Nikon Coolpix P7800 camera to start shipping tomorrow

Update: the Nikon P7800 is now in stock.

The Nikon Coolpix P7800 camera that was announced in early September is scheduled to start shipping tomorrow. The P7800 user manual is now available for download here:


Nikon Coolpix P7800 hands-on video:

What others are saying:

"I criticized Canon for its disappointing G16 update to the G series, but Nikon's no innovation revelation either in this class. The Coolpix P7800, which sort of replaces the P7700 -- Nikon cameras never really discontinue, they just fade away -- offers just a few enhancements over the P7700, but doesn't seem to address that camera's real weaknesses." -C-Net

"Our first observation, however, was that there's no eye sensor, so when you want to use the viewfinder, you have to press the button, rather than just lifting it to your face as is the case with many. It's a minor foible, and at least the switch from rear display to viewfinder is fast, so you're not delayed once you punch that button." -Pocket-Lint

"We've been impressed with the image quality of these cameras before, but we've had issues with the performance of things such as autofocus and processing – hopefully things which will prove to have been improved once full production samples are available. [...] We're a little disappointed not to see integrated Wi-Fi and a touchscreen here, though it is nice that it remains articulating." -Techradar

Cosmetically, the most significant addition is a 921k-dot EVF, which Nikon reps feel justifies a jump in price, from $500 to $550. You'll also find a 1/1.7-inch 12.2MP BSI CMOS sensor, 7.1x 28-200mm f/2-4 lens and a 3-inch 921k-dot RGBW articulating LCD, which, like on the D7100, yields better clarity and contrast. There's 1080/30p video capture, an 8 fps continuous shooting mode (but only for six consecutive JPG frames) and an ISO range of 80-3200. Surprisingly, there's no built-in WiFi, but you can add on the $60 WU-1a for wireless connectivity. -Engadget

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  • Spy Black

    This should have been the P7700.

  • nawab

    I hate upgrades over the same model…………… poor hindsight or brilliant afterthoughts! I regret investing in the p7700 six months back

    • Dave Ingram

      Join the Nikon regrets club – I’ve got a D600 that is still producing oil and dust after a Nikon service and shutter replacement.

      • Spy Black

        It’s OK, just join this club:

        I did. No regrets.

        • Dave Ingram

          Nice – cheap membership as well : )

    • Paul Deavall

      Nikon got the P7700 so right. I considered the update but on cost benefit, there’s no reason to believe it’s better. 7700 Rock’s you can’t be disappointed with it. Nikon will have to replace the EVF with optical if I’m going to change.

    • Rob

      I bought a P7100 six months back and think it’s great. It was a bargain as the P7700 was just replacing it.

  • Nikonhotep

    You might want to fix the typo (“Coolpis”). 🙂

  • Neopulse

    If I ever consider getting a Nikon compact, it’s gonna be either an AW110 or Nikon 1 series at that price range.

  • boba

    Sensor too small, Nikon please look at Sony RX100. Stop produsing junk.

  • Mardock

    “…921k-dot EVF, which Nikon reps feel justifies a jump in price, from $500 to $550. You’ll also find a 1/1.7-inch 12.2MP BSI CMOS sensor.”

    EPIC fail. Sensor too small, viewfinder too low res.

    Nikon needs to stop building consumer trash and start getting serious about mirror less, before they get caught flat-footed in the near future.

  • DigitalCamerasTrends

    Would i favor to possess the larger device and higher ISO performance in it? affirmative. Would i favor it to be smaller? affirmative. Would i {prefer|i favor} it to be cheaper? certain (I might have gotten the P7700 if I did not prefer viewfinders). however within the overall compromise of requirements for a comparatively compact camera, the P7800 is what i would like.

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