Nikon D610 announcement on October 7-8, the only known improvement for now: 6 fps continuous shooting speed

The Nikon D610 will most likely be announced in two weeks, on October 7th or 8th. The only upgrade I am aware (in addition to the shutter) is the slightly improved top continuous shooting speed at 6 fps (compared to 5.5 fps in the D600). I cannot yet confirm if there will be something else announced on that date.

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  • NightPro

    It might be 7 fps D600s ?

  • chk

    If they won’t change the AF module with the 51 points, this update is completely useless.
    If it’s done just to make people think that the oil problem is solved, it’s even more sad.

    They should have admitted the problem and fixed the problematic cameras instead of abandon their clients.

  • Rafa R

    I am currently holding on buying a D600 cause of the dust/oil issue , cant wait to get the D610, specs are ok it its pretty much the same as the D600, as long as there is no oil or dust its fine.

  • Ian

    All I want is for Nikon to make a full frame that is on par with a 5dIII

  • df

    What! – Only 6 fps! squirt a little WD40 on that shutter ! That should get it going

  • Zen-Tao

    We are missing into the bush. Frame rate is for sports an few more. D600,D800 seriers are designed for commercial or artistic purpouses these fotographers need sensor quality , processor, etc , and of course no oil specks

  • radu

    is this really happening ,I’m really looking forward to see a price for this

  • erland

    D610 should get a new sound unit without hizz.
    Or maybe a batterygrip with a audiounit is a solution.
    How do you folks record sound on the D600, or D800, by the way? I have used extra mic, a Røde svm N3594. Mic is ok, but the manual level must be set very low until hizz goes away.

  • Ali Raza

    Should hopefully have 51 point sensor and Aperture control in live view.

  • Artur Zielinski

    Hey Can you change aperture in live view ?

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