Nikon announcement on October 24th

It  seems that the date for next official Nikon announcement will be October 24th, 2012. As usual, the actual announcement may vary ±1 day depending on your geolocation. I do not expect any surprises, we will probably see the new Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera and maybe some additional accessories (the new remote control for example).

[NR] probability rating: 80%

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  • Royl

    I just hope they don’t announce the D5200. I want the D5100 to still be current and selling cheap on Black Friday so I can “steal” one.

  • Stanley

    I’ll bet Nikon is going to announce that the D800 pixels has been reduced from 36.3 megapix to 12.1 megapix because Nikon can’t get that many of them to all agree to line up together and produce a focused frame as a group!!

    • Royl

      Trolling is getting tougher all the time, huh?

      • Stanley

        Royl….. Why can’t you handle the truth?

  • why not nikon 7100?

  • DX

    I think the next DX camera will be the D7100. Nikon has been releasing only cheap and affordable cameras (D3200 and D600). The D400 would be a prosumer camera and it would not make money as a consumer camera would. It all about market.

    • DX

      I mean, “It is all about market”.

  • Tim

    We want D5200!

    We want D5200!

    I hope they announce it before Christmas, so we could Pre-order it.

  • Fred

    I read same news in french magazine Chasseur d Image (November issue ),167059.msg3412943.html#msg3412943

  • Brent

    Both the D7100 and D400 will both be released in 2013, perhaps with a D3300 and a D4x or D4s. I am saving up for a used D700 or perhaps better glass for use with my D90.

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