Nikon D5200 DSLR camera to be announced next

DX is next: the fifth DSLR camera I promised you for 2012 will be the Nikon D5200 that will replace the D5100 in the next few weeks. At  that point I am not sure if there will be any other products announced together with the D5200 - maybe the Nikon WR-T10 wireless remote controller?

The new Nikon D5200 will have slightly different specs than the D3200:

  • It will use the same 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 3 processor (same as in the D3200)
  • ISO range: 100-6,400 (expandable up to 25,600, D3200 could go only up to 12,800)
  • 2,016 pixel RGB metering sensor (same as the D600, the D3200 had a 420 pixel RGB sensor)
  • Continuous shooting speed: 5fps (the D3200 could do only 4 fps)
  • Vari-angle LCD screen (3", 921k dots)
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  • treehaus

    This wait for d400 could be a good thing..The d800 had more than a few teething problems, so releasing another demanding sensor on a higher end user seems like asking for trouble. Try it out on a less demanding user and see what issues arise as there would be less of bun fight when there is.

    Also starting at the low-end means the product range only gets better and better and many will take the plunge on the way. Starting high means the specs get worse with each new model. I mean if we got a d400 first then who would even care about a 3200 in fact we would be moaning that you got ripped off because they put the same sensor as your top end expensive camera in cheap body for a fraction of the cost.

    • AlphaOne

      That’s their mistake when they released D300.
      Maybe they got so excited that they prematurely released it. Or feared about Canon’s release of 40D.

      I think they’re doing it right this time, but this means … longer wait for D400 (or whatever they’ll call it).

  • Big J

    Heard from a reliable source (also an NPS guy with lots of friends in Nikon) that there might be another full frame being released at the end of this year or beginning of next. Obviously a rumor, but along with this person a group are waiting to replace their D800s with it.

    • Myra Price

      Sorry but that just sounds stupid. If you are looking to replace a nikon d800, you should have never bought it in the first place.

      • jersey john

        Agreed. Back in the day, I shot with a Nikon F2 for YEARS. I never looked for an “upgrade.”

    • enesunkie

      How long have they had a D800? Yea, they need an upgrade soon.

    • Big J

      Why would it sound stupid another full frame? And of course REPLACING their D800s was mentioned as a personal preference rather than an update of sorts to it. Next time I’ll specify it if your reading comprehension is a bit off (eg: “Billy replaced his D800 with a D600 instead”) Happy now?

      • Myra Price

        In my opinion it sounds stupid to say I am going to replace my D800 for a rumored camera.

        Plus the rumor could go either way “D5” (sarcastic) D900 (48 megapixels yeah right) D700x (why change) D600s/x (yeah they will trade in a D800 for this)

        That’s just how I feel. I understood what you wrote. I just have my opinions about it. Would have been a lot happier if your so called rumor came with an ounce of info.

        • sloma_p

          Yeah, bcoz D4X (D4 with sensor form D800) is entierly unimaginable…

          • Arkasai

            A D4X with the D800’s sensor would flop badly. Without any serious meaningful technical advantages over current offerings, all you’re selling the customer on is build and that’s simply not enough to warrant something close to a D3X price tag in this day and age.

            • frogs

              D4X could be D800 sensor with 8fps or 10fps (full frame), many would pay to get that spec.

        • Big J

          Just read your reply Myra Price. I apologize if I don’t have concrete or any links to post as evidence. Although this is a website that exists mainly on rumors until the admins or outside contributors (in their mysterious ways) come up with pictures and solid intel there is no reason to confirm or deny the probability that something like that will come out. There could be even (like sloma_p said) a D4x or a D600s (or w/e digits) for example. I’ve heard of plenty wedding photographers switch to the D600 or back to a D700 from a D800 that they previously owned. Especially ones that were “annoyed” by that af issue on it (and other things of course), and the fact that they spent a lot of time and money on it for in the end not to be fixed. So yeah, I’m sorry again if I don’t have more info on it just the fact that an FX might be announced soon, but from this guy I heard this info from is one of the biggest photographers in Miami, Fl and a very loyal client to Nikon for many years now. He told me about the “D600-like” camera shortly after the D800 started shipping. So I kind of take his word for it.

    • FF

      Well, if there is a new FX camera I hope it would be the D700S with 24 mp sensor and not the D900 with 50 mp.

      • Big J

        Would be interesting, although….. it just occurred to me just now (thanks to your post) that what if Nikon plans on moving into the medium format market?

      • JMP

        That’s what a lot of us would love, but personally I can’t see it happening. Hope it does though.

  • DaveyJ

    This D5200 thread has become once again a DX vs FX war zone. I think the admin should step in here as many websites get really retarded and lose followers. Only those with years of experience in the camera field probably can see this argument for what it is. Fact is there is plenty of reason for both FX and DX. In terms of wow! look at what I own……I come from a background where equipment doesn’t mean much of anything. I have seen many with fancy gear quickly looking like damn fools. There are actually some very great reasons why some have such a thing for DX. I have owned way to many thousands of dollars worth of gear to think that throwing money at this makes you better. Believe it there is going to be SALES for a D7200 and a D400. The D400 will be named that as marketing at Nikon is NOT THAT FAR OUT OF IT! 2012 will go down as the year of FX. The D5200 is christmas marketing wisdom. But in terms of real field use….I am looking forward to a DX with Expeed 3 processor, higher FPS, etc., etc. and which comes out first D7200 or D400 will get a TON of buyers.

    • Myra Price

      The D5200 takes the back seat in this thread because not too many here are impressed by what it brings to the table.

      The people that give reasons for how this camera is for them, are respected and the rest of us continue on with our wishful thinking.

      Yeah kudos to nikon for getting a model for walmarts/targets for the xmas season (just a tad of sarcasm)

      • S.R.

        The image quality of the D5200 should not be underestimated. Even the D5100 with its earlier processor was a substantial improvement over earlier releases and I expect the D5200 to be very capable. The D5200 may not have an AF motor but let’s keep things in perspective. There is no “perfect” camera. The ones loaded with features also lead to compromises. And let’s not forget; until recently, the only 24 megapixel body available was $8,000. We are all having a great year and instead of complaining and populating this thread with misinformed comments, we should all be out there doing photography.

        • Define “recently”. The Sony a900 came out in 2008. 24MP body for less than $3,000.

  • Vin

    So to make everyone happy we need 2-4 more various D800 DSLR cameras. One with the 24mp FX, one with the 24mp DX. Also two new sensors, a 18mp DX, and 18mp FX. These all need to be high fps, anything else,..? Or could we reduce this down to just 2 more cameras to fill the D700s, and D400, needs.? I like to always have two cameras on me one FX, Dx..

    • DX owner

      Yes a D700s and D400E will cover it nicely.

  • nIk

    Oh great! 24mp? Fantastic! In a dream world i could attach to this small and high resolution body my:

    Nikkor 12mm f/2
    Nikkor 18mm f/1.8
    Nikkor 24mm f/1.4

    … or maybe my:

    Nikkor 10-16mm f/2.8 VR
    Nikkor 16-50 f/2.8 VR
    Nikkor 50-150mm f/2.8 VR

    …in real world i have to trust third party lenses or go vintage & manual way to get a descent wide prime! Get a grip Nikon!!! New lenses now!!!

    • Red

      ONLY comment that makes any sense on this page. Thank you.
      What is the use of great cameras without great lenses to attach them to ??? DX world lacks good wide primes and that is a sign that Nikon will kill DX line.

      • DX owner

        35mm f1.8 DX was a good quality prime as was the later 40mm. It shows us that it CAN be done, but will Nikon bother with a 24mm or wider DX in the future? I hope they do.

  • Kai

    Hey, guys I am either wait to see D7100, hmm! I wonder WHY D5200 too bad. What is Nikon doing. I have been observe some of Nikon model long time on a hug dealer (B&H)’s stock long time. Most item sale usually end on 27 of each month.

    For now I see D5100 on thair list sale end on November 3 2012 and D7000 end on Nov 17 2012. It might be significant to tell someting. I am thinking if next D400 how much would be cost? Now D300s price is $1,699 if D400 release at point $1,799 like rumor said, so it $300 different compare to D600. Buyer might think better go for FX D600 and that me too, So where is D300s will be. Nobody know hard to say.

  • treehaus

    24mp on dx for some seems too much.., resolving power of lenses etc , so what about doing the AA trick again and make a d400E,…?

    • DX owner

      Yes, 8fps D400E please – with proper 8000th sec shutter and 250th sec flash sync for birding…..detail AND speed!….without buying a D4.

  • Myra Price

    For DX users:

    with the expected release of the D5200 you have 24 mega pixels in the format be happy

    what you need is speed in the DX market with just a higher resolution than 12 mega pixels. (roughly 16-18)

    With these high mega pixel cameras we won’t get higher fps until the technology advances

    Impatiently Waiting…

    • KnightPhoto

      We don’t need a D400 but absolutely we do need a D400E. My D800E is a super tool!

      Anyhow, the D400 is going to be low volume, much of the D300/S audience from 5 years ago and 3 years ago is now on full frame. There is still an audience and as a birder I am one of them, but the numbers for Pro DX are smaller than they were in 2007/2009.

      So what are the chances we’ll see a unique D400 16-18mp DX sensor targeted purely at these buyers? Just about nil I should think, even though I too once shared your dream. Join the lineup of people who still think we are getting a D700 replacement, could be a line wait guys and gals and don’t say we didn’t tell you so 😉

      I agree, getting 8fps at 24mp/14 bit may be the reason why we are still waiting. We may need EXPEED 4 or a different sensor with different architecture for that. Of course the Nikon 1 V2 can do this type of speed in spades, the Aptina sensors are architected to get data off of them at FAST speeds – but that capability is built from the ground floor up.

      Digressing to the guy who says one more FF camera coming this year – if that were a D800 sensor in a D4X @ 8 or 10fps, there would be a big line up for it. Talked to a couple of our local PJs for a major daily and that is their one beef about the D800 (fps).

      • Michael

        You can’t have a D400E with a D400, because the E means extra sharpness

    • burgerman

      >>>what you need is speed in the DX market with just a higher resolution than 12 mega pixels. (roughly 16-18)

      Which is what the D800 or D800e gives you… So you basically want a faster d800?

      Theres no point going to 24mp in DX as current lenses limit resolution to the 15 to 18 mp level anyway. And even then, only with great glass, great light, at optimum F stop, and a tripod or searchlight…

      So wait for the next “faster” high m/pixel FX pro camera to put your DX lenses on. Because theres no point making a D800 that is faster, with a crop sensor as the full frame sensor gives the same resolution set to DX crop. With pixel pitch the same as a d800, lenses are already the limiting factor. So no point in “proDX”.

      Because that would effectively be a faster D800 with the edges of the sensor missing for minimal cost saving and to call it DX…

      Summary… The film is the same quality wether FX or smaller (DX or less size. There is never an advantage in using smaller film in any given camera. Other than for a few years in digital due to cost.

      Bigger film, you can ALWAYS crop. Smaller and you cant make it bigger!

    • AlphaOne

      Let’s see …
      According to some, NEF images are from 40mb to 80mb, with an average of about 60mb. Therefore, 60mb x 4 fps = it can capture about 240mb/second.

      24mp DX:
      Based on this: , file size of NEF is about 21mb. 21mb x 8fps = is less than 170mb/s. That’s way below D800’s capability. 8fps is old technology, the D300 from 2007 can do it.
      With faster Expeed engine, and bigger buffer size nowadays, it can be done.

      • KnightPhoto

        My point is the upper fps limit all these cameras are bumping into at the high mp end with 14-bit RAW, it seems as though the constraint isn’t merely CPU power at the EXPEED side nor is it buffer and I don’t think it’s marketing putting the kaibosh on fps merely for model differentiation. I suspect it’s early in the processing chain, just getting all that data off the sensor quick enough and doing the ADC piece. So the D400 8fps 24mp 14bit may not be a slam-dunk. But 8fps is pretty much the minimum bar for D400. Not sure what’s going to happen and how Nikon will get around it, but interesting times for sure…

  • btdown

    D710 please…still waiting…

    • KnightPhoto

      How long are you going to wait for a D710?

      Meanwhile there are some nice FX cameras out there… (and I finally did see a local used D3S @ $3,700).

  • kkof

    D5100 have 24MP will be nice
    bout the bad news is to have CMOS sensor as d3100 its Smaller then d5100
    i wish it’s not

  • okin

    D7200 with vari-angle LCD screen ok c’m on sell me some dreams !

  • Alex

    Now that 1080p is obsolete, please up the video quality to 4K/60 with XAVC codec and a mini XLR mic input.

  • Why pro DX can’t be costly than D600, what is an plastic entrylevel body?? Just FF my ass…

    Like mentioned before two different series. What both shoud have, is entry-, semipro- and prolevels. Everyone buys gear for theyr need and purpose.

    How many photographers really needs the 50 to 100 MP?? Is the genius of photography going to one body and one lens policy? 1000MP body with 17mm lens I just point and shoot 50fps. And later “crop” the 500mm, 1500mm pictures from there. That would ruin the whole fun in photography.

  • EddieP

    In the Netherlands Nikon has confirmed the D5100 can no longer be ordered. I already noticed several web shops did not offer the D5100 anymore. So I sent an email to Nikon asking them whether it was indeed true the D5100 is no longer available. Today I recevied an email in which Nikon confirmed the D5100 can no longer be ordered. They did not want to comment on a new model to replace the D5100.

    Here is the reply from Nikon (in Dutch):

    In antwoord op uw vraag kunnen wij u meedelen dat de D5100 niet langer beschikbaar is voor bestelling. Deze wordt enkel nog vanuit de voorraden die bepaalde dealers hebben verkocht. Helaas hebben wij geen informatie beschikbaar over een eventuele opvolger van deze camera. Wanneer er nieuwe producten worden aangekondigd, dan gebeurt dit op het nieuwsgedeelte van onze website

  • Noora

    Seriously ???!!!!!!!!
    What’s the problem with them
    I’ve been waiting for d300 replacement since 2010 cause I get d5000 and I want something like the d300 if I knew that this stupid thing will happen I will buy D300
    Stupid choice nikon
    I think they will lose there customers I’m seriously thinking about Sony cause I hate canon

    I wish this is a rumor only

  • mapulai

    – just hope the D5200 will be a D7000 WITH articulating screen which is good for stills and videos at a concert.

    – D5200: at least 100% viewfinder and MORE than 1 crosstype AF point + top LCD. Plastic body is okay. Something that can compete with the 60D.

    I also want to see new and cheap DX prime lenses such as: 18mm, 20mm or 24mm f/1.8.
    That would be perfect and would supplement the 35mm f/1.8 and 50mm 1.8g.

  • Brainel

    I’ll be waiting 5200, thanks !)

  • Katula

    Actually I think Nikon will surprise us this time like they did with the D800 and 36 mpix.

    Lol! I think the D5200 will have d90-body with LCD on the top with articulating screen. That would be nice 🙂

    Can’t see why people would buy a d5200 if it hadn’t those things above.

  • Waiting on a full frame release.

  • whmitty

    I’m waiting for the d3300 with J2 sensor BUT also with a FULL magnesium body, top controls like the D700, special ballast so it weighs 5kg w/o lens (“pro” heft) and finally the true professional’s joy, no built-in flash. Say what?

  • Amit

    Does Nikon D5200 has built-in autofocus motor ?

  • I bought the D5100 after a lot of research and comparison and reading a lot of positive reviews. I am generally quite happy with it, except that I didn’t realize it could not do high speed sync which Nikon calls Auto FP flash mode. Most users will never need it, but it was something I really wanted, so I am already replacing my D5100 after only 3 months. Through all the reviews I read, none of them mentioned this limitation and I just assumed that all Nikon DSLRs could do it.

    Also, the lack of a drive motor to focus cheaper lenses means you have to buy more expensive lenses with a built-in motor, and any cost savings between the D5100 and the D7000 instantly evaporate.

    My wish list for the D5200 is a drive motor, 1/8000 shutter speed, Auto FP, and 24MP sensor.

  • Jnm

    Hardly anyone here has said anything good about this camera, or has even mentioned the D5200 in any of the comments here…Everyone has turned this into a DX vs FX and D300 replacement discussion place.

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