Nikon D4s announcement in few hours

Nikon D4s front
Nikon D4s back
If the latest rumors are correct, the D4s should be announced in a few hours (around midnight tonight EST or early morning GMT on February 25th). Above are the official press release images of the Nikon D4s camera taken from an online retailer's website. More D4s Instagram pictures can be found herehere and here. Nikon USA is already advertising the D4s on Google (link not active yet:

Stay tuned for detailed coverage.

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  • itcrashed

    There goes my bank account!

  • broxibear

    That’s not the back of the D4s….the one at CES and CP+ had different AF nipples and card door ?

    • broxibear
    • DonD


      • broxibear

        I’m calling them nipples, lol…it might be the most exciting thing about the D4s, lol.

    • Ok, this is where this image comes from:
      Maybe they got it from the Internet just like they did the 24MP sensor?

      • John

        I am sticking to my theory that Adorama is getting pics and info from a certain prolific website that ports all his click-thru sales to Adorama.

        • I agree, but they did not publish this picture online yet.

      • broxibear

        I’m going with the one Nikon themselves showed at CES and CP+ rather thana shop in NY.

        • Could be

          • DMT

            Ya think?


            • DMT

              I’ll admit the door change is interesting. I’ve been a huge proponent of XQD, but I think the big surprise of this camera is that it’s been dropped. There’s no other reason to change that door.

              The AF “nipples” were a significant issue (they tear off with heavy pro use) so that’s a welcome change.

              The Adorama images clearly are not the D4S…they must be an in-house mock-up.

            • broxibear

              Hi DMT,
              One of the Sochi photographers who had a D4s already confirmed XQD and CF.

            • DMT

              Well, that will make me happy at least. Any speculation on the door change then?

            • broxibear

              When I first saw the door on the D4s I thought exactly as you, they’ve changed the cards…but it looks like it’s just to give better grip or maybe a stronger door fitting…I really don’t know ?
              I don’t own a D4 but I’ve heard a few people say they were a bit flimsy so that would explain the redesign of those.

            • DMT

              Rock-solid on all three of my bodies. No design issue there…unlike the “nipples”.

            • broxibear

              Oops, I meant the nipples were flimsy.
              There’s nothing worse than flimsy nipples when you need solid ones.

            • DMT

              Ah. Yeah. ;0)

              I just don’t get the door thing at all then…it’s a real puzzler.

            • Mike


    • Different nipples indeed.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      Yeah nipples… Nobody expects a revolution, it’s got two nipples!

  • outkasted

    Lets have it!

  • max

    and the spec is still unknown?

  • outkasted

    OMG already can we get a friggin’ leak from someone! Olympics are over im sure the photographers that signed the NDA should be able to slip something out’

  • DonD

    Why do I want this so much, when I know it’s not the right camera for me? I have the D800 and if anything as a Landscape photographer, I should be pining for the D800E. I should have bought that to being with. So, why do I want to hold a D4(s) in my hands and hear that whirl of a shutter?

    • Jeff Hunter

      I also have a D800. Don’t despair over not choosing the D800E. From what I’ve read and seen, the difference is only noticeable from f5.6 to f11, and it’s very slight at that.

    • Aldo

      That’s because nikon is making every single camera in a way that you’d be desiring a feature that is only found in another model…

      • Mansgame

        That’s sadly very true. There is no way to get a D4s sensor in a D800 body. No way to get a D800 sensor in a D4 body. No way to get a D610 sensor in a D800 body.

        • ereshoping

          No way to get a D600 sensor in a D400 body……oh hold on … 🙂

    • Daniel

      As a landscape photographer, I just sold my D4 for a D800e. The D4 (and the D4s no doubt) are amazing cameras, but frankly unnecessary for the landscape genre. They are a complete PITA to carry around because of the massive heft and weight. And low-light performance is not really needed when shooting at ISO 100 for max IQ. Granted, at ISO 1600/3200 using a fast lens (like the 24mm F/1.4), you can get some great Milky Way shots. But from my experience, this type of shooting doesn’t happen all that often for most of us. If you are currently shooting landscapes with the D800/D800e (or D600/D610), you should be satisfied with what you have. If you’re looking to photograph wild animals, sports or PJ – then I can see the D4s being an attractive option.

  • ohnocanon

    Well Flim Flopwell thinks it is going to be 24mp and 11.5fps…and others have posted that it will come with 24mp….and in different colors…pink, blue, copper, and white. lol

    • D700guy

      What color are the nipples on the pink model?

      • broxibear

        Hi D700guy,
        They change colour depending on what you do to them, lol.

        • Aldo

          they shouldn’t change color… only rigidness… this is why we lose women to canon 😛

          • Mike

            That’s because Canon only teases with better IQ. When it gets dark, is when they get disappointed.

  • MB

    After making AF-ON useless (by disabling focus trap we all used and loved) Nikon could at least return dedicated AE-L button instead …

    • Brian

      Has there ever been a reason given why they did away with the Focus Trap? I used it a lot to shoot Flying Squirrels.

      • MB

        It was working very well on Zeiss and Samyang manual focus lenses too (just press the shutter and turn the focus ring and camera will automatically shot when subject is in focus). I presume the main reason was to disable this functionality on competitive lenses, if this hurts all Nikon users as well … well who cares …

  • Jon Ingram

    Other than a bit of AF improvement and Expeed 4, I wonder what else we will get? Anything substantial?

    • broxibear

      “Amazing AF performance and some new really interesting new
      functions!” according to Victor Fraile who was using one in Sochi…what those functions are I don’t know ?

      • DMT

        Along with mind-blowing high ISO improvement.

        This is a HUGE upgrade. And yes, it’s 16 MP (rolling eyes)…

  • Wonder if I’ll be able to fight through the queues this weekend at the Photography Show in the UK to get hands-on with one of these beasts…

  • One More Thought

    I still think it will be 16 mp but keep this in mind:
    The wife of Joe McNally works for Adorama.
    And Joe McNally surely has been using the new D4s.
    I bet after the formal announcement we will see a blog post from Joe detailing his thoughts on the camera.

    • DMT

      The uncropped pixel dimensions of the D4S are right there in the EXIF if you know how to look for them. Plenty of D4S images are available online from the Olympics.

      They are the SAME as the D4.

    • Predictable

      Don cha just know Joe will say that it’s the dog’s danglies?

  • Aldo

    I wanna say I have my tray ready for the drool… but I don’t think I’ll be drooling for this camera.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    Does no one outside of the inner circle really not know whether this thing is 16 or 24MP? That’s currrazy!
    I’m going with 16 :^)

    • DMT

      Apparently almost no one has bothered to look at the EXIF on the actual D4S files because of their misguided 24 MP fantasies.

      • G0nzo

        if you mean the images from the games, i did, i wanted to know. but obviously they were cropped. so not 100% acurate.

        • broxibear

          Hi G0nzo,
          The biggest D4s jpegs I could find did match the D4 size, but the exif data doesn’t tell you if those jpegs were shot at jpeg large or peg medium.
          I think DMT is right though 16mp.

          • DMT

            The original uncropped dimensions are buried in the EXIF of several files I looked at for kicks and grins, guys. I believe it’s in ALL of them that did not have the EXIF wiped.

            It’s 16 MP. Thank gawd.

            • G0nzo

              OK. 🙂

          • G0nzo

            really…mmm OK coz i checked every image…mm maybe i missed one…but at least all the Sport images which leaked or not, were cropped. the dimensions were something betw. 11-12mpx. or less.

            • DMT

              You are not looking at the EXIF itself.

              In Photoshop…under File Info…in the Raw Data tab.


              Case closed.

            • As far as I am concerned this case has been closed right after the D4s was pre-announced in early January:

            • DMT

              Totally agree. The EXIF is diagnostic, definitive and irrefutable.

              But the nomenclature itself is further (early) proof. If it was 24 MP it would be a D5 or something else.

            • DMT

              And again, thank gawd it’s not.

              Those that are disappointed…well, the camera is clearly not designed for your needs. Buy something else.

            • IamSpeechless

              I am not sure if I will be disappointed or not or if the camera will fit my needs, but I am sure that DMT will run around, jump up and down once he gets the D4s 🙂

            • DMT

              I’ve had three on order for two months. Dumping my D4 bodies the day after delivery.

              Right now I’m hopping round trying to edit client work while reading about the new camera at the same time…


            • G0nzo


  • longzoom

    May someone say if there is an inner stabilization for manual longs? Still no? So no comments, you already know what I gonna say…

  • Rafa R

    I am still waiting for a last moment surprise of two cards of the same kind, hopefully CF is my opinion, but if they come XQDs let them be two of the same kind! … hopefully

  • MIke

    I wish they would announce the replacement for D300s, during tonights announcements on D4s. That would be so cool. 🙂

  • Kynikos

    Any hope of a lens announcement with it?

  • Joel

    No angry fist shaking comments about a lack of a D400? The new found balanced and on-topic nature of this forum is starting to disappoint me.

    • YS

      Because everyone has already given up. Also, on-topic is good.

  • bobo

    Did you know that even the difference between 36 and 16 megapixels is just one half stop more resolution? So why bother whether its 16 or 24 – it doesn’t matter, that’s just 22% more lines resolution, less than 1/4 stop.

    64MP, well that would be interesting. Anything below that, pfft.

    • MrFoolYou

      Sure bobo. Yeah 64mp is a dream. Your work will be easier since you have more time for life and work balance….go to make a meal, watch tv, and listen to some musics while the files are downloading to you computer, still have time to make a call to grandma after a while…..128mp would be a dream in a dream….even we can go picnic, do some fishing then go home…bam! perfect all files are downloaded and ready for lightrooming.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Once I have purchased this and its in my hands:

  • Bob L

    It is on their website now!

  • Bob L

    Price $6,499.95 USA Price $7,149.95 here in Canada! Ouch!

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