Nikon 1 AW1 camera now available for pre-order *UPDATED*

Amazon US is currently taking pre-orders for the Nikon 1 AW camera. Two different kit options are available in three different colors (black, white and silver):

The shipping date is listed as October 10, 2013.

german_flag Amazon Germany

UK flag Amazon UK

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  • RT

    This looks SO MUCH COOLER than the existing Nikon 1 Series cameras.

    But going off topic:

    Where is D400?

    • jk

      what about rugged mirrorless version of Dxxx with PDAF on the sensor + 60p at 4k?

  • Aldo

    wow price isn’t so bad

    • Agree, maybe this is part of Nikon’s new direction.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, and the design too!

      • jk

        I prefer the rugged version of the V2 but I think this AW1 will be a big hit for them.

        • Larry Holt

          I’d prefer it if they had a V2 version also. A camera without a viewfinder is useless.

          • Luxen

            they should take the display away and make it with just an evf

          • MB

            Have you ever tried to use viewfinder under water?

  • Cammece Capitalbrock

    14mp eh?.. so predictable. the 24mp apsc version will be available after Nikon milks their customers for a few hundred million dollar$.

    • Aldo

      nah… 14mp lands on the sweet spot imo.

  • bratvlad

    most pplz dont shoot underwater, so who the heck needs this camera? yeah its nice and all that it can do such underwater and stuff, but is it exicting to most of us? I don’t think so…

    • Plug

      Nor was the Nikonos.

    • Andrew

      If you go to the beach or are caught in the rain or go hiking, it is good to know that your camera will not fog up.

    • pegdrgr

      I actually like the idea of a rugged camera. I will probably only use it a few times in the water, but I am sure I will bang it around numerous times. Being in the PNW, it isn’t a bad idea to have a waterproof camera either.

    • RMJ

      propably everyone who lives next to a beach ? Like here in Barcelona, during a year, I don’t need both hands’ fingers to count the days when I don’t visit the beach at least once a day…

      and you don’t have to take the photos underwater, it’s just fine to take them near the water, too. and not even talk about the damn sand that finds it’s way to every tiny place.

      This was excellent move from Nikon and the camera will definitely sell masses. I bet my left ball that within year others tries to make similar.

      • 1j2

        After a week at the beach I had sand inside (!) my 11-27.5mm lens. I can see it at the front lens. I think it enters through the gap at the lock release button.

    • jk

      well, usually I dislike this series and always thought it was the biggest mistake of some recent Nikon products. but this time I have to say I am now interested in this series , it has a lot of uses for it.

      I usually shoot in Thailand or Hawaii in the Winter ,and every April I shoot Thai new year’s event called “Songkrun”, which is kind of water festival, I think the Nikon AW1 is really suited for this particular use.

      And I may actually buy it for this particular use, so there are many many interesting use for this camera.
      I just wish it was the rugged version of the Nikon V2.

    • groucher

      Who need this camera – anyone who bought a Nikonos? – cavers, climbers, hill walkers, mountain bikers, sailors, surfers, wind surfers, companies that work in difficult conditions, divers, beach-goers, hang glider pilots and orienteers to mention a few examples. The Nikon 1 is the best camera system out there bar none thanks to its compactness, light weight and 60fps max frame rate so anyone interested in any sort of outdoor activity or sport is going to love this camera. It will sell by the bucket load. Needs an EVF though.

      • Joseph Li

        wow now you got me started thinking…i can just hang this camera off my neck and off to do all the outdoor activities without worrying about dust, impact, water, salt etc. and still get decent image quality, fast AF, fps and such a lightweight camera…hmmm…well this camera is actually making me wanna go out LOL…now that’s something Nikon

        • Neopulse

          You took the words right out of my mouth. One of my biggest worries is humidity and air salt

    • umeshrw

      It is exciting because it is within reach now for everybody. Compare prices of nikonos or housings etc. Also not necessary to shoot only underwater to get this camera. We would like our cameras to be more rugged at not so much extra cost.( Not trolling but … hence demand for D400)

  • stesk

    I can’t see it’s possible change lenses under water 🙂

    • Julian

      yes its possible – but you need a submarine 😉

      • Neopulse

        Or a plastic bag held by 1-2 of your buddies. Release air from your tank to create an airpocket, switch lenses and submerge it again. Or just have 2 cameras with different lenses.

        • BroncoBro

          Actually, you will want 4 cameras, two for each lens, AND the yet-to-be-announced 3D bracket. Mount two cameras, one on each side and create stunning 3D images under water. With the zoom lenses attached, you must get the zoom synchronizer with your bracket.

          • Neopulse

            Ahhhh for a moment there in the beginning you confused me big time until I read the 3-D remark. Sounds interesting… never occurred to me that idea. Thanks

  • Martijn

    i’m reaaalllyyy thinking about selling my D7000 + glass and buying this. I’m using my DSLR more for “aroud the house” stuff, and no longer for work. And taking F2.8 glass and faster everywhere is quite a burden…. And since my hobby’s are kitesurf, snowboard and wakeboard. A waterproof camera would be awesome!

    just have to test the nikon 1 to see if i’ll miss the quality difference though

    • stoooopid

      I have D7000, J1 and V1. I have 2 zooms and 2 primes for my 1 system cams. I gotta say, the 1 system cams are pretty good, but when I want really good quality (especially low noise and good dynamic range) I ALWAYS reach for my D7000. It might have been different if Nikon had given me a way to trigger my strobes with the J1 or V1 – but they didn’t. So for low light, it is the D7000, always.

      • Martijn

        well i’m not using much low light actually… so maybe thats why i also wouldn’t mind the switch. If i do low light, it’s not action…. so if i look at it that way.

        Really want to try a Nikon 1, but no one i know has one. so i’ll have to rent one to try. i’ll keep the ISO option in mind and i’ll try to see if i can spot the difference

  • Northerntrumpeter

    That looks really tempting. 1000 USD for the dual kit lens option seems reasonable. I hope the UK prices are as good. This would be a great holiday camera, but I’m wondering about attaching it to my bike instead of buying a Gopro. I can see this being on my wish list next year.

    • Martijn

      because the lenses arent ultra-wide. you will get a lot of shaking. Ony if you cycle ultra-flat asphalt it will be okay-ish. and if you fall….. Gopro is made for a reason. Although de new sony as30 might be better. it also records your speed, and your route/location. And you can see those on your video (if you want).

      • Northerntrumpeter

        Ah, of course. Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I’ll not buy it for that reason then! BTW, I wish I’d had a camera mounted when I had an epic and very painful fail on the commute to work a couple of months back. I can only remember part of it. Would be good to fill in the blanks!

  • Ser Piggy

    Now it’s turn for 2 DSLRs. One FF, one crop. Not too revolutionary, but quite nice improvements. It seems that Nikon have finally understood that weatherproofing is important. I’ve also heard some inside rumours that they’re thinking about budget (yes, budget) FF DSLR.

    • Ian Dangerzone

      It’s hard to say whether a budget full frame would be amazing or not. My guts tell me it would be, but that’s pretty much what the D600 is. What market is a 1200 dollar FF going to appeal to? The guy who wants great IQ on a budget? You can still get excellent IQ from DX bodies (my d7000 does *work*, son!) and the 7100 is by all accounts an excellent, even superb upgrade that exceeds the needs of most amateurs. If you’re a shutterbug like me who is going FF because you’re reaching the limit of what your equipment can do and you need that extra stop of light and build quality to match the pro glass you had to buy because Nikon is laying pipe to DX users by releasing 18mm zoom one after another and no nice fast DX primes (okay, 35mm, I’ll grant you that one, but who actually uses them?), then why not just spend the cash for the real body and get a D800? If you’re thinking of going FF ‘just cuz’, you still need the glass to go with it, and no matter where you skimp on body, good glass is always going to cost you. And no pro is going to take a budget FF body. So who is going to buy it? I don’t know, but if you put a d800 sensor in a d300 body, I’d be throwing my money at you quicker than two jiggles of a jackrabbit’s ass.

  • skaarj

    It would be a lot more tempting if it was the DX Coolpix a.

  • Neopulse

    Hmmm…. I have a feeling that it will be break into another category this kind of camera system. Guess they are (excuse the pun) testing the waters with this camera to see what happens. I think if there’s enough sales and demand I think an APS-C or FF might exist because the deeper you go the less light you’ll have (mind you without strobes). And the larger sensor can help with gathering more light and a slightly bigger body with a grip can help. Probably be the next digital Nikonos.

  • BroncoBro

    This camera really differentiates itself in the marketplace and creates its own reason to buy it. The other Nikon 1 cameras didn’t seem to have that much going for them, especially at the price. This camera, on the other hand, is pretty remarkable.

  • Neopulse

    I’d most likely get the white. Easier to see if it falls to the bottom compared to the black and the silver wouldn’t get because of that urban legend that barracudas mistaken it for minnows and attack it :-/

  • Mars Observer

    This is perfect for me (though I wish it had a viewfinder).

    I got caught in the heavy downpours that hit Toronto on July 8th and I had my (non-weather-sealed) NEX-6 with me (I also have a Nikon 1 V1).

    I was able to get a few shots with the NEX, but had I had something like this there would have been some great shots I could have gotten when the rain was really pounding the streets!!

    Nice idea Nikon!

    (p.s. if you’d like, you can see some of the shots here:

    • Neopulse

      Hard to use a viewfinder with goggles on. Guess that’s why they took it out. Plus chances are the LCD is perfect for underwater. Hate to say this, but if you want a viewfinder get one of the V series.

      • Mars Observer

        Well… I probably wouldn’t be wearing goggles when using the camera on land. 😀

        I have the Nikon 1 V1, and if the AW1 had a veiwfinder I’d be tempted to sell the V1 and replace it with the AW1. Unfortunately, with the lack of viewfinder, I’m faced with the prospect of having to own both bodies, or wait an AW2 with viewfinder. The AW2 seems a better option for me as I’d only need to take one body on vacation. I could use it underwater, or on the bright, sunny beach to take pictures of ‘wave babies’. 🙂

        • Neopulse

          True….. although doubt the viewfinder in the next model :-/ but chances are it’ll come out next year though heh.

  • Squidward

    Nice idea, but I can’t say I like the interchangeable lens, I think it’ll be a real headache for Nikon. It took Olympus many iterations of the Tough line to get it right. All the early models leaked, some badly. Then finally they got it right with the TG1 – TG2 line. Simple is better for a rugged camera. I would never go diving with a $1000 camera and no housing, but my Olympus Tough? At $350 that thing is always with me and it’s virtually bullet proof.

  • BRYANL1972

    So now this has been the announcement..Admin..what do you think will be next ???…and will it be by end of year??( the next announcement from Nikon)..lens or camera??

    • I think the D610 is next, maybe in the next 30 days.

  • koenshaku

    I guess this means it will be a while before they announce their refreshes to their DSLR line D610 and D5300… give D610 51AF point plz =)

  • Jorge

    Ok, So who’s gonna be the first brave soul to put his 1000 dollar camera in the water and have it leak? And we all thought oil spots on the D600 sensor was bad? This is another PR disaster waiting to happen. Hate to sound so cynical of Nikon, but their current track record is nothing to write home about.

    • Aldo

      Right… why wake up if we’re gonna die anyway… I agree.

  • One More Thought

    This is actually a smart move by Nikon. it serves a niche market and the 1 series is perfectly adequate for this purpose.

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