Moose Peterson also thinks the Nikon D4s will be announced tonight

Moose Peterson (Nikon ambassador) also thinks the Nikon D4s will be announced tonight because I just saw the above blog entry in my RSS feed. The blog post is now of course removed ( but Google cache will probably have it available online shortly.

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  • manhattanboy

    LOL it looks like he took it down. Suffering maybe from a little premature release.

    • Ric

      there is a pill for that

  • Ryan

    Thanks Moose.

  • next

    ok. Now, its time to start the nag about D5 and D900.

    and continue the whine for D400

    • Aldo

      ptff… it’s all about the d700 replacement.

      • DuncanM

        I wish. It will, sadly, never come though. D3xxx/D5xxx/D7xxx series is now the DX line, D6xx/D8xx is the FX line and Dx is the flagship. Its a shame too, I could drive a bus through the gap between the D610 and the D800.

    • KT

      That’s the spirit, stay hungry and never settle for less than what you can’t have.

  • outkasted

    Lol you have jokes ha ha ha ha
    @D700 Replacement

  • chuckles

    It’s about time we saw the D666 produced. It’ll blow all the other cameras to Hell and back.

  • itsmyname

    Do any of you Guys ever go shooting ?
    Because all you do here is complain for the most part.

    • I spend all my time criticizing people for complaining about the cameras Nikon releases and doesn’t release, I don’t have time to complain about it myself, let alone actually take a photograph.

      • Michal Zdunek

        same here…
        I was waiting for a D700 replacement for a few months, then I realized that I’m done waiting so I saved up money for a few more weeks than planned and got the MP monster… big deal ! and I don’t regret anything ! not the file size, not that space on the HDD, not the processing speed ! nothing ! just loving the D800E every second it’s in my hands.

        if you don’t want the D800 don’t buy it… it’s that easy… if you want a D700 replacement bad luck, suck it up or shut up, everyone is bored now after listening to those comments for the last 2 years…

  • jb

    who cares what moose thinks!!

    • Patrick O’Connor

      Some people do (admin for one). Some people don’t. But a whole lot of photographers know who he is. Who are you?

      • He confirmed that the Nikon D4s announcement is tonight, that is all.

        • so when you say tonight, you mean before midnight eastern standard time?

          • Usually the announcements are at midnight EST, but sometimes they could push the press release at 11pm or 1am – I do not know the exact time.

            • jb

              Thanks for your efforts!!

        • Patrick O’Connor

          I wasn’t implying you’re some kind of Moose sycophant. Only that you recognize his ties to Nikon and the validity of his opinion on this subject, which may, in fact, be more than opinion.

      • jb

        Me…I guess I am just like you then….a photographer…Moose is just like me and you last I checked….I know several people who shot the 4s at the olympics…. I have heard penalty about it…but I don’t go around posting what I think! Its so important what moose thinks it got taken down!! and for the record….I am also confirming it will be announced tonight!!

        • Patrick O’Connor

          Moose has ties to Nikon that you, I, and few people do. He’s privy to clues that we aren’t. Also, he may know a lot more than he lets on. Other than that, I agree with you.

  • James Donahue

    I.m Sure Moose has been shootin a D4s for quite some time.

  • all this waiting is making me hungry!

    • Mr_Miyagi

      Ever tried moose steak? With sauerkraut?

  • Jet
  • Samuel Sebag


    • Do not wait.

    • DuncanM

      No, because its not coming. Ever.

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