New set of specifications and US price for the retro-styled Nikon FX DSLR camera (D4H?)

Update: this set of specifications is fake. The name of the camera will be Nikon DF.

I feel pretty comfortable with the information I have published so far on the rumored Nikon full frame retro-styled camera. Today I received another list of specifications from a new source (take them with a grain of salt) that slightly differ from what I have already reported (different battery, LCD screen size, etc):

  • Will be called Nikon D4H
  • Will use EN-EL15 battery
  • 3" LCD Screen
  • EVF/OVF hybrid viewfinder
  • Can be used with true mirror lock up for non-AI lenses while still allowing viewing through view finder.
  • New hybrid mechanical shutter
  • No AA filter
  • No video in low power mode but otherwise it will have video (?)
  • Expeed 3A processor
  • Price: $3,000 for body only, $3,300 for a kit with the new 50mm f/1.8G lens
  • Black, Black/Sliver and Chrome version will be available

Nikon has filed patents in the past for a hybrid viewfinder (OVF & EVF) viewfinder and this may explain why they classify the new camera as "hybrid". I am a bit troubled by the D4H name - I was expecting this to be a new product line and not an extension of the D4, but on the other hand I have been reporting for months that a new D4 camera will be announced before the Olympics. The rest of the specifications are pretty much in line with my previous reports.

The Le Salon de la Photo show will take place in Paris on November 7-11, 2013. Expect the new camera to be on display. The official announcement will be right before the show.

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  • xjxxjxjxjx


    • owen heuston

      I heard that the next camera was going to be a hybrid of the Kodak Disc 4000 and Kodak Avantix 300. It will include dual smart card slots. It will also be able to connect to a Commodore 1541 drive and display over composite video.

      • anatoly

        That camera is going to be a beautiful tool and it will be made for people who really want to produce real photographs!
        If it is a solid built, good performer, the $3,000 price is peanuts. I will buy one the the day it comes out to compliment my D4.

        90% of people on this forum do not even need a camera! They need a smart phone and a girl friend!!
        So they should not waste their time complainIng and get laid instead!!!!

        • patto01

          90%? (where’d you get that number?); smart phone and a girl friend? (there shouldn’t be a space between “girl” and “friend”); “complainIng” (should be lower case “i”); get laid? (are you in High School?); Maybe you should get a clue to complement (“e” not “i”) your D4. I guess you don’t need an education to afford a nice camera…
          All that said, I think it’ll be a welcome addition to the line-up.

          • anatoly

            Sorry patto01for the grammar mistakes, but English is my 3rd language. I am not in high school, already 54 years old. To be successful in photography one does not need English grammar or even English language. One needs only a lot of talent. And I probably have some – I would not be living in a $700,000 house and drive a $100,000 Japanese car.

            • patto01

              I only picked on the grammer because you were picking on people you seem to feel are inferior to you, photographically. Japanese is my second language and my wife, and her family, are constantly rolling their eyes at my poor usage.
              As for your house and car, I don’t really see the relevance. Do you live next to Jorge??

  • decisivemoment

    Well, thank goodness they haven’t completely lost their mind on the battery. For that price it should have a faster capture rate, though. Besides, 5.5 sounds too much like a used D600 shutter.

  • itcrashed

    I am so confused.

    • Marc W.

      So is everyone else.

  • Patrick

    Curious about a built in flash, what AF-sensor, dual or single SD/CF? Gripped or no grip? etc..



    I prefer LEICA

    • Sandy Bartlett

      That would probably get you a lens hood then.

      • phil

        but only refurbished

    • Mars Observer

      How do you feel about Zeiss?

      • Danny

        Be more precise!
        Sony Zeiss?
        Cosina Zeiss?
        Contax/Konica Zeiss?
        Cinematic/135 Apo Zeiss?


  • rhlpetrus

    No AA filter and 16MP? Strange. I guessed the price… People expecting such a camera to be under 2,000 were dreaming.

    D4H, strange as well, the H does not bring very good memories.

  • rhlpetrus

    Hybrid shutter mechanism, EVF, this is looking like an FF V1 …

  • Cho Atsui

    All I would say is once you get up to the $3000 price tag, I don’t care about size. I’d just step into the D800 rather than playing around with this new toy.

    • Yeah… $3000 I”m going to get the D800 instead.

      • Jorge

        Here! Here! At that price point I don’t feel so bad about owning the D800 now.

    • Mars Observer

      Yes, about $800 too much IMO.

    • Jorge

      Here! Here!

    • raist71

      For 3 grand, I keep my fuji XE-1 and get a D800E

    • AlexS

      It’s a dual mode camera. Low power mode – manual shutter, OVF, no LCD, battery is used only to activate the sensor and save the image. Full mode – EVF, LCD, continuous shooting, video. Hence, a $3K price tag

    • instamatic

      At $3000, forget it. It would have to be priced under $2000 for me to consider it.

      My own opinion aside, I suspect that’s where the market sentiment is, having read the other comments.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      You people may laugh all you want, but a real D700 replacement at D800 price will be a huge sales hit! …Especially if it has the SUPERB D4 sensor on it! Pros are thirsty for such a back up to their D4s and photojournalists find the D4 huge! …Not to mention the huge market of wedding photographers that this is their “dream camera”… The only thing that can “kill” such a product’s sales, is if it has an SD card slot (as was in the previous set of rumours)… Make it with XQD and I am on order to back up my D4 and D800E!

      • patto01

        What would be wrong with an SD memory card? The files aren’t that big and at 5.5fps, I think an SD could keep up.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          It would for amateur use… Pros have bad experience with SDs even with smaller files, they won’t risk their work based on what seems “adequate for the specs”… Why you think D4 has the XQD card on it? …believe it or not, it’s the most important selling point of it, I can trust using mine with XQD only… Even CFs (which are much more trustful than SDs) are a risk for pros… Why you think serious pros don’t buy D6xx series not even for back up? (I have D800E for back up) …It’s a marvellous camera in all other but the SD cards!

          • patto01

            I hadn’t heard anything like that. In quite a few years of using SD cards, I’ve never had a problem. But then, I’ve always suspected God loves me more than most people… 😉

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              SD cards tend to struggle the more they fill up and even more so as they approach full capacity… There is a high risk after some point of “heavy continuous use” that they start mirroring files… It has happened to all pros at some point of their career if they have happened to use SD (either as “starters” or if they had a back up with SD). Don’t compare amateur use with pro use… Notice that there isn’t even one real pro product in the market (stills or video), that is using SD cards as a media… This happens because the makers know that pros will reject a product for that only…

            • patto01

              I’m definitely not a pro but I probably shoot 3000-5000 photos a week. What constitutes pro use?

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              A wedding photographer will shoot more than 2000 nefs on one wedding alone, at a constant continuous rate…

            • Aldo

              I shoot around 1k… I’m half pro then…

            • JorPet

              To shoot 2000 shots a day you have to be fast. Sounds like you are only half fast… :o)

              Sorry, old joke there.

            • JM

              Most wedding photographers shoot far less than that.
              I use my D700s in single shot mode. A lot of people would be well advised to do the same.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              Most “wedding photographers”… are not wedding photographers… they are a disgrace to photography… None is a pro (with any profession) because he declares to be one…

            • KnightPhoto

              That’s uncalled for Theo. Wedding pros work damn hard. I respect their efforts. Walk a mile in their shoes.

            • JM

              Could you explain that in English please?
              There are some phenomenal wedding photographers around that are not in any way deserving of your ignorant comments.

              This is the type of obnoxious comment that makes you so unpopular on DP Review.

            • Andrew

              I though XQD was introduced recently with the D4? What were pros using before XQD?

            • Yes, I’m sure God loves you. I, on the other hand, have had several problems with SD cards, which can only mean one thing about me and God … I guess I’m truly screwed!

            • patto01

              Don’t worry about it. If you send me all your gear (Nikon only, please), I’ll put in a good word for you…

          • JM

            By your logic a Hasselblad must only be aimed at amateurs. Not all pros need speed.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              Which Hassy has an SD card slot? (you confirm my comments now)… that is unless if you thing of “Lunar” as a pro product… but again you’ll be alone in this world with such an opinion… More so, studio shooting is all done tethered on hard discs.

            • JM

              I was talking solely about speed. Not all pros hammer their gear at high speed, myself included.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              You obviously mistook me saying “pro use” with high speed use…, this (high rate shooting) is only a part of pro use and there are dedicated cameras for that. When I say “there is no pro product” with an SD card slot “because pros won’t buy it and makers know that”, I say so, because it is so… Amateurs cannot understand why, because they aren’t pros no matter if a pro will explain it to them… but still pros won’t buy such a product (not even for back up). OTOH if a “pro” will buy such a product, then he is not a pro… no matter if he says that he is…. and obviously no maker will ever consider him as a possible customer… Back to the subject, if this product will be called a D4, that will make it by definition a pro product and if it is priced around 3k and is specified enhancing on D700s minimality/philosophy, there is a HUGE market for it…
              No matter if some amateurs think of it as a “fancy-I can play the real photog now” product…

      • jayson

        I’m not laughing, I am shaking my head no. Very few people would by this for a D800 $; not this late in the game. Maybe if it came in at a D600 price, maybe… Huge means everyone dreams the same dream; your picture is doubtful.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          Huge (success) means selling better than same price competition and adding customers to the brand from competition…

      • Alistair Maitland

        I’m not going to pass this up just because it uses SD cards. If it makes more room for a sweet 51 point AF system, so be it. I totally agree with all your other points. Slap a 50mm or (please God have Nikon come out with a) FX 35mm f/1.8g and you have a walk around/LIGHT/2nd body.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          I am not saying that none will buy it Alistair… I am saying that it will heavily affect its sales… Most now use their D700s for back up and prefer to service their shutter than trust a new D6xx or (slow/heavy workflow) D800… That is a huge market… have you noticed D700 S/H prices? …why you think this happens? …my explanation is the luck of alternatives! …and part of the reason is the CF card that D700 bares, would it be the same (in the S/H market) if it had an SD card slot? …would D700 have had the market success in the first place if it had an SD card slot?

          • patto01

            Hmm… “When I say “there is no pro product” with an SD card slot “because pros won’t buy it and makers know that”, I say so, because it is so… Amateurs cannot understand why, because they aren’t pros no matter if a pro will explain it to them… but still pros won’t buy such a product (not even for back up). OTOH if a “pro” will buy such a product, then he is not a pro…”

            That sounds a lot like you’re saying “none will buy it.”

            You’re right about at least one thing: saying you’re a pro doesn’t make you one. Getting paid to shoot does. I do get paid to shoot photos but I don’t call myself a pro because it infers a level of talent that I don’t claim to have. And, to me, “Pro” is a title that you use to describe someone else, not yourself.

            • Andrew

              [and to me, “Pro” is a title that you use to describe someone else, not yourself…] – I beg to differ on this one.

              A person that is a professional should know that they are a professional. But it is highly advised that we evaluate ourselves by having a lot of feedback from our customers to make certain that our view of ourselves is justified. In like manner, a person can know that they are brilliant. But when it comes to being a genius, that is an entirely different matter… it must be screamed from the rooftop by others for all to know.

            • patto01

              You don’t have to beg. If you disagree, that’s fine. 🙂 My view is based on the qualities that “Pro” connotes versus Mr. Webster’s definition. I prefer to err on the side of humility in these matters.

    • Then you are not the target market. I will happily buy two of these at $3k a piece. You can keep your D800 thank you, I want nothing to do with that thing.

      • Marc W.

        I agree, but then again, what is the target market for a $3k camera like this? Could this camera really compete with the Leica market?

        • rhlpetrus

          You better check the price of a Leica M with lens, then come back here to discuss it.

          • Marc W.

            I guess I haven’t kept with the prices, damn that’s more than I thought.

        • Rafał Krasa

          It’s just a fraction of Leica’s price and this will probably have one of the worlds best AF system.

          $3300 for such a camera and such a lens? I actually would call this “a fair price”.

        • Steven Wade

          It’s nothing like a Leica regardless of price. It’s not a rangefinder, it doesn’t have rangefinder style lenses, and is not mirrorless. Besides them taking pictures, they really are nothing alike and really don’t compete with each other.

    • visionaer

      the d800 is a perfect body, which i use for every day work, but this toy would be the perfect second body IMHO

      • Bill Pahnelas

        that’s what i’m talking about…

  • So, why can’t they release two different kinds? The Retro and the D4H?

  • Eric Calabros

    so nothing to do with Sony. this gonna attack Leica 🙂
    and the price tag makes most of us restart D400 cry

  • I see still no mention of the AF system this retro thing is suppose to have..

  • itcrashed

    Oh, ok. So it’s the D4H-ipster

  • FM

    3000$ should have 51 AF points for sure…

  • this_isnt_real

    these specs seem too all over the place to be real.

  • Piggy White

    I know the name of this new camera and I can assure you it’s NOT D4H. There will be no selling points that would relate this baby and the D4. I’m also not sure about the price. Having in mind the fact that performance-wise this camera will be below the D610, I’d think in that direction.

    • hemvaidya

      administrator must be getting false and unreliable information then

    • Mr X

      As Piggy White says all the specs written in this post is bullshit and the cameras name is not Nikon D4H i can assure.

      Piggy White: The name is Nikon D(x) isn´t it 😉 And the x is another letter or number.

      • What is the name? Pretty please?

        • TheInConvenientRuth

          $50 says it’s Nikon DM

          • DM sounds like medium format.

            • TheInConvenientRuth

              No, the MF one is still labeled MX

            • Dave Ingram

              MF could be misinterpreted : ) Like the H for Hipster. Can’t see them calling this a D4 H though. Should be a distinct name.

            • Dave Ingram

              Actually maybe the H could be Heritage.

            • mikeswitz

              Sounds like a cough syrup.

            • Arne

              It sound like an old German currency 😀 Now we have our D-Mark back!

        • Rock Kenwell

          I hope it’s Nikon FMD

        • ccccc

          the name is D-eos and has a canon mount LOL

      • DF (from Nikon F), DM (from Nikon FM) or DE (from Nikon FE) maybe? It cannot be a D + a number because it will be confused with the D1/2/3/4 line.

        • Rameses the 2nd

          Nikon DH – D for digital and H for hipster.

          • That’s another possibility – DH (H for hybrid).

            • MJr

              H for Hybrid is very plausible indeed.

              Or High-Eyepoint viewfinder like the F3-HP.

          • stormwatch

            That’s a good one!

          • Oasis

            “DH” would make sense. Nikon did release the F3HP.

        • raist71

          I thought H for Historic

          • The Vole

            H for Hysteric

        • Marc W.

          Digital Analog Manual Hybrid

          Introducing the Nikon DAM

        • Zograf

          The most logical to me would be FM3d (from the last great one — FM3a).

          Another possibility which I like a lot is an F4 body style… so a DM4 would be a logical name..

          • Cinekpol

            If it can’t take 3D photos (like Sony’s SLTs and before them – DSLRs) than it shouldn’t use 3D in a name. 😉

        • Bob the Builder

          Nikon 3. Nikon 1 already out. Nikon 2 will be the DX range and Nikon 3 will be the FX range

          • Cinekpol

            Nikon 1,2,3? Oh that would be ridiculous. People would laugh hard.

      • Piggy White

        Shhh 😉 No more spoilers.

        • curious_cat

          Soo much teasing… Not fair ☺

        • Scott M.

          Hey Piggy, you make your smiley faces just like a guy named Thom…

    • Like a said – this is from a new source and I feel pretty comfortable with the previous specs I posted because they came from multiple sources.

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        I like your site as it is the closest thing to gossip I get these days. But come on, 50% of your regular visitors could make up a more plausible set of specs than this, Why even publish this? If we’re going this way, why not have a ‘guess the spec’ competition.

        • I published it because of the existing EVF/OVF hybrid patents and the rumors that there will be another D4 before the Olympics. I clearly stated that this is from a new source and should be taken with a grain of salt. I also mentioned that I feel pretty comfortable with the specs I reported before, so this is just more like a FYI post.

          • Theodoros Fotometria

            To me, this set of specs, looks more reliable than the previous one, both as for the naming (look above to my other comment) and as far as the SD card slot that was mentioned in the previous set of specs…

          • TheInConvenientRuth

            Fair enough, but unless it is a brand new, never seen before sensor with new technology, there is no way a FF 16mp has no AA filter. Moiré would render it instantly useless.

            • Reynald

              Then what do you think about the Pentax K5-IIs that is 16Mp and has no AA filter ?…

            • JM

              That’s a half size sensor so has no more need of an AA filter than a D800E

          • rhlpetrus

            I recall cases where specs looked impossible (I though the D7000’s specs and price you piblished initially couldn’t be done), so I think it’s better to publish them, you’re not tied to only verified stuff, it’s rumor site after all, not a news site, kutgw!

          • Andrew

            You have caught us in a feeding frenzy, any post you put up regarding this elusive retro camera will be eaten up voraciously.

        • bob2

          Lay off the Admin–It’s up to the readers to decide/decypher the rumors. It’s a RUMORS site, not a fact site. R-U-M-O-R-S!!!!

          BTW, thanks Admin for the great work!

          • I try to post only reliable info on this blog – there is already enough BS on the Web. Every one in while, I post some interesting rumors, even if they come from a new/not verified source. I was first told about a retro styled Nikon camera few months ago, but I did not believe it and only briefly mentioned it on the blog: here is a quote:

            “In the past few weeks I started receiving information about a new camera, but I am still not sure what exactly it is going to be – some tips point to a new mirrorless APS-C based camera, other even suggest a simplified retro-styled full frame camera without video and other high tech gimmicks (yes, why don’t we try this Nikon?).”

            • The above quote is from August 8th BTW.

            • ronadair

              Don’t worry admin. For every vocal hater, there are a thousand folks who eat this crap up. And by crap, I mean tasty internet secrety-gossip goodness. Keep up the great work amigo.

            • Thanks 🙂

            • Amen.

          • MCM

            Me too… Thanks Admin for the great work!

      • SR

        or maybe there were will be two camera announcements and not just one?

      • umeshrw

        Really like TheInConvenientRuth suggested why not create a guess the spec thread. Just make it for most wanted future cameras and then send the results to nikon. Will give them a good survey sample.For making it more target specific we can also add a field- “intended use”.

    • Like I said – this is from a new source and given the lack of other info I decided to share it online.

      • rhlpetrus

        D4H definitely not! I always though they would eventually use FX in their naming scheme, like FX100 (that was my guess for D700 back then …). So we are still in square 1 re names. So my guess is as good as any: DF100.

        Also, no AA and 16MP, hard to believe. E/OVF makes sense, as does low MP count for fast processing a la V1. Sensor could be the rumored Aptina FF under development.

      • Andrew

        Though unlikely, it is possible that Nikon is preparing two cameras – one at the $3,000 price point and the second at the below $2,000 price point, both being FX cameras but with the remote possibility that one of them is the D400.

        • Yes, unlikely but possible. The real D4 may be announced right before the Olympics.

          • Andrew

            It will be interesting if both your posts are correct:

            The retro camera without video priced around $2,000 and the baby (real) D4 with video priced around $3,000.

    • Mars Observer

      I hope you’re right. It makes sense. If Nikon can’t produce a small-ish full-frame camera around the $2K point then… Sony, here I come.

      • Marc W.

        Will you keep your word?!

        • Elvir Redzepovic

          If he does not I will my little fanboy.
          I am Nikon shooter but they are just way behind Sony and Fuji. I guess they fell asleep 4-5 years ago and nobody is awake yet.

          • Marc W.

            I’m no fan boy. I’m just sick of hearing people threaten leaving a brand because they didn’t get a feature they want. maybe this isn’t the camera for you. Don’t get it. No one cares if you are leaving. Sell and move on.

            • “..leaving a brand because they didn’t get a feature they want”.

              But … isn’t that what an objective consumer should do? If the brand/camera isn’t producing what you want, then one should look elsewhere.

              I use a Nikon now but only own three lenses. The Sony A7 looks very promising. Tell me why I should continue to use Nikon?

            • John McClane

              I think the point is that some users on this site (and others) keep threatening to “leave” Nikon because particular Nikon cameras lack one or two features from other manufacturers. Yes, of course as objective consumers we should choose a camera system that satisfies most of our needs (perfection is impossible). The issue here is that some users feel the need to jump ship every time a new product comes out that isn’t exactly what they want. They come on here and threaten to leave… I’m not going to stop them.

            • Marc W.

              *points to my nose*

            • Marc W.

              You missed the keyword in my statement…

              ” I’m just sick of hearing people ____threaten____ leaving a brand because they didn’t get a feature they want.”

              I want people to leave the brand they don’t. THAT helps with competition. That helps innovation!

              I’m sick of people just throwing out empty threats.

            • visionaer


            • MCM

              Khurt, you are completely right.
              The sad part will be if Nikon didn’t care about losing its loyal customers.
              Then we all lose no matter what.
              If there is no competition then there is no advancement and we would still be
              using corded phones.
              I own many Nikon lenses and certainly will be very happy for Nikon to keep up-to-date.
              I would like a camera with ALL the features that I want presented in the cleverest way possible… That is why objective consumers are willing to pay

            • Marc W.
            • Elvir Redzepovic

              If you are not an fanboy then i apologize but i thought that whole point of comments is to actually let people know ones opinion ?
              And just like Khurt said, if a company does not give me what i want i just take my money elsewhere. Nikon needs to start respecting it’s customers wishes.
              Did you forget about how they “handled” that D600 thing and how they screwed their D600 customers by releasing D610?

            • Marc W.

              I’m still waiting for my F6 replacement. I mean, come on Nikon.

              No company has to start “respecting it’s customer’s wishes”. If they feel it’s not possible, financially or whatever, then they won’t. I want a Digital FM2n to be $500, but I don’t think I’m going to get it. Since I won’t, I’m not going to throw a fit.
              I don’t think Nikon do any differently when someone says “I really want this feature.” or “I really want this feature, or I’m buying Canon.” I bet they get empty threats all the time. Yes, take your money elsewhere, that’s how to get their attention! Be it Nikon, Nissan, BMW, Dodge.

              I guess I’m sick of hearing these “if ___ doesn’t make a product _I_ want, I’m leaving.” I usually just wish them well and hope they come back to tell us how much happier they are with their new gear from another brand. I don’t care either way. If someone says something, I expect them to follow through.

              So, have you been waiting for this camera for how long? Is your photography being hindered so much because you don’t have this camera for $2000? Why not get the Sony anyway? They have great Zeiss glass to put on it.

            • Joseph Jacob

              “I usually just wish them well and hope they come back to tell us how much happier they are with their new gear from another brand”
              Though I am holding onto my D700 system, I sold most of my Nikon gear and invested in a Fuji X-Pro1 and some lenses. I can’t believe how much I missed out of other brands’ products because of my nikon brand loyalty. I wanted a retro digital camera and Nikon wasn’t putting out so I left, and couldn’t be happier. I suppose at the end of the year I’ll have to chose between the Fuji X-pro2 and whatever this fm2 is going to be but I can already say I’ll probably stay with Fuji. Fuji seems very invested with their X line up, the amount of time they put into their firmware upgrades for 2-3 year cameras is outstanding, they don’t just abandon products, like Nikon did with the D600. This whole FM2 thing just seems like a way for them to cash in on the trend set by Olympus and Fuji, and since they are the companies that took the RISK by developing the cameras first they’ll be the companies I hand my hard earned cash to.

            • Marc W.

              Thanks for that. It’s good to hear people are happy. 🙂

            • Joseph Jacob

              No problem, I totally understand your frustration with people threatening to change brands. Changing brands only seems like a big deal until you make the leap, and then you land on the other side surrounded by fresh air. Last year my photo partner and I used strictly Nikon gear, now I have Nikon/Fuji and he has Canon/Olympus and each camera brings a new ‘style.’ Using multiple systems is a great way to keep things fresh, I know that seems obvious, but we had been soo blinded by our loyalty and fear of ‘I can’t switch because I am so invested in _____ gear.’

            • Ronan

              I’m loving the Fuji X system but the price is a big turn off. The X-Pro1 isn’t that good and costs way too much for what it delivers.

              Now their X100 line and their XE line, WOW WOW WOW!

            • With this announcement, my XP1 + lenses are going on eBay tomorrow.

            • Joseph Jacob

              Well I got my used a year after it came out so that saved me a lot of money, I do agree that it is not quite a replacement for a DSLR. It has fantastic looks and the image quality is superb but the processor of the camera is lacking. It just feels like it lags behind when I want to change up the controls, unlike the DSLR’s that react instantly to my commands. Even if image quality and looks stay the same, I would invest in a brand new xp2 if they just put in a kickass processor.

            • patto01

              While there’re no specific rules to expressing your opinion, it would be nice to limit yourself to those that have a point. It’s much more interesting for the rest of us. There’s no point to writing, “I’ll leave Nikon..” or “I’ll sell all my Nikon stuff…” other than to vent. While that has psychological advantages to the author, it’s tiresome to readers and could result in skipping subsequent posts that may be informative and/or entertaining.
              BTW, I have a D600 and don’t feel screwed. Actually, it’s been the best sex I’ve had since I got into photography…

            • Marc W.

              “Actually, it’s been the best sex I’ve had since I got into photography…”

              Not with your camera… right?

            • patto01

              I was actually continuing the metaphor (you know–screwed, sex) but since you brought it up…

            • Joseph Jacob

              Next time you change lenses, you’ll look at the camera mount a little bit differently. Giggity.

            • patto01

              No matter how I look at it, it’s too narrow and WAY too shallow.

            • JM

              “Actually, it’s been the best sex I’ve had since I got into photography…”
              Why? What have you been cleaning it with?

            • patto01

              I’m supposed to clean it?

            • Spy Black

              Who stays clean having sex?

            • Aldo

              since he uses the d600… I’m assuming he doesn’t worry about lubrication…

            • Aldo

              I hope you don’t use the 800mm lens in your intimacy… 😛

            • patto01

              Even though it was perfect in that context, I knew I was going to regret that line. 🙂

            • Aldo

              hahahah… come on you saw this coming 😛

            • patto01

              Yeah. I was just hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.

            • Andrew

              Aldo, Aldo, Aldo, you just had to say that! You’ve been waiting of this one opportunity and you did not let it slide by 🙂

            • UA

              I have a Nikon FX set and a Sony NEX-6 as a backup/casual set. In the beginning, I thought that I could replace my whole Nikon set with the Sony, but I was wrong and I am happy that I didn’t do dramatic actions and sell my Nikon’s in a hurry. NEX-6 is kinda great for what it is.. it’s a great sensor in smallish package, but with some usability issues and it has few missing features that are very frustrating when you realize them.

              I mean, grass always looks greener on the other side, and people may hilight to you those features that you are missing, but the truth can be totally different.. and I know that it is very difficult to people to admit that they were wrong, so no-one who has done this “I scrap this brand and move completely to another” will admit their mistake.

              So, if you plan to change format, brand etc. give it a time and use both systems (if you can) simultaneously and see what happens. To me, it is now obvious that these small form factor mirrorless are only for backup and casual use. I cannot live with them only. To some other this might be the opposite, but who knows better than you do. And the manufacturers cannot really know or meet the requirements of everyone of us.

            • MCM

              Actually, we should all care if many of us are considering leaving the brand…
              We have made an investment and we want that investment to keep its value.
              If Nikon stays behind we all lose. Even you…
              I do care and we should all care because that is the basis of supply and demand.
              If we care enough Nikon will pick up its pace and offer us up to date products… maybe
              products that are again at the forefront of technology.
              If Nikon, the company we have been so loyal for many years, stops offering us remarkable products, and the equipment becomes outdated, then brand loses its value.
              Then you will not be able to sell your old Nikon equipment at a fair price in order to trade it for new Nikon gear… You will have to sell your lenses and your cameras in order to move to Sony.
              People who value the quality of their tools are always looking for the advancement of these tools…
              Those who don’t, will undoubtedly stay behind carrying the weight of their old technology.

            • Marc W.

              “If we care enough Nikon will pick up its pace and offer us up to date products… maybeproducts that are again at the forefront of technology. ”

              How will threatening to leave help? I guess it would depend if the Nikon execs believe everyone who does that.

              Depends who you talk to, I guess. People will jump ship every other generation because the other brand has a feature they want. Others won’t.

              Any old Nikon film users feel shafted that early Nikon digital wasn’t up to par with Canon? Who left for Canon?

            • dclivejazz

              Practically all the Sports photographers…

            • patto01

              Everything you say is true but if anyone leaves Nikon because of this camera, they’re stupid; their opinions are idiotic; and they would be doing the rest of us a favor by leaving.
              You think that’s harsh or uncalled for? Think about it…

            • Marc W.

              Yes and No, they may leave Nikon because they want a n A7/A7R type camera and only want to use lenses that mount to the bodies without adapters. That’s fine. They can leave. They need to “Vote with their money” not their (usually) empty threats online.

            • patto01

              I agree completely!

            • Misrik

              Plus it means there will be more nikon glass on the used market which in turn will drive the prices down as well for those of us sticking with them

            • Marc W.

              When you buy when the market is high and sell when it’s at it’s lowest, then sure. If you’re in for the long hall because you shoot then sure. But if you’re in just for the investment, I’m sorry, I don’t think Nikon gear is the right choice.

            • Andrew

              I would say it differently. Since this camera was unexpected and was thus not anticipated as the replacement of any particular camera, a strong reaction to it must indicate one thing, and that is – the person’s desires/expectations (over a period of time) not being met my Nikon. The main issue for the disappointment may have nothing to do with this camera. They may be dreaming up the perfect set of features and price point in the ideal Nikon camera – and that has remained an elusive dream with every successive camera Nikon releases. And so the release of this camera is tipping point. You may not see the logic in their thinking, but I assure you that there is some logic, some expectation, and some desire.

            • patto01

              I’m not saying they’re devoid of logic. I’m saying it’s stupid. For example: in the case of, ‘If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one to hear it, does it make a sound?’ If you define sound as waves within a particular frequency, the answer is yes; if you define sound as a human brain’s interpretation to waves of a particular frequency striking the ear drum, the answer is no. They’re both logical statements but who gives a rat’s ass because it’s stupid. Just like giving such a lengthy illustration of my point is stupid. I could give similar explanations as to why expectation and desire are equally irrelevant but that’s too stupid for me to waste my, or your, time on.

            • Andrew

              I appreciate your wave analogy since physics and math are my favorite subjects. Your response provides a good little diversion 🙂

            • patto01

              That was my purpose. Anything else would be stupid 😉
              Doh. Screwed up. This was supposed to be a reply to Andrew’s reply to this post.

            • Andrew

              I knew it was for me, thinks!

            • mtnguy

              awesome post; time to smile fellow photogs!

            • Ronan

              Your ‘investment’ is mute when the guy with 2 D3s, a D3x and $50,000 of lenses sticks with Nikon and he say’s ‘keep on doing what your doing Nikon’.

            • Econ Major

              Correction – For the majority of photographers, camera is a liability, not an investment. That is because it brings in no money and loses value with age and obsolescence. Face it, we are entranced by an expensive hobby. We like to think we are artists, but without the machines (toys) built for us by Japanese engineers, this forum (and our pastime) would not exist. Who are the artists? Why, the Japanese engineers and entrepreneurs, of course.

            • Artiste

              MCM is a gearhead full of b+llsh+t. I can make photos all day long with top notch lenses and a D2x, place the prints of reasonable size in an exhibition next to shots with D600 and D800, and I bet you could not tell the difference.

            • saywhatuwill

              So it would be like my Hasselblad V cameras. What was once $3000 is now $800.

          • Maji

            4-5 years ago? You must have forgotten the D800 that was released 2 years ago.

          • neruoicurn

            YES!!!! OF COURSE THIS IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!~11!1one

            Trade 50+ years of Nikon optics research for a pissy tantrum to a company that has sucked at optics for….well….. ever. There’s a reasons Nikon chose Sony *SENSORS* and kept their own optics.

            But piss, moan, and cry until it’s true in your head.

        • A7 is now on pre-order. Will only re-consider if the Df is priced $2300 or less. I’d rather invest money in glass, than on a body.

          • Marc W.

            We’ll see on the 5th.

      • MCM

        I find
        it very sad that all of us want to stay with Nikon but they keep pushing us
        towards Sony. I keep going to the Sony store and the say… let’s wait a little
        longer to see if Nikon is going to wake up.

        • Marc W.

          The longer you wait, more and more things will come out that you won’t have the pleasure of using. Go buy what you want and use it.

        • Cinekpol

          How about going to take some photos instead of visiting the store over and over again?

      • Michael

        You’re right. More than $2K would be a rip off. Heck. The A7 has even fantastic VIDEO features for less than $1.7K.

        So a rugged retro styled body is for me no reason to charge more then $1.5K – $1.7K. $2K with lens.

      • Aldo

        I’m switching to sony cuz it doesn’t come in pink.

      • +1
        2k for body. The viewfinder sounds awesome.
        keeping my A7r preorder until we hear specs and price, thanks for this Piggy

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      There is no other alternative for a name… A real D700 replacement, is a pro product for those pros that find D4’s speed an overkill, Nikon’s current naming policy (where FX products have three digits and even starting number) has space for only two products (D4xx and D2xx) which obviously can only be lower than D6xx series products… OTOH, this could be the much demanded D800S/H, but since it doesn’t share a D800 body (as it was expected), it can’t be that either…. So… D4H it is!
      The only thing that I am sure the rumours that the admin initially got are wrong, is that this camera will have an SD card slot…. I am sure none would be so stupid to bring out a pro product with only an SD card slot… It would kill that magnificent camera… The D700 replacement!

      • Olaf Hoyer

        With something like that Nikon would mess up further naming schemes… And where should be the differentiation between the x and the h model of a line, like in D2x and D2h, or D3 und D3x? The D4 is the model with high fps and low MP (comparatively to modern standard), so a D4x will be waited for… A “true” successor to the D700 would be a D800h, where the Body of a D800 is coupled with the sensor of a D4 and faster frame rate somewhat below the D4, like 6-8 fps, but faster that D800 in crop mode with the 5fps then… Remaining Parts of the Body can be the same… And a price tag around the $/€2000 mark.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          “H” never meant speed in the Nikon line… “S”did… “X”always meant “High res” (despite the speed)… “H”rather meant “fast workflow”… Hence with D800 body and D4 sensor, it could be either D800H or D800S, both would have the same appreciation… but instead, Nikon has decided to change the body here and even have a more minimal approach…
          Besides, D4h will give a pro prestige to the camera and that can only be beneficial from a marketing point of view…
          Also… D700 (of which the now orphan huge market this camera seems to aim for), was always considered (and really was) as a “pro” product with only a “non-pro” name.
          Also… Nikon’s (current) naming policy is the most clear in the market ever from ANY company… 4digits odd starting number for DX (D1xxx and D9xxx are still not filled), 3digits even starting number for FX (D2xx and D4xx are still to be filled) and D(x) for pro…
          It even explains the hierarchy and by only spotting the first digit you can recognise the camera…

          • ben

            there was a DX D200 btw…

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              Before current naming policy was introduced… (for 14 consecutive latest products) …btw!
              Thanks for the info… (there was a D300 and aD700 at sometime…) …btw!
              …Only now it is only 4digits with odd starting number for DX and 3digits with even starting number for FX… btw!

          • Thom Hogan

            Right. And Nikon introduced the D1s and D2s, and the D90s was a “speed” camera while the D90 wasn’t. Ditto the D70s, and all the other s’s. The Nikon executive who explained the h and x to me the first time would disagree with your description.

            • Theodoros Fotometria

              I really lost you Thom… or maybe you lost you… I know F90S and F4s (s for speed) and I also know D3s (faster than D3)… I also know one H product that was aimed for fast photojournalist work flow… All the rest S you mention, are a mystery to me… There was never a D3H (if H ever meant extra speed) or a D2S (since there was never a slow D2 …there was a D2XS though for improved continuous shooting (among other improvements and luck of …letters) over the D2X (which was as fast as D2H because of shutter limitations). ….remember?

            • Thom Hogan

              The F4 is the F4. The S and E variations have to do with battery backs, and both provide the extra frame rate boost to 5.7 fps, so I guess now you’ll tell me that E stands for extra speed, too.

              The S moniker goes all the way back to the F2 (F2S Photomic). We also have N4004s (F-401x internationally), N90s, E2s, D70s, D2hs, D2xs, D300s, and D3s. Every one of those was a supplemental revision of the original product with minor feature bumps, sometimes involving speed but generally not. Until I see a pattern that says s only means speed bump, I’ll stick by what the Nikon executives in Japan told me H and S meant (several times between 1995 and 2010).

            • umeshrw

              I happened to know this as well. Hence I was confused why nikon named D600 as D610 and not D600s. Could have served the re-badging purpose considering the updates are really not so distinct and important.

            • ernestkoe

              There was a D90s?

            • Thom Hogan

              Doh. Sorry, N90s.

    • Lumenatic

      Why is everyone so concerned about the name – I’d love to hear that the price listed above is bullshit. 3.000 USD sounds a lot indeed given the fact that the D610 is around 2.000 USD “only”. My (uneducated) guess would be around 2.000 USD (without lens).

      • Because if I know the name, it will make it easier for me to search for more info/leaks.

        • Eric Calabros

          tell them what do u know about Nikon new Damn thing? 🙂

      • Genkakuzai

        To be fair the D700 cost just south of $3000 at release as well. Prices tend to drop fairly quickly, as proven by every full frame camera Canon has released the last 5 years.

        • catinhat

          D700 was/is essentially a D3 with a detachable grip, and could be used essentially anywhere a D3 could be used without giving up anything of much substance. This camera is not specified as a D4 even if it has a D4 sensor. So, a parallel can’t be drawn fairly.

          • Genkakuzai

            I’d say we don’t know any way near enough to say much at all to be honest. Point being, the D700 dropped in price fairly quickly. As do all Canon full frame cameras, who usually start out at outrageous prices, to then slowly drop to more sane levels.

    • waterengineer

      Well, I can think of one “selling point”. You may want to rethink your statement. The one point is that were have been told it will have the D4 sensor so to me that relates this camera to the D4.

    • chk

      Below the D610?
      What AF module will it have? For me that would be the selling point.

      • DTC99

        Although Pro level AF would be nice, if this is a ‘retro’ camera, they are probably thinking the target audience will ‘want’ manual focus optimization and AF as a backup, meaning they will probably give it the D610 AF. I’ve been wrong many times before though 🙂

    • aarif

      if you know the name you probably know some specs too, does this new info sound right to you, battery? video? no AA filter? price and name I don’t care about that much

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      Why is it “performance wise” below a D610? …Those that use the D4 sensor, (me among them, sold my D800, kept my D800e) can assure you that it reveals every bit of D800/600/610 at base Iso …and destroys everything in the market above ISO400… Definitely the best sensor in the market today! ….and if it has the AA filter removed, …pheeew!

      • DTC99

        Is removing the AA a good idea at 16MP? I thought they they felt they could get away removing the AA with higher MP camera’s because given the pixel density, moire would not show up much, but is 16MP a high enough density?

        • +1

          wondering about that too.

          • Theodoros Fotometria

            Don’t forget that Leica M9’s sensor, which is of insignificantly to consider different dimensions to D4’s is not accused for being prone to moire… despite it not having an AA filter either.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          It seems that (from what I hear from rumours) Nikon is working on removing the possible moire digitally if it occurs… (possibly it will be automatically recognised much like automatic correction happens with chromatic aberrations when processing raws).
          OTOH, the Dalsa 33mp MFDB sensor (Sinar 75, Leaf 75/7) which has exactly the same pixel size as D4, is considered among the most “moire resistant” among MFDBs, despite it being of huge (7.2 microns) pixel size… Another point to consider (I say this from own experience) is that D700/D3/D3s has had more moire issues than even my 9 micron Kodak sensor 22mp digital back (not that my MFDB is moire resistant when in single shot mode of course), while with my D800E, I’ve never had moire issues… My sense is, that even without AA or digital correction, D4 sensor will have will have less moire issues than D700/D3/S… More than that, I don’t see D700/d3/s users ever complaining on moire issues, despite the fact that the cameras are the most prone to moire among all FF and that surely they’ve come across it at sometime… Maybe we are “moire threatened” more than what we should be….

          • DTC99

            Sounds like you have more experience than I! I hope you’re right….. its going to be an interesting camera.

    • Anónimo

      Can you please elaborate a bit on “Having in mind the fact that performance-wise this camera will be below the D610“?

    • Iustin P.

      Piggy, if you really know the actual name of the camera, then maybe you also know more about the actual specs.

      If so, I wonder how much fun you’re having at all this speculation and crazy talk about video, megapixels, focus systems, price and all the other stuff is going on in these threads… Not to mention the “leave Nikon if it doesn’t make sandwiches” threats ☺

      • Based on previous comments, I believe Piggy and Mr. X know more about the new camera. Now if we can only get them to talk.

        • Eric Calabros

          Torture is against the law. we should send them a girl

          • Rob

            But water boarding is OK in Guantanamo bay!

        • Aldo

          I say have the Russians make them talk…

        • Andrew

          Maybe they’re already talking, but not to us. I think these guys are a team and they have already orchestrated their every move. Somehow I like it this way, the treat is in the mystery.

      • KnightPhoto

        Good one 😉

        Well, I have no idea what’s going on. A Retro camera. Gotta be hybrid viewfinder. Batteries from unrealistically low to the right one (EN-EL15). No video in low power whatever that means (sounds better than none at all!). Manual controls. Bunch of whining about price. It’s been a fun week, but more facts needed Piggy!

    • Jon Ingram

      Piggy White, I sure hope you are right about the price, but I doubt it. I don’t want to get my hopes up because the admin is usually right about these things. I doubt the price would be below the 610 though, that would be crazy, but I’m sure they would sell a lot at that price point. What’s the name?

      • umeshrw

        Anything special(retro in this case) is in a different class and hence is priced astronomically. Regardless of performance or value for money considerations. And nikon surely knows that.

    • 103David

      If I was to take a guess…How’bout F3D?

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      It’s as simple as that… D4(something) will give it a “pro appeal”, will underline creativity and will put the price to be paid in second thought…
      Whatever other naming may or may not achieve any of the above and more important, it will bring price as a major factor for possible consideration despite if it is within reach from a possible customer…
      I believe that D4H is a wise decision from Nikon… Then if they want to expand the design in future (cheaper) products, they can name them, D801, D611, or whatever the price point they want them to be…

    • FlightlessKakapo

      It’s won’t be called a D4H, and D70000 sounds ridiculous, it’s digital and needs battery, so it’s not a FE or FM. A Nikon FD? That would be funny.

  • Crackity Jones

    Meh. This “new source” sounds like someone trying to fill gaps in what’s been previously reported. Naming it the D4h would be astoundingly confusing, given that it seems to share little other than a sensor with the D4, and the “h” designation has not been used to differentiate an entirely new body before.

    • Neopulse

      Exactly what I was thinking, should have been named something else :-/

  • Neopulse

    Any weather sealing? I ask even though the D4 is weather sealed, this seems like it’s going into a different direction.

  • Danny

    Admin I think this “source” is confusing two cameras or just making trouble. Way off. 16mp with no AA filter????? Nikon aren’t crazy. Retro but called D4H like the higher speed D2H? I really don’t think this is the same camera.

  • what_the_fox_says

    admin, how reliable is the new source?

    • It cannot be reliable because it is a new source – I have no previous history.

  • rearranged

    Maybe there will be 2 cameras? A D4H with hybrid Viewfinder for ultra fast sports shooting would make sense, but on the other hand such a new technology would rather be implemented in a D5…

  • Taggart

    Huh? What did you say? Sorry, I was distracted by the picture…

  • Hopefully the price is wrong…

  • Theodoros Fotometria

    ADMIN, are you sure that this camera (a “turbo” real D700 replacement) will have only ONE SD card? …I am sure that they know better than that in Nikon… Are you sure that one didn’t confuse the SD card slot with an XQD one?

    • Sashimi

      how on earth can you say a retro styled camera has anything to do with a D700 replacement ?!

      • Marc W.

        Drugs. These people are drugs.

    • Jorge

      What’s wrong with one slot? We’ve had that since the beginning of DSLR time. So what? My D300, D700 have only one slot. My D800 has two and it’s a pain in the ass. One is PLENTY. I’ve been shooting digital since 2001 and have never had a problem with a one-slot camera or a card. Not a deal breaker having only one slot for me. If they are going to put two, oh God please don’t let it be that QXD(amn) of the D4

  • AlexS

    Manual and automatic hybrid shutter? Hence the low power mode… Full manual mode that only uses battery to activate the sensor and save the image (OVF, no LCD, no AF), and fully automatic mode, similar to a traditional DLSR (EVF, LCD, video, continuous shooting, and AF). I can see how this can sell for $3K.

  • TheInConvenientRuth

    whoever came up with these ‘specs’ must have been on that blue meth off Breaking Bad….

  • mist3rf0ur

    Yeah, I’m not sure if I can believe this different info. Maybe because I don’t want to… heck, if it were to be priced like this, I can kiss the thought of getting one goodbye. I’d probably just get that x100s I’ve been drooling over for the past few months. If this thing does release under the previous rumored stats and maybe around a refurb’d D600’s pricing I’d get one in a heartbeat.

    I do expect this thing to be slimmer than, say, a D7000 despite the height and width. I sure hope it is. Maybe there will even be no LCD screen on the back and the only method to view images and info would be through the OVF. That’d be nice and discrete; especially in bright daylight.

    • Jorge

      I shoot with the X-E1. The D800, D700, D300 + the Nikon glass stay in my safe at home now. Consider the X-E2 for yourself. Get it with the 23mm F1.4 lens which is the same as what’s on the X100s. I think you’ll like it…

      • Scott

        What good is having all that great gear that stays at home all the time?

        Why waste all that money?

        • Jorge

          It’s not wasted. The gear (esp the 800) comes out when I need it for larger than life landscapes, or weddings and other events. But, in saying that as soon as Fuji finally released the new 10-24 F4 that is scheduled to be released by the end of the year my Nikon gear may be on the auction block. I don’t like having that much money sitting idle. I’ve already sold my 85 AFD 1.4 and this Friday I have a buyer for my 24-70 F2.8. I’m slooooowly weening myself off the Nikon gear.

          • Scott

            :/ I just can’t do f4 😀

            If you’ve found something that fulfills your needs though that’s cool. It just sounded weird to leave all that kit at home! 🙂

  • D-boring

    Getting more and more boring each day…

  • John

    Either there are two different cameras coming or your new source if full of BS/confusion. Specs don’t make a lot of sense, hence I suspect the BS/confusion scenario.

  • Pier

    I personally that the name D4H is totally wrong. The DX line should reserved for the top pro camera. DXXX to the prosumer and so on.
    This might fit as DXX
    But obviously who cares about names if we get a great new camera!
    I personally think that 2500$ would be more appropriate and would site between the D610 and D800
    Still Nikon will sell lots of these

  • Crackity Jones

    Worst nightmare:
    It is called the Coolpix B.

    • It would be cool if the Coolpix A successor is retro though.

    • Mike

      Lol. Your worst nightmare = first world problem. How old are you? 17?

    • phil

      Coolpix V3

  • bratvlad

    $3000 for the camera $3300 with the kit 50mm 1.8 G, where that lens costs $219 in the US. Hmmmm…

    • It’s retro, so it’s okay to cost more.

      • bratvlad

        so body only $3000, lens only $219 equals to $3,219! not $3000

        • bratvlad

          I meant to say equals not $3,300

      • Mike

        How much is a Fuji XPro-1? With lens? For a few hundred more you get a retro Nikon, FF, and can keep using all your lenses. That’s bi-winning.

        • I think xpro1 with their original 3 lenses can be had for under $2.4k with the right sale promotions.

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Rumors said there would be a new 50mm specifically for the new camera. Whether that means it’ll have a different (retro?) appearance and/or be smaller, who knows…

  • Scott M.

    Full frame, 16mp. No filter. Has to be designed for speed? Giving us a high frame rate D700 replacement?

  • Don Hogfan

    This is interesting:
    “No video in low power mode but otherwise it will have video (?)”
    That makes more sense than no video at all. Lets not forget, products are driven by sales and nobody is going to buy a camera because it does not video.
    If there is no problem with engineering (like excessive heat) video should be included.

  • Davidovic

    Who in the hell is the development manager at Nikon? Only bullshits in the last 2 years… Why in hell they ended the D3s production instead of developing the sensor? Nikoooon! Fire him and reconsider your strategy!

  • New hybrid mechanical shutter like FM3 hybrid shutter?

  • Donsantos

    Way overpriced. What are they thinking? More than d800?

  • Crackity Jones

    I can imagine it being called the “Nikon D” — dropping the numeral as Leica did with the M.

  • Peter

    My guess on the name: FM-D 🙂

    • Chanchito Blanco


    • Nikon made an EM, so they could mash the different names together.. FM-D EM.

      • Marc W.

        FM-D EM 90x

        • Type?

          • Marc W.

            You’re right.

            FM-D EM 90x Type-R

  • Chanchito Blanco

    If they overprice this camera it will be hard to compete. There is Sony and surely Olympus soon “crossing the street”. And of course you just can keep using your actual gear.

  • Aalbert

    HAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA omg. i hope this is a joke!
    My shift to sony A7 system is every day closer…

    • Marc W.

      See ya.

    • Eric Duminil

      Enjoy your shitty expensive lenses 😀

  • Cho Atsui

    First, there’s no reason to start jumping all over the Admin here. I’ll gladly take any rumors he feels like listing, as it gives us something to think about – no matter if they turn out to be fact or fiction.

    Secondly, while I could easily say “Who cares about the name?”, lots of folks here certainly do, as plainly seen below.

    Third, as someone currently on the fence with wanting a new camera – really wanting the refresh of the Fuji XPro1 (XPro1s/2) – I don’t mind waiting to see what happens with Nikon and this camera. I would never give Sony the time of day simply because I want a camera that comes from a company who’s primary bread and butter is cameras, not an electronics company who makes 10,000 different items at various levels of good to average. So for me, it only leaves FujiFilm and Nikon (not digging Canons for a long time).

    Lastly, of course, if Nikon deems a $3000 price tag as fit for this creation – more power to them. My reasons for the mirrorless systems are size/weight reduction and IQ along with price. So I have no problem with the size/weight/IQ/price of the Fuji X Series stuff. But again, once I start seeing $3000 pricing for a body or even if that was with a crappy kit lens, and this Nikon in question doesn’t seem to be mirrorless anyway, so actuations will matter – I don’t see the point of getting involved with it. I’d just jump into the D800.

  • minivini_1275

    Gotta say this looking more and more like a rumor mashup – one set of rumors covering two different cameras. Anxious for this one to sort itself out.

    Also, this being the internet and all – to all you posters claiming to know stuff – post up or shut up. You’re either full of bs or you’ve already essentially broken any NDA by confirming the existence of a product. Pee or get off the pot…

  • aarif

    sound a bit fishy to me

  • Danger

    The Price does make sense. Sony RX-1 is $2,800

    • toby reynolds

      But then the A-7 & A7r are cheaper…

  • R!

    AHH VIDEO IS Here!!But the price HIGH!!!!

  • Mike
  • Ian Dangerzone

    At the 3000 dollar price point I’m buying a D800e: all the cheddar, IQ, and NPS to boot–there’s no reason not to for that money. Granted, they might provide NPS for this new baby, too. However, I have my doubts it will be in that price point. Like other commenters have said, It’ll likely be around the D600; I imagine it will directly compete with it to see what direction FF enthusiasts go. I’m willing to pay about 2200 for this thing, myself. Hopefully that’s with a kit lens I don’t need but will probably take because I’m a whore. For body only if it’s around 1600, I’ll probably buy two and use them forever (read: until D1000 or so) unless I start getting more gigs.

    • Alistair Maitland

      I think a $2000-2200 body sounds about right to me. Although I’m hoping for 1600-1800 because it would then compete with the Sony’s/Fuji’s. The real question is: what ISN’T going to be put in there?

  • R!

    The name should have a F in in like a FD1 for digital.
    If it was highly filmaking oriented a name like FHD 1 would be good!?

  • bob2

    I call this a fake. Someone else pointed out that the ‘H” has a weak reputation (i.e., D2H/D2Hs). Plus Nikon abandoned the H monikor with the D3/D3s, which is not referred to as the D3H (even as the high speed/sports camera), but the high MP model is the D3X, like the D2X/D2Xs before it.

    Plus, the specs and pricing make no sense.

    Still, thanks Admin for posting so that we can get a crack at the rumors and specs. Keeps it fun and lively.

  • Sonikon

    Makes me feel better about having Nex7 and D800. When I need compact FF I just throw on one of my Nikkor Primes onto the lens turbo on the nex7 and manually focus.

    So far though the features like a low power retro mode to satisfy the photo purists and then full power mode for all the digital fun stuff like video.

    So far the Sony looks like a compact video camera that competes well against Gh2/Gh3 for video size.

    Putting the D4 sensor in the D4H and giving the D4H full video function like the D4. Then the D4H would be the best performing mirrorless camera in low light in photos and video.

    Removing video isn’t going to save any money when the code and is already being used in just about every nikon camera, with variations in allowed functionality.

    • John

      What about the lack of microphones, HDMI out, etc. that you don’t need with video – that will save some space and some cost.
      And isn’t it a different thing if you are just pulling images off the chip and sending it to the LCD or EVF vs. actually writing it to a video file on a card? That saves power and some external circuitry to the EXPEED chip doesn’t it?

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