First set of Nikon D610 specifications: same as the D600

The first set of Nikon D610 specifications I received are 100% identical with the current D600 model:

  • Sensor: 24.3 MP (6016 x 4016 in L mode)
  • ISO range: 100-6400
  • AF: 39  focus point, 9 cross type, 33 point available at f/5.6
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100%
  • TTL exposure metering using 2,016-pixel RGB sensor
  • Video recording capabilities: 1920 x 1080 30p/25p/24p
  • LCD screen: 3.2", 921k dots
  • Battery: EN-EL 15, using the same MB-D14 battery grip
  • Dimension: 141 x 113 x 82 mm
  • Update #1: the D610 will not have built-in GPS or Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Update #2: the D610 will have 6fps (compared to 5.5fps in the D600)
  • Announcement on October 7th or 8th

Please note that this does not mean that there may not be some other improvements that are not mentioned in the list above - I am still trying to get some additional information. The fact that the D610 body size will be the same indicates that this may really be exactly the same camera, just with improved shutter mechanism (just like the SB-900->SB-910 update I mentioned few weeks ago).

In the meantime the price of the D600 continues to fall - Sammy's is currently selling it for $1,799:

Check also the Amazon listing as I expect different retailers to start driving the price even further down after Nikon is no longer enforcing their MAP policy for the D600.

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  • Guest

    I do hope Nikon finally stops being ridiculous and puts “one-touch zoom” as an option for the 5 way navigator center function… Oh and that they bring that to the D600 too.

  • Sashimi

    The people : “You fucked up D600 !”
    Nikon : {humble bow} “Sumimasen sumimasen…” [translation: fuck you, consumers]

    The people : “You fucked up D800 !!”
    Nikon : {Double bow over the rainbow} “Sumimasen sumimasen…” [translation: fuck you, pros]

    The people : “D610 ? WTF ?”
    Nikon : {über moronic bow} “Sumimasen sumimasen… ” [translation: ha ha, fuck you again]

  • Peter Burian

    And this morning, is listing the D600 as $1868. But I don’t see a mention of a rebate there.

    • Amazon usually reflects the rebates in the price directly.

  • Gpereir4

    Who will buy the D610? Personally, I would buy the now cheaper D600 and deal with whatever faults it may have.

    • john

      and put on some older fast AFD glass and take a fall vacation with the money saved (and grin the whole time when viewing the results).

      • Gpereir4

        Exactly 🙂

      • R!

        yep or go for 6 month in Africa shooting interesting things!!

    • R!

      I would buy a D800 in one or even 2 years when the price will be low and the defects and firmware will be all fixed,at that time people will be complaining waiting on the new generation to come out with all their rush production problems !!
      Right now IIf I was started a pro photographer job I would buy a descent D3 for around 1000§/eur and make some money with it.

    • jk

      you say you want to get it cause you do not have it.
      but many of us actually got the dust issue and our D600 shutter unit got replaced do not tolerate it.
      just go Amazon and read some D600 horror stories, you may get how serious this issue actually is..
      it is really serious, much worse than you may seem to think.

      • RC

        I don’t get the “horror” stories. All you have to do is see if the camera works. If it doesn’t, RETURN it, and then get another one! That’s what I did, and I’m having a blast with my D600! One year old now with no problems.

    • RC

      It has no faults (at least mine doesn’t). You just need to make sure yours is fine within the return period (very easy to determine because it either has the issue or it doesn’t). Returning it will cost you nothing (Amazon pays for return shipping AND sending UPS to your house). I only had to return one body. The second one is perfect, and I am enjoying it immensely.

  • Ciclismo

    This is good news for me as I am wanting to upgrade from M4/3 to FF; now I just need to hope that I can find a refurbed D600 here in Germany after the D610 hits, should be nice and cheap, leaving me more money for glass.

  • patrick edlinger

    just wondering about the price expected,considering that the d800 it´s sold for about $ 2,700…

  • Installer-X

    Got my D600 and so far no dust issues. I’ve got it 1300 clicks used from a private seller for a great discount and so far it’s been great. Pretty much I would say all this dust/oil spot issue is a blessing in disguise at least for me. I’ve shot 5000 plus shots with it and no oil spllater or crazy dust accumulation whatsoever. Bought it together with the 24-70 f/2.8 lens and MB-D14 grip. It’s one superb combo and loving the FX format coming from D7000. This D610 rumor is again great news..if i see another D600 sub $1500 i’ll definitely snag one up! so my 70-200 f/2.8 VR2 can have its new home and upgrade my D7000 (still love my D7000 though still a great cam). I’ve since added 16-35 F/4 and 85 1.4G to my arsenal.

    • RC

      Totally agree. I bought mine when it first came out. Had to return the 1st one but the 2nd one has been PERFECT. The complaints are from people who haven’t actually used the camera because if they really used it, they would be in awe at how fast and awesome it is.

  • stormwatch

    I highly doubt that Nikon would put two cameras on market with exactly the same specifications in time gap of 14 months…..something would be new.

    • Andrew

      We hope so.

    • rob

      Yes, because doing so would open them up to potential litigation. I am sure, they will put in a few differentiators.

  • john

    the whole world is hoping for a 51 AP points. Disappointing news. Why nikon does not listen to their customers?

    • azur

      Unfortunately Nikon seems to be more focused on the ‘competition’ or differentiation between their own camera models than the competition with their real competitors among the other brands on the market.
      “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will”. A company should never fear competing with itself, it should always concentrate on competing with others.

      • Andrew

        I have said it before which aligns with your second point, but I will now say it differently – Nikon thinks it has the perfect ecosystem. And in that ecosystem, it is their job to determine the distribution of features between the various models. They are living in a world of their own making. They should take the D600 and give it the D7100’s auto focus system (AF), then add to that the D800’s impressive video features, then give us 1/8000 second shutter speed, and whatever else. I hope they prove me wrong when the rest of the D610’s specs come out.

        • umeshrw

          Absolutely. The basics should be same. Differentiating features should be body quality and buttons . Only those features which are highly relevant or pricey (like frame rate) should vary. That used to be the case for film cams earlier. And even though cameras virtually were unimportant for quality(lenses and films were) F2 s and FM2s sold along with FEs and FM10 s.

  • apertura

    D610? hmmm my D600 have lots of dust on the corner…and some oil too…oh well

  • Noora

    October is coming and there’s nothing interesting .. Ok fine I give up , I’m getting the D7100 tomorrow 🙂 , thanks nikon for the stupid move but we really need a high level crop frame camera .

    • Waylan

      Your reaction Sounds about right, and that’s probably what Nikon wants to happen. They want the surplus of 600s to move and more 7100s to sell for the holidays. A logical step towards slowing their financial slide. Who can blame them?

    • R!

      Wait a bit more D400 is comming soon right with the 7Dmrk II.

      • PeterO

        Uh, no the D400 is not coming soon. Just have a look over at Canon rumors and nothing new is coming for a while, so if 7DII isn’t coming, neither is D400. Canon and Nikon are starting to look a bit like early Nokia and present day Blackberry. They are concentrating on themselves and arrogantly ignoring what the market is doing and what their customers want, which is what precipitated the phone giants demise. Lots of excitement over at SonyAlpha rumors. Looks like Sony’s lifted the “cone of silence” on the upcoming Nex FF. They’re letting the internet create a buzz for them. Nikon has lost how much value on the Nikkei this year? 34%? And yet they continue their old ways and have pretty well sealed the product leaks that Admin used to count on. They just don’t get that the same internet forums which caused the D600 debacle can equally boost the interest and excitement for a product.

    • VikingAesir

      You give up, and Nikon wins anyway. Why should they go through the trouble of developing a D400 if so many of you are willing to settle for a third class body consumer camera and still pay Nikon.

  • NikonFails

    Any reason to upgrade from D600 to D610? NO.
    (This is only a rumour, but….)

  • RealityCheck

    Its nothing more than a fix for the faulty shutter box and some initial oil problems. Even when sending the camera back to Nikon they were only able to clean the sensor – unable to repair the shutter box issue without tearing the unit down, and the shutter box was what allowed so much dust to get in to begin with – and get back in after the cleaning.
    So yes, no one should expect any other improvements over the D600 which was apparently not ready to ship other than Nikon hoping to beat Canon to the shelves.
    For those out there trying to belittle a major design/build flaw, it was obviously a big enough deal for the manufacturer to release a new model to replace it.. O.o

  • decisivemoment

    I cannot believe it. When Nikon updated the N8008 with better focus algorithms and spot metering, all they did was add a letter “s”. When they updated the D3 with not only better focusing but a seriously improved sensor and a doubling of the buffer, it still only got a letter “s”. This fiasco gets a whole new number for presumably nothing more than a mirror and shutter assembly that doesn’t shed dust and oil?

  • joe

    I still don’t want a D610.
    So where is the D400? My D300S is a bit tired.
    I would like a new camera for Christmas so Nikon better hurry up so Santa can get one for me from Nikon in time!

    Only option is D7100….

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      The D7100 is a really nice camera.

  • Rafa R

    The only one thing I wish for is that the AF brackets are more spread apart, please.. Nikon.

  • Steve C

    It’s a pity the D600 was so deliberately restricted with it’s features. The 1/4000 sec top shutter speed & having less focus points than the cheaper D7100 doesn’t really make sense.
    The D600 is supposed to be a semi pro camera whereas the D7100 prosumer level. So why butcher it so much?
    I ended up getting a D7100 but if I was to make the jump to FX I’d bypass the 600 and go straight for the D800/e. The D800 is better value, I feel.

    • umeshrw

      600 is a more consumer camera than 7100. Hence more clipped features.

    • Sahaja

      I’d say D7000, D7100 and D600 are all enthusiast cameras.

      D600 seems to be based on D7000 not the D7100 – the design probably started before that of the D7100

      Also it’s harder to make a fast shutter speed on an FX camera than a DX camera because the shutter is obviously larger and heavier and has further to travel.

  • droll

    Yeah, this is certainly the most unattractive offer by Nikon to date. The mistake begins with implementing APS-C autofocus system on the full frame sensor. The number of autofocus point is totally irrelevant as it can only autofocus on a subject at or around the center. It must be spread across the sensor to be usable for a moving subject, which D600 should have been as D800/E is as slow as toad. Even if you eliminate the set of engineering problems D600 has had, which normal cameras don’t have in the first place, D600 has several issues with autofocus problems, anachronistic anti-alias filter, poor video functionalities, inaccurate LCD screen, poor customer service, etc, which all contribute to the unpopularity of D600 in addition to the characteristic engineering problems. Even after minor improvement, it is hard to find aspects D600 is better at technically than D800 as well as 6D. Nikon is currently far behind Canon.

    • umeshrw

      —-D800/E is as slow as toad—–
      Have you even seen D800? Guess you misspelt your name.

      • droll

        It is very slow compared to 5D Mark III (you can check this among thousands of youtube videos comparing them) and D610 is no alternative. That’s my point. NIkon needs to go back and improve the basics rather than just promoting a mega-pixel war using third party sensors.

        • umeshrw

          AF module for 800 is same as D4. I haven’t used 5d3 for fast work so cannot actually say anything. But leading sports and press photographers are using d4. If they are happy with AF it cannot be as slow as “toad”. Btw I have 800 and It hasn’t felt to me as it is very slow. Maybe sometimes in very dark with slow lenses. But otherwise very fast. 610/600 definately is not an alternative as it is way below league. And nikon was improving the basics keeping the MP at 12(even when we were asking them to increase them ) while canon was coming out with insanely increased MPs(for those times) which were noisy and faulty. Third party sensors because nikon is not as big as canon to do everything all by themselves. At lease they have the good sense to understand what they can or cannot do.

  • JimP

    And if the D610 doesn’t sell? Does Nikon have a Plan C?

  • While more AF points would be better, I’d be happy if they spread the existing ones more evenly over the sensor instead of all being bunched up in the centre.

  • mark

    new shutter ? any news on improving the xsync ? Even a third of a stop helps.

  • EarthKnight

    Would have liked to see higher ISO and shutter speed capabilities. I’m seemingly one of the few people who dies not mind the clustered AF points, maybe because I generally use just one AF point. GPS I don’t need and any camera can get wifi with a wifi capable SD card. A larger sensor is just overkill at this point… I already fill hard-drives up too fast, maybe wider variety of RAW resolutions to shoot at?

    • RC

      You don’t find ISO25k too grainy?

  • TaylorMade

    I sent my D600 in for Cleaning last month and when I received the camera back, the repair report stated that the shutter mechanism was replaced. So maybe the D610 is like the equivalent of a software point release? Will it be called a D610 or a D600s?

  • Bearandbu

    I love this. Instead of Nikon having a recall and fixing the D600 shutter “issue” at their considerable expense, they’ll sell you the fix in the form of a D610 for several thousand dollars. Ahhh, capitalism at its finest…

    • Jimmy

      “Ahhh, capitalism at its finest…”

      You’d rather shoot Holga ? and drive Volga?

  • deeprock

    Love my D300s but its ancient. D7100 just doesn’t fit my big hands and lacks “pro” features; D610 may be full frame but has the same weaknesses as the D7100. D4 on my wish list but not in my budget. Wouldn’t mind a D800 but still not in my budget. Is it too much to ask for a pro body pro feature DX camera in the $1500-1800 price range, i.e., a long overdue D300s upgrade. Apparently so… I guess Nikon is surrendering that price point. Too bad, I’ve always been a Nikon guy but I’m about ready to give up on them. Nikon, are you listening?

  • dave

    Looks like canon unleashed the trolls; if it was that good, no trolls.
    How many Leica trolls posting as customers? Zero.

  • MlQUE

    No GPS and WiFi is utter BS, every smartphone worth having these days worth having has it and it could be added to all of todays modern day DSLR’s too if it weren’t for the fact the whole system is closed up tighter than the British queens vagina.

    • Nuno Guerreiro

      Nikon is sleepying!!!

  • Starfires

    Bad Nikon, Bad! There should have been a product recall, or an announcement for those with the problem to send in their cameras. Now D600’s have lost some of their value.

    Incremental updates to refresh a camera line make sense, but not just to reassure people the camera works as it should have all along. Though there may be more updates than we currently expect.

  • Łukasz Szty

    will be corrected version of the Nikon d600. What about the people who bought broken Nikons d600?? Nice NIKON ;/

  • aarif

    I’m a D600 owner and I’m disappointed having the
    cross-type sensors only in the center for such a nice camera and
    crippling is a shame, I would have upgraded to the D610 if they had
    used the 51 AF system.

  • Mikael

    I shoot 90% pictures and 10% videos. The live view autofocus on D7000 is dead slow, and make it useless for even amature quality video recording. And so it on all other Nikon DLSRs. :/
    When will we have a Nikon DLSR with phase driven autofocus for video?? Sony have had this for a long time, and Canon just got with Eos D70.

  • Ryan

    It would be nice to see touch vari-angle LCD monitor, built in Wi-Fi at least and be 1st for Nikon on a full frame camera. But that’s wishful thinking

  • Melvin Keaton

    I got a 2000€ budget and was going to buy the D600. Then I read about all the dust problems you could have with this camera, seems like a “painting” problem in the chamber camera according to Nikon France. So all I expect from the D610 would be that problem solved (and same price as the current D600)…else I’d definitely go for the 6D, why take the risk.

  • Nuno Guerreiro

    Wow, what the hell, Nikon are you wakeup?!? No WIFI and GPS on 2013/2014 ?!?! Way to go…

    • TheMasterCylinder

      …and this is why the Canon 6D has no on-board flash, because they needed somewhere to put the WiFi/GPS. Me, I’d rather have a flash (such as it is) and a flash trigger. I’m cool with using the WiFi dongle for the times I need it, but I just wish Nikon’s GPS dongle wasn’t so much $$$

      • Nuno Guerreiro

        “and this is why the Canon 6D has no on-board flash, because they needed somewhere to put the WiFi/GPS”
        Are u completely joking with me?!?!
        Tell me how much space do a smarthphone can have to have those two specs?!?! It’s only need a chip with that those two things, and much more!!!

        • TheMasterCylinder

          Don’t tell me, tell Canon and Nikon.

          I’m all for WiFi and GPS being on-board, but if they have to sacrifice the flash to do it, then I’d rather have the flash.

          • Nuno Guerreiro

            But what sacrifices men?!?
            You can put those sensors anywhere!!!
            They don’t need to be where flash is!!! They are powerful enough, specially the GPS, to be anywhere in the camera… Normally I can get GPS signals on my phones if I’m inside my home!!!

          • Nuno Guerreiro

            But what sacrifices men?!?
            You can put those sensors anywhere!!!
            They don’t need to be where flash is!!! They are powerful enough, specially the GPS, to be anywhere in the camera… Normally I can get GPS signals on my phones if I’m inside my home!!!

  • Chris

    What a shame Nikon. You can put 51 AF points in a DX D7100, but not in an FX camera costing much more .Which shows me that cost is not the reason you chose to do this. Is Nikon afraid that having a 51 point AF system would rob sales from the D800 ? Not everyone wants 36 megapixels Nikon. Again, not in sync. with your customer base.

  • CatLady

    I own a D600. Just made a quick search and in fact the price of this camera has come down. And, yet, I was surprised to see that eBay USA no D600 used is on sale. I wonder if the drop in price is just the natural consequence of the D610. Just marketing!

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