Nikon announced new compact cameras in Japan: Coolpix S3600, Coolpix S6800 and Coolpix L30

Nikon-Coolpix-S6800-camera Nikon-Coolpix-S3600
Today Nikon introduced several new compact cameras in Japan (the same models were announced in the US few weeks ago).  For more details, see this press release for the Coolpix S3600 and S6800 and this press release for the Coolpix L30.

Nikon representatives recently stated that the company still sees future for compact Coolpix cameras.

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  • phil

    finally some new point & shoots

  • click

    Nothing about P340?

  • John

    The whole point and shoot market is like the mp3-market before the ipod.

    B/c I would agree – there is a market for point and shoot cameras, just as there is still a market for tiny flashlights, mp3-players and compasses (and all the other things smartphones can do).

    A point and shoot can not only have genuine advantages over an average smartphone camera (optics, sensor size) but there are also certain demographics and consumers that still like dedicated cameras.

    Having said that: just putting out the same stuff over and over again is not enough. Such a camera has to go with the times and integrate seamlessly to other devices. It’s not so much that is has to be able to do everything (e.g. apps), it just has to do a few things very well.

    • Spy Black

      “The whole point and shoot market is like the mp3-market before the ipod.”
      You mean the iPhone. The iPod was just another MP3 player. Successful, but just another Bozo on the bus.

  • Mr White

    Nobody wants coolpix, they should rather announcethe d400!!!

    • Sylviane Vandenheede

      SORRY, but I do…

  • ????
    • You can tell that I do not follow the Coolpix line. I updated the post.

  • Clubber Lang

    I am picturing a representative from nikon announcing this and their voice sounding like the adult voice in Charlie Brown. A mumble that can’t be understood.

  • Aldo

    azalea pink… I’m in.

  • Ken Elliott

    Surely this means the D400 and D750 are next! ;D

    • Spy Black

      No, the X-T1 is next…

  • KT

    and once again they overlooked my favorite colors, green with yellow stripes, thanks a lot Nikon

    • Sylviane Vandenheede

      You really put COLORS before anything else in the camera ???

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