This is the Nikon Df camera *UPDATED*

Nikon Df-silver frontNikon-Df-back
Nikon Df black and silver

Update #2: The Nikon Df and 50mm f/1.8 kit will cost $2,996.95. The body only is $2,746.96. See the full details on and in this post.

Update #1: more Nikon Df images are available here.

Those are the first images of the Nikon Df camera that will be announced in few hours (see specscontrolsLCD):

Nikon Df camera body
Thanks Mrz!

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  • Celtic

    Lovely to look at…fun to own, I’m sure. Love the manual controls. Please, let us know the price so I can stop fantasizing.

  • redalf

    Why is this such a great camera? Because all the main controls are manual dials at the top of the camera. No more hiding behind buttons and menus. This was the beauty of the Nikon system up till F4.

    • Stan Dibben

      Why this is not such a great camera?
      It is full of no needed buttons;
      it is huge;
      it is not a project per se, but a project built around other projects (look at the Nikon logo in the back and watch at the lack of design for the icons).
      It will sell a lot. But it does not set a paradigm. A step for Nikon, hopefully. A step towards a true Digital F.

  • Scott M.


    • Pete Grady


    • chris

      Where do I sign? 😉

    • waterengineer

      Ah, no. More like $2,500US.

  • istreetshooter

    My kid needs braces more than I need this camera. Braces win.

    • Scott M.

      Buy the camera and use Photoshop for pictures of your son

      • istreetshooter

        Yes! But what about killed by wife?

        • Scott M.

          Deal killer

        • ereshoping

          Well i’d buy a lightly used DF off her!!!

    • hexx

      … walks away, crosses the road and around the corner “sod the braces, off to nikon shop”

    • BLight

      Brace yourself…the price is yet unleashed…

    • rhlpetrus

      My daughter already has braces on, so money is free to be used ;-).

  • Mich

    It makes me sad to realise that Nikon give higher priority to THIS than they give to a D300 replacement (or any wide prime for DX, or a 300 f/4 with VR, or a new 200mm macro, or a new small 21mm for FX…).

    • ereshoping

      This is a rumor site.. lets start some rumors 😉

  • MrSkelter

    This isn’t a ‘retro’ camera at all. It’s clearly a modern body with a compliment of direct controls familiar from the past.

    Comments about it not being sufficiently ‘retro’ miss the point. The X-Pro 1 is retro. This is a step forward. Definitely not what everyone wants but for a few of us very appealing. We have everything we want. Control and modernity.

    • MisterF

      Not retro?

      • Charles

        That one looks much better to me. Less cluttered and fat.

        • waterengineer

          …..and harder to hold on to it……

          • Pete Grady

            Not at all. Easy once you adapt. Maybe a subtle thumb rest, but that’s about it.

            • MisterF

              This has been my camera for many years, I love it but… a modern SLR is easier to hold and to use.
              I love the new Df design, I think it should help taking pictures in a slower way, wich may be good, but it does because it is not as fast and confortable as a modern SLR.

              What I say it´s based in my experience and it´s only my opinion.

          • saywhatuwill

            I remember wishing it had some type of grip on the side. When I got the MD-12 I left it on so there would be a grip to hang onto. What’s really interesting is that I drew up some pictures in the early 80’s of an ideal camera. There would be a screen on the back to show what my exposures would look like before I took the picture and it would have a small grip on the side to help hold it. Amazing how I got all that and more and with the Df it seems it might be perfect. Even with the D700 I’m still looking for a shutter speed dial because it’s so much faster when working on Manual and quickly bracketing.

      • rhlpetrus

        Looks yes, innardsno, controls, a blend. It’s a full-fledged dslr with manual controls a la yesterday.

  • Pete Grady

    They need to have Apple design this camera for them. I know they need room to put all the electronics, but look at what an iPhone does and tell me this camera couldn’t be slimmer.

    • chris

      the apple design goes in a completely other direction, no more buttons at all … wouldnt be great for thsi dslr

      • Pete Grady

        Yeah, I get that. Where I was going was just the ability to pack the electronics and display into a slimmer form factor. Essentially what many here have been asking for is a something like an FM2 but with a sensor. So, if you take away the film compartments and the film advance/rewind mechanism do you have enough room to fit a battery, display and the electronics to satisfy all the operational needs in a high-performance way? We’re probably not there yet.

        • chris

          ah … you´re talking about the Df2 😉

          • Pete Grady

            :-). Sh*t, we can’t get them to do a D400…forget a Df2! lol

    • rhlpetrus

      Does the iPhone have a mount that requires a 40mm+ flange distance? Can it shoot at ISO 12800?

      • saywhatuwill

        there’s an app for that.

    • waterengineer

      The iToy…errrrrr phone doesn’t have a mirror.

      • Pete Grady

        Yeah, again, I get all that. But the electronics in an iPhone do a lot of things. I’m talking about the circuitry, that’s all.

    • Sahaja

      If apple designed it they would try to have only one button

    • CptHaddock

      Jonathan Ives’ recent version of the Leica is simply grotesque.

      • Pete Grady

        agree, it’s pretty goofy looking. But the camera is the same basic design, functionally.

  • chinatek

    I have a feeling it’ll fit in the price gap between the D600 and D800, but hope it’ll fit in between the D7000 and D600.

    My biggest question is regarding compatibility with older AF-D lenses – AF screw? can we use the aperture rings? I’m certainly going to lose a bit of this “pure photography” retro feel if I have to use the thumb wheel to change aperture.

    • Integral Moments

      i hope you are right about the price and wish its gonna be true @b284fb0fee07d9dce95c752492cceb26:disqus

    • hexx

      my questions exactly, hopefully we’ll learn tomorrow.

      shame that Nikon don’t do something like Apple and their streamed keynotes – I’d watch it 😉

    • Joel

      Have a look at the AF screw hole in the lens flange within image

      It’ll have body drive AF.

      • hexx

        thank you

  • Mark Gold

    Beautiful! It reminds me a lot of my old FE and FM2 film cameras, which I still regret selling. I do wish Nikon stripped even more features off, because really, do you need LiveView and a programmable function button? I’d even be okay without the ‘motordrive/quiet mode’ feature, but that’s just me.

    I really hope it’s not priced out of the reach. I know, I know, compared to a Leica, $3000 is a bargain, but for someone like myself, who saved up for almost a year to get my latest camera, $3000 is a lot of money.

  • Oscar Stahle


  • tman

    Is the viewfinder smaller than the D610? In the side-by-sides people made it kind of looks that way. Does that make any sense? Hopefully it has split prism (Or I guess Katz Eyes would take care of that).

    Way too busy controls, looks like too much “bling.”
    I don’t understand why everything needs a dial. Speed and ISO I get but I would have thought Exposure Compensation could be a small button you use with the dial. Seems like it’s going to take forever setting up each shot with this thing (Sure, sometimes that’s a good thing but sometimes it ain’t).

    Also, buttons seem like they’d last longer than dials (unless they are metal gearing).

    I wouldn’t pass it up for all of this, but seems like a lost opportunity.

    • BLight

      Exposure compensation was also a dial in old Nikons like my FE

  • RMJ

    Looking at the last photo, it seems like this indeed has EN-EL14 battery. That is just too tight spot for EN-EL15.

  • Mark

    Is it confirmed that both chrome and black will be available right away ?

    • ereshoping

      Is that ‘our’ right away or Nikons right away?

  • Curiouser

    I like the camera’s look. But I find the whole marketing focus to be distasteful (“now photography is meaningful again”), as if photography before this retro mini D4 isn’t meaningful. The whole ethos of the videos emphasizes thinking carefully about each frame, observing your surroundings carefully, etc.—all good advice for photographers of any level, but none of that wisdom is any more relevant thanks to the Df versus any other DSLR, no? I suppose if the Df only let you shoot 0.1 fps then perhaps you would be forced into thinking more carefully about each shot than if you ripped away with a D4 or D800, but that’s another story…

    • Joel

      Don’t be so delicate. It’s marketing, it’s supposed to stir emotion.

    • I know what you mean but try not to take Nikon’s marketing personally. It is just spin, a way to differentiate the Df and justify its existence. Evaluate the camera for yourself and trust your own judgement. The truth is that one can take awesome photos with almost any camera … crappy photos too 😉

  • ISO L1- 100 – 12800 – H4 🙂 This is D4 sensor as promised

    • Arne

      Hopefully, the AF is also working in the dark 🙂

      • Joel

        One can only hope they’ve tweaked the -1ev sensitivity on the D610’s unit that appears to have made it into the DF.

    • tertius_decimus

      Despite abscence of 1/8000, it is a proper D700 replacement. Wonder whether comes AF system…

  • T53

    Just looking at this pretty well convinces me this camera is going carry a price between the D800 and the D4. It just has a very very pricey look. Hope I’m wrong.

  • rhlpetrus

    Just … gorgeous! Saving my pennies, hope price is not what looks indicate.

    • rhlpetrus

      Made in Japan, as expected. This is looking very expensive …

      • hexx

        is it really enough to slap ‘made in japan’ to call it expensive? fuji, made in japan; sigma, made in japan -> both not overly expensive

    • Drazen B

      I wish you’re right about price…this is a sexy camera, for sure.

  • f/2.8

    So cute, I died! Please please please make a MD-12 look alike for it too.

    I think I will buy this and bring both this and my FM to shoot side by side.

  • PanMarian

    Did anybody noticed that sync speed isn’t marked?

    • I have an outrageous suspicion that the new 50 mm has a leaf shutter. Outrageous, I know, but why else would they make a duplicate of an existing prime?

      • Drazen B

        It appears to be exactly the same lens as the existing 50mm f/1.8G. Only different exterior.

    • PanMarian

      Unless that “X” is for sync

      • X is sync, right. I had to research the old way.

  • Tt

    Reminds me MF film camera. Hopefully the image quality will be on par

  • Seon A Nanton

    I hope Nikon at least tries to compete with Sony as far as price, the D4 Sensor is good but its all and all made by Sony so that’s not a great reason to jack up the price and as we can see there is less magnesium alloy as a percent of the body than the lower end A7. I would pay 2,500 for a kit but not much more than that when we know that Fuji FF is right around the corner with an X Trans possibly organic sensor.The retro look is not enough to justify a possible $3,000 price tag. If so it will sit on the shelf as far as i am concerned.

    • Sahaja

      There are a huge number of people who already have F mount lenses. No matter how good their cameras are, Sony and Fuji just don’t have that kind of base.

      I’ll bet the majority of Sony fanboys are also far more price sensitive than many longtime Nikon users

      • hexx

        The problem with you theory is actually right there – sony doesn’t have good lens line-up and there are a lot of ppl with nikon glass, that’s why sony priced A7 and A7r so low.

        Fuji, so far, all lenses are brilliant from XF range

    • Sandy Bartlett

      Sony did not make the D4 sensor.

      • denz

        Yes like the D3 the D4 sensor is all Nikon

  • rosshj

    It’s gorgeous. I’m stoked!

  • Al0N

    Thank you Peter.

  • Finally better rubber grip for the right thumb on smaller body than D3/D4 series. The D700/D800 one is a joke. There is more details in this body then D800 has… this is over 3K price tag 🙁 IMHO

  • ???

    Circle viewfinder opening = higher price than D610?

  • Arthur Nazarian

    What is X en T in the shutter speed dial?

    • Guest

      T you click the shutter it stays open. Click the shutter again and it closes. I was wrong about X. I thought it was for flash bulbs but someone said it’s for electric flash.

    • Jamo

      X = presume flash sync
      T= Open shutter on first press and hold it open until the release button is pressed a second time
      B = open shutter when release button is pressed and holds it open until button is released

      • Arthur Nazarian

        Thanks Jamo! But I don’t get that flash sync… Camerapedia says: “X sync causes the Xenon electronic flash to burst in synchronization with the full opening of the shutter. For some manual cameras, the X sync speed refers to the maximum speed that the camera can synchronize with the flash”

        I understand this simply as “synchronisation”, but what is the difference with just putting on a flash and letting in flash, synchronized automatically just as every other camera?

        • J. Dennis Thomas

          The term X sync is an archaic one that has made it’s way into photographic vernacular. On Nikon pro cameras (and some mid-level ones) If you set your camera to manual and scroll one past the Bulb setting you will go to X-sync setting. Most camera let you set your desired sync speed from 1/60 to whatever the highest rated speed is for the camera including FP sync if your camera allows it.
          You’ll usually find that you set this in CSM e1.

          The X-sync needs to be set to different speeds with different flash systems. For example, the D700 rated sync speed is 1/250, but when my Photogenics flashes are at full power at 1/250 I get a shutter curtain shadow because of the long flash duration. Therefore, I set my sync speed to 1/200 in CSM e1. When I use my strobes I set the camera to Manual and scroll down to the X setting which automatically sets it to 1/200.

          • Arthur Nazarian

            Ah, thanks Dennis! So practically it’s the same as CSM e1. I used it with the D200/D300/D700/D800, but the term “X sync” was never used. Also the automatic setting was always sufficient to me.

            But I see now that for example the F3 also has this “X sync”. Regarding that, it’s a nice touch!

  • Rob Jackson

    Oh, my good glory, that is a gorgeous camera!

    • T53

      I agree. I love it but I am quite certain it is beyond my means.

  • newoldmate

    Omg.. Its just a FF SLR in a square body.

    It looks big, chunky, cluttered and probably heavy. If its expensive too, then its game over.

    Don’t let brand loyalty dictate your purchases, use your brains people.

    • Pete Grady

      Brand loyalty trumps flexibility when you already own a dozen lenses of that particular brand. Just using my brain.

      • Seon A Nanton

        @MrBig is still right, the body looks great but if its big clunky and heavy not weather sealed, mostly plastic an 90 dollar sensor chip is not going to make up all of the difference. Nikon would have missed the mark again if they play the price hike game. Sony and Fuji are the ones to watch the clock is ticking on Canon and Nikon. They had had the same DSLR design since the mid 90s its hardly an innovation when you make it the same design from the 80s and before and its still big and heavy and not full Mag Alloy.

        • Pete Grady

          Leica has used the same design since 1954.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            One could argue that the Leica design from ’54 is just a reworking of the original Barnack design from ’25. And it’s still perfect.

  • rhlpetrus

    Very interesting: looking at the top image, the higher part, the one with controls, leaving out the lower one that contains the Made in Japan print, is about what a film camera was. The extra comes from both LCD and sensor assemblies.

  • Nikonuser

    The digital Nikon F4?
    Sort of…

  • rhlpetrus

    Where is the sensor plane indicator?

    • see latest post

      • rhlpetrus

        Which one? My guess, looking at distance of lens to body is that plane is the same as mark on SS dial and on ISO dial, but it’s missing, the traditional cut disk.

        • tap0

          look at the side of the pentaprism viewfinder

          • Sahaja

            Awkward to measure from there

            • tap0

              I have indicated it in red.

            • tap0

              I have indicated it in red.

    • Sahaja

      Yes, that’s an odd omission

  • Dustmaker

    My price prediction for the kit is $2500-$2700. Just between D610 and D800.

  • Last Mohican

    What irks me the most is the empty space on the PASM dial. Lots of space for one of the best improvements of the last few years: user modes. A camera of this complexity would need not just two, there’s space for four or five … Cannot think of a more necessary feature both for pros and enthusiasts who sometimes simply don’t have the spare minute to dig into menus, turn all the dials, and check if everything is ok.

  • arbus

    Fugly camera in chrome, looks ok in back. But that doesn’t matter as much compared to how it handles and the images it produces. The eyepiece on the back looks promising. I think back my beloved N8008 cameras and their lovely HP viewfinders. A lot of the experience that’s been lost with most DSLRs are the crappy viewfinders. A big, bright viewfinder with 100% coverage would be catnip to me.

    Also wishing for some kind of silent shutter mode. Depending on how it shakes out in the next few months it might be fun to rent one for a week.

  • TypeMRT

    The most important question: will pressing the OK button go to 100% zoom on the focal point during review? This seems to be the imaginary pro vs enthusiast line for Nikon.

    • Zlik

      I really hope it does.

  • paparotz

    If I get one of these, its gonna be two toned.

  • fjfjjj

    No metal behind front panel = lower price

  • anon

    so from the internal body pic, it appears to that the lens mount screwed into black plastic, not grey mag alloy… Then a metal framing piece screwed into the front of the body to make it appear the whole body is metal… That sucks… looks like the d7#00 where the top and bottom are metal but the mount is fairly weak since it’s screwed into black plastic, not metal…. Could be wrong.. but that’s what it looks like to me.

    What is that 50mm 1.8G? they released a “retro” version of that too??? WHY? What’s wrong with the current one? It’s not like this one on this camera has an actual aperture ring. Another “pretty” and “cool” feature?

    The front command dial looks uncomfortable to operate (vertical…taken from the P7100). I like the dedicated ISO dial, but i’d still rather not have to take my hands off the lens (i use mostly heavy teles handheld) or hand grip to change my most commonly changed settings. I think that is a downfall of the current DSLR ISO setting location and all manual controls of this camera altogether. Why in the world would i want to have to remove my right hand from the hand grip to use two fingers to change shutter speed on that dial when with my current camera I can just use my thumb without moving my hand. Of course that’s assuming shutter speed cannot be controlled at all from the rear dial. BUT If they allow that, then the settings will be out of sync with the manual control. I’ll have to try one to really see if in some possible way better than a current DSLR style, but from the looks of it, i see no innovation here.. But really… what innovation could there possibly be… It’s a “retro” camera. so basically appeal to those who want to look to the past. Sorry. I still don’t get it. I’ll still be buying a D4 when i get the money. I think it’s interesting that most of the positive comments here are something like “that’s such a cool looking camera.” Maybe for someone who can take a lot of time messing, this will be a nice camera to use.. But a pro photographer who has seconds to get the shot, I don’t see this working.

    • Pete Grady

      Most pros shoot in aperture preferred mode, so the need to change shutter speeds is only occasional. It’s reciprocal, of course, so if you see the speed going into a place you don’t want it to be, change the aperture. Nowadays you have the additional option of changing the ISO, too. It looks like that is something that’s adjustable with your left thumb on the Df. Professionals made a lot of great photographs decades ago and did it in fractions of a second. We did zone focusing…that helped a lot. It didn’t always work, but neither does AF.

      • hexx

        professionals…. what does it even mean? there are no rules in what automated exposure mode you use, it depends on what you shoot. professionals… my ass 🙂

        • Pete Grady

          Jesus, take a pill. I’ve read it in a lot of places and have worked with a fair number of other professionals and, more often than not, they use AP. Before auto exposure we set a shutter speed and adjusted exposure with the aperture ring because it was easier. You have control of the image that way. If you think differently, so be it. I’ve been doing this since 1972 and that’s what I’ve seen.

          • J. Dennis Thomas

            Being a pro myself I used to use A and S most of the time depending on what I was shooting. Now since Nikon has developed Auto-ISO to the point that it’s completely programmable to your own specs I shoot M exclusively and use Auto-ISO most of the time.

      • hexx

        and i can’t help it, most of the professionals I know shot in full manual because there was no auto exposure either for aperture or shutter speed priority…. really time to go home for me now

  • dav

    The metal one. mine.

  • Zlik

    Ok, let’s summarize the hints we have so far about the price range:

    – AF-On button -> like D700, D800 and above
    – No OK button -> like D610, D7100 and below
    – Circlular viewfinder -> like D700, D800 and above
    – D4 sensor -> higher end than D610 ?
    – new design (quite different than all other DSLRs Nikon has ever produced) -> new expenses

    And things that I think won’t be influencing the price range, because they are just choices (compromises) to keep the size down: no video, small battery, 1 SD slot.

    In my opinion, the price will be between D610 and D800, probalby very close to the latter. What do you think ?

    • dav


    • MrSkelter

      I think you just tried to change your story. All your ‘this is the bottom of the range’ stuff you’ve been rudely calling people idiots for disagreeing with.

      Now you’ve contradicted yourself and will refer to this new approach when you try to claim to be right?

      Pretty cheap. Totally transparent.

      • zlik

        I don’t think theodoros changed his theory. Btw, I’m not him.

    • Will

      Other items:

      – Shutter limited to 1/4000 -> like D610
      – No built-in shutter curtain -> like D610
      – Body isn’t full magnesium -> like D610
      – Made in Japan -> like D800
      – Retro dials -> Nikon gets greedy

      I bet price will be closer to D800. $3k for bundle with 50/1.8G kit lens?

      • Sahaja

        We also have to remember that Nikon have recently been talking about making products with higher margins. They will want to hit us for all the manual controls and “retro”.looks.

        • zlik

          If they do that (higher price than justified), they can forget my margin.

          • Sahaja

            Except for the 16mp sensor, which may be better for some, a little smaller size, and possibly a better screen for manually focusing, the camera won’t actually do anything that a D610 or D800 doesn’t do.

    • Sahaja

      But that latest pic looks like a plastic eyepiece cover – not a built in eyepiece shutter like the D800 – so they are trying to save money.

  • Roger

    When you run out of ideas, make a retro camera. Nice job, Nikon, but next time make a camera that actually does something new and better than what we already have. I may buy that. How about a D5? Or D900? You know, next generation, not 3 year old technology packed in a body that looks like something from 30 years ago?

    When I want retro, I’ll look at my old cameras that are collecting dust on shelf.

    • Killroy™

      3-year-old tech? The D4 was introduced in 2012. So unless I slept till 2015 then the tech is not even 2-years old.

      • J. Dennis Thomas

        Welcome back Rip Van Winkle.

    • R!

      16 MP is perfect for regullar lenses and better for high iso and DOF!!!!
      Bokeh will be exellent .

    • TOR

      Manual controls and proper dials is not about retro. It’s about control.

  • bluenoct

    according to the pictures above, i really can’t figure where the sd card slot is. the battery seems to fill the whole hand grip area…

    • It is on the grip side. Look at the “X-ray” picture above.

      • bluenoct

        you sure? the “skeleton” picture shows that the battery does take over the space in the grip, and in the photo that shows the back, i can’t see the usual slide open door for memory card slot. so my guess is… inside the battery chamber like some point and shoot cameras?

  • Polygon

    Why no magnesium front? Why did they go with plastic?

    • Alistair Maitland

      Makes it cheaper. In fact, if this cam’s internals are a mashup of previous cams, having less magnesium will bring down the price even more. I’m into that.

  • TomTom

    Sorry – IMO Nikon missed the boat on this one! It looks like an FM on a diet of fat foods. Why could they not ditch the mirror & pentaprism and go for a super EVF (like the Alphas or Fuji) so that they could wrap the whole package in something the size of an FM? I will go for an X-E2 / X-Pro2…

    • R!

      I am not him!
      (this is not a Nikon commercial)
      for the same price fuji will give you less.

    • mustha

      I rather have it fatter with a ovf.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I don’t want an EVF either. There are downsides to EVF’s such as eye-strain and working in low-light sucks when you take your eye away from the finder and you can’t see.

      Not to mention then you’re stuck with sub-par on-chip PDAF.

      Have fun with the Fuji’s. I gave them a shot and they convinced me that DSLR like this one is where I want to be. If I want a rangefinder, I have a real one.

  • SR

    The bigger part of me thinks this will be priced between D610 and D800, but then another part of me is hopeful that this will be the ~$1,500 FX camera that was rumored prior to the D610, this is based on:
    > 39 point AF when D7100 and D5300 have 51..
    > No video; for differentiation with D610..
    > Not fully magnesium, eye piece seems plastic
    > To sway more people into NIkon’s FX camp with all the old Nikon lenses that are out there; I don’t beleive the D610 did great with swaying people from DX to FX
    > I don’t believe that the D4 sensor is good enough reason to make this an expensive one.. Sensors are just sensors; its the body features that make the differentiation; there will be as many people who want a 16mp sensor as there will wanting a 24mp sensor..

    or lets just call it wish-full thinking 🙂

    • zlik

      I certainly hope you are right.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I talked to a Nikon rep Saturday. Her cryptic reply to my question about prices was “in between the D610 and D800”.

      By the way, the D5300 has the D7000’s 30pt AF.

  • Sahaja

    Good- There is a hole in the lens mount ring for screw drive AF

  • denz

    Nice! The Df might just be my D700 replacement. We will see.

  • Matt

    Nobody mentions the 1/4000 sec max shutter speed? Looks as though this will be stripped of features just like the d600.

    • 1/4000 shutter speed was so last week.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      No… its much “less” than D610… body is simplified too…

    • saywhatuwill

      Just remember that you can’t use your f/1.4 lenses with any camera that doesn’t have 1/8000 of a second. In fact, those cameras of yesteryear with 1/1000 max shutter speed couldn’t work at apertures of f/1.4 or even f/1.2 or f/0.95 lenses. The photographers that purchased those useless lenses had to wait until digital cameras came around with 1/8000 of a second so that the lenses would become useful. Don’t take my word for it, take the words of the dozens of comments that you’ll see saying “1/4000? I won’t be able to use f/1.4!”

  • Jonesey

    Why is the dial set to 1/1000s but the display say 1/125s? Maybe the dial is just for looks? :p

  • andy

    Where the heck is the memory slot? O_O

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      It’s where it has always been on other bodies (but the pro D series), you can see the “cut” in the naked body…

    • saywhatuwill

      It’s under the removable bottom plate, ala Leica. 😉

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