Top 10 NikonRumors posts for January 2014

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These are the top 10 most visited NikonRumors posts for January 2014:

  1. Nikon announces the development of a new D4s camera *UPDATED*
  2. Rewind: Nikon D4s specifications
  3. How to use Nikon’s AF-ON and back button autofocus
  4. More Nikon D4s pictures and Nikon’s CES schedule of events
  5. The development of the Nikon D4 successor could be announced at CES
  6. Nikon 3200 vs. D3300 specifications comparison
  7. Nikon D4s spotted in the wild, first shutter burst video available online
  8. Nikon Rumors: what to expect in the next few months
  9. First images of the new Nikon D3300 and 35mm f/1.8G lens, US prices
  10. Nikon Df: It’s like being in a relationship
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  • broxibear

    Damn, I only made no. 7 ?…I’ll have to try harder, lol.

    • You a PJ broxibear?

      I ask because you have a knack of being in the right place at the right time and knowing stuff you’re not supposed to.

      • broxibear

        Hi InTheMist,
        No I’m not a photojournalist. It’s an area I very nearly went into, fate stepped in and pushed me in another photographic direction (the women in fashion/portraits were far prettier, lol). I’ve got friends who are, and they paid a heavy price in various war torn hell holes round the world. I decided I couldn’t look through a viewfinder at a dying child and think about composition.
        As Peter (admin) will tell you, you’ll get little bits of information from here and there, and all of a sudden they’ll join up.
        It’s interesting before the D4 and D800 came out the other tech/photographic sites used to dismiss nikonrumors, saying what was posted here was made up nonsense. Now it’s a reference site that is the source for articles on those sites.

        • Thanks for all the tips broxibear.

          • broxibear

            Talking about tips, have a look at this video from Nikon Korea. Especially what the guy’s doing with his finger at 5:02, 5:10 and the neckstrap at 6:33.
            Why would you be hiding the D800 logo ?…unless it says D800s or D900 ? Video was Published on 26 Dec 2013

            • broxibear

              Or is it a D610 ?

            • I think so. PASM dial is on the wrong side for a D800.

            • broxibear

              Yeah, it has the same dials as the top D600 or D610…I just don’t know why he’s hiding the logo with his fingers and then the strap ?
              The D610 appeared months before that video came out.

            • Hmmm, hard to tell – coincidence or not?

            • Michiel953

              I distinctly heard the guy say “Possibly” so yes, I think you’re right. Most of the shots were done in Program mode, so that’ll be the D800XS (for “extra small”).


        • FredBear

          Maybe you should join ITM and change your name to “In Da Know” 😉
          I read NR more so because it’s a good resource to stop one leaping when one should have stood still and waited a while.
          But thanks to Admin and readers like you to keep the rest of us up to date.

          • broxibear

            Hi FredBear,
            There are people who post here that really are “In Da Know”, I’m not one of those.
            I’m pretty sure people from Nikon post here, people from Canon and who knows where else…and sometimes it’s disinformation to try and discredit the site.
            “it’s a good resource to stop one leaping when one should have stood still and waited a while.” that’s a good point you make. I’m not a gear addict, far from it, but if I’m looking at buying a 24mm f/1.4G then yeah, I’d be very interested in a rumour/leak about a 24mm f/1.8G.
            And I’m always interested in the view of other photographers around the world, isn’t that what the internet is about, apart from porn of course, lol.

        • btw, I also had many good “predictions” before the D800/D4

          • broxibear

            Lol…I know. What I was talking about was that before the D4/D800 nikonrumors was often dismissed and looked down upon, now those same sites and people are quoting from and sourcing nikonrumors.
            That month before the D4/D800 was complete madness. I remember hearing whispers about 36mp and thinking, no…that can’t be right. Not to mention the French magazine that published early and forgot they did a double page spread with images of the D4 and D800, lol.

            • The D800 was the best rumor because nobody believed it. I was 100% sure because I had pictures of the camera, sample photos, everything – I just could not post it all online. Do you remember when I announced the price? It was crazy… aaah, good old times 🙂

            • Michiel953

              Don’t worry Peter, just tell us when the D400 is due (ha ha) and, more importantly, tell us what’s true about the rumor that Robert Falconer (@ S Huff) about a digital SP on the way?

            • No D400 and no digital SP (for now at least). Today is “trendy” to spread rumors on the Internet and everyone wants a piece of the action.

            • Matthew Fleisher

              No D400? But…I read it on the internet.

    • Sadia Nusrat Toma

      I use Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR. There is no doubt this is one of the best DSLR camera. But others DSLR also nice. I got 10 best DSLR cameras of upcoming 2015 here

  • Michiel953

    Df in last place. Fitting? Disappearing over the horizon? Will not turn out to be a classic, like the D3, D700, D4, D800(E)?

    Think so…

    • Marc W.

      Maybe it’ll be more affordable before too long. 🙂

      • Michiel953

        Maybe, possibly, likely. I got my D800 for € 2500 almost a year ago, and still haven’t figured out why I should fork out almost € 600 more for a camera that looks very attractive, as long as you don’t put my old FM2n next to it, has a beautiful sensor, weighs less and is slightly smaller than my D800, but is less in about every other way.

        It’s a brave effort, but still seems to miss the mark somehow.

  • procrastinator

    most people on this forum are reading. not shooting. like me.

    • AM

      Just came back from shooting. Now reading and writing.

      • Marc W.

        Photos or it didn’t happen. 🙂

    • Mansgame

      I too was shooting earlier. You see, human beings can do several things during the week and the more clever ones can even accomplish several things in a day. Crazy I know. But you go ahead and feel superior for whatever reason you want. Perhaps you can just shoot film and tell digital shooters that film is the only pure medium. Or maybe you can just manually focus everything and say you’re a better photographer for not using auto-focus.

      • FredBear

        Or maybe one uses manual focus because it’s more accurate and one is a perfectionist?
        Not everyone suffers from auto-erotica 😉

      • groucher

        Or it could be that you get exactly what you want when using manual, rather than what the engineers that made the camera think you want.

        • Marc W.

          Or maybe use whatever is needed for the job in front of “you”.

    • Aldo

      I just shot a few pix of my cat… most of them blurry.. back to reading and writing

      • Sundra Tanakoh

        My kitty ran away 🙁

        • Jer

          It’s Karma Sundra….A kitty just moved her self into my house. I’ll be sure to take good care of her;^)

  • FredBear

    I want to hear more about Samwise Gamgi and his camera choice.

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