Sponsorship is why Scott Kelby switched from Nikon to Canon and that’s ok

Don't be fooled folks - no matter what they tell you, there is only one reason why Scott Kelby switched from Nikon to Canon: sponsorship and there is nothing wrong with that. Blame the Nikon USA marketing department for that. Of course this is just my own opinion.

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  • mouonline

    i don’t really fucking care who he is, and what he switch to. camera just a camera, a gear, that’s all.

  • broxibear

    Wow, this turned into an interesting post…all we need now is Jared, Zach, Chase and Kai to join in…oh what the hell, someone give Matt Granger a shout too, lol.
    It would be a very dull world if we all thought (and took pictures) the same way…as I said, interesting conversation.
    how does that saying go ?…”all publicity is good publicity”.

  • spfan

    I’m certain Kelby will say anything for money. On the other hand, he’s being honest and diplomatic about it. Give me enough and I will say good things about your product. It’s no different from the big shots who say the Df was made for them. Give me one on permanent loan and I promise to like it, too.

  • T53

    It’s always about the bucks…..and Self Promotion, which is quite often a mutation of legend in your own mind disease.

  • Frederic Boehli

    And he is not alone !

  • David Tothill

    What nobody appears to have realised about the Kelby-Nikon thing and what I am prepared to exclusively share with you all here and now is, Nikon let him go …
    His intolerable ego and outrageous demands became simply too much.
    Nikon had correctly perceived he peeked about two years ago and his media foot print and therefore value has been slowly declining.
    Cannon got yesterdays News. Lets move on.

  • Can’t Believe It

    For heaven’s sake this is a non issue. Neither Scott Kelby nor his assistant are real photographers—they’re photographic educators who happen to take nice pictures. When Terry Richardson or Philip-Lorca deCorcia or someone like that switches, wake me up.

    • John

      WTF is a “real” photographer?

      • Can’t Believe It

        Real photographers don’t just capture the scene in front of them, they transform it into something uniquely their own.
        Through their photos they show us our world in a way that we could have never imagined. In other words, they have a vision of the world which is notably and identifiably different from the mass of people around them.
        The other half of that is they possess the combination of refined aesthetic sensibility and technical skills to convey that vision with precision, clarity, and economy of effort.

  • John_Skinner

    This is quite a storm over nothing.

    Look at it for what it is.. What is Kelby about? He’s about training. Do you get it in dealing with NAPP or KT? Yes, you do.

    Anyone that follows Scott knows that he went down this ‘shooting sports’ thing starting 2 or 3 years back and has stayed with it. Lets face it, the amount of guys getting to do this football shooting thing are a fairly small group..who wouldn’t. 75% of people shooting sports today shoot Canon.. So there was some comfort there in switching. But I’m sure this was all about the money. He’s a business man and he has a business to run.

    I get all I need (or take away) from Kelby. It’s up to me to filter out all that’s shite, and all that’s good. The whole reason I started down a long road of learning Photoshop and staying with it is because of this cat..I had inner personal fights about actually starting… and DOING IT. So, that said, I’d pretty well follow him threw the gates of hell. He got me to learn this program. Camera choice and or sponsorship notwithstanding.

  • Ralph

    I guess my perception was that he was an avid user who became a evangelist for the brand, now he’s just a whore.

    • Josh

      Exactly. Many people had the impression he genuinely liked Nikon’s stuff and his relationship with Nikon grew out of that which is at least respectable but now people know the Truth. He was only shooting and promoting Nikon based on the deal he had with them and as soon as Canon offered him something better he switched. He has lost the respect of many people and lost all credibility in the eyes of just as many.

      • Eaglenatchez

        “He was only shooting and promoting Nikon based on the deal he had with them and as soon as Canon offered him something better he switched.”

        Uh, what is wrong with this??? It’s called America, home of the free. We are a capitalist society. A camera is a mere tool, nothing more nothing less. Both Nikon and Canon make great tools. He got a better offer from Canon and took it. Good for him. That’s what it’s all about. If a competitor of mine comes along tomorrow and recruits me with an offer of better pay and better equipment?……well, if my current employer doesn’t match it…..Adios current employer.

        I really don’t get this brand loyalty BS. Nikon has done NOTHING for me….EVER. Nor has Toyota or GMC. I’d switch brand cars in a heartbeat for the right deal. I owe them NOTHING!!!!

    • David Tothill

      That feels a little strong Ralph, but if we are to go with your “whore” analogy the inaccuracy in your statement would appear to be the timing. He has always been a “whore” it’s just that most of us, myself included have only just realized.

      For me his credibility is permanently tarnished, and this sad little video will do nothing to reverse that.

  • Drinking the Kool-Aid

    Thank you Scott for helping me to finally see the light. I’m a “Kelbeleiver!” For years, I’ve wondered why I’ve never been able to create compelling photographs on my Nikon D4. Finally someone understands – it never really was me, it was the camera all along.

  • Clint

    Who cares…sponsorship is nothing new and pros switch all the time because of it. Really, it’s just further proof that Canikon are basically interchangeable these days….they both get the job done and what one uses really comes down to personal preference….anything else is just fanboyism.

    • Алексей Озеров

      interchangeable Canikon made my day. thanks a lot 🙂

  • Tom (C:=

    I never could take this guy seriously. No matter which brand he is using. Many words – little substance.


    if i have $6000, ill buy 1dx >> fck d4

    if i have $3000, ill buy 5dm3 >> fck d800 & his gay d800e

    if i have $2000, ill buy d610 >> 6d no way
    if i have $1500, ill buy d300s / 7d

    if i have $1200, ill buy 70d / d7100

    if i have $950, ill buy d7000 >> 60d never ever

  • Can’t Believe It

    Why is this any different from a race car driver or football player switching sponsors. That’s how the sponsorship business works. For a while Nike sponsors you and then you get sick of each other and you make a deal with Adidas. Happens all the time.
    And these two camera brands are pretty much equivalent, so what’s the big deal?

  • Andrew

    This is the dumbest video I have seen him make . It really shines with its stupidity.

  • disgusted

    This thread is everything bad about brand fanboi-dom

  • Fiddlergene

    Really now, who gives a sh*t what Kelby uses! He sent half an hour on his Grid webcast along with his personal fanboy Kloskowski trashing the Fuji X100. What? Because he didn’t like it nobody else should buy it?

    As for Nikon, I was a dedicated Nikon user for 25 years until the X-Pro1 came out, immediately jumped ship and haven’t had a moment’s regret.i picked up my D700 once just to remember how huge it is.

    Anyone wanna buy some Nikon glass?

  • umeshrw

    Anybody read canonrumours take on this news? Even that admin is ridiculing the reasons for the switch. And he has done it point by point.

  • Photog

    Relax people its just Scott Kelby (he is not really a big deal)…… If any camera company sponsors me and sends me free equipment I WOULD SWITCH TOO, I don’t care who it is……

  • arbitrage

    Of course sponsorship has some impact on the whole switch but I’ve shot back to back both systems for birds in flight (similar to sports) and for casual travel shooting and for landscapes. For BIF, and general overall system Canon beats Nikon hands down this current generation (this is comparing 1DX and 5D3 to D800 and D4). For landscapes, Nikon continues to beat the pulp out of Canon. Kelby does more of the former stuff (sports, portraits) so I think he made a good switch but in reality by 2 years from now, Nikon could be the head of the game in Sports so switching without some form of sponsorship or incentives is usually a stupid idea…..

  • Pedro

    the retard uses apple so I guess it was ok for him to pay for the canon tax.

  • So far only 112k views on YouTube. Doesn’t seem like he is getting much mileage out of that one. Joe McNally appears to be doing better on YouTube. Anyway, Scott Kelby is probably laughing all the way to the bank over the commotion.

  • The idea that sponsorship had nothing to do with it (as Kelby repeatedly says during the video) is completely implausible.

    There was one thing I learned from the video that impressed me, however — he said that the use of the rear wheel for reviewing and tagging photos quickly (in his example, between plays in a Football match) is incredibly important and when he shows this feature to Nikon sports pros their jaws drop. I googled the topic (after examining my Nikon manuals) and the fact is that navigating between photos in Playback mode is a pain on my Nikons and doesn’t seem to be significantly better on the pro bodies.

    I do note that I get a hard button to toggle “protect” photos on my Nikons — I assume is this is how Kelby tags images in his workflow. This requires menu navigation on the 5d iii, but the 1dx also has a hard button.

    I’ve never understood the ergonomics of the Canon QCD (for shooting) but for image review it seems insanely useful.

  • Z

    Good for him … so he got money and equipment out of Canon … no different than when Tiger used to hawk grampamobile Buicks … although I don’t recall a Buick sitting on his driveway …

  • p_guy

    ie: He sold out.

  • JohnDoe

    I guess Nikon stopped sending him money… and he went back to what he really liked on the first place.

  • RBR

    Everyone is focusing on Kelby and the premise that Nikon dropped him, but what about Nikon?

    Is Nikon retrenching because business is so bad that they have to? Wouldn’t they have expected Kelby to wind up “in the other camp” and that would generate publicity that would not be favorable at a time when their main competitor is gaining momentum? Are Nikon concluding that their strategies are not working?

    Perhaps, just perhaps, Nikon should be recognizing that the company has lost contact with their customer base and the products they want to purchase. The company is out of touch. Do they even recognize this as a possibility?

    What about the company’s pricing structure? It is rudimentary economics that higher prices reduce demand and yet Nikon (and others for that matter) continue a policy of increasing prices. When one looks, even casually, at the price trend over years it should be no surprise that the market is declining, particularly when faced with disruptive technology changes (in the form of camera phones among other things).

  • clifflwms

    I have a D4, and I’ve used the 1DX for an extended period… They’re pretty comparable. He lost me when he claimed there was no noise at 20,000 ISO; both of these cameras are great, but neither of them can do that.

  • PoorScott

    Surprised by the unexpected endorsement by Scott Kelby, Apple announced that, effective immediately, Apple will sponsor Scott and his entire Kelby Media posse.

    In an unrelated news, Scott made a video announcing his switch from Lightroom to Aperture. In the video, he said he was shocked, totally shocked!, by how fast Aperture was.

  • Genkakuzai

    Gee, shocker.

  • dooma flatchie

    Aside from your personal preference (emotional fanboys), after listening to the guy, I take exception to the headline. I own Nikon, but Canon is great, too. This weekend went to the 65the Annual Grand Roadster show in Southern California. There were tons of photographers there, I ran into Swedish cinematographer with his crew doing a documentary on the US car culture. He was kind enough to show me the gear he was personally carrying – a Canon EOS C300, a 5D MkIII AND a Nikon d7100. He said he loved them all. We don’t have to say yes to one brand and no to another. Cost is obviously a factor, but it’s the tool that works best for you that counts.

  • sdancer

    Nice Chemical Ali impression in that first line.

  • Remnar

    I believe it. I see a lot of people switch from Nikon to Canon.

  • clifflwms

    I shoot sports professionally too, and while Granted, I don’t shoot the NFL (I shoot College), I was surprised to hear the comments about fps. While I know that it’s great having it available, it was strange to hear that they lean on the shutter button so heavily. Most of the people that I shoot with (And me personally), shoot in 3 or 4 shot bursts, or single shot if we can anticipate the moment. (Full disclosure, I shoot with a D4)

  • kendoitall

    Wonder why the US space program has insisted on Nikon D3s and recently ordered some D4’s. And the Russians have been using them too. Must be a conspiracy.

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