Weekly Nikon news flash #189

  • Phottix announced two new batteries for Nikon Cameras: the Titan EN-EL14 battery ($27) is an alternative to the Nikon EN-EL14 (compatible with Nikon P7000/P7100/D3100/D3200/D5100 cameras). The Titan EN-EL15 battery ($35) is identical to the Nikon EN-EL15 (compatible with Nikon D7000/V1/D800/D800E cameras).

  • Sony is making fun of DSLR cameras in this "DSLR Gear No Idea" video:

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  • I’m looking forward to reviews on the Sigma 35/1.4. Pretty impressive so far and I actually prefer the new finish to the old dust-catcher design.

  • Shouldn’t the The Titan EN-EL15 battery be compatible with the D600 as well? I wonder why that camera isn’t listed.

  • d600 owner

    Is the Phottix a good generic battery? Is it the best? What are other good alternatives? Or is the name-brand Nikon the only one to get??

  • September

    Sony is making fun of their customers 🙂 Most of them don’t have any idea how to use a dslr and buy sony because they saw the comercial 🙂 I saw a lot of people with alpha xx pretending like this, for example shoting landscape on auto with flash (every object was at least 100 meters from them:)

    • JoeJohnBear

      Sony’s marketing team need a psychiatric check ups.

  • fahrertuer

    I’d be surprised if the Phottix EN-EL14 copy is really compatible with the D5100.
    Damn circuitry that prevents third party batteries from working in it.

  • D800

    They goldplated the worst 50mm AIS for some reason, hah. You can goldplate a turd, but in the end it is still a piece of sh….

    • I have a regular Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AIS and is pretty good. I love it.

      • lorenzo

        I heard that Nikon Service still uses it to test repaired cameras. I am quite happy with the f/1.8G.

    • lorenzo

      Perhaps pink was better.

  • Neopulse

    Wonder if a firmware update would make the battery not compatible with the camera.

  • Neopulse

    Titan EN-EL15:

    Capacity: 1600mAh
    Voltage 7.4

    Nikon EN-EL15:


    Voltage: 7.0

    • The bottom of the D600 says “7.0/9V 2.5A”, so I believe that 0.4V difference between batteries is well within the camera’s tolerances.

      My guess is that the internal electronics are operating closer to 3.3-5V, and the 7-9V is just to account for the voltage drop in the voltage regulators.

      • Neopulse

        I don’t think the voltage is a problem. Just the “mAh” part. Normally 3rd party batteries have a higher storage capacity compared to the legit ones. In this case it’s backwards which I find odd. Lesser shots over all with the 3rd party.

  • Dwijadas

    Can some one tell me how these copycat’s third party are not patent issue. when their are exactly same.

    Where Apple and Samsung fighting like one from mars and another from moon.

    • lorenzo

      The same way Duracell hasn’t sued Energizer to have copied their batteries 🙂

      • Quietly_Possible

        It is not the same as that. The AA battery has been a US standard since 1947 and is an ANSI and IEC standard today. The EN-EL14/15 batteries are custom designs, likely patented by Nikon.

  • lorenzo

    Try to get a D800/D600 under warranty serviced by Nikon in the event one of these batteries explodes or leaks acid inside the camera.

  • Mike

    I have the Tamron 24-70 VC. Very happy with it. I’ve used the Nikon 24-70 and also own the 24-120 f/4. The Tamron is very sharp, and more than holds its own on a D800. At f/2.8 it’s on par with the 24-120 (good), at f/4 it surpasses it by alot. It’s my first 3rd party lens in a long time, and it was worth the leap.

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