Nikon 1 Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF lens now shipping

The new Nikon 1 Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF lens is now shipping in the US and is currently in stock at Adorama and B&H. A lot of people were scratching their heads when Nikon announced the Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF lens for their mirrorless cameras one year after the 10-30mm f3.5-5.6 VR was released. Compared to the old version, the new lens lost the VR function but gained smaller size and an ED element:

Focal Length Range 11-27.5mm 10-30mm
Zoom Ratio 2.5x 3x
Maximum Aperture f/3.5 f/3.5
Minimum Aperature f/16 f/16
Format CX CX
Maximum Angle of View 72° 77°
Minimum Angle of View 32°20'' 29°40''
Lens Elements 8 12
Lens Groups 6 9
VR (Vibration Reduction) Image Stabilization No Yes
Diaphram Blades 7 (rounded diaphram opening) 7 (rounded diaphram opening)
ED Glass Elements 1 --
Aspherical Elements 1 3
Internal Focusing Yes Yes
Minimum Focus Distance 1.0ft.(0.3m) 0.66ft.(0.2m)
Filter Size 40.5mm 40.5mm
Accepts Filter Type Screw-on Screw-on
Dimensions 2.26x1.22in. (Diameter x Length)
57.5x31mm (Diameter x Length)
2.3x1.7in. (Diameter x Length)
57.5x42mm (Diameter x Length)
Weight 2.8oz.(80g) 4.1oz.(115g)

MTF chart of the Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 lens:

MTF chart of the Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR:

Lens design: Nikkor 11-27.5mm f/3.5-5.6 and 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6:

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  • Paul

    I think the timing of this lens is wrong. I mean, sure, it’s fine to have options but really, there are so few lenses for the Nikon 1 system that it doesn’t make sense to have such similar lenses as a first priority.

    • Andrew

      Except if the main differentiation in terms of appeal for some folks is size, since the main appeal for the Nikon 1 is its relative small size. Some people want a small camera with a small lens; thus anything else defeats the purpose!

      • Global

        This was COMPLETELY wrong timing. Unless they are going to pair it with a new body or something (Nikon is always screwing around with its Kit Lenses for no good reason).

        Nikon should be ashamed for not producing a lens that people want, instead of producing a lens that no one was asking for, in a system that dearly needs lenses, especially pancake primes.

        • Michael

          This system is mainly aimed at amateurs who have almost no knowledge about photography. Their main appeal is size as they have just came from PnS. A relatively experienced photographer wouldn’t really like this camera. Which enthusiast would want to invest in another system that isn’t really small and pocketable? Most would choose RX100 or S100 instead.

          • _sem_

            Talking about the RX100, a similar fast-aperture collapsible stabilised lens would be a much more welcome contribution to the N1 system. Although it would likely be a quality compromise, barrel distortion etc.
            Currently, I’m considering either a better compact with a fast-aperture zoom or a small mirrorless body with a comparably slow kit zoom. Since I mainly use a DSLR, it will most likely be an Rx100 or a G15 or an XZ-2. If such a lens was available, I’d pick the V1.
            I guess Nikon marketing is right that people think that the original N1 lenses are too bulky considering the small sensor size (not enough smaller than the mFT). However, I think the omission of stabilization in this class is not acceptable these days, and the RX100 has caught them pants-off.

            • Pablo Ricasso

              Did any of you notice how much better the MTF is for the new lens?
              Most experienced photographers don’t need VR for such short focal lengths. An experienced photographer might want a good camera with a good lens that can fit in a pocket if need be, for when he isn’t carrying a complete camera. What is it that you don’t understand?

            • Plug

              Pablo, you have read my mind exactly!

            • Agreed… Next, give us a smaller body more in line with the sensor size (and ideally a better sensor), a neutral density housing with even one compact u/w flash on a short-ish arm and we have almost the perfect underwater system for anyone who travels to dive.

              One step at a time but the timing’s fine on this one with its reduced size/weight and improved MTF, from my POV.

            • Worminator

              @Pablo Ricasso

              Though the new lens has a difference zoom range, so “wide” and “tele” MTF data refer to 10 mm, 30mm for the old lens and 11 mm, 27.5mm for the new one.

              Not that any of this matters. It’s smaller. That’s all that counts.

      • karl

        you are right. However, Nikon should have offered this new lens as a kit lens bundled with cameras.
        It makes no sense as a standalone lens.

        • PHB

          It will almost certainly replace the kit lens in the near future.

          Nikon make product changes for many reasons, one of them being to reduce cost. The new lens is $70 less than the old one and has better charts. That looks like an important improvement to me.

          What is needed right now is a set of good wide and ultra-wide primes. The CX format is ideally suited to very high quality wide primes. SLR mounts like the F-mount are not and never will be.

          There is no good reason for CX tele primes right now as the F-mount lenses work just as well with an adapter. I use my 85 f/1.4 AFS quite a lot as it gives me a 200mm equivalent reach and the combination compares pretty favorably to a much more expensive FX 200mm f/2 combo. The FX system costs five times as much and only gives an extra stop or so of headroom which I miss much less than I miss the SLR fast autofocus

          • karl

            The system should not depend on some awkward adapters and lenses thar are 3 times bigger than necessary

            • The system shouldn’t depend on lenses that are 1.5 times heavier than necessary – with worse MTF – for virtually no benefit. Though I would hope it’s offered as kit, and expect that might happen as I’d think that this is cheaper to produce than the 10-30.

    • Perfect Sense

      Ooooh, what a luvly colour (color) these will sell by the container load.

      A rehash of the D800 in this color would boost the flagging sales. Can’t wait!

      • Calibrator

        > Ooooh, what a luvly colour (color) these will sell by the container load.

        I thought the same, although not with the same dialect… 😉

        Incidentally, other companies are using similar (or identical?) color schemes, too, like Sony on their new A99 (a part of the lens mount).
        I’m sure I’ve seen it on other stuff as well.

  • Nod

    Really, who cares about it ???

    • karl

      Well you obviously dont, so why bother reading the article and trolling ?
      Does that make you feel better?

  • productmanager

    Nikon’s marketing team at its finest!

    • Not Surprised

      They should just stamp “COOLPIX” on this camera already, its really starting to swirl. Nikon is really showing its dedication here… outdating its own lens for no reason and completely skipping the lenses people actually want.

    • 1

      Well they sure got us talking about when they realease what we “want” everyone will want it cause the introduction of this made them think so..

  • Victor

    Please Nikon, stop wasting time and R&D effort on the 1-series. It’s a low-market boutique product that is distracting you from what you’re good at — FX lenses (and to a lesser extent DX lenses). Stop building random consumer crud!

    • Bradley Olwin

      @ Victor
      I have a Nikon 1 and 2 Zenza Brnonicas, and a Nikon FM2 and a Nikon D300s and a Nikon D60. I am not a professional photographer but I run ultra marathons for a hobby and spend a lot of time in the mountains running. I cannot take my D300s with me, it is too heavy and bulky. The Nikon 1 is perfect and getting smaller lenses is great, I would rather have fast primes. I don’t think the Nikon 1 is crap, it actually does a decent job and much better than my iPhone, which is why I am willing to carry it on 20-30 mile training runs so I can get the best photos possible.

      Perhaps you are a little (no very) narrow minded in your comments. I would like Nikon to expand the 1 system and make good lenses for it. The autofocus on the 1 is truly amazing–after all, when it is sunrise at 12,000 feet and I don’t have my DX and heaven forbid an FX, at least I have something better than a phone to catch a photo most others will never get.

      I do agree that this particular lens does not make much sense. I would like the smaller form factor but not willing to give up VR for it. Give us faster lenses for CX.

      • Spy Black

        “I don’t think the Nikon 1 is crap, it actually does a decent job and much better than my iPhone…”

        Don’t you think it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you’re making that kind of comparison? You know, hardware-wise, the V1 is a good camera, barring it’s lack of a few hardware control parameters. The OS, on the other hand, is a disgrace. As I’ve said in a few other posts, it’s cool if you’re rich and don’t know jack about photography, but otherwise this system is a total fail.

        Now I think it’s cool to have the operating options as is for someone who knows nothing about photography, but considering the incredible potential this system has if you only had access to it, the Nikon 1 system is truly an embarrassment.

        However, and as I’ve also said in other posts, if you’re “willing to carry it on 20-30 mile training runs so I can get the best photos possible”, take a look at the fixed lens Panasonic LX1. Really. I think if you actually try one of these cameras out, you won’t miss the Nikon 1 system at all.

        • RoyL

          Your fixed lens LX1 can’t AF for beans. So you get a larger image that’s blurry. In fact, there is not anything less than a big DSLR that can compete with the AF of a 1 Series camera.
          Having said that, I think the marketing people fell on their heads when they thought this lens was a good idea. One thing a kit lens absolutely must have is VR.

        • Bradley Olwin

          I agree there may be good fixed lens cameras out there that will be as good or better than the Nikon 1 but…. I like having the flexibility of interchangeable lenses and when the wind is blowing and I am trying to get a photo of aspen leaves or wild flowers…or I am shaking, the focus and VR really help me out. Yes I agree, if I were schlepping my D300s and several lenses I would take more time picking a spot and composing photos.

          Often I will mark places I want to go back with a better camera. I am tryly hoping Nikon will complete the DX lenses I would like to have. While FX bodies are getting lighter, the smaller, lighter bodies do not have the shooting and flexibility of the D300s.

          I also agree the OS for the Nikon 1 is horrible, it is aimed at point and shooters, mine rarely strays from manual. Give me serious controls on the 1 and I would be much happier. The worst is trying to frame a shot only to find out the da#* control dial moved to a movie or a 4shot sequence with a short movie.

          When I picked up the 1 it was the smallest interchangeable lens camera i could afford, 4/3 are likely better but the 1 was the largest (including lens sizes) that I was willing to carry running. It is still on the bleeding edge of large to me and if I am focusing on a run for time I won’t bring it.

      • Victor


        Thanks for your comment. I quite agree that my view is somewhat narrow-minded, and I’d rather Nikon’s be as well. Let me tell you why, and you can either agree or disagree on my take.

        First, let me agree with you that the Nikon 1 is a very interesting system. The AF is brilliant, the ergonomics decent, and the picture quality much better than a camera phone. I make no arguments that Nikon should be applauded for bringing interesting products to the market (now where’s my digital FM3a?)

        That being said, Nikon is heavily fragmenting their product line and their latest rash of odd-duck consumer products is quite perplexing and bewildering. It’s not just this strange new CX lens that is a head-scratcher: what about the multitudes of plastic-fantastic DX consumer lenses that cover the 18mm to telephoto range? let’s see — 18-70mm, 18-85mm I, 18-85mm II, 18-105mm, 18-135mm, 18-200mm I, 18-200mm II, 18-300mm. Seriously? All that effort for a bunch of consumer lenses? I will concede that some of those lenses are “better than fine”, but there’s a lot of lenses there that are definitely more-of-the-same.

        The point of my initial post is that Nikon needs to focus on what it does best: FX and DX lenses (if you’ll excuse the aforementioned plethora). When I was in Japan recently, I visited Nikon’s Tokyo showroom and they had a variety of prototype Nikon 1 accessories on display (a macro ring-light, amongst other things) which is nice, except there’s a whole mess of Nikon FX and DX lenses for which users have been waiting months or years. The lack of dedication to the established market is troubling for invested users who have been waiting for Nikon to deliver the goods. If you want to read a longer treatise about this topic, check out Thom Hogan’s website — he goes into great detail about how Nikon continues to drop the ball in this regard.

        So since my view was a bit too narrow, let me just finish by saying that IF Nikon’s FX and DX lines were replete and without obvious gaps, then by all means Nikon should keep pushing the envelope with the Nikon 1-series.

        As it is, the superfluous J2 and V2 refreshes, along with this silly lens release, leaves me with doubts as to whether Nikon has a solid gameplan for the future of FX… DX… *AND* CX.

        • …macro ringlight, eh? Well, they could always adapt the one designed for their SLRs.

          –oh wait, THERE ISN’T ONE!

          And no, that monstrosity that dangles a bunch of little wireless lights off it does not count as a proper ring light. In fact neither does the one I’ve seen for the 1 system.

          I was ready to defend the 1 system until I realized this. Lenses and accessories had sorely fallen by the wayside for the Nikon DSLR system. These are things that pros and amateurs alike could use.

          Tons of amateurs are into macro stuff. Nikon has released no less than TWO DX macro lenses. How about a ring flash then, hm?

          • _sem_

            – you can get a 3rd party macro ringflash
            – you can get the R1(C1)
            – you don’t really need any of the above, nor the fiber ringlight gadget, because a simple diffuser sheet some distance in front of the built-in flash (can be mounted on the lens) mostly works just fine

        • Bradley Olwin

          @Victor. I agree in most with your reply but I am very concerned about the state of DX and Nikon’s willingness to continue to support it. DX needs lenses far more than FX does (good, fast lenses) so does CX.

          Thanks for the reply.

        • desmo


          lens duplicates an existing offerring in a system with limited offerings and limited appeal

          where are the needed f mount lenses particularly the f4 zooms and tele’s

    • Its a great little camera that is very discreet! Looks like they are making some good lenses for low light shooting.

      • Steve

        “Looks like they are making some good lenses for low light shooting.”

        Hmmm. Same f3.5 opening and now no VR.

        I think not. A step backwards.

  • KnightPhoto

    Not that tough to figure out… this lens has a single purpose, as part of a future cheaper kit package so that is why it is important to the Nikon 1 line is that it provides a lower cost entry point to entice customers into the 1 series. Potentially it is a high volume offering, so that’s why it was prioritized.

    It also offers more pocketability and less weight, both of which are advantages for certain needs.

    Judging by MTF it actually looks pretty good though.

    As far as I’m concerned, if we can get Auto-ISO improvements, perhaps PASM dial with a lock, and a higher megapixel V2 with maybe future AF-C support with the FT-1, Nikon will continue to have a decent offering here.

    Think of the 1-system as a better than point and shoot sensor size and performance in a fast focussing Nikon RAW ILC camera – in these terms it is not bad at all.

  • What a disaster the 1 “system” is. How dumb do you have to be to buy a stack of interchangeable lenses for a camera with a 1″ sensor when there are EVF cameras out there with 4/3 and DX sensors that perform much better?

    Doesn’t anyone remember how all the formats smaller than 35mm failed with film?

    Today that minimum size is 4/3 or possibly DX.

    • Not Surprised

      They SIZE of this “system” isn’t even good at all, either. And I love Nikon. But this is a disaster so far. The competitors have much bigger sensors and overall keep the size of the system as compact and even in some cases smaller.

      Nikon needs to fill out an offering of bright near-pancake primes and stop screwing around. (They could have had their DSLR guys LOVING this system and promoting it to the COOLPIX people. But now its the opposite — it only has been appealing to the COOLPIX crowd so far, and the DSLR crowd largely wont go near it! Get some actually great primes and make a real system with a high end version that is competitively priced at least for ONE generation, and thats how to get your growth. Otherwise, this is a COOLPIX.)

      • Rob

        Disaster for people that want a larger mirrorless camera from Nikon maybe.

        I think Nikon probably considers it anything but a disaster. J1 currently ranks third for Amazon UK for mirrorless sales.

        • The size advantage is pretty much non-existant:

          Although, I’m impressed by both the output from the 10mp sensor they use and the 20mp sensor they could use from the RX100.

          But no, the size argument is a fallacy. And the zoom lens in the example above has stabilization, unlike the Nikon 11-27. Add a stabilized lens and it’s even bigger.

          There’s a lot of potential here, but I feel like Nikon doesn’t have the stones to pull the trigger on a truly killer MILS system that could detract from it’s SLR offerings. The 1 system just comes across as intentionally stunted and half hearted.

          • Sam

            The size advantage is very real. I’ve bought laste June j1+10mm+30-110mm and at the same time bought 70-300mm for DSLR. The latter I have used for couple of dozen of pics so far, with the 30-110mm I have taken hundreds of pics.

            Before J1+30-110mm I really thought of bringing an equivalent combo unless I was pretty sure I was going to use it. Now I don’t thing twice putting the cam and lense into my bag.

            The size advantage has literally changed the way I take pics.

          • Mike

            Your comparison is moot. When comparing interchangeable lens camera sizes, you must compare with tele and wide angle lenses attached:

            If you are going to compare based on standard zooms or pancake primes, you might as well just pick up a much smaller fixed lens camera. The whole point of buying an interchangeable lens camera is the ability to use tele and/or wide angle lenses.

            • Bradley Olwin

              @Sam and @ Mike
              I agree completely Mike, this is why I purchased one, it is the largest with the attached lens that I can manage for what I am using the camera for. None of the 4/3 will work, they are simply too big.

            • davey

              The Nikon 1 wide angle lens is so small that it weighs practically nothing!

              (BTW, if you want a smaller M43 tele, try the Panasonic 45-150mm.)

            • KnightPhoto

              I would like guys here on NR to use facts when they spout off, like Mike has done here:

              “If you are going to compare based on standard zooms or pancake primes, you might as well just pick up a much smaller fixed lens camera. The whole point of buying an interchangeable lens camera is the ability to use tele and/or wide angle lenses.”

              The above point is bang on and needs to be emphasized.

              The Nikon 1 80-300 equivalent is a very easy carry and has a sharp MTF to boot. And the IQ of the Nikon 1 is very good and probably at least the equivalent of my old D200, but in a very much easier to carry two zoom lens kit. So from that perspective it blows all compacts away and steps up pretty decently in direct m4/3 comparisons.

              Here’s the same comparison but using the Panny 40-150. And BTW the Nikon 1 does great continuous PDAF, something that NO OTHER MIRRORLESS DOES. Personally I’m a AF-C guy through and through, when I need it I need it.

              Yes we all want a 16fps DX mirrorless to replace our D300’s, but in the meantime Nikon’s CX gets the small, light, cheap role done very nicely and the on-sensor PDAF video is very very decent as is the fast AF and RAW shooting capability that fits right into my Nikon workflow. I also make use of the completely silent electronic shutter mode for shooting at family weddings and during performances of various kinds.

              For these reasons the V1 is advantageous to me, and I don’t need a m4/3 camera because if I’m doing serious photography my D4 or D800E come out to play (and are a dream to shoot that no mirrorless can touch).

            • KnightPhoto
            • KnightPhoto

              Here’s a better comparison showing two mirrorless with built in EVFs (GH3 vs. V1) plus the D3200 – have a look:


            • davey

              If you want an EVF and something reasonably compact, try something like the E-M5 or G5; the GH3 is far and away the largest M43 camera.


              And here’s the correspoding wide-angle comparison:


      • RoyL

        Actually, you buy it for the AF system, you know, that function that makes all those other cameras you mentioned suck, unless you are using a tripod and photographing buildings.

        So, you have very good sensor performance and kickazz AF. Not bad.

        But this new lens is a joke. They need a 200mm f5.6 like a thirsty man needs water, and here they have a slow kit lens without VR.

  • Red?

    Does it also come in stars and stripes colors?

  • I am amazed at some of the negative comments about the Nikon 1 platform. Do these people have any idea what its contribution to Nikon’s bottom line is. You may not have any interest in it, but that does not mean that it is not an extremely profitable venture for Nikon. These guys are in business and they are not fools. They have been able to sustain a very profitable business for many decades and continue to do so.

    • CRB

      yep, but a zoom lens with no VR? its 2012…there are power zoom lenses now, small, light and with stabilization…customers that buy this system do need stabilization…shooting themselves on the foot

      • Global

        Get the other one if you want VR. Jaysus. Can’t tell if troll or…

        • preston

          “Get the other one if you want VR.”

          No, I disagree. Since this is a product aimed at consumers, you can’t make them choose between higher quality (less blurry in low light IS higher quality for consumers) and smaller size. Plus these are too similar to justify a purchase if one of them was included in the kit. I see this release as admitting they made a mistake on the specs of the first kit zoom.

        • …I did! It’s great! I have two GX1 bodies doing video duty for me. And one even serves as an always there pocket cam when it’s not earning me money along side my Nikon DSLRs.

          It would have been great if Nikon could have filled this need, but they didn’t. No manual focus of their own lenses, and no video over 30 mins. I can plug my GX1s into the wall and go for a day straight on the largest cards available. No 30 minute limit, or any practical limit at all. Doesn’t overheat like my D7000, and the video is at least as good.

        • CRB

          Cant tell what? i spent a lot of money on Nikon products …grow up.

    • Victor

      Totally agree with you — Nikon is in it for the money and the 1-Series is the ultimate expression of that. Nikon was late to the game and came up with a pretty “meh” system (be honest now — it doesn’t really tick all the right boxes, does it?).

      That being said, Nikon has made a tidy product that seems to be selling decently and for which they prolly have a great mark-up. There’s nothing earth-shatteringly difficult to manufacture in the V and J, and Nikon can probably safely outsource the manufacturing of these cameras in short time with little risk. Indeed, the 1-series is a dressed-up commodity camera and the design, positioning, and system reflects this.

      Nikon is making money good money off the 1-series. It’s also probably making some decent money off the D4. The D600? I’m not so sure. Remember your Business Education classes? I’m betting that some Nikon products are near loss-leaders.

    • Rob

      They see Nikon 1 as taking “energy” away from FX>DX>Nikon DX mirrorless, Nikon 4/3 or whatever system that their obscure reasoning has told them they need and can’t get from Nikon. As they keep pointing out there are “better” systems or POS they can buy as evidence of Nikons monumental fail. Which proves to me how sensible Nikon was in grabbing a sensor size that was useful in size yet way smaller than the competition. We can already get lens adapters for cell phone cams, we will see cell phones in the future with lens options. Nikon couldn’t go any smaller with the sensor or they would not be able to face competition from the next generation of cell phone cameras. No sense in arguing with the large sensor luddites, time will take care of them.

  • Trolling

    I think it should be time for Nikon to get more serious and concentrate on the Pro cameras.

    A birdy friend went from Nikon to Canon EOS-1D for the 18 Mp and the 12 fps.
    No D3x or D4 can do that, does Nikon care to lose all the birdy folks?

    Maybe they sell more of these toys and make more profit?

    • JSV


  • Steve

    Bottom line:

    No VR, less elements=cheaper to make.

  • Son Goku

    I’ve been wondering… What’s the button on the zoom ring for??

    • preston

      When you hold the button down and rotate the ring it both extends the lens to the length required for shooting and turns on the camera. Nice feature.

  • Ronbo

    People expect VR on slow consumer lenses now days, I guess Nikon does not know this. Smaller is good though. I don’t see this being a big seller. Think of the R&D and all the work to manufacture this lens when there are Other more important lenses to be made for the 1 and DX bodies.

    • …still not smaller than the smallest M43 bodies with the Panny pancake zoom.

      • davey

        And to add to the insult, then Panny has VR.

  • Hm.. I have a Nikon J1 and its absolutely stunning for street photography with its blazing fast AF and small size, but since Sony released the FF(!) RX1 I consider all other systems dead. The RX1 is what severeal generations of photographers have been waiting for including me. It will be such a hit that Nikon will shit its pants in the boarder room.. Imagine a scene like the youtube-clip with Hitler 🙂 Haha 🙂

    • preston

      I would rather have an RX1 than a Nikon 1 as well, but you did hear that the RX1 is going to retail for friggin’ $2,800. . . right?

      • anon

        and you get 35mm focal length only. it’s a fixed lens i believe. I don’t agree with the nikon 1 concept, i’d rather have a DSLR, but i think the nikon 1 is more versatile than the RX1 in that regard. granted the rx1 will be a tremendous camera, but will be an utter bust for telephoto use. and at 2800 or whatever.. that’s bad… maybe they’ll release a tele version of the rx1 with a 200mm f 2.8 instead of a 35mm f2… what will that cost… $10000

  • baked bananas

    I have to admit… I love the orange color!!!! But we all know there is nothing nikon can do to save this DEAD ON ARRIVAL system….crossing my fingers and toes hoping the 95% hdmi out for the d600 is upgraded to 100% in firmware!!!!!

  • D400

    Hey, nikon is not the only one who is in it for the money! I am starting a new company that manufactures T shirts, mouse pads and assorted parafinalia with the slogan written on them “I HATE NIKON 1”

    Taking preorders now!

    • Nikon Hotline

      Dear Nikon follower!

      Your post has been noted at Nikon HQ and caused quite a stir in our legal department!
      We regret to have to inform you that the slogan “I hate Nikon 1” has already been patented by Nikon, Inc., – together with “I love Nikon 1” – for our merchandise products. Therefore we can’t allow you to use this slogan for commercial purposes of any kind.

      Please also note that the term “Nikon 1” has been registered as a trademark so you can’t use it without our consent, either, which we can’t grant you as we haven’t fully researched the commercial value of this term.

      However, as a faithful Nikon follower you are allowed to use other slogans like for example:
      “Cropped sensors are crap!”
      “I make you my little white bitch!”
      “N1 – because your poverty makes me vomit!”

      Also, Mr. Jimbo McKnuckles of Blometwice, Oregon, we can assure you that the D400 is coming soon, so please visit our online store regularly or register for a pre-order (*) at your favorite hunting supply store.

      Have a good day!
      Nikon Hotline

      (*: Availability is country-specific. Some restrictions may apply!)

      • Joe Boston


  • So Japanese

    The Nikon 1 series is a Japanese product made with a Japanese design philosophy. It is clearly meant for the asian markets and the more orientally inclined individuals in the west.

    Nikon has never understood nor cared about what consumers want. They just make a product that is fine in their opinion and sell it. Many people buy the products anyway.

    So everything is fine in the Nikon camp, right?

  • Suhazliey

    I use my v1 for birding and i love it every second compare to may d800. U dont have to bring a gitzo just cheapo tripod will do. My 300mm suddenly become 800mm without need to fork out thousands

    • v1owner

      Sensible comments per Nikon 1 thread are limited to a maximum of two, and I’m afraid that yours may be the third. Please abide by posting rules.

      • Very well said. Awesome humor too 🙂

        You’re right. When people get so fixated on their personal equipment preferences instead of focusing on taking excellent images then things have turned for the worse.

        However, comments like yours, Bradley’s, Pixyst’s and a few other are worthy reading and are really on the right track. Thanks to all of you.

  • #yearning

    Any updates on the DX? Really wishing for a D7000 update with at least 60fps in 720p video.

  • Dennis

    Buy D7000 now at discounted price or wait for possible replacement? Aaarrgh can’t decide…

  • AC

    Bring on the 18.5mm f/1.8!! I am very much looking forward to my V1 living to its potential. I hope the IQ is good as it would make a very fast, light and discreet street shooter.

    • Me

      Same! I don’t really care about this lens because I hardly use the existing 10-30mm kit lens. I am almost always switching between the 10mm and the 30-110mm so I’m looking forward to the 18.5mm filling the gap and assisting with low light shooting. Just a few more weeks, Yay!

  • shivaswrath

    great size, and ED helps the MTF charts…but agree, poor timing…

  • an onymous

    Just a simple question to Nikon, who is the Nikon 1 for?

    Interchangeable lenses… I thought people who knows nearly nothing about photography would grab any pocket camera with 10x zoom fixed lens attached on it.

    The equivalent FOV from the mediocre 10-30 lens to the worse 11-27.5 mm is just horrible, nothing an enthusiast is expecting.

    Just a simple question to Nikon, who is the Nikon 1 for?

  • anon

    i don’t understand this.. This is a cheap lens replacing nearly the exact same lens. They made it smaller, but both lenses are freaking tiny compared to any F mount lenses, even the 50mm 1.8. Why release any change to the original?? Look at the changes made: less focal range, no vr, and no mounting ridge for lens hood. all things that hinder the quality of photo you can get. Ok yes it’s smaller, but who cares, the original weighed NOTHING. The only thing i can imagine is people who just want a camera, who dont’ care that much about image quality and who might as well buy a point and shoot, complained that the original lens was too big. So Nikon sacrificed features of this lens just to make it tiny instead of very, very small. i dont’ get it. It’s R&D that could be better placed elsewhere.

    Furthermore, I actually don’t understand the nikon 1 series in its entirety. if compact-ness is what you are going for, buy a p7700 (granted i wish they put a viewfinder on it… bad choice) or the canon similar for less money. why do you want to carry a bunch of lenses if you want compact-ness. Now you need a bag. might as well buy a DSLR at that point. So say you decide to only take one lens with the 1, 10mm 2.8, which is currently the only decent aperture lens for the 1 that can be acquired easily. It’s smaller, but really isn’t too much lighter/smaller than a d3200 and a 35mm 1.8, which will be etter image quality and probably close to the same price. Plus with the 3200 you have infinitely more ease of use for manual settings. Granted for the example of running marathons and taking pics at the same time, that small amount of size difference would help. This is a 0.009% of how people are using cameras. For general joe-schmo walking around, the size difference makes no difference. It’s still too big to comfortably fit in a pocket for walking around all day, so it’s either around your neck, in a bag or in your hand.

    Notice i didnt’ say that the Nikon 1 takes bad pictures. I just don’t see it as a truly useful product. And i’m sorry, but no camera is discreet. As soon as you put your hands up to your face, people can see your taking pictures… unless they aren’t looking at you at all in which case you could hold a 1200-1700mm up to them and they wouldn’t notice. The funny thing is the smaller devices take longer to focus and actually capture the image, so you probably stand out even more using the smallest, most unnoticeable tiny phone to take a picture than using a dslr. Maybe other people have had better luck, but the AF on the nikon 1 i tested was slow and hunted like crazy in Best Buy lighting, which is pretty bright.

    Perhaps the 1 series has sold well as the sales numbers i guess have said, however, every trip i’ve taken since the 1 was released, i either see a bunch of low end dslrs or regular point and shoots. When i am out, i generally pay attention to what other shooters are using just because i’m curious, and i can’t say i’ve ever seen a 1 outside of stores. So who is actually using them? Again why i think this lens was a waste of development resources as well as the whole 1 series.

    • V1 User

      Hey there anon,

      I am a V1 user and I’d like to answer your question. I don’t intend to change your mind and I’m not arguing with you, just a simple answer. Also, let me state that this lens is not something that I’m interested in or trying to defend.

      I used to shoot with a panasonic DMC-FP8 (a simple point and shoot) and when I decided to upgrade I ended up buying the V1 as my first non-P&S. This was due to some really good reviews from people who actually used the camera for a reasonable length of time. Anyway, how I arrived at the V1 doesn’t make much of a difference but I can tell you why I have stayed. The main reasons I stay with it are size, battery life, and I like the IQ. I won’t talk about IQ because that’s just my opinion. Okay, so lets start with size. Many people dismiss the size difference based solely on the 10mm lens. I’ll agree that this lens combo has almost no size advantage over some M4/3 cameras but of course it’s much smaller than any DSLR/lens combo. The 30-110mm lens does have a very good size advantage compared to the M4/3 system. There is no sense in talking about a DSLR at this point because a 300mm equivalent can be nearly 3-4 times the size of the body of the V1. Those are the two lens’ that I usually carry with me, and I find them really easy to stash in my bag. I have the 10mm on camera and the small 30-110mm easily fits in any bag that I’m using for that day. As I’ve grown in photography there are times when I look at other systems and even entertain the idea of buying a DSLR. I always find myself stopping and saying, “I’m not really going to carry that thing with me so I’ll stick with the V1.” In your comparison of when I decide to just carry the 10mm to buying a P7700, maybe that’s a fair comparison if I only carried the 10mm lens with me. But I like that I can go out to a dinner with just the 10mm to keep the size down and the next day go on a bike ride or hike with a zoom lens. With this smaller size comes a smaller weight. I travel quite a bit, and being able to put my whole “kit” in my carry-on gives me peace of mind and knowing that it isn’t going to make my shoulders sore is a plus. Battery life is simply great, whenever I shoot photos with friends they are switching batteries or just saying, “that’s all for me today.”

      Those are my reasons and I’m quite content with the V1. More lenses (although this one doesn’t appeal to me, as previously stated) and accessories are very welcome to enhance my experience. I’m really looking forward to the 18.5mm f/1.8 coming out next month.

      I hope this helps you understand why someone would buy and stick with this system. It’s fine if you still disagree with it, that’s why camera manufactures make so many different cameras. Choice!

  • Sylvesterii

    I am a huge fan of the Nikon 1 system. I just don’t understand some of their choices. This lens seems like a bad idea. VR is essential in a slow lens like this *unless* the V2 is going to have in-body image stabilization. I doubt it but that would make me consider upgrading from my V1.

    The only other gripes I have with the V1 is the silly mode dial and the lack of CLS with the SB-N5. It needs at least an auto camera green mode and a “non” auto. I make changes constantly to settings, whereas my wife wants full on auto. just put it on green on most consumer dslrs and she is good to go. This is a bigger deal than not having PASM on the mode dial in my opinion. This is a family camera through and through, and it should cater to the whole family.

    Lack of commander mode in the V1 is just a stupid stupid oversight.

    To anyone who says the sensor can’t produce, you have never shot with the camera. I am over the top happy about the image quality. High ISO is comparable to my D300 in a tiny camera like this is goo enough for me. Yes, the dynamic range isn’t quite as wide, but I will take that for all I the other benefits.

    • Indeed! In fact, VR is *so* essential in a slow lens like this that no one ever – *ever* – took a picture in the days of film with such a lens, especially with films like Kodachrome 25. Nope, never! Not a single image.

      • anon

        I used to shoot all sorts of pictures with a disposable camera pre-loaded with Kodak Gold 400. I don’t have to anymore. Not to mention how many people were handholding 1/4 of second shots with ASA 25 Kodacrhome? Yeah that’s what I thought.

        Your post is about as relevant as Kodachrome is today. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s dead.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    The camera SUCKS because I SAID SO>
    I know so much about marketing that I can’t even afford one.
    OBVIOUSLY, there’s no need for a lower price.
    CLEARLY I can’t shoot without VR.
    Can someone explain what is MTF???

  • MJr

    So little difference in size, such a loss in range.

  • CJ

    The reason should be very obvious to everyone,
    it is cheaper to produce, and they will discontinue the older version soon,
    But, the marketing spin will say it is optically better and smaller in package, or any other similar BS.

  • Thomas

    Sharper, smaller, lighter – win.

  • anon

    smaller and lighter doesn’t mean better. i have slightly shakey hands. heavier cameras/lenses counter that shake. I also have large hands. small, rectangular cameras are uncomfortable to use. I need good ergonomics.

    • Thomas

      There is an optional grip, but if you want a heavy camera… Well I like my D800E with trinity lenses too.

  • This is such a sexy lens!

  • David H.

    Can I get my DSLR in this lovely colour too!!


  • 103david

    Oooo, pretty…and shiney, too… Is it available in ‘arctic blue, poo-poo brown, baby-poop green, ” and all the other colors we’ve grown to love so much? Personally, I’m holding out for the classic colors from the early 70’s palette of Ford Pinto/Chevy Vega/Mercedes Salon…You know, Pea Soup Green, Cal-Trans Traffic Cone Sun Faded Orange, and my particular favorite, the Dreaded Color-Not-Found-In-Nature, Teal!

  • PhilK

    Smaller, lighter and sharper. (see MTF curves)

    Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Can’t compare price because no one seems to sell the 10-30mm unbundled.

  • Impressive kit and recent price drops make it affordable. I bought the P7100 just as these were launched, but I do still love the CoolPix

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