone who’s looking for hi-res FX.

    • Aldo

      I think what upsets people is that the d600 could have been “the one” but it wasn’t…

      • btdown

        agree 100%

      • Mansgame

        Agree…I was waiting for it and the first turn off was the price. The next turn offs were the crippled features (can’t change aperture while in video mode makes no sense, small AF area, sync speed, etc.) Even if I could forgive those, the dust issue just killed any joy as I was without a camera for seveal weeks after spending full price and now I see the price drop. You’re welcome guys.

      • Took mine out at night to verify low noise at high ISO setting.It blew the socks off anything else.But I got cold feet about sensor issues and returned two to Amazon.

  • Anonymo Bro

    What, no sensor cleaning kits or dust blowers included? Keep dropping the price.

    • Aldo

      I live in LA… if I was a d600 owner I would take it in every week 😛

      • lorenzo

        It doesn’t matter where you live. Apparently the garbage (and oil) that goes on the sensor is already inside the D600 — they will fix it.

        • I agree.Nikon can not afford to loose its customer base.

  • Alpha whiskey Photography

    Retailers aren’t managing to sell them because of the dust issue, and until Nikon acknowledges it and fixes it, they’ll lose revenue on this.

    • lorenzo

      If Nikon has acknowledged the focus issue on the D800 I missed that!

      • No, they have not.

        • lorenzo

          Wow, Nikon ANSWERED my question about the serial number but unfortunately I
          can”t post it as is because of their disclaimer:

          “””Any use, dissemination, distribution, posting on Internet bulletin boards,
          disclosure or copying of this e-mail or any information contained herein by or
          to anyone other than the intended recipient(s) is strictly prohibited.”””

          Anyway they say that only the 1st digit is important to see if the camera can
          be serviced in the US and that THERE ARE NO KNOWN PROBLEMS OR ISSUES WITH THE
          D800/E.: 🙂

          Did anyone say anything?

          • You can send me the info and I will publish it online.

            • lorenzo

              Peter, if I do so I might get into legal troubles with Nikon.

              Perhaps I was a little naive to expect Nikon to admit anything officially. Now I don’t know if the story of the serial ending in 051 or 101 is true or false. Only way to verify it is buying the D800E at Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto, CA.

              Their salesman said that if the camera with a serial different from the above is still defective they can take it back within 2 weeks, as long as it looks like when sold and (absurdly) doesn’t even have a fingerprint on it.

              Not an excuse but I decided to postpone the buy after the new firmware comes out – I still would like to have it by Christmas, I love that camera 🙂

            • Denny Crane

              Stop being a wuss.

            • lorenzo


            • dnguyen

              You’re either a troll or an idiot.

            • Surprisingly

              You didn’t sign any contract with Nikon requiring you to keep it quiet — that kind of thing is illegal. Its also illegal to force all distributors to sell at the same price. Nikon is breaking the law in both cases through intimidation by trying to work outside of the intent of the law.

            • No problem, I understand.

    • Dave

      Out of 106 reviews on Amazon so far, 27 (a little over 25%) mention the dust and oil issue. Ouch.

    • I agree..I have returned two D600 to Amazon because of spotting…Each camera displayed minimal spotting.However,I was concerned that spotting would become worse as I used camera.

  • Dimitrii1130

    in austria D600 starts at 1733€ (september: 2150/2200€) and in germany it starts at 1700€..

    btw.. D600 gets a higher score from dpreview?!

    • JonasHaerter

      Dpreview Scores are different, they have different groups:
      1. Mid Range Full Frame camera
      2. entry-level SLR
      3. Semi-professional Full Frame Camera
      4. Professional Interchangeable Lens Camera / DSLR
      and more…

      only scores in the same group the score are equivalent!

      Never look at scores of other groups?!!!

  • Aldo

    fair price on this camera should have been more like 1,699 considering they just dump in a new sensor

    • wincros

      And a new prism viewfinder, new shutter and reengineered body, newer faster electronics to handle the additional megapixels.

      • NotSurprised

        And a crappier Focus Points layout. And missing buttons. A used D700 is still a better camera all-in-all for the price.

  • SophieJ

    I think the price drop has very little to do with the dust problem (however prevalent it is) or that Nikon can’t sell the D600 (it’s the current best selling FX on Amazon) and all to do with Canon 6D which should be coming early December.

    • Mansgame

      Yes it does. Look on amazon. The D600 is now only getting 4 stars. Every one of the 1 star reviews is because of the dust issue. People read those ratings when they’re about to spend $2000 on a new camera! I know a few pros who are holding off because of that too.

      • Turkey

        Thanksgiving sale season and Black Friday anyone? The sale – at least for B&H – Ends on the 24th. Highly unlikely it has anything to do with the particle issue.

        • B and H may end the discount on the 24th.I’ll bet that AMAZON will continue discount on D600..I returned two.AMAZON customer service is the best anywhere.

          • Mansgame

            They can’t if it’s a Nikon ordered discount. Nikon does this now to prevent one vendor underselling another.

  • wincros

    It is not a price drop. It is a limited time offer that Nikon rotates among all their products. They had one on the D800 when people were still waiting months for the one they had ordered. It does not mean anything.

    • Previous limited time offers required you to purchase a lens in order to get the discount. This time you get $100 off directly.

      • bjrichus

        $100 off and some overstock extras (even if it is a bag, a class 10 memory card I don’t need, and extra battery that would be useful), the price for a D600 is still essentially high. As I said above, slice another 400 or so off and it looks attractive.

    • MyrddinWilt

      The price will come down at some point. Best time to buy a body is usually a few months after introduction when the production meets demand and any initial production flaws are cleared up.

      But nooo! people here have to buy the very latest and then gripe about having to wait for delivery and finding calibration issues or dirt.

      And these idiots who can’t see why some people might have an issue with spending $1000 more for the D800. Are all of Romney’s campaign consultants NR readers then?

      • lorenzo

        Are the D4 and D800 prices come down? The D3X is but not those. They go down only when there is a new replacement.

  • Spy Black

    They’re probably returned cameras. B&H and Adorama are notorious for reselling used gear, that’s been returned, as new.

    • Never heard that before. I think returned cameras go back to Nikon and then are sold as refurbished.

      • NotSurprised

        Admin, I received a D700 from them that had plenty of shots taken with it that I did not make — I kept the camera (did not return it), because I only found this out after the return period and anyway, the camera worked perfectly. Nikon makes it too easy on Retailers, because Nikon doesn’t provide break-proof seals on their boxes. I got another lens which appeared to be returned and only later found out the DC function wasn’t working (thought it was my error – 135DC), but I couldn’t prove that it was a returned item, even though the box was scuffed up a lot. It really is a scam. Nikon should use tearing box seals on every single item. But as long as there are liberal return policies and discounted prices (compared to brick and mortar) you can’t complain that much. On the other hand, now that Nikon is enforcing its Pricing & Amazon is charging tax… so people will more and more expect nothing less than pristine (or a damn good sale — which is why people wonder about these D600es. IMO, rightfully so to wonder). On DPReview several store owners admit to doing this practice and basically shout at people who suggest that it isn’t honest. But it isn’t honest and yes it does happen. Nikon should use seals.

        • Like I said, I never heard this before. I know that many retailers now selling refurbished Nikon cameras at discount prices and my understanding is that those are returned products that get checked by Nikon.

          • Spy Black

            Believe it or not, this is an age old practice by these resellers. Adorama once got into hot water for doing that with scuba gear, and now you’re talking about about life support. But yeah, this is old hat with these resellers.

        • lorenzo

          I sort of agree with you only for a logical reason:

          in the past months we read online of several people returning cameras to B&H for whatever problems they found.

          B&H told me that they can’t even sell those returned item as used, so they must send them back to Nikon.

          My logic tells me that if it was really true:
          1. Nikon should have in their outlet store plenty of refurbished cameras (while they don’t) or
          2. Nikon repackages these items and sells them as new or
          3. B&H lied.

          Just pure math

          • Actually there was a huge wave of refurbished D800 cameras available in several different stores few weeks ago.

    • Mansgame

      Both cameras I got from BH were new (as proved by EXIF info), but I’m guessing there is going to be a sea of refurbs in the future.

    • Thanks for heads up on returns to these companies

  • lisoja

    Nice try, but 100 bucks for dust sensor… No thanx.

  • Marco

    I was about to buy one after waiting almost 2 years for my “perfect” DSLR when I heard about the dust/oil problem. I’m not going to buy one just to have it return after a few weeks as others are reporting in many sites. Or even worst, if I can’t return it, then to be repaired and having to wait weeks to have it back. So, I’m going to wait a few more months to see if Nikon fixes this and/or come up with something to address the problem. In the meantime I’ll keep checking Canon 6D, who knows…


    I love the pictures from my 600. My only problem is ergonomics coming from 300s. And not sure what will happen with dust thing. 99% of my pictures are not in a white room doing portrait shots of toilet paper at f/32 so it will get figured out I’m still having fun with my d600

    • NotSurprised

      That’s a ridiculous statement — dust shows up on THE SKY in almost every picture. And its not one or two specks — its a huge spattering of dust and (hard to remove) oil. Nikon needs to fix it. If you don’t take pictures in rooms that have walls or in the outside where there is a sky, then you must be a macro-photographer, and I highly doubt you aren’t using small/high f-stops. Nikon needs to fix the oil/dust. Its been confirmed by experts. Now Nikon needs to confirm and fix it.

      • desmo

        sounds like you don’t even own this camera and ar making it up.
        the ones where it has showed up are only couple of flecks in upper left of image. i own and shoot the camera have over 1k on it and no dust/oil shows in any images if and when it does i will clean it.

        If you new what you were talking about you would know f/stop makes no difference as the contaminant would be on the sensor
        and not affected by the focus of the lens . i.e. the sensor is contact printing any contaminant.

        • Mansgame

          Sounds like YOU don’t own this camera. There are some very big particles in the D600 that I never saw in the D700 or even the D800. You also sound like you don’t know anything about photography because the f/stop does in fact help bring everything in focus including what’s on the sensor. Try it.

          • desmo

            you need to take a lesson in physics
            if it doesn’t pass thru the lens it can’t be affected by the lens,
            anything on the sensor is only a contact print same as dust on film or photopaper during the printing process

            yes I do own one bought it from local Bestbuy on first day of release
            I have owned many Nikons dating back to my first , a Nikon F I purchased new in Japan in 1973,
            I still have it, it still works.
            Nikon has earned my loyalty starting with the F and many more recent products

            • Mansgame

              Look Desmo, I’ve seen this first hand. at f/2.8-5.6 is looks like a wide smudge. at f/8-f/22 it looks like a very well defined dot. Why does the the aperture affect sensor dust? The same reason why a small light source casts a dark shadow with a lot of contrast on one’s face and a large softbox doesn’t cast any harsh shadows.

              I’m not claiming to be a fancy big city Physicist but when the aperture is large (small f/number), light comes from wide range of angles of the opening. (much like the softbox example) But when the aperture is small (large f/number), light comes from a narrow range of angles, casting a strong edge shadow caused by the dust.

            • heartyfisher

              Hi desmo mensgame is correct. The reason is that the dust is not really in contact with the actual sensor but there is a very thin sheet of glass covering the sensor to protect it. This is the same ‘filter’ that can be replaced when you convert a camera for IR photography.

  • So finally its happened

    I wonder if Nikon’s Quality control has something to do with these not flying off the shelf. I think its a good product, QC definitely is a problem. Nikon will start feeling the pinch here. The D7000, the D800 and now the D600 have all had dramas with them. It just hold people like myself back from committing to new products right away. Seems like most people have employed a wait and watch policy with Nikon. The accountants are not going to be happy with this. They need to get their act together. Interestingly the lower end models like the D3200, 3100, 5100 and 5200 dont seem to have as many problems. And we were all lead to believe that pro bodies are the ones which are produced with utmost quality and care. Not good.

    • lorenzo

      Perhaps – don’t mean to offend anyone – but the lower-hand-model users are less “pretentious”?

      • So finally it’s happened

        Well… Maybe so. But the problems being faced are well documented.

        • desmo

          or, ocaisional problems , some documented, others not so much,
          over hyped by trolls and drama queens on the internet

    • bidyut de

      You are 100% right….I faced lot of dramas with D7000

  • AnthonyH

    Since Black Friday is this week, how about posting the deals earlier than next week?

    • This post was written last week.

      • AnthonyH

        …and dated for Sunday of this week.

  • wanna new dslr

    I am holding off buying one until the dust issue is fixed. Nikon needs to do some damage control and be straight with their customers for once. I think most customers would be more understanding if Nikon did that than the “no problem – nothing to see here” attitude that seems to be more typical.

  • abragan

    25+% off in UK – albeit from a ridiculously high list price – bet the “early adopters” are sick

  • Mariusz

    I presume that the D600 price will drop more … it is obvious that Nikon overshooted the initial price – if it was at level that was rumored to be (1 500 USD) than it would be bestseller – now with only 800 USD difference between D800 and D600 – (in my country) i see no reason to buy D600 – let’s face it if you decide to buy the camera that is over 2 000 USD than additional 800 should not be a huge issue… it is still a lot of money – but if you are considering the total pros and cons – I would rather save for a little bit longer and buy D800 … many friends of mine was expecting the D600 and not all of them own D800 … or D700

    • Mariusz

      last sentence should be … and now all of them own…

  • P-man

    I really hope Nikon fixes the dust issue…. The only thing holding me back is this problem and now with the price reduction it makes me want to buy it even more. Too bad Nikon…

  • Wonder when it will drop to our dream price – $1500.

  • jonnyibar

    Anyone know if BandH will refund $100 if you recently purchased the D600 at the higher price?

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Almost all D800, including mine have a minor annoyance, a rattle sound coming from the built-in flash unit at shut-down position, even with a slight to moderate shake. That sound from D600 was less audible & needed a vigorous shake to startle. That’s one positive point for D600 among negative ones when comparing D600 vs D800.

  • John T. Harding

    I bought it new from Amazon on the release date. I had some dust on sensor problems with the first few shots but am now up to nearly 2000 shots with nary a wisp of dust. I’m very pleased with the camera which is living up to its specs. The Image quality is out of this world. I suppose you pays your money and you takes your chances. I seem to have gotten lucky. BTW, I bought a brand new D700 back in the spring with no issues whatsoever.

  • G. Curt Fiedler

    Doh! any chance B&H will give you a refund if you just bought one?

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