Nikon 1 AW1 now shipping in the US


The Nikon 1 AW1 underwater mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is now shipping in the US (currently listed as "temporarily out of stock" at Amazon). The user's manual is available for download here.

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  • Froilan

    Sony finally did it, Full Frame Mirrorles:

    The future, and Nikon is sleeping?

  • DaveyJ

    Some very veteran photographers have a great interest in the Nikon 1 AW 1. This camera is waterproof, shockproof, etc. Full frame in the same rig would be cost prohibitive and a TOTAL failure as the depth of field would be lacking. Actually the same camera in DX format would have caught far more veteran underwater camera users attention. Not to say that full frame mirrorless isn’t ground breaking and useful. But it is NOT waterproof, shockproof.

    • Adrian Gopal

      It’s not as tought (shockproof) as I thought it would be, and I tested dropping it from 6ft with lens attached.. This happened, when it was in my laptop bag, (with my laptop, a 8mm fisheye+FT-1, and a paper back book) and was on top of my trolley luggage when my bag fell off (around 3 feet off the ground. I was unpleasantly surprise when I took it out to take a shot. At first I thought it was a scratch.. but it a crack right across the plastic LCD screen protection. I believe it was the odd angle of impact on the floor that cracked it.

      But even with that, + 2 test drops, the camera still works fine, and I have been taking lots of photos with it, before I head home for Nikon to replace the screen.

  • SonyonaRoll

    Can we assume that the talked about Aptina 1″ sensor camera is the new Sony RX10 and not a Nikon product?

  • PhotoAl

    Well, to be fair this camera is designed to do things that the FF sony can’t do and it’s at a totally different price point.

  • Andrew

    Inasmuch as the Nikon 1 lacks a larger sized sensor, its 1″ sensor nonetheless allows it to have a smaller form factor. This iteration of the Nikon 1 is much more desirable than the previous versions.

  • twoomy

    Shooting FX and M43, I was pretty down on the Nikon 1 system being a nowhere project for Nikon. But adding a waterproof/shockproof model to the line is BRILLIANT! I want this camera!

  • Rob

    Four year after Leica…

  • ob

    cant find it available anywhere.

  • Pat Mann

    No finder = no sale.
    This would be interesting as a rugged all-weather camera, particularly because the wide lens is available (even though it’s not weatherproof – what were they thinking – not release the wide in a UW version?), but I require a finder in my always-with-me camera. Sometimes I need to take pictures outdoors in the daytime, and sometimes I need to take pictures in conditions in which I don’t want to light up my face and everything around me.
    I think the interchangeable-lens version of the Coolpix A is what I am waiting for, only, of course, with a really nice EVF.

  • Andrew

    This (Nikon 1 AW 1) is one camera that I will be willing to take anywhere. If I am going to the beach, no problem. Going out under the rain, no problem. Going jogging, no problem. A child wants to play with my camera while I am supervising them and they may drop it, no problem. Want something small that takes superior picture than a smart phone, no problem.

  • Tony

    Ive had mine for a few days now. So far it’s a fantastic camera. There is no manual focus on the lenses, and the learning curve is a bit streep to get quality consistent results. Overall I think it’s a winner. I wish they had shipped the spare batteries and the armor cover thought. I’ll have to wait a bit for those. My supplier was out of batteries.

  • Adrian Gopal

    I finally got my hands on AW1. Started going on sale Oct 21 in Singapore. I have dropped test it several times, I have dip tested it. Now I am waiting for a thunderstorm and I am going out there to shoot some stuff that I used to when I was using the Nikonos.

    Being a long time Nikon DSLR user, finding my way around the settings to set it up like how I want it took a while. But now it has become rather intuitive. Using the camera in M mode, is quite easy too. Surprisingly. The multi-way selector (3-oclock) changes aperture/shutter speed selection and image zoom in zoom out buttons work as minus or plus. I learnt almost everything about the camera I need to work it in the dark within 30mins.

    I have been holding of on the 1 system, but couldnt resist the AW1. So far tested ISO160, 200. ISO 400 seems a little noisy without NR. when NR kicks in images are very nice.

    Water doesnt really seem to stay on the body, and i tried to shot with it out in the rain last night, water seemed to roll of the body and lens. Only exception is the water did really roll of the LCD. Didnt take much effort other than a chamois to dry the camera, and remove the lens without any water getting on the protective glass infront of the sensor.

    Now carrying it around without a case, and waiting for another thunderstorm to try shooting.

  • DoiNomazi

    when will it become available in the US? it is backordered everywhere… Does anybody know what’s going on?

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