Rewind: Nikon D4s specifications

It seems that many readers have missed my previous post with the rumored Nikon D4s camera specifications, so I am posting them again:

  • the same 16MP sensor
  • higher fps rate
  • improved AF
  • better low light performance
  • improved video
  • XQD and CF memory cards

I also expect the camera to have the new EXPEED 4 processing engine.

This is how Nikon described the D4s in their press release:

  • enhanced image quality
  • new image-processing engine
  • more advanced autofocusing performance

The official Nikon D4s announcement will take place in February (probably for the CP+ show or shortly before), shipment will start in March.

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  • Rich G.

    Call me stupid but why have all these new DSLR cameras got video mode??? Not everyone wants video, some of us just want a camera that produces the best possible photos. I Have a Sony video camera, I use it to film my daughters football matches. Its a million times better & easier to use than any DSLR camera in video mode. Why not get rid of the video recording feature and make a cheaper ”FULL FRAME” DSLR??? I Went from a Nikon D80 to a D90 to a D7000 & tomorrow I’ll be taking delivery of a new D7100. I have never used the video mode on either of them & am 99% certain I wont use the video mode on the D7100. My little Sony HDR-TG7VE fits easily in my pocket, needs only one hand to film, is mega light & produces stunning full HD videos all saved on a hard drive capable of holding well over 1 hour of full HD recordings. Why would I ever need to use a DSLR camera to take video??? We had cameras without video mode for 100’s of years & never missed it then & i’m sure we wouldnt miss it now!!! It seems stuff is being added to cameras that no one really needs & all its doing is keeping prices high.

    • esolesek

      Dude, If I can get video and stills out of the same camera and I’m travelling, believe me I will take the one less body (and accessories, bag, etc) to drag around, especially travelling far. Plus video through a good dSLR lens is a step above most video cameras. Then again, you need a ton of batteries etc.
      There are give and takes, but don’t act like nobody wants it.

      • Rich G.

        Mate I didnt say everyone dosent want it I said NOT everyone wants it! Why not make a more affordable full frame camera WITHOUT it? Having said that I notice the new DF camera is only a ‘still’ camera & is almost £2,000!!!

        • esolesek

          Yeah, honestly I’m not a fan of Nikon’s choices the last few years. Why is the smallest profile dSLR also the most amateur and hobbled? I love the size of the D40x, D5300 D3200, but these cameras since the D40x are garbage, bad battery life bad focussing,etc. the D7100 is a good camera but why so fricking huge? Plus the oil spots issue. Why is a retro camera $2500? I agree they should make models with and without video, but I guess that would cost money, though it might increase sales. Nikon is driving me up the wall over to Canon, even though I have some great Nikon glass.

          • Rich G.

            I Loved my D7000 but I got it second hand off ebay so I was always wondering if I’d have any trouble with it although I’m not a heavy user. Managed to re-sell it with 18-105 lens for £100 less than a new D7100 body so really I havnt spent much more & still have 18-200 lens to use with it. Not heard about oil spots, will have to look out for that!!! We are really spoilt for cameras these days, some great products out there! Carnt think why a retro camera like DF is so expensive, as I commented above surely theres a market for a well packed ‘still only’ camera at a good affordable price? Old retro looking cameras are ok if they make old retro lenses to go with them & sell them at affordable prices!!!

    • stoooopid

      “Why not get rid of the video recording feature and make a cheaper ”FULL FRAME” DSLR???”

      Because that would actually cost more. Video comes almost free in these bodies. Just a few (maybe one) extra external button and a few software tweaks and menu items. So you want them to develop a unique body just for stills – with all the R&D and tooling costs. And this new body will appeal to less people because it does not include video. Call me crazy but I don’t think that will happen. But I know exactly what you are saying, I rarely use the video function on my dslr. But I know lots of people do and it makes my body cost less because they sell more units.

  • Long Song In Your Asses!

    Nikon fag gets! Get a mother fucking life you bunch of passes!

  • Steven Solidarios

    If the auto focus turns out to be better I’m sold. If it ends up being close to the D4, ill just get a marked down D4. Now I’m wondering if the D5 will be a mirror less with a hybrid viewfinder and 20fps bursts.

  • Lee Xiong Nancyloveslee

    a pointless update nikon.. really why even waste money to even show up at CES.. give us the new and up dated D300s body that we have been waiting for no more of the low end 3000, 5000, 7000 series.. those knobs suck.

  • Aaron

    Does the D4s mean Scott Kelby is coming back to Nikon? lol

  • Oscar Wilde-Cat

    I’ll stick with my D700.

  • Peter

    No EVF? Still living in the past?

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