Where is the Nikon 1 AW1 underwater camera?

The Nikon 1 AW underwater mirrorless camera was announced on September 19th, started shipping on October 14th and was in stock on October 28th. Today the AW1 is still hard to find and is currently out of stock at Amazon and Adorama while B&H has very limited availability of only few configurations.

Is the AW1 such a good seller or Nikon is just having supply issues with that model? Could this be the new strategy to limit mirrorless products in the US and Europe because of poor sales? I already mentioned that the Canon EOS M2 camera will be available only in Asia for now. Is Nikon going to do the same? I do expect some new Nikon 1 products (with 4k video?) to be announced during the CES or the CP+ shows in early 2014. There will also be some new lens announcements in early 2014.

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  • I had to wait about four weeks to get mine in Switzerland.

    I like it. “Tiny” sensor, but still much bigger than other compact underwater point-and-shoots, and more flexible too.

    I was thinking about small product shots with deep depth of field as an advantage. While waiting for Adobe to support it, I’ve only made JPEG images so far, and I’m missing something.

    • Spy Black

      Why not just use View NX? At least you have some raw processing capability.

      • You’re right, of course, Spy. But I cringe at the thought of using any camera manufacturers’ software.

        • Spy Black

          View NX isn’t horrible. It may not be the most versatile app, but when there’s nothing else it’ll still give a decent degree of control over your image.

    • cako

      You can download the Adobe LR 5.3 RC version for full RAW support at http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/lightroom5-3/

  • Mercury

    Must be in deep water

    • FredBear

      Like Nikon’s shares? Taking a dive?

  • Two step

    I got one, but it is a Christmas gift for the GF, so it hasn’t been opened yet.

  • itcrashed

    Niche product, plain and simple.

    • Andy Aungthwin

      Why do you say that?

      I mean, it’s not a bad thing that if you accidentally bump it into a pole or it slips out of your hand and hits the ground you know that it has a far less chance of breaking than any other IL camera on the market.

      And as a bonus you can take it skinny dipping!

      • itcrashed

        I agree. Just responding to why there is so little availability. Nikon would not create a huge inventory of these cameras for a small percentage of those who are in the market to buy any camera at all.

        • Andrew

          Not remotely a niche product!

          Why make the assumption that only a small percentage would be interested in this product? This is an ideal camera to give as a gift to a youngster, not to mention adults. If you are travelling, going to the beach, or simply running around and want a small, rugged camera with a decent sensor size, then this camera is ideal. Maybe Nikon is having problems keeping up with the demand. But regardless, the fact is that this camera is the exact opposite of a niche product.

          B&H is listing this camera as new and available for back-order. Maybe Nikon is having tremendous demand and want’s to mostly fulfill the first batch of orders to increase its revenue. For example, it is available at their online store at: http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Nikon-Store/AddToCartConfirmation.page?pid=27669

    • Jason

      Yes and No. I live in Colorado where you can have multiple seasons in a single day. When hiking, camping, biking or doing really any other outdoor activity, I like to take along a capable camera that has good image quality, but I also don’t have to worry about getting wet, dirty or even possibly drop or get banged around with other gear. When I’m going out to really “shoot”, I’ll pack my DSLR gear, but I’m also quite careful with it. On the flip side, that is both extra bulk and weight I can’t always bring along. The AW1 has proven useful already and is compatible with other Nikon 1 series accessories and lenses which friends and I already owned making it a worth while progression. Naturally the 100% waterproof lenses are specific to the AW1, but in other situations the other lenses work good.

      • itcrashed

        I completely agree with you. I was just responding to the post as to the reason why there is such limited availability. And my guess is that Nikon deems this as a niche product.

  • D3s

    Admin: new lenses for Nikon 1, or for DX or FX?

    • broxibear

      This paptent popped up today for a zoom, I’m not very good at reading patents so I’ll let Peter (admin) figure it out, sorry mate lol…the front element is pretty damn big…

      • Kynikos

        Nice find.

      • EnPassant

        It’s propably for the Nikon 1 10-100 f/4.0-5.6 zoom

        • broxibear

          Hi EnPassant, it’s a dslr lens…If you’ve got the time, compare the lens groupings with other patents and your maths is good then you could work out what it is…I’ll leave that to Peter (Admin).

      • This is a strange lens – the calculations are for a 10-97mm f/4.6-5.9 lens. My guess is that this is a for a Coolpix camera (very small sensor) or something that is not related to cameras (microscopes maybe?).

    • DX and FX, maybe also one new mirrorless lens.

      • Sure hope they intro one or more DX primes. They could really do something there.

      • Kynikos


  • GlugGlug

    Lots of them are reportedly flooding ……..lots of insurance payouts funding replacements

    • Kynikos


    • Says who?

    • Jason

      If so, my money is on user error (or improper use). Being a specialized product, it has specialized care requirements. Most people have no desire to read the instructions to find out how to handle and care for it when used in things such as water. Hell, a several thousand dollar waterproof housing for a DSLR can “leak” if used improperly. Just a thought.

    • Dave Ingraham


  • bobvila

    Why wouldn’t this be hard to find? Who the hell was clamoring for an underwater camera? It made no sense to produce so I would hope they only made a small number with the initial run.

    • Spy Black

      Well, it made sense to produce, it just would have made more sense if it actually went to typical dive depths. The camera has much greater potential above water however.

  • broxibear

    Seems to be plenty of stock in the UK, Amazon, Jessops and WEX have them…I noticed some retailers say they don’t keep them in stock but is ordered from their supplier when asked for.

  • twoomy

    It’s probably just conjecture at this point, but the one that DPreview had flooded and was destroyed. If the camera isn’t living up to its advertised feature, they may be dragging their feet, ala initial D800. (Don’t do a recall, don’t announce a problem, just roll them out as slowly as possible until a solution is found.)

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      If you had actually bothered to read the full article, you would have read that it flooded because dpreview mounted a lens when there was some sand on the o-ring, so a proper seal could not be formed. But hey, it’s much easier to jump on the ‘bash Nikon’ bandwagon than to actually READ more than the first 10 words, right…?

      • twoomy

        @ThelnconvenientRuth: I DID READ THE ARTICLE and I’m not trying to bash Nikon because I want this camera too. IF YOU READ THE ARTICLE, you would remember that the DPreview reviewer said that he was fairly experienced with these types of cameras and he thoroughly inspected the camera before sealing it and using it.

        So if somebody who is apparently doing all the right things manages to brick his camera, what does that say? If a camera review person can’t use or inspect the camera properly, how many average people might kill their camera?

        Don’t be such a fanboi tool.

      • twoomy

        “As an experienced user of these cameras, I had thoroughly inspected the AW1, yet some debris still made it in there.” Blow it out your A-HOLE.

        • joey

          Such a rude person.

          Without luck, fail your seals will.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Will that help the camera?

          • twoomy

            Thanks, Yoda. I simply responded to patronizing with patronizing.

      • twoomy

        P.S. I have used several underwater cameras over the years. Some are better than others. The Panasonic TS series has been relatively good and reliable, but the TS4 caused problems for several users, including myself. Despite inspecting the seals quite thoroughly, some water got in my camera. But the TS3 and TS5 didn’t have this problem. Take-away: There is the possibility that some cameras are more sensitive to damage than others. If the AW1 is designed with an extremely low-margin of error in regard to how clean its O-ring is, then many people will brick their cameras. And sure, you can say it’s the users’ faults, but the camera will get a reputation. It’s too early to make any conclusions, but this is a rumors site, so hypothesizing before there is enough data is fair game.

        • El Aura

          You conclude from one physical sample of a camera that it is unreliable enough to better not be used underwater?

          • twoomy

            El Aura — Are you referring to the TS4 or the AW1? My TS4 leaked (but not fatally) and several other people’s leaked. The TS4 had quite a few reports of leaks. Read into that whatever you want. I still like and use the TS4, but I know that it could let me down if I use it too much.

            As for the AW1, I am not concluding anything, except that it is troubling that the sample that a very popular camera review website tested had a problem, despite the reviewer trying to be very careful to make sure the O-ring was clean.

            If there was ever a scientific test of 100 AW1 cameras, then you could come to conclusions. But that’s never going to happen, so you are left with individual incidents to judge your opinion on.

            I personally would like there to not be a problem as I am excited to buy this camera. I’m waiting for trip reports of people using their camera on their snorkelling vacation and it surviving just fine.

            • El Aura

              I meant the AW1. And make a guess how many AW1s have been sold so far and what percentage of those have undergone a full immersion test. Nothing and nobody is perfect.

              And certainly not me because I had conflated your comments with those of groucher who said that NR “stop referring to this as an ‘underwater camera'” as coming from the same person. Sorry for that.

      • Kynikos

        Ruthie, give the boy his goat back, would you?

      • WoofWoof

        Hey, Wuthie take your own advice and READ the DPR piece!!

  • AW-1 User

    IF anything, the 10mm F2.8 AW is hard to find. No one, not local stores, not online, not overseas at B&H and Adorama have this lens
    That being said, all the major camera stores are selling the AW-1. No problems going in and picking one up. Even got it for 10% off (during a Nikon 10% off sale) and with the UT-1B for free

    • Guest

      like, where did you get it from, other than eBay? BTW, at least two eBay sellers, one from Hong Kong and one from Japan, claim to have “in stock” the 2 lens kit.

  • AW-1 User

    IF anything, the 10mm F2.8 AW is hard to find. No one, not local stores, not online, not overseas at B&H and Adorama have this lens
    That being said, all the major camera stores are selling the AW-1. No problems going in and picking one up. Even got it for 10% off (during a Nikon 10% off sale) and with the UT-1B for free

  • this is the most interesting camera Nikon has released in a while. Hopefully flooding is not an issue as people here have claimed.

    • catinhat

      If it is anything Nikon claims it to be, it should survive the flooding. 😉

      • Ronan

        And if there’s anything that need’s to be remembered, is most negative comments on this site are from trolls, trolling.

  • DesertCat

    Well if rumors about a V3/J4 coming in early 2014 are true, they may very well have a new sensor. Since the current AW1 is using the same sensor as the V2/J3, Nikon may be taking the opportunity to put the new sensor in the AW series as well. If so, that would make for a very short life for the original AW1. AW2 anyone? There is a little bit of precedent for this, as the J2 was released just a few months after the J1, though it was about including a better LCD instead of a different sensor

  • Sycotek

    We have them at local camera store in Australia, even the large retailers have them? Pretty much everywhere atm in Oz

  • Aldo

    I still can’t decide between this one and the d5300 for a family cam

    • Neopulse

      Just get a new D5100. Great price now and if it’s just for family pics it’s more than enough in my opinion.

  • jc

    It is quite easily found in Australia

    • RMJ

      Plenty available in Europe also. Haven’t seen yet store without stock.

  • Davis5

    is a totally uneconomic and performance underwater 15 meters farlower than the competition of economic gopro declaring 40 meters…
    fortunately in this model at least they put the raw file support

    • Chris

      I have the gopro and recently purchased the aw1. To compare the 2 is foolishness. The aw1 is a brilliant performer. I’m wrapped with it.

  • groucher

    Dear NR thanks for all the interesting articles but please stop referring to this as an ‘underwater camera’. It’s a ruggedised waterproof camera that might be of interest to anyone who does anything outdoors from cavers to mountaineers, canoeists to ball game spectators. You’re giving the impression that it’s a niche product when it’s the absolute opposite.

  • Frank Jordan

    here by kamera-express.nl we have the camera in stock in black, white and silver.

  • ronin

    For that matter, Nikon’s other new camera release, the Df, is still nowhere to be found body only in stock, nor has it been. Does that mean the Df, too, is in very high demand?

    • zoetmb

      Black body is in stock at B&H. The silver body is in stock at Adorama. The black and silver kits are in stock at J&R. So I would say that it’s absolutely not “nowhere to be found” (if you’re referring to U.S. availbility.

  • spacepiggy

    I’d buy one if it came with the 10mm f2.8 lens only. I’d buy an additional Nikon 1 J-series if sold as body only.

  • FrenchGuy

    In France very easy to find!!

  • belaircamera

    I don’t understand. We are a large Nikon dealer in Los Angeles and we have AW1 cameras in White, Black and Silver and we have DF’s in Silver and black, body and kit versions. We have sold AW1’s and have not had one come back and even submerged it in a fish tank in the store during a demo day recently with no issues. We did have some AW110 issues but so far nothing with the AW1.

    • Guest

      Yes, I just received a black one from you, guys! Good job, thank you.

  • green

    Hunt’s Photo Boston has plenty!

  • whisky

    i’m more interested as to why there seem to be so few FT-1’s in stock, and where they are in stock prices have significantly risen.

    • Neopulse

      Maybe they’re making a new FT-2 😀

  • thomas

    where is the nikonos type housing that is shown on their page, and what are the specs? http://www.nikonusa.com/en/Learn-And-Explore/Article/hl75w4mn/in-the-tradition.html

  • Guest

    Niche, or not, days before Christmas, and nobody in US seems able to buy a camera, not pre-order, I mean buy as in put your hands on it? Looks more like a supply problem than a niche aspect… Especially after all the noise made around being the first waterproof camera with inter-changeable lens…

    The main problem for me is that nobody can offer an ETA… Not even the Nikon rep!

    I ordered mine a month ago and nobody knows when it might arrive. Tell me January, or mid February, Nikon, but don’t tell me “you don’t know”. Convince me, somehow, that you had a plan. Thank you.

    • whisky

      “… nobody in US seems able to buy a camera…”

      maybe you’re not looking hard enough? read Belair Cameras reply below. they’re located in Los Angeles. Samys Camera had a few too.

      • guest

        Thank you. Info much appreciated.

        • guest

          Oh, eBay…

      • guest

        Once again, thank you for the info. I got confused because they accept only PayPal payments.

    • Guest

      I just got mine 4 hours ago! Black, from Bel Air Camera in LA. Arrived on time, good customer service, good choice. I like the camera so far, put it in the fish tank, no leaks. it feels so,id and heavy like a brick. Weight seems ideal for steady video shots. This is an ideal camera for what I need and it will be an excellent addition to the TS-5 and the GoPro. Bad weather, splashes, kayaking, trekking, biking, rafting, snorkeling, this is the camera I need. Not sure I’d ever take it diving but that’s just me. I like the Ikelite case with lights for diving. I like it. Thank you again for the info about the store!

  • Tony

    I work at a camera store in the Midwest, we haven’t sold a single one. Throw it in the trash next to the coolpix A.

    • istreetshooter

      Tony, I live in the midwest and want one. If you aren’t selling any, what kind of deal will you give me?!

  • SP77

    I finally got my AW1 two lens kit with both the 10mm f/2.8 and the 11-27 two days after Christmas from B&H. I ordered it the first week of November, and it finally came just in time for a family fun trip to an indoor water park over the Christmas holiday. Love it so far, but yes still very hard to find with the 10mm!

  • Lundberg Creative

    My guess is that Nikon quietly pulled them, or simply didn’t re-stock to retailers because they found a problem with them. No way they’re just back ordered, because they’ve been “out of stock” for almost 2 months now. And usually there’s an ETA when something like this is back ordered. Nope, pretty sure there’s a problem and it’s going to be months before they come up with a revised model. Too bad, I was going to grab one this past Christmas, this is exactly the type of camera I wanted – a waterproof ILC camera. I had a point-and-shoot underwater camera and wasn’t happy with the image quality.

    • Nick

      Yup, I’m thinking they found a problem with an oring or something. I’d really like one as well, but there is a new Sony Action cam coming out in 10 days. It can do 1080/60 video at 50mbit and also still photos at 13.5MP. It will get an upgrade this summer and have a super burst mode for still photos. You can get a case that goes 197 feet underwater as well. I’ve had mine preordered for months now.

      • Lundberg Creative

        Thanks for the tip! Do you happen to know the model number of the Sony?

        • Nick

          Yea, it’s the AS100V, comes out in a few days now.

          • Thanks for the info Nick…sounds great for my snow/snorkeling trips! I see it also does 720/120 video, which is a feature I really like too.

  • Since the Nikon 1 AW1 is still MIA, does anyone know of a comparable alternate? I’m looking for a waterproof camera with better image quality than a typical compact. I had a Nikon AW100 but was not crazy about the image quality since it used a typical compact-size sensor. Any thoughts?

    • Robin

      Still available in Europe, just ordered the 2 lens kit from Amazon UK

      • nowhere to be found in the US and this has been the case for months

  • Bruno


    I brought back a Nikon 1 AW1 to the Hong Kong customer service 10 days ago. The reason? this waterproof camera is no longer working because water got into the so-called “waterproof” camera.
    – This camera was used properly and though, it is said to be waterproof down to 15 m (49 feet), no one dived with it.
    – It has been bought in HK last Dec’13 with a warranty running until Dec’14.
    Yesterday evening, I received a mail from Nikon with guess what? a Quotation of 5004.00 HKD (see attached) to get it fixed WITHOUT ANY JUSTIFICATION! for your information the camera is worth 6275.00HKD.
    What is even more absurd is that this camera was also checked by the Singapore Nikon customer service which conclude that they would have replaced it right away by a new one if this camera had been bought in Singapore.

    I was at the HK customer service for the 2nd time this morning and been told they conducted some water pressure tests showing the camera has no pb. Does that mean they consider we badly used it?I am currently waiting for a call from the Manager of the customer service on this. Let’s see if they, indeed, call today!

    Now, if you type “Nikon 1 AW1 problems” on Google, there’s a bunch of bad reviews which report exactly the same issue. Surprisingly, this product is the only one in its category, no other brand propose an interchangeable lens, DSLR type of waterproof camera. Unless I am wrong, you can no longer find it in any shop and I haven’t heard about a new version of it…

    What will Nikon do regarding this? Have I simply been ripped off?

  • Finally, FINALLY Nikon has figured out whatever was wrong with these AW1’s and started shipping them out to retailers! Looks like they’ve been popping up everywhere. I ordered mine online and just received today.

    I had gotten tired of waiting and purchased a Sony a6000 but returned it after I got it. I hated the menu system/interface and the camera looked very cheap, esp. for an $800 APS-C mirrorless camera. The fit and finish disappointed me, so I took it back.

    First impressions of the AW1 is that it looks more well-constructed and has a finish closer to that of their DSLRs, like my D800. Camera and lens are pretty heavy, esp. for a smaller size mirror less, which I don’t mind. Looking forward to taking it through it’s paces and see how it does!

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