Nikon D5300 specifications: Wi-Fi, GPS, EXPEED 4

This is the first set of Nikon D5300 specifications:

  • 24MP
  • 39 AF points
  • EXPEED 4 (new)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi (new)
  • Built-in GPS (new)

In addition to the built-in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities I already mentioned few weeks ago, the new D5300 will be the first camera to get the new EXPEED 4 processor. I was expecting the EXPEED 4 to be featured first in the D400, but that's not going to be the case. Maybe this is another nail in the D400 coffin.

I have no exact announcement date, but my guess is that the D5300 will be introduced right before the Photo Plus show in NYC at the end of October or for the CES show in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2014.

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  • saelee

    I know not many people care about this camera, but I wish they would put a headphone jack on this so Nikon can have a “true” video DSLR since this is the only line that has a flip out screen.

    • jeremy bayston

      just use splitter…

  • Rhonbo

    I suppose the D5300 will have a faster FPS than the D7100 now.

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      I’m guessing buffer gimping will solve this…

  • Mike

    I disagree that this is a nail in the D400 coffin. With the D5300 and the D7100, Nikon’s DX lineup will be very strange. Consumers will have the choice between:

    D5300 (presumably): EXPEED 4 processor, gps, and wi-fi, anti-aliasing filter still intact, no screwdrive motor for vintage lenses, 39 point autofocus, single SD card slot


    D7100: 51 point autofocus, screwdrive motor for greater lens compatibility, no AA filter, dual card slots, yet small buffer and no wifi and gps.

    That kind of leaves people hanging. It doesn’t really make any sense for Nikon to not merge the two. I suspect that the D400 will come sometime in 2014 and will essentially be a merger of the D7100 and the D5300.

    My predictions for the D400:

    Same sensor as the D7100

    Same autofocus system as the D7100

    EXPEED 4 processor 12 frames per second with 36 frame buffer and true 60fps 1080p video

    Built in gps and wifi

    Compact flash and SD card slot with XQD compatibility from the D4

    • Olaf Hoyer

      I second that- when you see the big gap in Nikons lineup, compared with signs of a launch of a 7D Mark II in probably first half of 2014, its looking like field test of important stuff for a D400 and D7200 systems. Most of customers of a D5xxx model will not really need the functions, but in the sheer mass of the numbers sold, problems will pop up and can be fixed before an important highend model launches.

    • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

      I agree with this. The D7100 is a awesome camera, but it has some limitations that the D300s don’t have, and if you are used to a D300 or above, some limitations might make a big negative impact.

      If you want a new nikon with fast burst rate and above decent buffer, your only choice is the D4. and if thoes are key features you need, you won’t start investing in nikon gear when Sony or canon own that area.
      Nikon needs a new pro D300 class camera.

      My D400 predictions are:
      Same sensor as D7100, maybe updated version or slightly lower pixel count.
      Same 51 point AF as the new pro models, or a entirely new AF system. (The 51 point AF is a bit old now, the new updated version of it is good, but I feel like it has reached its limit. the D7100 also has the same AF, so maybe Nikon is coming out with something new?)
      Expeed 4, 8+ fps and 30+ buffer. (With a new processor I expect around 8 fps with 24MP and the current D800/D7100 battery, nikon might be able to push it above 10 with crop mode or D4 battery)
      Dual CF or CF + SD. I don’t think XQD is coming back atm. Almost no one is using them.
      1080/60 and/or more higher fps on lower resolution.
      Wifi and gps is mostly marketing stuff, and I don’t see many pros want them, its also said to have issues with full metal bodys which I don’t really see as truth. But Nikon is known to pack all the next coming bodys with the same features once one body has them. So maybe wifi and gps make it to the D400?

      • James Donahue

        Forget about the D400 It is not going to happen

        • Andrew

          It will happen. It is now looking more likely. The D400 will lift the buffer limit on the D7100, give us more frames per second (fps), etc. It will be the top DX camera. There is just too big a price gap between the D7100 and D610 (coming soon).

      • Richard

        ALL cameras have limitations….SO WHAT??? are you affected by the cameras limitations?? maybe you need to work on your skills to overcome those “limitations”??

        • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

          If we all can work around camera limitations, maybe we should just go back to P&S and phone cameras, because all cameras have limitations, and with skill we can just overcome them? sounds about right?
          You pretty much missed the whole point of my post.

          • Richard

            That’s just silly lol. You learn to be creative enough to work around the camera’s limitations not be limited by them.

            • Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

              I read it the first time. But you don’t seem to understand that you can’t work around everything and equipment better suited for your style of shooting works much better than work arounds.
              It dosen’t matter how good a photographer becomes, a birder will never replace his 300mm+ with a 50mm and a sport photographer will never replace his D4 with a D3xxx class camera.

            • Richard

              A birder would be better off with a crop sensor camera with the 300mm lens, He or She will have greater reach at less cost for about the same image.

          • Richard

            Not exactly my friend, every camera has limitations but not at the same level. Cell phone cameras have even greater limitations than DSLR’s do of course.

    • ebase

      When your prediction became a reality, i”ll get it & i don’t care if it’s more pricey than d610.

    • Updating a product line isn’t a perfect process. Over time, IQ improves, bugs are worked out and features are added to meet the demands of customers and keep competitive. It is an imperfect process, but it does move in the right direction. That said, existing cameras are capable of producing photographic masterpieces when we have the expertise and creativity to exploit them.

      • Mike

        Agree with you! Nikon needs to act fast and get something out! I believe full frame in Leica m size will be battle in the future! My iphone shoots cool photos and for the rest d90 is still cool camera

        • Eric Calabos

          Camera is just a tool, and we want tools to make our jobs easier. Otherwise, having wifi or gps or more robust body or bigger buffer, has no effect on quality of your photos. Your aging D90 still has enough DR and tolerable ISO performance. Can you bet upgrading to D400 (which has already known D7100 sensor, as you speculated) changes the quality of your work? I often explore flickr to find photographers who use cameras older than mine, and everytime I get surprised by what they are able to do with equipment 3 or 4 generation behind what I have

          • Zaini el-Akhmad

            agree, take pictures and stop arguing with features u don’t intend to use it….

          • Richard

            I agree, I have seen pictures taken with the older but goody Nikon D90 on 500px that look fabulous and even looked better than some full framed units.

          • 103David

            All true, the D90 remains quite useful, and is a wonderful piece of engineering brought to us exactly at the right time and place. But neither is it still a first, or even a second tier competitor in a world populated by D5xxx and D7xxx DX cameras, much less the FX level crowd.
            Remember, it’s still a technical medium and you will always (and unarguably) be limited to being only as good as your tools.
            Wait, stop! I can hear angry breaths being inhaled all over the world in furious ripostes, all, in essence, based on that old chestnut about “…the picture being taken not by the camera, but the person standing behind it.”
            Bullshit. Use a second or third (or lesser) tier instrument and your quality will always the second or third (or lesser) tier.
            But just to make it interesting, the quandary remains…a second or third tier capture beats a first tier miss (because you couldn’t afford both the new D5X AND the ticket to capture that Once–In-A-Lifetime Mongolian sunrise/eclipse in 2015.
            Whew! Welcome to the now well-on-the-way 21st century.
            As always, shoot at F8…and be there.

    • Theodoros Fotometria

      What D400 has to do with anything? …D400 is a 3digit even starting number name which inevitably makes it an FX camera like all other FX products are… DX nikon products are all of four digits and odd starting number…

      • Michael Sloan

        Hmmmm, what about the even numbered DX enabled D200? What about the odd numbered FX enabled D700? I’m not sure Nikon numbers have any significance, as some like to suggest.

        • Theodoros Fotometria

          I believe you confuse “are” with “was”… The Nikon naming policy has been applied IN ALL PRODUCTS that have been released after it was decided and started with D3000… if 14 consecutive products are not enough for you, then you better wait for the 15th… if this won’t convince you, then you may wait for the next decade… Maybe they’ll decide to change their naming policy again…

          • Michael Sloan

            Let’s see here…I think you are confusing “is” with “what you want it to be”…

            The Nikon D300S released the same month as the D3000, it was DX, why didn’t it have four digits?

            Nikon started making DSLRs in 1999, now 14+ years in the making…

            In those 14+ years, their naming conventions for DX or FX have been all over the board with the only consistancy being that two and four digit models have always been DX.

            Also, it would appear that all single digit DSLRs since the introduction of the D3 are going to be FX; I don’t expect this to change, but it could. We still have D5 through D9 to go!

            Based on historical facts, it is too early to tell if the last remaining tripple digit numbers, D400, D500, and D900 will be FX or DX. Nikon may have decided that everything D500 and below will be DX and everything D600 and above will be FX. Therefore we could see two more pro level DX bodies (i.e. D400, D500) and one more pro level FX bodie (i.e. D900), with possible H,S,X varients on top of that.

            Here are some more historical facts:

            Single Digit Naming Scheme = 64% DX and 36% FX
            Double Digit Naming Scheme = 100% DX
            Tripple Digit Naming Scheme = 50% DX and 50% FX
            Quadrupple Digit Naming Scheme = 100% DX

            The D3000 only came out in the last 4+ years, which means the four digit naming scheme has only been 30% of Nikon’s DSLR naming history.

            Single Digit Naming Scheme Since Aug 2007 has been 100% FX.
            Double Digit Naming Scheme Since Jan 2004 has been 100% DX.
            Tripple Digit Naming Scheme Since Feb 2012 has been 100% FX (but it doesn’t mean it will stay this way)
            Quadrupple Digit Naming Scheme Since Jul 2009 has been 100% DX.

            Total DSLR models made = 35
            Total DX DSLR models made = 27
            Total FX DSLR models made = 8

            Total Single Digit DSLRs = 11
            7 DX (3 Odd, 4 Even)
            4 FX (3 Odd, 1 Even)

            Total Double Digit DSLRs = 8
            8 DX (4 Odd, 4 Even)
            0 FX (0 odd, 0 Even)

            Total Tripple Digit DSLRs = 8
            4 DX (3 Odd, 1 Even)
            4 FX (1 Odd, 3 Even)

            Total Quadruple Digit DSLRs = 8
            8 DX (8 Odd, 0 Even)
            0 FX (0 Odd, 0 Even)

            D1 Jun 1999 DX
            D1H Feb 2001 DX
            D1X Feb 2001 DX
            D100 Feb 2002 DX
            D2H Jul 2003 DX
            D70 Jan 2004 DX
            D2X Sep 2004 DX
            D2Hs Feb 2005 DX
            D70s Apr 2005 DX
            D50 Apr 2005 DX
            D200 Nov 2005 DX
            D2Xs Jun 2006 DX
            D80 Aug 2006 DX
            D40 Nov 2006 DX
            D40X Mar 2007 DX
            D300 Aug 2007 DX
            D3 Aug 2007 FX
            D60 Jan 2008 DX
            D700 Jul 2008 FX
            D90 Aug 2008 DX
            D3X Dec 2008 FX
            D3000 Jul 2009 DX
            D300S Jul 2009 DX
            D5000 Apr 2009 DX
            D3S Oct 2009 FX
            D3100 Aug 2010 DX
            D7000 Sep 2010 DX
            D5100 Apr 2011 DX
            D4 Jan 2012 FX
            D3200 Apr 2012 DX
            D800 Feb 2012 FX
            D800E Feb 2012 FX
            D600 Sep 2012 FX
            D5200 Nov 2012 DX
            D7100 Feb 2013 DX

            With all of what I have presented, I don’t discount you are 100% wrong or right. I’m just saying you have nothing to back your claim, but you state it like its the gospel. Unless Nikon sent out a press release somewhere about their DSLR naming conventions and I missed it, the reality is in their history…

    • PeterT

      I think new Milbeaut / Expeed 4 can only do 1080/60i…

    • Global

      Nikon will just give EXPEED 4 to the D7200. Period.

      Although, it will be QUITE STRANGE — after this news — if the D610 doesn’t have EXPEED 4. That would be a real disappointment!

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        In which case, the D7200 will be the D400…
        and probably have at least 8 frames per second and a better buffer…

    • Yannes Yannsha

      Expeed 4 will most likely not support 1080/60p, “only” 1080/30p:

      • KnightPhoto

        Odd how 1080/60p still would remain unattainable in Nikon incarnation. The part in Thom’s article about “new video algorithms” on the New Milbeaut chip still sounds interesting to me. Any video improvements are always welcome I’d say.

      • Pat Mann

        If Expeed 4 doesn’t support 4k then they made a mistake.

        • KnightPhoto

          Good point, 4K will eventually become some sort of minimum bar. Probably not yet at the D5300-level, but when would you say – is it mandatory in the D5/D900?
          We don’t really NEED 4K right now, and I hate to think of processing and storage, ugh.

    • FDF

      If you merge those two, you only get a D7200.

    • halo9

      I can see Nikon’s marketing material already…. I AM Finally Here

  • Stefan Georgiev

    I think Nikon has to move the articulated screen to D7xxx and merge D5xxx and D3xxx into one low end class DSLR. And of course release the long awaited D400.

    • zoetmb

      Merger of the D5xxx and D3xxx line is not going to happen. While that would simplify the product line and make all the anal-retentive Nikon fans happy, at the low end, small price differences are important. You need to hit all price points or customers buy another brand. You also want to take up “shelf space”, although that is somewhat less important than it used to be as people buy online instead of at physical retail.

      • Stefan Georgiev

        you’re probably right – from a marketing stand point they need to fill every price gap.
        I would still like to see the articulated screen on D7xxx though. Similarly to 70D.

        • stormwatch

          Just no similar articulated screen to Canons, the articulated screens on D5100 and D5200 are excellent.

  • Sashimi

    god Nikon’s line-up is a blasted mess !

    • Andrew

      It’s not a mess. Technology is advancing quickly and Nikon is doing an admirable job keeping up, it is just that we are too picky. Some people want a D700 replacement and cannot find it in either the D600 or D800. Some people want a D400 replacement and cannot find it in the D7100. The only people I have sympathy for are those wanting the D400. Nikon has many competent cameras but we are just too difficult to satisfy.

      • MRGABE

        who the hell wanted a D800? where were all the requests for a D7000 replacement? I’m sorry, but I can’t reason with Nikon’s logic. the D400 is coming. It will be Nikon’s surprise product when the Canon 7D2 finally comes out.

  • OM

    I don´t understand the technology, some years a go the important thing was the better results for the photos, now really I don´t like other features that no help with the photos like, GPS, WIFI, touch screen (that is for smart phones). I don´t like it, for me, give me more FPS, Better Sensors, Dynamic Range, etc.

    • ebase

      If its not for you, then don’t buy it. simple.

      • groucher

        So what do you buy? If you want these features, you’re well served – if you don’t them then tough, there are no bloat-free cameras on the market. Of course it’s possible to put the camera in manual mode and avoid selecting the features but you still have to put up with an oversized, control laden camera body that doesn’t perform well in difficult conditions as it’s all too easy to accidentally select an unwanted mode.

        Nikon please give us a digital FM. I have money waiting.

        • Conguero

          “there are no bloat-free cameras on the market”

          Yes there are. Ever heard of Leica?

          • KnightPhoto

            I think Leica just added video with their recent models, so they aren’t immune to competition either. The D600 is somewhat of a Digital FM/FM2, just ignore the stuff you don’t use.

          • 103David

            Nice try, but the bloat is in the price.

        • Alex

          I also wish a Digital FM…

    • Lcky

      Find your Nikon app. Now on your smartphone.

    • omar

      I hear that brotha! Dinamic Range is what they need to focus on.

      • KnightPhoto

        I don’t really get these “more Dynamic Range” comments of late. Nikon has produced the cameras with the most Dynamic Range, and by a substantial margin, since back in 2010 when the D7000 was first released and continues to sit atop the DxoMark rankings in this regard.

    • delayedflight

      They’ve already given you that for the past several years or so. You’re just too cheap to buy their state of the art cameras.

    • arf

      The name “D400” is just a place holder in my mind. Nikon will call it what they will. D400, D9000, what ever. Its what it does or not do thats important to us right? As for Sensors – Did not sony (who supplies a lot ofSensors to Nikon just come out with a camera (APS-C) that was back lit or something? This Sensor was 24 MP and up’d the low light sensitivity and lowered the noise level, I think. This is a newer trend on Sensor design. Sony used this on their R100 M2. This might be the next step where thing are going in the not so distant future.

      • arf

        My mistake, That sony is a 1″ Sensor. I guess the APS-C design is coming later.

    • Andrew

      The EXPEED 4 for the D5300 should give us more FPS, but I would not complain getting GPS and especially WIFI. But where is that elusive 1080p @ 60p (that is, shooting Full HD 1920 x 1080 progressive frames at 60 frames per second)? Nikon should attack Canon’s and Sony’s turf in video functionality with the larger sensors in this higher-end consumer (D5300) camera; surely that is something the EXPEED 4 can deliver.

      • jeremy bayston

        I agree, if they can’t improve the video quality and give us 1080 60p, there isn’t much point.

  • Marcel

    One thing im curious about when I read about new cameras is why does anyone care about the processor? For me the processor itself is irrelevant, it’s what the camera (and firmware) can do with it thats interesting: Processing speed, buffer size, maybe JPEG quality. A new marketing name for the processor gives me zero information about this so why is this always stated as a feature? Even more so as it is really hard to find out anything about the camera processors apart from the marketing name…

    • nikon_really_messed_up

      the processor dictates what kind of video the camera support (expeed 3 doesn’t do 1080/60p for instance) and also the maximum fps you can get from the camera. the D800 was apparently more limited by the processor than by the sensor in terms of video and fps spec.

      • Marcel

        I would understand if new video modes would be listed as features but not the processor (from which we don’t know yet if it allows new video modes or not)…

    • Sahaja

      Expeed 4 should have faster processing speed – which they could use for higher FPS.

      See this:

    • spicynujac

      In short, the processor has everything to do with the quality of the digital image that you view; it is the equivalent of a new film coming out. Do you remember using Fuji 800? It was a huge jump in quality from the previous available film stock. I expect better in-camera processing, including auto correction of lens aberrations, improved dynamic range, and possibly new features, especially for JPEG mode.
      At the risk of being flamed, I will post the following good summary of different processor generation chips in Nikon cameras. You don’t have to agree with his grand sweeping statements but the facts here are useful.

  • nikon_really_messed_up

    it make even less sense for the D610 to not have expeed 4 then. what kind of marketing message are they sending?

    and I would suppose EXPEED 4 (and D5300) to support 1080/60p.

    • delayedflight

      The D610 is the same as the SB910 essentially a bug fixed camera.

      • Conguero

        As they released the SB910 they had to admit the SB900 had heating issue. If they release the D610 as a “bug-fix” camera only then they will have to admit that the D600 had issues too. But if they added some minor upgrades to some features in the camera they can sell it as an upgrade to D600 without admitting any issues which has been their policy till now regarding the D600 problem.

        It’ll be interessting to see which way they go.

  • Hamed

    Hey Nikon! Some 60p 1080 pleaseee

  • Gabriel

    I’m curious if this is the same 24 MP sensor as in the D5200/D7100 or if it’s improved over them. I wonder if it has the D7100’s banding issue.

  • Markus Lajer Photography

    + headphone jack and 1080 60fps and 720 120fps plzz.
    and then a front whell. could be awesome on the D5XXX and D3XXX series.

  • robert

    from what it seems, if the D400 will ever be launched, I think they might call it the D9000. sounds more logical than D400..

    • Marcel

      D9000 would not be more logical as 4-digits are for consumers and 3-digits are pro-bodies (marketing point of view).

      • Goulart

        Is the D600 a pro body?

        • zoetmb

          Good point, but I think they named it the D600 solely because of the FX sensor. However, I think Nikon blew the D600 because it should have had the D300 style controls. They probably didn’t do that because they felt it would erode sales of the D800.
          IMO, Nikon needs a true D400 (DX with pro-style controls, like the D300 and D200 before it). IMO, waiting to see what Canon does is ridiculous because there wouldn’t be time to substantially modify what the D400 is anyway. Only the price would vary.
          Nikon has never been very good at naming their cameras. It’s always been an illogical mess, although Canon’s is messy as well. Even if you accept that single digits are pro, triple digits are semi-pro/enthusiast and four digits are consumer, they’re running out of numbers except for the pro models.

        • Jimmy

          Yes it is if you put old glass on it

  • HotDuckZ

    EN-EL20!! 🙂

  • Foolishcfo

    I’m not sure its the end of the D400. One thing nikon has shown is their hard headiness for giving the consumer what they want. Their strategy of being the king of point and shoots has blown up in their face. Now they want to be the kings of entry level DSLRs. That too will blow up in their face. Yes, they may sell more entry levels but 1) how many INCREMENTAL cameras will they sell by constantly incrementing the D3000 and D5000 series, 2) how will margins hold on the entry level cameras, and 3) how many higher end, higher margin lenses will Nikon sell to this group? Nikon believes in the school of hard knocks. Tell the customer what they want instead of listening to them. Its the Nikon way. It reminds me of the axiom in the SCUBA INDUSTRY: “How do you get $1MM? Start with $2MM”. Expect Nikon’s profits to continue to decline.

    As for the D400, I believe Nikon is playing the waiting game with Canon and the 7D Mark II. I understand it won’t come out until 2014 so we continue to play the waiting game.

    • John McClane

      I still think there’s a huge market in the entry level. I’m a wedding photographer and see the “Uncle Bob’s” at every wedding I do. I always take notice of the cameras they’re using and every year the vast majority have the latest model. Every once in a while I’ll see a D90 or even a D70 but this year I have not seen a single D40/D60/D3000. They all had D3100/3200 or Rebel T3i/t4i. This is solely based on my observations from a small market but to me it seems that people are treating these entry level cameras like they treat their cell phones or tablets… upgrade every cycle or every other cycle.

      • delayedflight

        You’re right the big cash cows for Nikon and Canon are their low cost, high margin entry level cameras.

        Nikon and Canon’s flagship cameras are their Formula 1 cars the pinnacle of their engineering prowess. They don’t represent what actually sells.
        In the same way BMW advertises their M5 to sell you a dream but the reality is they most likely sell more M3s – But who wants to advertise reality? (Except VW)
        A few pros will shoot with the flagship while everyone else will use consumer grade cameras.

    • Sahaja

      I can understand why companies do frequent upgrades of entry level cameras – customers at that level like to feel they are buying the latest thing – not something two or three years old.

      Every time they introduce a new entry level DSLR there are also a bunch of reviews etc which are free advertising for the company.

  • Pat Mann

    GPS for data management and WIFI for wireless tethering are both useful to the full workflow – I wouldn’t criticize them as not related to the photography mission – they are. Nikon’s GPS dongle is a real reliability and usability headache – getting it inside the body is a big help. Convenient WIFI is a great help to putting your camera where it’s hard to operate, see the finder or screen, etc. Getting the control interface and display onto a little rugged Retina-display tablet that’s 5 to 25 feet from the camera will be very useful to me.
    Re: D400 – this should make it easier to introduce the D400, not harder. The D400 requires a processor upgrade for expected performance, as does the next 1 series sensor upgrade. Let’s hope that XSpeed 4 can work in parallel for a change – if not, we’ll need a new processor again for the next significant upgrades.
    This should also allow the new internal WIFI and GPS to be broadly field tested before inclusion in the high-end camera where it will have to work harder and be more rugged.
    This is all good news for those D400 buyers that have been waiting far too long.
    But don’t forget the still-missing basic DX lenses as you try to sell more DX cameras. We are far from what Fuji provides for its APS-C users in the basics of a lens range for DX cameras – look at that range and give us the lenses. We have exotic primes and pro zooms that Fujifilm doesn’t, but where’s our fast reportage wide lens? And I don’t mean a 1-pound-plus 24mm that’s way overdesigned for the image circle.

  • Spy Black

    Perhaps the D610 may also have Exseed 4.

    • Sahaja

      Expeed 4 should enable faster FPS

      • Spy Black

        Some new information suggests an increase in the D610’s frame rate over the D600, so this may be the case. Of course without a larger buffer you won’t get far, but apparently the frame rate will go from 5.5 to 6, so it may very well have Expeed 4 and the same buffer size. Let’s face it, Nikon will have to do SOMETHING to justify a “new” model.

  • kg

    Not having a D300 & D700 replacement is a very large hole in the lineup. I’ve used the D7100, very nice, While the FX sensor of the D600 is nice I actually like the feature set of the D7100 better. Much better price to. I mostly use a D300. as such I find the D600 somewhat limited. The D800 is a bit on the expensive side. I suspect that there are a lot of people like me out there that would jump on a good D300 or D700 replacement.The only question is why is Nikon so focused on the lower end consumer cameras?

    • jakey snakey

      because most people don’t print anymore and you can post junk-quality on the web & still make it look good & sharp

    • Michael Sloan

      Nikon focuses on the lower end consumer cameras because that is the bulk of their sells. The fact that most people buying these entry level DSLRs seldomly buy a lens beyond the kit lens, may help explain why Nikon is slow at upgrading the DX lens lineup. Back in 2007 however, DX was also considered their PRO for digital; that all changed with the introduction of the D3. The D300 was considered a PRO camera by Nikon as it qualified a photographer as having a profesioinal DSLR for NPS at the time. I can’t agree with you more about the hole Nikon has left by not bringing out a D300 replacement. As for a D700 replacement, some claim it was the D800, but Nikon claims it wasn’t. But Nikon also never confirmed or denied the D600 as being the successor to the D700 either. Nikon could easily brand a D700SX by putting in a higher MP sensor, (i.e. possibly the D4 sensor) which has better DR and ISO capabilities, into the existing D800 body, sans video capabilities. I think Nikon should follow Canon’s lead by branding two cameras with different purposes, stills and cine. I have the D4 and never use all of the advanced video features it has; video just isn’t my thing. However, the extra $1000 I paid for the D4 vs the D3 can probably be attributed to all of the video features I’ll never use. If only Nikon would engineer their cameras in a modular fashion, then we consumers could custom order our DSLRs a-la-cart. Sure, they could market certain common models to the Brick-And-Morter stores, but for real customization, “order from Nikon directly”, should be there motto.

    • Jorge

      Because “Uncle Bob” walks into a big box store looking for a dSLR based on some ass-kissing Kutcher Nikon commercial and wants a new camera for the grand daughters wedding. Or because of an upcoming vacation. And someone — Nikon, Canon, whoever needs to have that camera in front of Uncle Bob because if they don’t, someone else will eat their cake.

  • Kazi Ibrahim Muhammad Adnan

    Since Nikon D3**** and D5*** series does not have a Focus Motor therefore its is expected they will include a focus motor in D5300. Most of canon entry level DSLR has the built in focus motor in their camera body but Nikon?…..big big disappointment…..they should pay their attention here….

    • Moshe Zimmerman

      None of Canon DSLRs (entry-level or professional) have focus motor in the camera body.

      • Kazi Ibrahim Muhammad Adnan

        Really?…. then have a look…. Canon EOS 100D, 700D, 600D all have the built in focus motor in their body…….

        • Trond_63

          Where do you find the mechanical connection between the camera body and the lens on the Canon EF mount?

          I’ll give you a hint: There are none! How do you explain to us how a focus motor in the camera body can adjust the focus on the lens?
          Another hint: read a bit about what you are talkin about before posting.

        • Olaf Hoyer

          This is a mistake by the author of that comparison. Or an attempt to do simplicity…

          Fact: Nikon has with its F-Mount two types of AF systems: Screw-Driven and internal Motor in the lens itself. Old Bodies (Film) had an internal Motor for those lenses, newer entry-level bodies only can use the internal motor of a given lens. Pro/Prosumer Bodies have both.

          Canon did some cut as they introduced the EOS system and the new EF Mount, obsoleting the old FD Mount. EF Mount specifies that every AF lens needs a motor inside the lens. So every AF lens in EF Mount is usable on every Body…

          Has some advantages and disadvantages: Nearly every lens produced from 1977 on (Ai) is usable on every Nikon body, with some caveats you can use still older lens from I think 1959 on… Quite nice if you are still working in parallel with film- I regularly do some b/w film.

          Canon with the cut on the other side enforces a modern system, where there is no confusion if a certain lens will work with a given body etc., but on the cost of every photographer that switched to EF bodies to buy new lenses.

    • spicynujac

      It’s far from “expected” and I for one prefer a camera with the smaller size and lighter weight of not having an in camera body motor. I have all AF-S lenses (along with some third party lenses and one manual focus only Rokinon lens) and have no desire or need for ancient lenses. I know many people do, and that’s why there is a D7100.

  • delayedflight

    The butthurt and wishful thinking in this thread is hilarious.

    Most of the people here complaining are probably too cheap to buy the unicorn D400 even if Nikon was to release it or they’ll complain Nikon didn’t make it full frame or it doesn’t make their coffee for them.

    • Pat Mann

      Most of the people waiting for the D400 are D300 and D300s owners who bought that camera at a similar price point at which we expect the D400 some time ago – about $2000 in 2013 dollars. We’ve been saving for quite a while. Those that want it to be full frame are the ones waiting for a D700 replacement, not a D400.

  • Radek

    I am pretty sure both Nikon and Canon have several variations of their D400 (or rather D9000) and 7DII, respectively. However, since Nikon already discontinued D300s, it puts them under more pressure to release semi-pro DX body. Frankly, if they manage to release it before Christmas (November the latest), they could have great advantage over Canon.

    I’d say wifi: yes / gps: no. That would be my preference anyways.

    Regarding naming:
    It seems single digits are flagship, pro bodies.
    I believe even hundreds are for FX cameras. D800 is semipro FX while D600 is prosumer FX (D800 has similar controls to now discontinued D300s).
    Odd thousands are for DX sensors with higher numbers meaning better cameras. D7100 is very similar to D600 in terms of handling and controls, which leaves D9000 for D300s replacement.

    Regarding bodies:
    I am not sure why Nikon keeps changing bodies. Perhaps body development is not too demanding, but I’d think that keeping less body designs as well as sharing part design (think colt, the pistol … all parts are perfectly replaceable; or Boeing 737 that makes various size fuselages to accommodate various needs, but sharing spare parts and controls to minimize overhead and pilot training). Nikon should aim for similar thing … use one body for D800/D9000, use another for D600/D7100, etc. (I guess there is not much else 🙂



    PS. What was that article about? Yes, D5300 … cool name 🙂

    • espeto68

      “However, since Nikon already discontinued D300s…”
      Well, here in EU the D300s hasn’t been discontinued yet…

      • The D300s was officially discontinued long time ago. Stores may still have stock, but the camera is discontinued.

    • Sahaja

      GPS is great for documentary photography – but the external units are a rip-off considering that GPS chips now cost manufacturers only about $1.50. They should be able to get the power consumption down too as some external units consume less than 1/3 the power of Nikon’s GP-1 – and have better sensitivity.

      • Jorge

        I do an easy fix: Wherever I am I just whip out my iPhone and snap a shot. Once I’m home I import my iPhone images with my dSLR/Fuji/whatever images. Then I just copy and paste the GPS info for those shots I want to keep the data on.
        Not a big deal. ANd please don’t tell me how this would mess up workflow etc. I just got back from 10 days of shooting stock and did this for 6,500 images — over 13,000 if you take into account I shot both jpeg + raw. It was super easy and fast enough.

    • Olaf Hoyer

      My opinion is that Nikon messed up their naming scheme in some ways.
      In old days:
      D50- entry level
      D70- Prosumer
      D100 Semi-Pro
      D1 Pro
      D40 Entry Level
      later D60 Entry Level
      D80 Prosumer
      D200 Semi-Pro
      D2 Pro
      After that:
      D90 Prosumer
      D300/D700 Semi-Pro
      D3 Pro
      Now, after Transition:
      D3xxx Entry-Level
      D5xxx Midrange Video/Swivel LCD
      D7xxx Prosumer
      D300/successor D800 Semi-Pro
      D4 Pro

      The D600 is basically a D7000 with a FX sensor, from the body they share to the AF module etc. – so its rather a D9000, bus has been named due to marketing decision with three digits to stand out from the crowd. Its Entry-Level FX, after all. Entry-Level.
      It also annoys me that Nikon keeps making small changes between bodies to make them incompatible. Why was it not possible to share battery grip between D7000 and D600?
      (And so on- ok, the decision to use a different battery type in the newer cameras was on behalf of regulation in certain coutries that did not allow batteries with exposed contacts anymore, like EN-EL3, so thats ok)

  • D10000000000

    Now we finally know D610 hidden feature…

    • Andrew

      Yes and more, more FPS.

  • Merv S

    Look at it this way D400 hopefuls, the D5300 is the testing ground for EXPEED 4, Wi-Fi and GPS before making it onto the D400.

    I don’t think the Canon EOS 7D has been updated yet, maybe Nikon has looked at this camera’s sales figures and didn’t like what they were seeing.

  • D10000000000

    To Admin, so do you think d610 announcement will be delayed?

    • No, I think the D610 will be announced in two weeks, I will post this online shortly.

      • D10000000000

        Thanks, maybe good news if they include expeed4 and something else…

  • stormwatch

    Nikon, for once in a 5 year span be reasonable please! D5300 must have manual controls for Lens aperture as well, and please, 60i and p without resampling! And output for headphones please. And please no rolling shutter as with D5200….it’s useless, except when it stands on some 300 Euro tripod and that’s just in case that there’s no absolutely any wind around. I hope that D5300 would be an improved D7100, packed in a smaller body with a swivel screen!

    • Maji

      So you want an improved D7100 at much lower cost? Am I misunderstanding you or just that is sounds like a bad business deal for Nikon?

      • stormwatch

        Considering that the value of D600 had gone down by a 50% margin in less than a year, this would be a logical step for Nikon. It’s only a matter of time when Panasonic and Sony would make no difference between Nikon or Canon and then it would be much more interesting….

        • Pat Mann

          The value hasn’t changed. Only the price has gone down.

  • R!


    • Meatballs


  • click

    39 AF points: Same as the new fullframe D610 *SCNR*

  • Guest

    To Admin,

  • Kazi Ibrahim Muhammad Adnan

    To ADMIN….Any chance of inclusion of built in focus motor in Nikon D5300/ or D3300(rumoured) camera body?…any idea?…would be glad if u respond…

    • I post online everything I know. I really don’t know any other details.

    • Sahaja

      I think you can safely bet that it won’t have a built-in focus motor as the predecessor didn’t and Nikon are trying to phase out AF-D lenses.

    • Andrew

      It will never happen. You will need to step up to the D7100 and higher. You are going to have to pay that $300 to $400 tax!

  • Trond_63

    If Nikon doesn’t come up with a semipro body to replace the old D300/D300s soon, many of us will jump ship and go to another camera maker. Pentax has a K5-II that beats all of the Nikon DX kameras hands down. It is relatively cheap also. “VR” with all lenses, even old manual focus lenses. ISO high above anything Nikon has launched in the DX department. It’s time for a D400, NOT a D5200 replacement.

    • RC

      Why are you still shooting DX?

      • Trond_63

        Because buying a 900mm lens to get the same FOV with FX as my 600mm does on DX isn’t an option.

        • What about the large (?) choice of Pentax Lenses, specially the tele lineup (?) While I know very well Pentax DSRL (My wife shoots Pentax since LX times), i do not see anyone really keen on wildlife moving to Pentax.

          • Trond_63

            That’s a seroius problem with switching systems. There is always Sigma, but they don’t have any 600 f4 either. Sigma does have the monster 200-500 f2.8 with the 2.0 converter that makes it a 400-1000mm f5.6, but it is way too heavy for handheld use.

            • There you go. I am afraid that there is no need of threatening any switch any time soon. Do leave this to professional whiners.

            • Trond_63

              Anyway, Nikon is lagging behind in the DX pro segment at the moment. If they don’t launch a pro/semipro DX camera in the near future, other manufacturers WILL gain on this. Just the fact that I have got the idea of switchng systems, despite the cost and problems involved says something about the sorry state of the high-end DX line by Nikon. It simply doesn’t exists at the moment.
              No, I am not whining, just concidering a system switch.

            • Michael Sloan

              Go check out the Olympus OM-D E-M1. It is a high end 16MP MFT camera that has been optimized to provide pro controls and customization. Olympus Zuiko glass rocks and they have their share for this format; not to mention there are other high end optics available from Zeiss, Voigtlander, Panosonic and Sigma. The MFT format is very mature. I am considering this system to replace my D300 for light weight travel purposes when vacationing with my wife. It can accept adapters for your Nikon lenses, although you will lose AF. It has a hybrid PDAF and CDAF AF system, with an industry best EVF. If nothing else it’s worth a look.

          • peterw

            LX, the most beautiful camera ever (allong with F3 and FM)

            I guess the Pentax 300 is very good, and there is something around 560mm available. It’s just to expensive, because there is no real market for these. And good tc’s: not available.


        • RC

          Ok, that is one of the very rare valid arguments. But do know that the AF system in the D300 is a slug compared to the newer systems. I have the D300 and the D600, and the D300 is slow as molasses (at least that’s what it feels like after I use my D600).

          • Trond_63

            If the D300 AF is as slow as you say, there is something wrong with your setup. The D300 has one of the best AF systems available. Yes, newer cameras has other systems, but the AF speed isn’t much faster. I have tried the D600 myself and I wasn’t impressed by the AF system. In fact, I didn’t notice any speed differnce from the D300.

            • Michael Sloan

              +1, The D300, D700 and D3 all had AF systems that felt about the same. It was on the D4 that I noticed a significant boost gain in AF speed. I imagine that Trond_63 is one of the D400 holdouts based on his wildlife work. Having gone to Yellowstone recently, and having taken a lighter kit that included the D300 and D700, I found the D300 worked fantastic with the 300mm F4 for my long reach big animal shots. I know I would love a modern day D400 outfitted with a 24MP DX sensor that has been optimized for ISO sensitivity, high DR, deep buffers, 8 FPS, f8 AF sensors in a 51 point system, with optional vertical grip and dual XQD slots, plus built in GPS and Wi-Fi in the grip to finally justify Nikon’s ridiculous grip prices!

            • RC

              Exactly, which is why the D600 is so much faster. I’ve read that the D800 has a faster AF system than the D4, and I’ve seen someone say their D600 had faster AF than their D800. Therefore, the D600 has one of the fastest AF systems around.

            • Michael Sloan

              That is an interesting claim about the D600, one I can neither confirm or deny. As for the D800 being faster at AF than the D4, I didn’t get that impression. In fact, I felt like the D800 struggled with AF, but hey Nikon has since fixed that. Maybe that is why someone claimed the D600 was better than the D800 in this respect. I will say this about the D4 AF system however, “In very low light, it locks focus on things I can barely make out in the viewfinder. An absolute wonderful piece of kit!”

              One last thought, please go shoot all of the cameras you mentioned before passing judgement on what others say online. The one I haven’t shot is the D600, but now you have peeked my interest.

            • KnightPhoto

              Likewise my impression is that my D4 is more surefooted in AF than my D800. I am referring to 500VR with TC14 and TC17 under some difficult lower contrast conditions. I could be wrong but that is my subjective impression.

            • RC

              There’s nothing wrong with my D300. Its how much faster the newer AF systems are that make it feel so much slower. You just have to experience it.

            • Trond_63

              Did you read what I wrote?

              “I have tried the D600 myself and I wasn’t impressed by the AF system. In
              fact, I didn’t notice any speed differnce from the D300.”

              I pasted it in here again so you don’t miss it.
              Ok, I misspelled difference, but you get the picure.
              I tried a D600 for some hours, but I didn’t notice any speed difference from my D300.
              The D300 is a very capable camera, but Nikon have to launch a replacement soon.

    • stormwatch

      Strongly disagree with you, Nikon has the better system overall and when you throw old kit lens made for D40 and 6mpix and get yourself something which can actually support the sensor resolution, it’s completely a different story…and lightning system on Pentax….it’s just ridiculous…aahahhah…when Pentax would make something like a SB-800 which is good 10 years old, then it would be considered a serious competitor…

      • Trond_63

        Hey! How do you know anything about what lenses I have? I will give you hint: I am a Nikon PRO member. That means I own and use several of the best lenses produced by Nikon. Lightning system? I use professional studio flash systems when I need flash. Otherwise I use fast lenses nd existing light. I shoot a lot of wildlife so long lenses are often used. That rules out FX cameras until I can buy a D4 and the new 800mm.

        Based on that, other camera manufacturers DO have competetive cameras.
        BTW, the VR kit lens is quite a capable lens when you know how to use it.

        • stormwatch

          Aha….So you’re actually using VR kit lens on high Mpix pro bodies because you know how to use it.

          I always wondered why people who are PRO members of one community do not jump straight to another system when they claim or see it’s better…I mean, there is no point in staying with the system which you explain greatly fails behind Pentax KIIs which is a Nikon DX killer, because if the K5 II is a DX line-up killer, it’s superbly close to D4….so why don’t sell all of the Nikon’s gear and arm yourself just with a mighty Pentax, the problem is done.

          • Trond_63

            Sometimes I use the VR kit lens because it is light weight and small. Yes, I DO know how to use it and get good results. If you don’t know how to get good results from it, stop nagging about it. You just look stupid doing so.
            If you don’t understand why PRO memeber don’t jump straight to other systems, you haven’t a clue about the cost in time and money to jump to another system and learn how to get the best resuts from it. You just don’t take a camera and lens in your hand end get the best out of it. You have to use it and learn how to get the best results.
            The money involved is also a concern. When you own several very expensive lenses, you just don’t toss them an buy equivalent lenses for another system. They DO cost money. I am not talking about kit lenses here!
            Please grow up “stormwatch”. Your comments makes you look like a young teenager with no knowledge of either photo or money.

            • stormwatch

              Actually, your pre-teen answers and the PRO mood is making a full of you, never mind. In my 22+ years of forum activities I’ve learned that is only the PRO who knows how to make something, others are just to watch the PRO showing “how to”, and it’s always the right what PRO makes, and says….even if it’s totally wrong and not true…

              I just hate when people start spilling the knowledge of a camera they claim wipes the floor with all of the Nikon DX line, but on the other end they are not using it at the same time and then they actually start explaining why a PRO doesn’t changes his system so fast.

              PRO is also a person who doesn’t stick only to one company, not rare PRO is a trend setter and a pioneer of changes, by switching for the systems he claim is a better. If anyone’s a REAL PRO, then a system which he uses doesn’t matter at all, in the pre 12+ mpix resolutions some people I know were making fortunes out of stock with Fuji 6500fd, and still today they receive money from the same pictures taken then. And you did not say anything about the Pentax own lightning system (it always makes me laugh), you said that You personally use PRO lightning on sets, but failed to cover the Pentax wiping stream of Nikon with this little spin.

            • Trond_63

              And by this you want to say what? A lot of nonsense. You didn’t understand that switching systems costs lot of money. Neither did you understand that switching systems takes a lot of time get used to the new system.
              I didn’t comment on the Pentax lightning system because it isn’t interesting at all. I will NEVER use it, just like i NEVER use the Nikon lightning system.

              About sticking to only one system, what do you know of the other camera systems I use? NOTHING!

              I am heavily into Nikon in the digital department, but I do use other camera systems in analog MF when it is best suited for the job.

              BTW, I do have some experience with Pentax.

              So my “Pre-teen” answers makes you feel uncomfortable?

              The next in line from you is probably attacking my english.

              Grow up or shut up!

            • stormwatch

              “Grow up or shut up!” It’s the way you speak, actually it is the way when PRO’s have nothing more to say except to spin, then they get angry. But don’t worry I have lot’s of patience even if i’m not a PRO.

              Switching systems doesn’t take lot’s of money if you KNOW how to manage the money 🙂

              Also, switching systems doesn’t take much more time, because principles of photography will always stay the same regardless of whether PRO or non pro is using it…you just have to remap the differently positioned keys in your memory and that’s it.

              Reasonable thinking is the key of switching (and returning back).

            • Trond_63

              “Also, switching systems doesn’t take much more time, because principles
              of photography will always stay the same regardless of whether PRO or
              non pro is using it…you just have to remap the differently positioned
              keys in your memory and that’s it.”

              That’s the proof of you don’t have a clue of how to get the best possible results from your camera(s). It’s not just ergonomy. You have to realy know your camera. How to expose for maximum sensitivity and minimum noise, how the meter works under different lightning conditions, how the AF works under different conditions, how to postprocess for the best possible results from that particular camera (No, they are not equal, even my two D300 behave slightly different. and they both are in 100% working condition) and so on. If you don’t know your camera in depth, you will get mediocre results from it compared to what is possible.

              When you sell your lenses and buy new ones, it WILL cost you money. I have never heard of anyone who have managed to switch system without any cost. How much it is going to cost depends of how many expensive lenses you have got. I was refering to the Nikon Pro user status because it requires you to own some expensive glass. You clearly didn’t understand that. It’s a big difference between replacing a cheap 70-300VR lens worth $500 and several expensive long fast lenses.
              If switching systems was as easy and free of cost as you think, many would have jumped the ship a long time ago.

    • Sahaja

      Pentax seems a good option if you are committed to DX – nice properly weather sealed bodies, nice set of prime lenses, IBIS, etc.

      I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a K5-II to anyone who wants a serious DX DSLR system.

  • Can’t Believe It

    My question. When can we expect NIkon to come out with a dual focus system for video like the one that’s on the Canon 70D? Right now that’s the camera that looks perfect for what my clients want from me. Unfortunately I own all Nikon lenses. But the ability to have hunt-free focus in video is very important to my clients.

    • Eric Calabos

      so your client want a camcorder in your hand. Get one from Sony

      • Can’t Believe It

        Walk a mile in my shoes..I love and own Nikon lenses and cameras, I know the capabilities of the sensors, and I’m pretty happy with everything except for the focus.

        I don’t want to lug another camera, set of batteries and charger, a different tripod mounting plate, and who knows what else. Sure I could buy a Magliner cart to transport all my stuff, but why should I if Canon or Nikon makes a perfectly great focusing camera.

        Plus $3000 for a video camera is money I could be spending on something more useful like LED or HMI lights.

        So what’s a poor freelancer to do?

        • RC

          I agree with Eric. A Sony video camera is light years beyond anything a DSLR can do in your situation. Sure, I wish my DSLR could make hunt-free videos like my Handycam but that’s just dreaming.

    • stormwatch

      70D so called AF feature is ridiculous, it’s very well marketed but in the reality the system is completely lost in just a slightly complex scene, just take a look on some of the tests across the Youtube…but if you wan’t a real video camera, there it comes, from Canon :-)…XF 300…superb lens, superb audio, superb professional controls, extra smooth zoom, nearly superb ergonomics, feels and handles like a real video camera which it really is.

      • Can’t Believe It

        Thanks. Thanks for saving me from wasting my time and huge dollars with a switch over. I’ll just bide my time and hope that this all sorts itself out eventually. There really is nothing like Nikon for beautiful skin tones and great overall image quality.
        What I really need is something that produces the same meaty video as a Red Epic but in body the size of a Nikon V2.

        • Eric Duminil

          I love Nikon and have 10 Nikkors, but Nikon just can’t beat the Fuji X-Trans for beautiful skin tones.

          • Jorge

            My D800 does/did a great job on skin tones when shooting with the “portrait” picture control, and processing the raw in Capture NX. However, the Fuji using Provia, or Astia mode on my X-E1 is aaaamazing as well. Love the X-E1… My Nikon gear stays pretty much at home on most trips/jobs now

  • So basically all we can expect for future bodies from Nikon is a D7110, and maybe a D 810, all with Expeed 4, larger buffer and hopefully faster fps. Yes, I am kidding, but I would not be surprised not to be too much off the mark. this might be the last iteration before the next generation of FF mirrorless bodies.
    The Risk, as Thom Hogan points out, is that the market will start to wait for the -10 model, and not buy the first model. but if Nikon is about to change everything this may be not the case.

    • KnightPhoto

      If Nikon were to put out an EXPEED4 based D810 with 8fps or even 6fps, that would be a very smart move. That would smack down some of the Nikon competitors and might even get the attention of some of the D700 holdouts too.

      • Pat Mann

        True – that would be a nice D700 replacement.

      • Actually that would smack down ANY competitor 🙂 Maybe just some video maniac would stay with C or S. For this reason, and based on Nikon recent behaviour I am afraid it won’t happen.

  • James Donahue

    Forget about the D400

  • David B

    boring….like most DSLR releases these years…. Olympus/Fuji and Sony releases are much more exciting

    • Jorge

      10-4 on that statement David! I have pretty much relegated the D700, D800 and all the Nikon glass to the in home safe and have been shooting primarily with the Fuji X-E1 and a couple of their lenses. I have not missed the Nikon weight hanging off my back or shoulders, and the images have certainly not been lacking for quality either. They are readily accepted by iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and several others I sell through without hesitation.
      Today I was considering either putting the Nikon stuff on eBay, or getting a quote from the used camera dept at Adorama as I have over 10k sitting home doing nothing. Tomorrow I’m headed out on a three day stock shooting trip and am taking the Fuji kit. And just in case I am packing the D800 with the new 18-35 but I doubt it’ll see the light of day much if at all. Honestly, it’s just not worth the weight or the hassle

      • David B

        I know, but I am afraid to get rid of my Nikon DSLR gear, I am too scared. I guess I am not there yet, but the truth is it is sitting on the shelf while I am shooting with Fuji X100s and XA1

  • Eric Duminil

    Am I the only one thinking that 24MP is overkill on DX, especially for “advanced beginner” cameras?

    • Michael Sloan

      Yep…just kidding. As long it is a clean 24MP with great ISO capabilities and fantastic DR and beats its predecessor in both of those categories, then no, it isn’t overkill for any level of user. I always look at it from the application side. Do I want to just post images on Facebook, Flickr and other social media sites? If the answer is yes, it may be overkill. But if you are someone with cheap kit lenses of short focal lengths, the extra MP can give you cropping capabilities. Likewise, most beginners make the mistake of going wide to “get it all in”, when in reality they should have shot tighter. With 24MP they can go back and crop tighter.

      • Eric Duminil

        If you don’t print huge posters or do a lot of postprocessing with your files, 24 MP is definitely overkill. Especially with cheap kit lenses.
        Also, it just doesn’t make sense to keep too many big files, just in case you want to crop 1 out of 50 pictures.

        Finally, D3X was still the king less than 2 years ago, and the general consensus was : only for pros, only with very good glass and with very good technique.
        Now, everyone and their uncle shoots 24 MP.

        • Michael Sloan

          You said entry level, so I doubt most beginners frame 49/50 images correctly and only need to crop one. I’ve printed 18×24 and 24×36 with 12MP from my D3. I’ve had images denied from professional landscape photo contests because I didn’t have enough resolution. Higher resolution is here to stay. Again it is all about application, either you need it or you don’t. I personally have no cameras yet with such high res, but I am considering the D800E for landscape work or the D4X when it comes out. Right now, the D4 suits my needs just fine for portraiture and event photography. As for keeping too many big files and eating up your hard drive, most photographers would do themselves a favor by just critically reviewing their work and purging the garbage. I find that 95% of my images can be tossed out, which I do. Of the remaining 5%, less than 1% is worthy of publication. After 5 years of shooting DSLRs, I’m still less than 1TB of images. Granted, 24MP would probably double that, but storage is dirt cheap, and there is always Blue-Ray burners available for archival purposes.

    • Neopulse

      Shoot jpeg only = Fixed

      • Eric Duminil

        What is fixed? I’d rather have 6MP raw than 24MP jpeg, thank you very much.

        • Neopulse

          Why not opt for a D40 or D60 then? And also most beginners shoot jpeg and not consider using RAW unless they plan on working on post processing the photos they take.

    • Very likely….;-)

  • nikon is dead to me

    Another set of Nikon fails to add to the list!!
    How about putting Built in Wi-Fi in the pro bodies that your loyal customers have been spending thousands of $$ and would actually use the functionality. .
    Nikon, nikon, there’s no wonder why Canon have the market share, they seem to actually listen to their customers.. thats where ill be heading… Nikon still haven’t bridged the gap between a d4 and D700…
    A D610 what a joke, how about you get it right in the first place!!! (5.5 to 6 FPS…)then you could spend the time and resources actually making cameras that your customers have been begging for…

  • Darkness

    That Facebook cartoon is so funy. Problem is the peopel who make decide in Neekon is Japanese.

  • spicynujac

    Interesting camera.. my choice is buy this or new 1 AW1 underwater. I think I will try mirrorless CX. Although I will wait to compare pricing.

  • Smudger

    …..and the buffer size?
    Presumably less than the D3200 but more than the D7100.

  • Neopulse

    Wonder if this camera will beat the 5D again on the DxO Sensor rating?

  • pap911

    That D5300 in D80/90 body would be something for me.

  • ola

    Why all those absurd assumptions about processor and FPS? Why do you people think they are related?

    They are not. The camera puts the sensor data into a memory buffer, before it is processed. Thus, it is the sensor -> processor interface (readout) speed that is the limiting factor. NOT the processing power.

    (The processor generation in the D4 is spect at 14mp at 8 fps = 112, but the camera does 10fps*16MP=160)

  • my_adeo

    D5300 cant wait!

  • potanes

    Its October where is the Nikon D400? D400 Will have this new EXPEED 4, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in GPS (new)

  • Richard

    Most of you complaining are not true Photographers, you are simply camera tech chasers that are never satisfied about anything. This is one of the reason I dislike most who call themselves “Photographers”, I argue that you also make other Photographers sick as well.

    • Jorge

      Here! Here!!

    • jimmy

      Didn’t Monty Python once have a skit, which had a Dept. for Complaints for complainers complaining about others’ complaints? Followed by the Twit Race?

  • Peter

    Well, if a D5300 is coming out with an EXPEED4 processor, it’ll just be Nikon letting the market test it out and waste some money on it to check out the engine. After that, I suspect the D400 shortly in January (for next year’s first quarter) with the upgrade for the D4 late for next year’s show. People have to understand that companies don’t release things because they think it’ll raise excitement. They release things to match numbers. It’s a business.

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