Nikon D4s spotted in the wild, first shutter burst video available online

This is the first picture of the Nikon D4s camera spotted in the wild. If you are one of the D4s testers and want to share some of the specifications, you can contact me anonymously here. Here is a video of the Nikon D4s shutter burst:

I expect the new Nikon D4s camera to have a higher fps rate than the current 10 fps in the D4 ( I am guessing 12fps). For comparisons, here are few Nikon D4 shutter burst videos - maybe someone can calculate the difference based on the frame rate.

The UK based retailer Park Cameras is currently taking pre-orders for the Nikon D4s at £6,000 - maybe they just "guessed" that price:

When the D4 was initially released in the UK, it was priced at £5290 (now it sells for a lot less). I think it is safe to assume that the D4s will be few hundred dollars more expensive than the D4.

Some recent rumors suggested that the Nikon D4s will have 4k video and one stop better ISO performance (up to ISO 408,000).

I was also told that a Nikon D4s camera will be used in Jerez, Spain for the first F1 test of the season on January 28th. If you are going to be around, look out for the Sutton Images photographers and let me know.

Source: picture and video (now removed). Thanks Broxibear!

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  • phosgene

    *slaps knee* AW SHUX HERE COMES

  • broxibear

    Here’s a few more…

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      *cough* can we see a shot of the card bays now pls, kk thnkx bb

      • Steven Solidarios

        Its the same as before.

      • broxibear

        If I come across anything I’ll post them on nikonrumors and pass them on to Peter (admin).
        The D4s is going to be pretty difficult to spot amongst photographers at Jerez, Superbowl etc as it’s almost identical to the D4, and all it takes is a tiny bit of black tape to cover the “s” next to “D4” logo.

  • Steven Solidarios

    Can’t wait to get this!

  • sup

    I came

  • By going through this video frame by frame, it looks like it’s doing 11 FPS.

    I was really hoping for 15.

  • Fgonz


    • Cole

      Shut up! Go get a video camera. you kook!

      • Lcky

        Your going to love 2014

  • John

    Df makes me just want this even more!

  • Nuno Ferreira

    It’s 12 FPS. Checked…

    • I thought so

      • Think again…we’ve got two votes for 11. All you have to do is look at the waveform and count how many clicks fit in a second. It’s almost precisely 11.

        • Lance

          I also counted 11 frames using Audition.

        • Nuno Ferreira

          I trimmed the clip on the first click, which also must be considered. So, I counted twelve clicks.

          • vFunct

            You’re not supposed to count “0” though, so it’s 11.

            • grsnv

              The first shutter actuation would be one, not zero.

        • n11

          I see 12, the very first one beside the red tracker and the 11 after that.

          D4S has 12fps.

        • orpickaname

          To be most accurate it is actually 11.11111111111111111111111111111111 fps

        • Xam

          It’s twelve, you guys are skipping the first click at 0.00

          • Clint

            Dude….0.00 does not count…….think about it for a second and I’m sure you can figure out why. It’s 11 fps based on the image posted.

        • peterw

          the result depends on how you count.

          It appears to be possible to fit 12 photos in an exact second. However, the framerate should be 11 fps, based on the length of the procedure (‘wavelength’) between two frames. I guess this one is somewhat more exact near 11,2 fps. I think the uncertainty is 0,05 fps in this set-up.
          Which could depend on aperture and shutter speed.
          So the maximum frame rate is at least 11,2 fps +/- 0,05 fps. I say.

        • Global

          Haha, I don’t care if its 11 or 12 — but you guys take your rumors very seriously and I like it. =D

          • peterw

            well, at least that can be approached scientifically.

            as well as psycho/sociological surveys. This site is good for that too.
            a lot of professionals on this site… 😉

      • al mumin

        actually, even d3 can do 11fps in DX crop mode. even if d4s can do 12 i’m not sure that it is FX mode. maybe cropped too

        • I think the D4 also went to 11fps with AF/AE lock.

          • yes 10fps with AF; 11fps with AF lock

    • Daniel Shortt

      bravo sir!!

    • I analyse repetitive (but non-audio) signals in my day job. I estimate exactly 11.9 FPS.

      I estimate the large, fat spike is mirror slap, and the small spike following it is the shutter.

      • p

        How precize would your exact estimation be?
        I guess from the way you state your measurement
        error could be somewhere between 0,1-0,4s?

        • In the measurement world, one always doubts the measurement device 😉

          +/- 0.2 I presume.

          Based on the screen shots 12 FPS is a lot more likely than 11.

          • peterw

            Shouldn’t the sound of a modern video-capture device be accurate for this work, even when analysed
            in some other non-calibrated software?
            Before we head for the newspapers we should check this.
            I do not agree on 11,9 thought. (“p” = the same as “peterw” above after Micah’s analyses).
            However, it is 22 years ago that data-analyses was a large part of my study and work.
            Based on all my experience than and now, I first mistrust man (including myself), than assumptions (especially my own) and after that machine.

          • FredBear

            When it goes on sale it’ll reduce to 10 😉

      • Clint

        Well it’s 11, not 12… don’t quit your day job:)
        There are 11 very clearly defined pulses that fit within 0.0 and 1 sec.

    • Steven Solidarios

      Thanks for checking!

    • Bummer

      I count 60 fps at a resolution of 8.3 Megapixels…
      Who cares about still mode FPS when you can take a still out of a videoclip. 8.3 Megapixels is enough for most things photo’s will be used for.

  • tonka

    ISO 408,000? So one stop gain in standard ISO…

    4K video… with 16mp is feasible?

    • Ken Elliott

      Yes. 4K video is about 8Mp. But a 2x overscan on both X and Y axis would need 32Mp. I suspect we have to wait for the D900 for that.

      • triplel

        you get 4096×2720 in 1.2x crop. Could be possible.

    • Cole

      408,000 omgzz. You do realise this is just a marketing gimmick right! Shut up!

      • Remedy

        Imagine the light gathering ability using this 408K ISO combined with Nikkor 50mm f/1.2 x_x

    • neversink

      And with how much noise?

  • I count 11fps looking at the waveform.

    • Guest

      I count 12.

      • Look there’s a peak at the beginning and the end — you can’t count both peaks. So it’s 11 and a tiny bit. Imagine I click every 0.5s, and you record three clicks — how short can you make your recording?

    • grsnv

      I can’t decide if that very first spike is a shutter activation. If it is, it’s 12 fps. If it isn’t, the rate is greater than 11 fps, although not quite 12 fps.

      • Pat Mann

        Then it’s 11 every second after that, if you don’t ever count the same spike twice. So it’s actually 11. A wave that peaks at the beginning and end of a period has a frequency of 1 per period.

        • El Aura

          The question is rarely how many images can you fit into a given time interval (eg, 1.005 s long interval) because one almost never can time the start to exactly the beginning of that interval one tries to cover. What matters is the time window between shots, how much miss between shots.

          And for this camera this interval seems to be 1/11 s.

    • RBR

      Canon achieved some of their speed in the 1DX via a firmware update which changed the processing algorithm according to various reports. I wonder if Nikon have investigated this.

      • I think that moving the mirror and flapping the shutter that fast was never the issue, I think even back in the F5 days, Nikon was picking a compromise between focus tracking and AF. AF can only happen when the mirror is down, so you’re limited by how fast the CPU can calculate AF adjustments and likely attempt to be a bit predictive–all while the mirror is down. Less processing time + less mirror downtime = more fps potential. I don’t know if the AF shares with image processing, but either way, the image processing appeared to be maxed out, with the D800, D7100, and D4 all pushing about the same amount of pixels out per second.

        If Nikon has overcome this limitation and can process images faster, this bodes well for both higher frame rates in lower models and possibly 4k.

        IMO, the 1DX and D4 are about on par for raw files, but the D4 actually puts out better quality jpegs. If they can maintain that edge, make it work faster, AND bring down latent sensor noise, they’ll have a truly competitive product.

        These are interesting times!

  • Tair

    The first pic:

    Mother: “Son, i hope you like your new camera”

    Father: “He better will. I had to sell the house”

    Son: “Great! Now i’ll have tons of selfies for facebook!”

    • Fgonz

      jajajajajajaja nice!!

  • broxibear

    Oops…looks like all the pictures and video has been pulled from that site.
    At least all the images are here, I wonder if Nikon Korea phoned him up and said “remember that nda you signed ?…well…”, hope he didn’t get into too much trouble ?

  • Truth

    Live view D4s…perfect for elevator selfies

  • me

    as all rumors always disappoint, and Nikon’s especially it will be 11 !

  • Kev

    video link is broken: 404 not found

    • aaah, they removed it – did anybody download it?

      • Mack Rockwell

        Why Nikon is still developing such bulky Camera models. I dont care how many FPS it delivers, I am really getting fed up with these launches! Nikon please have slick body, learn from FUJI

        • clifflwms

          These Full Frame Camera’s are meant to (sometimes) connect to 400mm 2.8 lenses and larger. That’s not going to happen on a fuji.

      • I’ve got a copy of the shutter video if you need it.

        (If you run linux, any streamed flash video is automatically downloaded to your browser cache and stays there ’til you clear it – OSX may do the same.)

        • I could not find it on my computer. Can we upload it anonymously somewhere?

  • Neopulse

    Need to get my hands on that camera ASAP if it happens to have 4k integrated. Although I doubt it. It should be on the D4X if it ever comes to light.

    • I’m really interested to know which TV screen can make a difference between HD and 4k stock.

      • Neopulse

        For the time being not sure how many TVs can display 4k and there’s only a handful now. And one in particular that’s more affordable than the major brands. But 4k (3,840 x 2,160) is still really in it’s infancy. I’ve seen 2.5k resolution on a Dell monitor and it looks very detailed when compared to the standard (1920×1080) Full HD resolution.

        It’s like taking a picture with a 2MP camera and then with an 8MP. You’re able to spot more details that were once blurred out in smaller resolutions. Obviously, in the end what it comes down to is what personal preference you have and what the wallet dictates you can own heh. I’m planning on purchasing a Full HD projector. Seen it in action and to me it’s more than adequate the 84 inches of display it produces (for movies in this case).

        • jmills74

          every major brand in Japan is selling multiple 4k models. Price is about what similar HD TVs were 3-4 years ago.

          • Neopulse

            Yeah, but people are gonna wait more than a year before even THINKING about purchasing the vast majority. And chances are 4k TVs will be used more in the form of studio work and also I would personally want a 62+inch 1080p TV and a 4k projector for home movies whenever that day comes.

          • Neopulse

            Also you said, “In Japan.” Japan is further ahead in terms of technology in the world.

        • Robert A. Ober

          3840×2160 is not 4k, it is UltraHD(UHD).

          4096×2160 is 4k. Folks need to be specific. There are a few PRICEY monitors that can do 4k. There are several UHD televisions for sale in the US & more on the way.

          Y’all be cool,
          Robert A. Ober

          • Neopulse

            My bad on the resolution. I said it from the top of my head. Thanks for correcting me on that 🙂

        • one thing you forget/get sucked into is the resolving power of your own eyes and how well one can ‘see’ detail at any given distance.

      • RBR

        Easy, when you enter the store just go to the one with the $10,000 price tag on it.

  • Saffron Blaze

    More “expansive” 🙂

  • Ric

    What, they can’t even spell the name in the right direction? That’s it, I’m switching. 🙂

  • Scott M.

    How did that 20-something, unmarried guy with a dorky hat get his hands on THAT camera?

    • 20-sth unmarried w/ dorky hat

      Why, what do you have against 20-something unmarried guys with a dorky hat?

      • Scott M.

        why, did you get one?

        • 20-sth unmarried w/ dorky hat

          no, but I love my dorky hat.

    • Jeff Hunter

      He can afford it because he’s not married, no fool this guy!!!

    • Troy Past

      Looks like Kai Man Wong from digital rev tv.

      • Scott M.

        Could be, indeed.

        • shao

          They’re from South Korea so no Kai here… 😉

          • Troy Past

            He did say he was going to visit Korea this year…

      • Mike

        Looks like Gary Fong.

    • John Koh

      Because his mummy or daddy know someone who works for nikon Korea… That’s normal there.

  • Scott M.

    Good catch, admin.!

  • Cole

    As if you people are whining about 11 fps! And who cares what kind of video it has, get a video camera if that’s what you want. I was part of a photo club for a bit, but I had to get out of there, cause it’s nothing more then a bunch of kooks like you guys, who compare fps and megapixels. Know your sport, animal or anything else that is fast moving instead of firing thousands of bursts aimlessly in hopes that you’ll get something. You’re not photographers! Just a bunch of spoiled rich cocks. I see all you kooks at all the National parks with all your fancy gear and you have no idea what to do with it. Try shooting an owl with no burst mode at all while manually focusing, then you can call yourselves photographers. Stupid whacko gearheads!

    • Zippy

      Have another beer & lets see what you really got

    • neversink

      I have to agree with you, but be nice. this is just a rumor site. But, thanks for the entertainment….

    • Marc W.

      Join a Film group. We don’t care about your megapixels. We just go shoot.

  • VivaLasVegas

    Tooooo MUCH mirror bounce, this is earth thundering slap

  • Aldo

    …. with the rumored specs… I see no good reason to spend the extra cash for the d4s over the d4.

  • Jaibo Wang

    That’s probably Eric Kim testing the D4S!

  • bobo

    d4s…ok..nice… But we need D400!!!!

    • Lubos

      no we don’t.

      • Widow Twankey

        Oh yes we do.

        • AM

          I don’t either.

    • Michiel953

      Wot’s a D400?

    • The D400 was already released; it’s called the Pentax K-3, go pick one up and stop whining about it here.

      • peterw

        How do I mount my 500 F4 on this K-3? and the convertrors?
        (I found a solution for myself in this D400 bussiness in adding 400 plus 400, but your proposal fails)

  • peterw

    what lens is that?

    28 F1,8?

    • broxibear

      Yeah, it’s the 28mm f/1.8G.

  • kevin

    I have to confess. I think i saw the same guy holding the camera in Korea. I was too shy asking the specs about the D4s. Or i was just imagining things.

  • Sri Lanka

    Can we reasonably assume that that’s not Scott Kelby holding the camera?

    • AM

      No. Maybe somebody photoshopped a Nikon in his hands.

  • It’s eleven fps

    It’s eleven FPS.

    • Eric Calabros

      So what the heck are those mountains before 1?

      • FredBear


    • Mansgame

      The math checks out.

      • Marc W.

        I’m math and I confirm.

  • Southpaw

    Nice to see Nikon catering for minorities and addressing the lefthanded – dyslexic market.

    • Michiel953

      That’s discriminatory. You should be banned.

      • Southpaw

        It’s inclusive.
        BTW that’s also a touch of gallows humour.
        I am a left handed lysdexic.

        • Michiel953

          At least you’re not lacking in the humor department! There’s a lot of lefthanded people around these days; writing never looks effortless. Dyslectic? I’m not sure what that is, sometimes seem to fall into the same category as ADHD. But you know yourself best I guess. 😉

  • Sri Lanka

    Putting on my Hercule Poirot baseball cap for a moment, and using my very little grey cells,I would initially deduce that the only person who could have “spotted” the camera is the bloke in the picture who took the mirror-image shot, in the lift, with the D4s which is shown. After all, the picture which we see here has to be in the D4s in the picture which we see here, so to speak.

    I would then ask why this same person, who we are supposed to believe has been sanctioned by Nikon to work secretly with the D4s, has chosen to leak this image.

    Is this part of a Nikon strategy; to leak teasing snippets about the D4s to stir up a frenzy of anticipation on sites such as NR?

    Alternatively, is it the case that the image which is shown here was taken with the lift door opened, on the opposite side of the mirrored wall, and then flipped, by someone who is not in the picture? But by whom, and for what purpose? And how was it that, when the lift door was opened, the bloke with the D4s was perfectly poised to show the D4s? Fortunate coincidence? Or? Or? OR?

    I think I’ll go and lie down, now.

  • Neopulse

    I don’t think this guy will get into trouble whatsoever over the picture. There was a D4s on display clear as day in one of the last shows. I don’t think it’s meant at all to be a secret. Just that chances are it was leaked to show that it’s well on it’s way to being released rather than just a shelved patent.

  • Mack Rockwell

    Why Nikon is still developing such bulky Camera models. I dont care how many FPS it delivers, I am really getting fed up with these launches! Nikon please have slick body, learn from FUJI

    • or Leica.

      • Mack Rockwell

        Yeah, Nikon is still in 80’s. I do understand Camera technology is complex but I dont think so at looking at Fuji. Nikon is still in Old days.

        Here I am not talking about Nikon J1/V1 those are failed models and I knew from day 1 since launch, Nikon J1/V1 cannot sell well unless they put atleast DX sensor or 1 inch sensor at least.

        • Yes I have V1 and RX100

          Nikon 1 system sensor is 1″!
          But look what Sony did with the 1″ sensor in the RX100 and over twice the MP.

      • RBR

        Or an Olympus OM. 🙂

    • Clint

      Seriously guys…think before you post. Nikon isn’t building a $6000 D4/D4S for you guys who are ‘sick of bulky cameras’. Nikon is building a D4 for professionals who need the build quality and high FPS…and who couldn’t care less about the bulk.

      • Mac Rockwell

        Are you serious? Need two hands to hold the big Camera and thats too much and along with if you have heavy lenses come on give me a break.. Need thhat thing called Tripod and you will not be able to hold the camera… thats big joke I feel. They can reduce size and no need to put all extra metal body, they can use Carbon Fiber to reduce weight but they cant.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          I’m female, 41 and 4ft 11, weigh about 85pounds and carry 2x D4 with the Trinity and a 300/4.0 with me ALL DAY and shoot handheld, unless I shoot arena sports where I need big glass and a monopod. I can actually sit IN my camera bag. to give you an idea of how tiny I am. May I politely and respectfully encourage you to “grow a pair” and “man up”, Sir?

          • Mac Rockwell

            I totally respect what you do.

            That was very rude reply from you.! I am here not debating what you can do. I am just trying to say WHY NIKON CANT BE INNOVATIVE to shade some weight? They can use Carbon Fiber or some light material. This will benefit everyone including you and unless you love to carry heavy stuff. Look at Fuji from where they are coming. I am only saying be innovative in shading weight too.

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              Allright, maybe a tad rude, but the last sentence was very eloquent and polite. They can’t use carbon fibre, becuase it is brittle. The reason they make F1 cars out of carbon fibre is because of the strength at low weight, but also because it shatters on impact. (Acts like a crumple-zone for driver safety.) Especially if you make it hard enough to construct a body out of it without any metal supports. If you shed weight, you lose durability, structural integrity. So your $6000 camera is now -maybe- 200g lighter, but also breaks if you drop it…. I wouldn’t want my D4 to be carbon fibre, because worrying about breaking it would prvent me from going after ‘the shot’. Look at carbon fibre tripods. Lighter but more expensive, and easy to break the legs.

            • RBR

              Carbon fiber is a remarkable material, but is not without problems of its own. Apart from expense and difficulty of molding small complex shapes, when carbon fiber is prone to catastrophic failure when subject to extreme impact. If you think a D4 is expensive now, just hold your breath if a carbon fiber body were offered.

        • Carbon fibre cracks and shatters if mishandled

    • jmills74

      start hitting the gym.. D4 and 70-200 is easily handheld if you actually user your arms other than typing….

    • PSAGuy

      I’d never use one of those girlie cameras. Give me a D3/ D3s/ D4 body any day of the week over those teeny little things.

  • UA

    4K and ISO400K.. should be D4K then :).

    But daumn, ISO408000! Even though it will look like vomit, still daumn. Few year progress and we do not need IR nightvision goggles any more. Just glue some D5s sensors to your eyeglasses and your good to go.

    Well, I wouldn’t be surprised, if the real specs are not those. I personally would wish RF speedlights and even better AF system. Maybe to cover almost whole sensor and as fast as Canon’s newest one is. Also, a faster way to scroll through images ;). Well, faster way to set AF spot would be actually quite nice. It is frustratingly slow with the joystick sometimes.

  • Mister T

    so did the camera spot itself in the wild & take a mirror selfie?

    • Widow Twankey

      ‘ere you are an imposter, sir!
      I am the real Widow Twankey.

  • If someone locates another version of the shutter video, please share here? I lost the one I had.


    At least it could have been designed to surpass the Canon 1D-X framerate of 14 FPS, “Sooo Disapointed”

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Because your willy feels smaller now?

  • CHD

    I love all the debate about 11 vs 12 fps….95% of you won’t even be buying the camera..and of the 5% of you that do only 5% of those will actually NEED 11 fps. Just sayin’.

    I can already visualize the razor sharp jumping cat and running dog shots you will all get. Then there’s the rich soccer dad who will have all those razor sharp shots of young Tommy (forgetting for a second that a $1,000 prosumer camera with 5 fps would do the job).

  • Paul

    I can’t wait to see all the pictures from Sochi taken with this new version. It will be so obvious which photographers are still shooting with the antiquated-worthless D4. I will mock them mercilessly.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      All the pixels on the D4s are actually interlocking s-shapes, so if you pixel-peep at 100%, you can prove to everybody that you’re on the frontline of the spec-wars.

  • Sergio Ortiz

    appreciate the info but admin, please, it’s “more thAn”, “less thAn”, not “then”.

  • LVer

    LV focusing has been improved now? Coz he uses LV instead of OVF.

  • Jack of the Trades

    If it’s going to include a 4K videomode.
    Who then still cares about the shutterspeed and fps in still mode?

    With a large likelyhood, You’ll then have 60 frames per second at 8.3 Megapixels. That’s enough for most things it will ever be printed on.

  • Rawr

    Wow I hope the 4K rumor is true 😮
    But also that it’ll use a decent codec if it is…

  • broxibear

    Someone’s put a D4s up on Ebay Germany, the image is of a D4 as it’s unlikely the person has one in their hand, but what is interesting is that they say it’s 24MP. That could just be a guess or taken from another blogger who said the D4s would be 24MP…I don’t know.
    Anyway, here’s the link…

    • This is a scam… with a picture of the D4….

  • broxibear

    Nikon Df vs D4 – D4 Sensor in a Smaller Body?

    • broxibear

      P.S. fstoppers can try all they want, but the digitalrev guys (and Gal) just do it better.. KO ! lol

      • Arkasai

        But Kai is so painfully unfunny and laughs at all his own ‘jokes.’

        • broxibear

          Many of his jokes have British roots and references which I see being difficult to get for non Brits. I’m British so maybe I see it differently…I like his videos.

  • Would not be surprised if we see the Quiet Continuous mode, as seen on the D610, feature…

    • RBR

      That would be well received by wedding and event photogs in particular.

      • KnightPhoto

        I would appreciate Quiet Continuous Mode for my Theatre shooting as well. D4 is a great Theatre cam.

  • Maxxie

    Not an easy one. 12 is what I need, 11 would be a deal breaker for me 🙂 🙂

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