Nikon View NX 2.6.0 and Capture NX 2.3.5 released

Nikon released new versions of View NX and Capture NX software. The improvements in the new versions are:

Nikon View NX 2.6.0

  • Focus points are now displayed in images captured with a Nikon 1 camera.

Nikon Capture NX 2.3.5

  • Modifications that apply to both the Windows and Macintosh versions: Support for RAW images captured with the Nikon 1 V2 has been added.
  • Additional modifications to the Macintosh version: support for Mac OS X version 10.8 has been added.
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  • kotknackaren

    View NX any faster????

    • SharpShooter

      the last revision of NX2 was sustantiallly faster than any previous version. I am hoping that an update doesnt cause slow transfers once again. I downloaded 192 25mb RAW NEF files in under 2 minutes. before this many files would take ten to fifteen minutes.



  • Fred

    Nikon Capture 3 waiting the arrival of the DX D9000?

  • Maciej

    Yes, where is Nikon Capture NX3?

    • karl

      who cares ?
      As long as NX2 is the latest version, Nikon will have to add support for new cameras.

      • Chris

        There will be no Capture NX3 … the NX series is dead … they can no longer license the technology behind NX2, so there will never be a more featured packed version of NX sofware. They may continue to update NX2 with new cameras but not with any new features and certainly no NX3.

        I think it would be best for Nikon to contact another software manufacturer and assist them in making a feature packed software package … maybe even Adobe and have full support for NEF’s built into LR … or abandon the NEF’s and update firmware on their cameras to use DNG.

        Sad, because I really liked NX2, but there are standard features that are needed that will never be implemented … even something as simple as perspective control.

  • Richard

    And still no new stand-alone version of Nikon Transfer? Aaaaagh!

    The current version works perfectly well, for me with D700 & D3s, but I wonder whether when I jump to a D5 (for which I’m patiently waiting), it will still serve. It transfers .jpg off my Canon D12, but leaves the CF2’s behind.

    • MB

      Make a shortcut to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Nikon\ViewNX 2\ViewNX 2\Nikon Transfer 2\NktTransfer2.exe” (skip (x86) if you are at 32-bit) and voila stand-alone version of Nikon Transfer is right there.
      And I am sure it will work for any new Nikon as long as you upgrade ViewNX regularly.

  • gregorylent

    somehow i have always ignored nikon’s software …

    is there any appreciable difference in how raw photos look rendered in nikon’s raw factory as opposed to lightroom, aperture, or capture one?

    • Edubya

      I was very impressed with the NX2’s NEF rendering when I played around with it last year. To my eyes, files looked better right out of the box in NX2 than in Lightroom 3. I don’t know if things have changed or not.

      But as everyone says, NX2 is painfully slow.

      • gsum

        NX2 slow – no it’s not. Perhaps you have used an old version?

        • Edubya

          It’s been a while, so I probably used the 32-bit version. Can NX2 do batch edits now? I seem to remember that was a limitation that caused a serious kink in workflow.

          I’ve also switched to Mac. Anyone know if performance is similar?

          • yrsued

            I have been doing large batches in NX2 for years!! The only kink I had was when I went to Lion, NX2 NEVER played good with Lion. My batches had to be about 500 each, when I shoot Major National Events I shoot over 20K Images, that is A LOT of Batches!!

            Now I run Mountain Lion, and with this version, I hope I can do Batches of 2K or more!!

      • karl

        CNX2 is not slow at all.
        It used to be slow back when it was 32bit only. With the arrival of a 64bit version almost a year ago, the performance increased greatly.

        And Lightroom 4.2 with Camera Neutral profile is not that far from CNX2. Both products got better.

    • Markus

      No happily not. NX2 still shows EXACTLY the RAW files as you captured them in the field…no color guessing, no ‘added’ contrast, no terrible smudged noise removal.

    • gsum

      You’re missing out by not using NX2.

      The selection pen, for example, is excellent, far more useful than Photo$hop’s dismal lasso tool whilst the RAW processor is aimed at Nikon cameras and therefore gives much better results than anything else on the market. Combined with an NIK filter set, NX2 is a great and reasonably priced software package.

      The user interface is a bit clunky but is OK once you understand how it works.

    • GrumpyDiver

      Colour from RAW images is much better using the Nikon products than the Adobe products. My usual workflow is to set the colour temperature in NX2 and save as a TIFF file that I then edit in Photoshop.

      ACR and Lightroom use the same RAW conversion engine, and quite a few photographers have found that the Adobe engine is not all that accurate, so they use the workflow that I suggested in the previous paragraph.

      • Banksie

        What about versus Phase One Capture 1? I’ve been using C1 since the day it came out and am very happy. Is there a big difference between NX and C1? I’m willing to give NX a try if people feel that’s the case…..

        • AJ

          I check all converters at least once a year because so much happens here. C1 has been my standard converter in the past two or so years because of the balance between speed/interface/quality. C1 is excellent at base ISO and just above (I use it up to 800) but notorious for demosaicing on some camera profiles. At higher ISO values, NX (and to a certain extent PhotoNinja, whose high ISO demosaicing I am also VERY impressed with) recovers far, far more detail than either C1 or ACR, even in their latest. We’re not talking pixel peeping here – the difference is massive and you are doing yourself a great disservice fi you don’t consider different options for different situations.

  • Val

    Updates are not on the NikonUSA web site as of 13:31, 30 Oct 2012. When will the USA folks provide the updates?

  • Dweeb

    NX3 still due soon after the manned Mars landing.

  • Cristian

    Every time a new version of Capture NX2 comes out I hope to see “solved the problems with pen tablets”, but I think this won’t ever happen…
    Even with this new 64bit version my Wacom tablet is still working like a mouse, with no pression control. (It was working perfectly with 2.2 versions)

  • Henry

    Chicken and egg problem: Can’t install to 10.8 from Capture NX 2 (2.2) retail CD. So, how am I supposed to update to 2.3.5? Anyone from Nikon reading this?

    • Ralph Daily

      Download the free trial version, put in your license number, and update if necessary. There’s no need to ever install from the physical cd. You just use the license code.

      • Henry

        Thank you Ralph, it worked. I installed the trial 2.3.0 successfully on 10.8. Then I upgraded to 2.3.5.

  • Otaku6

    Since Capture One 7 is out i never used cnx anymore – demosaicing, colors, details are lightyears ahead…..
    Rest in peace Capture NX

    • Banksie

      Thanks Otaku6, you answered my question (see my post above about C1 versus NX.) I’m also a very happy customer of Phase One.

      • Anon

        You take the word of one person on a forum and base your entire workflow on that……. sheeeesh.

        If you are serious about choosing a RAW rendering approach, then use the trials everyone provides and make your own mind up.

        I am a huge fan of CNX2, but also use CS5 a lot for some things. CNX2 is fast, hangs far less often than CS5 does for me even though I use CNX2 a lot more, has a really intuative interface, and saves all of my edits in a 20M file with the original RAW unlike the 100+M PSD that CS5 blows up to as soon as you add a few layers.

        • Banksie

          “Base my entire workflow?” Do you know my workflow? I simply thanked him for responding to my question before AJ had a chance to do so. And I said nothing else other than the fact that I’m also a long time satisfied C1 user (and having used other convertors except for NX.)

          So “sheesh” to you, too. And please don’t think that you aren’t the only “serious” person on the planet. btw, the tech part of the digital age is the easy stuff. The content and the context of the end product (i.e., the photograph itself) is still the hard part. A technically perfect image is only 1/4 of the game. And that hasn’t changed from the beginning of photography, which is something most digital photographers don’t quite understand yet. They are still too mesmerized with all the hardware and software.

        • Banksie

          Anon, also understand that CS5 is an editing program. There’s a reason for it’s existence. It’s not a raw convertor (ACR is the actual convertor.) CS5 is necessary alongside one’s choice of convertors if you’re truly serious about your images (i.e., outputting to RA paper via the Océ or doing pre-press work for publication, etc..)

  • If Nikon Cameras were like their software, I would shoot Canon.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Does Canon make anything similar to capture nx2?

      • Val

        NO, Canon is way behind Nikon when it comes to software for the photographer.

  • Akula

    Capture NX2 es mi software favorito tengo una CoolPix P7100 y no le pide nada a todos esos softwares de los que tanto hablan y hablan, es lo mismo solo cambia la programación ¿cuando lo entenderan?, tengo PhotoShop CS6 y no le hallo gran diferencia igual puedo comprar LightRom y Capture One, ¿pero para que tanto? las cámaras ya son PCs y en el futuro cada año saldran nuevas con el firmware modificado y el software la fotografía ha mutado para siempre.


    Another feature (especially for the D600 😉 ) is the ‘Image Dust Off’ reference data’ to subtract the sensor dust from image.
    Nikons’ algorithms are better than Adobes’ approximations for accurate color rendition. Compare for yourself.

  • Disiderio

    I strongly suggest people do not buy this software.

    It is severely outdated, the interface is not competitive vs other raw converters. Also, these programs write changes to the actual file. To see changes made in capture nx2, you can only use Nikon capture nx2 – viewnx will not even open a capture nx2 edited file! HA! This also opens up to the file being potentially corrupted. I have a corrupted image which I can retrieve and post an image of.

    In conclusion, the gain you can get out of colour rendition is quickly eliminated by a lot of other issues. Otherwise, adobe’s nikon profiles “v4 particularly” are almost on par with nikon’s proprietary rendition. Pixel peepers will find a difference, my customers don’t! 🙂

    Nikon does not deserve one more cent for this piece of software. Their collaboration with adobe, apple, phase, etc should be pursued ruthlessly.

    Yours sincerely, someone who has previously wasted too much time testing converters vs taking photos 🙁

    • Gary


      My understanding is as follows:

      1) User interface design is subjective – true that NX2’s user interface has been around for a long while, but I find it ok.

      2) Yes NX2 does alter the actual file – exactly as Nikon intended when designing the NEF format. These changes are the “instructions” you recorded when using NX2. In this way a) you can make different variants (e.g. paper sizes) in the same file and then choose which one to print and b) you don’t have to maintain a separate “sidecar” file. – Remember, these are non-destructive edits and the original is always available.

      3) View NX DOES open CNX2 edited files – I’ve used this feature a lot over the past 6 years and never had a problem. I’m not trying to deny your experience, just adding mine for perspective.

      Would I buy this software if I didn’t already have something to process my NEF files? Dunno. I haven’t used the competitors’ software (like you, I’d rather take photos than seek the Holy Grail 🙂 ) BUT, I’d certainly include it in the software I’d download on free trials to evaluate before making my first purchase.

      • Cristian

        I love manipulating images with CNX2: it’s easy and intuitive, with masks you can apply like the old “dark room” style and the non destructive manipulation of the original file.

      • Denis

        I think he meant that, when you edit a NEF file with CNX, VNX cannot either edit it anymore, neither convert it anymore.

    • jchrtra

      Sorry but I have just opened an image in Capture made some gross corrections and saved it as a NEF. Went to Nikon View NX and I see the file and can still make corrections to it.

  • Vince

    Disiderio, just for the record, Nikon does not make the software – Nik Software does. They were recently purchased by Adobe. They also make the very popular and well designed mobile software “Snapseed” which, in use, definitely shows it’s pedigree with “control points”.

    A valid point, however, is the contrast between CNX and VNX. VNX is little more than a joke. CNX is valuable in that (since it is privy to the Nikon codecs) it reads the NEFs with all the in-camera settings in place (film modes, white balance, et al). At times those are nice steps to be able to skip in post. I guess I need to check into Adobe’s Nikon emulation again, as LR is all I use. I still see value (for many) in CNX, though. VNX, not so much…

    • Vince

      Wait, Nik was purchased by Google, not Adobe. I can’t edit these posts on my iPhone, sorry about any confusion!

    • Gary

      Vince, are you sure that Nikon does not make the software?

      My understanding is that Nik (a completely separate company that just happens to have a similar name to Nikon) developed u-point technolgy (I think that’s what’s it’s called) and Nikon has a licence to use it in CNX2. But that CNX2 is atually developed by Nikon.

      Nik did produce a CNX2-specific version of Colour Effects Pro (CEP) but, over time, it focussed its efforts on plug-ins for other software (primarily Photoshop) and now the current version of CEP does not run “natively” on CNX2 – although it CAN be run on CNX2

    • MB

      CaptureNX was co developed with Nik software but Nikon took over the entire development (and bought the U-point technology from Nik software) some time ago and it shows, it is getting faster, better and more stable.
      CaptureNX gives better NEF conversion than Adobe out of the box but the thing is it is just a preprocessor for Photoshop for most people so it would be better of as a plugin than standalone application and it should really be free of charge for Nikon camera owners (it is not very usable for anyone else).

  • Zaphod

    It does not help. Nikon Capture is the worst piece of shit i have seen since a left stop using microsoft windows. And then im not talking about windows, im talking about application software. And i often use shareware or open source. But this is a quite expensive software. It is really hard to believe that Nikon quality checks not have stopped it.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Quite expensive? $135 USD is cheap compared to Lightroom or CS6. Also to all the naysayers, if you haven’t downloaded and used the latest version STFU. It isn’t slow, or broken in any way that I can see and I’m running it on a 4 year old Mac Book Pro with 4GB of RAM on 16 megapixel raw images. The control point technology blows the Adobe crap to hell and back.

    That being said I do use LR and PS as well when the situation calls for it. Right tool for the job kinda thing.

    • Zaphod

      Is totally crap on mac. It shitty software think it a OS part or something and cancels restarts. It’s totally crap and is not allowed to classify it self as OSX compatible. Compare it with CS6 is outrageous. $135 USD for a buggy file copy program is expensive. And that crappy shit is not compatible with D800 that as two card slots. I cant point to the D800 and tell it to transfer everything. It is as stupid as copy was in my DOS computer was 20 years ago.

  • Will it run any faster?

  • Val

    Still waiting for NikonUSA to provide these updates. Is this post a ‘bad’ post?

  • alwyn

    Nikon software sucks

  • Val

    NikonUSA has the update, FINALLY!
    I wonder what takes them so long to post …

  • Pdf Ninja
  • I really wish they would update there software to compete with the speed of lightroom or other that are faster.

  • BobK

    Sorry but for you naysayers about NX2 I couldn’t disagree more. i started off with Photoshop years ago and went through so many versions and spent a lot of $$$$. Then there was the learning curve in that if you didn’t use this software every day you had to pour through the manuals to find out how to do something simple. OR you could attend one of the PS conferences and spend hundreds of dollars just to learn how to use the software. So PS now sits in the background. I’ve switched over to NX2 and couldn’t be happier. Most functions are obvious and user friendly and people that I shoot pictures for are more than happy with the results.

    Yes I keep a copy of PS and PSE but haven’t used them in years. Speed, running issues, ???? Don’t know what you are referring to as I can’t remember when I last had an issue with NX2. Maybe when loading 20Gbytes of pictures from a memory card using ViewNX2 does take some time but that’s a PC problem and not an NX problem. And the beauty of NX is the cost is way less than PS or even PSE given that you can’t upgrade PSE but have to buy a new copy every year. Learn NX2 and you won’t regret it.

    PS: Anyone want to buy a half dozen 3 inch thick Photoshop books?

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