New firmware updates released for Nikon Df, D5200 and D3200 cameras

Nikon Df firmware update
Nikon released firmware updates for the Nikon Df, D5200 and D3200 DSLR cameras. Here are the details:

Nikon Df C:1.01 firmware update modifications (download links: US | EU)

  • When Press for Custom Setting f4 (Assign Fn button) , f5 (Assign preview button) , or f6 (Assign AE-L/AF-L button) was set to Preview, and the camera's Fn button, Pv button, or AE-L/AF-L button was pressed, while viewfinder shooting using a Speedlight SB-800, a preview was not displayed in the camera monitor and a modeling flash was not fired. This issue has been resolved.
  • When a Speedlight that does not support Auto FP high-speed sync was used with Custom Setting e1 (Flash sync speed) set to 1/250 s (Auto FP), the maximum shutter speed was 1/200 s. This issue has been resolved.
  • When images captured with Auto ISO sensitivity control in the shooting menu set to Off were displayed in ViewNX 2 or Capture NX 2, Auto (ISO XXX) was incorrectly displayed for ISO Sensitivity in Metadata. This issue has been resolved.

Nikon D5200 front

Nikon D5200 C:1.02 firmware update modifications (download links: US | EU)

  • The camera now supports the display of error messages when lenses with a retractable lens mechanism, such as the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G VR II, are used. An error message is displayed and the shutter cannot be released when the lens barrel is retracted.
  • The display of focal lengths in 35mm [135] format recorded in image Exif data has been corrected.
  • The following issues have been resolved.
    • The camera would sometimes freeze when adding options to My Menu (Add items).
    • Under certain conditions, the camera would sometimes not focus automatically when the AE-L/AF-L button was pressed with AF-ON operation assigned to the button.
    • When shooting with High Dynamic Range (HDR) enabled, noise in the form of a line would sometimes appear at bottom right in images.


Nikon Ds3200 C:1.03 firmware update modifications (download links: US | EU)

  • The camera now supports the display of error messages when lenses with a retractable lens mechanism, such as the AF-S DX NIKKOR 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6G VR II, are used. An error message is displayed and the shutter cannot be released when the lens barrel is retracted.
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  • Tair

    There’s one hidden feature:

    – When you use non Nikon products, the camera will autodestruct.

  • Don Hogfan

    Is there a firmware update for Df with the following changes ?:
    Add video capability
    Move the exposure compensation dial
    Get rid of all the buttons in the back
    Reduce the price by $1000

    If not, X-T1 here I come!

    • Toshiyuki Masai

      さようなら (Sayounara)

    • You should know Nikon better by now 🙁 Nikon is the worst camera company in terms of after-sales support. Nikon firmware updates are bugfixes only (and not especially timely or frequent enough). Forget feature requests.

      That is why I’m not going to replace my aging backup camera (a d7000) with another Nikon. They don’t deserve my money, and I think that X-T1 looks really good from a company with amazing after-sales support.

      • Global

        I agree with this. I’m not a loyalists, but I’ve always used only Nikon. But what Fuji is doing is worth supporting & it changes the market if we support those companies that are making GOOD, PROGRESSIVE changes in the market. I think the X-T1 will be the camera that a lot of Nikon users should try — it sure as hell will beat the Nikon N1 system.

        Saying the above will not make Nikon go out of business. I’ll keep my Nikon fullframe system and Nikon will always have plenty of D3300-D5200 level customers.

        But as far as I’m concerned, the X-T1 may as well be what a Nikon D500 should be (since apparently Nikon isn’t going to make a D400)!

      • Joe

        That not entirely correct: Nikon sometimes does add new features to products via firmware update. E.g. the AF-C for the FT-1 on Nikon 1. There are several more.

    • Ok, I don’t agree entirely, but voted up because I LOLed!

      • Aldo

        a good laugh always deserves some sympathy

    • Mansgame

      With those specs, I might put up with all the awful steampunk knobs and junk they’ve added to it.

    • dgr

      That’a one heck of a firmware upgraded if it existed. I do like the styling of the new X-T1 and while I like my cameras to be smaller and light weight when compared to DSLRs the X-T1 is just too small for me.

    • Global

      The Fujifilm X-T1 is not a direct competitor for the Df (the D800 and D610 are — and while I’m bitter about the Df only based on that $1000 extra cost for no reason what-so-ever, as well as lacking video — we users are blessed to have so many options from Nikon, a good company, who is, unfortunately, going the completely wrong direction in price and features with the Df-abortion, even if the ye olde timey design is interesting/quirky).

      The X-T1, however, at least on the surface, looks like an AMAZING cropped body camera for Travel. Fujifilm is doing wonderful things in the industry with good support and high quality lenses (rather top notch). If their AF catches up to Nikon, it will be a serious competitor in the cropped body market.

      However, it is already a MUCH better camera than the Nikon 1 system and very much work a Nikon user’s time to check out, if needing full featured cameras with excellent sensors and optics with mirrorless light-weight portability (especially good for Travel and walk-around vs. heavy Full frame Nikons). Its also good for silent photography, because the DSLR shutter is quite loud, which can disturb people when you’re in quiet areas as a tourist. The Fuji mirrorless solves that (as would an N1, but I hate those cameras and don’t like their lenses).

      That being said, I’m keeping my Nikon fullframe & simply considering if a heavy “D7200” with chunky slow-lenses or a more compact, lighter “X-T1” with higher end, lighter lenses would be a good solution. On the one hand, a future D7200 could take my Nikon lenses. On the other hand, I really want to support what Fujifilm is doing and how well they are serving the photography community by developing competitively and with great features and showing support to their users.

      I used to make fun of Fujifilm, but now I think Nikon should take a look at what they’re doing for cropped bodies — as well as take a look at what Sigma is doing for their ART lenses & lens firmware support (the attachment that can allow you to set the focus speed of your lens, either fast slow or medium, and make micro adjustments — quite interesting!).

      Nikon still has a lot to learn — because this industry is growing and improving. And that’s a good thing for us all. Nikon execs obviously are not listening to some things — but, in truth and fairness, they are leading in other areas!

      • Yaaaaawn

        No one will bother to read your essays, cultivate the art of the smart-ass one liner.

        • Spy Black

          Just because you have ADHD doesn’t mean everyone else does.

      • Spy Black

        I wish Nikon would’ve just taken ALL the guts form the D600/610 and put them into the Df for ~$2200-2400. No one would give a shìt about the Fuji. 🙂

        Fuji has to be commended for making exciting products. They started this whole retro craze (bless them), and they’re riding it in style.

  • rt-photography


  • NikNik

    Don’t rush to update if you don’t exactly know what you are doing -chances are sneaky Nikon “updates” criple third party products compatibility (lenses, batteries,…)

    • Luc Portelance

      You are correct. This update to my D3200 disabled my after-market battery grip. Now I’ll have to revert back to the previous update.

  • broxibear

    Had enough of the boring updates lol, here’s the first image of the Nikon D4s in the wild…
    I’ve sent a video link to Peter(admin) I’ll let him post that.

  • Syrup of Figs

    A foul-up fix rather than anything substantial, but why has it taken so long to update the D5200 & D3200 (both are ancient history now) and why nothing for the D5300?

    • MB

      Because D5300 already does not work with Sigma lenses or 3rd party batteries …

      • Syrup of Figs

        Of course……..obvious really!
        But wait, Sigma had fixed Nikon’s sabotage……

        • MB

          Hence new Df firmware …

          • Syrup of Figs

            ……to be followed by new D5300 sabotageware.
            Got it.

    • Mansgame

      On the bright side, they didn’t come out with the Df-10 to fix the issue.

  • jk

    Only for D3200 and D5200?
    when will they fix the D800 LV issue and add 60p for the D800E video?

    • saywhatuwill

      Probably when they change the label from D800 to D900.

  • Jenci

    When will Nikon fix the D800 flash background de-couple (E4 setting on the D4 and D600!!!) What about OK button playback zoom on D600 (a $2000 camera when released!!!!!)

  • Michal Zdunek

    this is what I get here from 85% of the people….

    • Global

      You must not own or run a company. Even if you own a business, its just your property, not a company, unless others are willing to join you and you serve their needs successfully. Companies that use the disciplined customer R&D process accrue three linked strategic benefits.

      First, they gain knowledge that is often opaque to competitors, effectively allowing them to block disruptive threats. The more customer-centric you are, the longer it takes your competitors to figure out your game, and the more times you will probably win.

      Second, employees closest to the customer become intensely engaged through their central role in CCI; as a result, employee loyalty increases, turnover declines, and the customer goes away thrilled.

      Third, the process of deeply learning about and then addressing customers’ needs leads to the kind of innovation that closes the growth gap.

      Nikon has been hurting in sales lately.

      If you were a Nikon exec, would you consider just pulling ideas out of your ass — or would you listen to what your customers wanted? A Df with no video? Seriously? From the company that innovated video in DSLRs. Its hilarious.


      • Michal Zdunek

        good points, I agree… but NIKON is not the only company that struggles to sell cameras… it’s all of them ! they all getting hurt by smartphones and whatever reason there is…

        I’m not a fan of all their decisions as well but complaining over and over again won’t do it, if you don’t like it or don’t agree, don’t buy it !
        we as the consumers have the power. (at least thats what I got told) ha ha ha

        end of story !

        • rt-photography

          yea, but 24% stock loss the laste quarter and the one before that 14% they need a new tactic. maybe do what theyve been doing but also listen to customers and see what the majority says and try to implement some them. they fucked up with some major things recently that has hurt their reputation. D600/SB900/28-70/D800 these are expensive products. their answer? nothing much. but lets replace those 2 models with different ones and try to recoup lost sales. thats not a good tactic. many are bitter.

  • Jack S

    Since this is proprietary and not an open-source firmware, Nikon should make all regressions, compatibility issues with third party devices, and planned obsolescence introductions public.

    It’s the LEAST they can do for shovelling proprietary closed-source garbage down our throats – and I wouldn’t be surprised if they lied about it. Since it’s not open source we users have no idea what’s REALLY in the update.

  • Sam UK

    What a scam! Don’t update.

  • Spy Black

    Don’t do it.

  • albi

    I also made a upgrade with my DF – now the 2.8 D 16mm is working correctly, before theire was a error code…more pictures with DF and d3x at

  • Peter

    yeah look…after shooting with this thing on almost 20 shoots, my only real complaint is the absurd live-view restrictions. The live view should be identical to the D4; I see no reason to have done it differently and at this point I hate it. I still love the Df and it’s my camera now but I’m just…really frustrated with stupid feature limitations Nikon puts on their cameras. This should have been adjusted during this firmware update. Teasing me with a firmware update that does almost nothing is really annoying. So, thanks for that Nikon.

  • Alex Santiago

    This update for some odd reason draines my Nikon D3200’s battery

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