At least one new Nikon camera to be announced by the end of 2012

I have already mentioned on several occasions (see this post and this post) that there will be one more Nikon announcement before the end of 2012. With the latest Nikon V1 price drop and a new wireless remote controller, I think we can assume that there will be at least one new camera announced in the coming months before the 2013 CES show (new remote controllers do not get introduced alone, they always come with new cameras).

Stay tuned, it ain't over yet.

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  • tnt

    if it’s not a dslr, then another crappy camera from nikon

    • Michel

      Thats a bit harsh isn’t it? Just because it isn’t a dslr? Not everyone wants a heavy bulky camera to carry around. It seems more likely to be a V2 model and it could be a rocket or maybe just bomb out… Perhaps it might inspire another Hitler rant video???. Probably no one will get this anyway, even i barely do

      • robj

        Maybe it is a bit harsh, but its true that sub-SLR Nikons are pretty mediocre, offering no clear advantages over competitive products. Too bad, the Nikon name should mean more than mediocrity.

      • Dr Motmot

        I get it.

    • Hendog

      Nikon is a camera company, they have more of a customer base than just professionals and enthusiasts. Accept this.

    • No more Mr.Coolpix


      We have enough Coolpix cameras, and the Nikon 1 series is just crap compared to a few offerings from competitors. The Nikon1 series lens selection has nothing of interest at the moment regarding performance/low light capabilities.

      DSLR or fuck it.

      • v1owner

        Nikon 1 was introduced at too high a price. At current prices, for 28-300mm-e in two tiny zooms, and a sensor which produces much better photos than non-users might expect, it’s a bargain as a daytime walk-around.

        Nothing there to stop you from putting your f/1.4 on your DLSR when you feel like it. CX native portrait f/1.2 may be coming too.

    • Reality Check

      Nikon dslr and “crappy” are not mutually exclusive………

      • Andrew

        Your doctor just called, you’re overdue for a good reality check…grashopper.

        • Reality Check

          Oh really?

          I’m not saying “crappy” and Nikon dslr are synonymous but you’re forgetting:

          D2x autofocus,
          D2h everything, even Nikon admitted that was a dog, remember the fire sale?
          D200 banding
          Hot pixels everywhere
          And then there’s that camera that struggles with left hand AF .

          • Big J

            Your point?

    • Me

      That’s a bad attitude, you should learn not to be so negative.

    • I personally believe there will be a Nikon D400 released before the end of the year.
      So that the D300 can be laid to rest but it was a quality camera overall, Would be good to see a predecessor to replace D300 🙂

      • v1owner

        You’re hoping Nikon re-announces the D200, really? 🙂

  • Lovely spartan

    I do hope that the anounncement is like “Nikon will give up V1/J1 and will introduce an APS-C mirrorless camera instead.”

    • desmo


    • karl

      get a nex. I’m happy with my J1 P&S.

    • Mike

      APS-C mirrorless cameras make no sense, especially with future sensor technology in mind. What’s the point of mirrorless if the lenses are the same size as DSLR lenses?

      • R!

        Totally agree!!

      • mikils

        Agreed. Look at the lukwarm reception of Canon Eos-m (my heart bleeds!)

      • DX is DEAD

        Agreed! Skip the mirrorless crap, Nikon, make a fixed-mirror pro(sumer) FX-body!
        Optical viewfinders are so yesterday, EVFs are the future!

        (Hint: License the tech from Sony like you buy their sensors…)

        • Dave in the USA

          The technology does not belong to Sony. Canon produced a few models from the 1960s up until around 1990 and Nikon had a version of the F2 in the late 1970s that used a fixed mirror.

      • Lardinio

        Are their no other advantages to mirrorless other than size?

        • Mike

          Yes. Taking pictures in public. People are way more comfortable and you and it draw less attention when you have a amateurish looking camera that doesn’t have the reputation of a DSLR. Seriously, it’s a different experience. Plus you don’t get the gear heads ruffling their feathers over camera superiority. It is a welcome relief. Try it.

        • Big J

          Price also. The image quality on those little suckers are pretty good if you’ve seen the reviews. Hell I’m almost tempted on getting a mirrorless myself. I don’t like the camera on my cellphone in many every day situations. Plus, I would use it for studying also. My old Casio Exilim 6MP helped me pass my 3 hour Histology and Pathology finals.

      • Some NEX lenses are very small. Look at the 16mm pancake and Sigma’s compact 30mm. Fuji’s 18 mm f/2 is very small as well. Nothing like that with AF is available for DX DSLR’s

      • Karen


        NEX’s lens and Fuji X-series lens are very compact. Haven’t you seen them yet?

        • Rayes


          Size doesn’t matter. Quality does not depend on size. Designed for fullframe sensor, Leica lens are extremely small and compact.

          • Mike

            Heck, my Mamiya 7ii lenses are smaller than most DSLRs lenses and they are for a 6×7 camera!

          • Andrew

            Apples and oranges.

            Leica lenses for their rangefinder-style camera types Leice is best known for, are small and compact, yes. But those aren’t SLR bodies, which due to simple laws of physics demand larger and heavier glass.

            Get over it, horses for courses

  • Art

    I did a search for the D400 on Nikon’s website:

    And it corrected me and said “Error: It is the D-404”


    • R!

      I ‘m guessin that there is no plans for a D400 untill 2013,well that’s why I didnt get ready of my D300s ,that still is the best AF cover for Action in the history of photography!

      • Big J

        It’s a sweet camera. Pricey still since it’s discontinuation. Although weird that the D300 is more than the D300s on Amazon.

  • Cathy

    I would like to see a camera (V2 or D7100), any camera with no focus issues. Rather than a new camera model I would like to see better quality control, better service, better communication.

    Yes, I could update my V1 for better usability, and there are many things they could have fixed with firmware updates, but they did not :(. I really don’t understand why. And like somebody said, a “V2” similar to J2 is nonsense. And I’d like to use the FT1 adapter with AF-C and any of the focus points. Very basic needs.

    I’d like to have cameras, that are the kind of cameras that are made and improved by listening to the advanced users and customers. And that work (NO focus issues). I bought the D7000 last May, and it still has the famous back focus issue after so many years in production. Crazy! The quality has to be better! I just cannot trust Nikon at all anymore.

    The amount of used D700’s in the market have dropped hugely lately. And the prices has turned back to higher, even there are D800’s and D600’s out there. Wonder why… I really hope there is not going to be any issues with the D600. If there will, Nikon is in big troubles.

    • Nikon Man


    • I know, I’m already wary of buying either the d800 or d600. Much rather have the d700, and I think people now realize that the d700 still doesn’t have a peer even with the updates. Keeping the prices really high for how “old” the technology is. I shot with both the d800 (too much rez for me), and there’s just something I’m not “feeling” about the d600 yet. Can’t pull the trigger. D700 it is for me. As for video, well if you really want a video camera that shoots great stills, you’re better off with Sony. Even if you’re not already in the system. I think Nikon is beginning to forget that they should still create REALLY good “cameras” like the d700.

      • Jurppa

        What I want is a D3s in a D700 body. I don’t need more than 16-20 Mpix. I will not sacrifice the handling of the D700 for a D600 or a D800. Those cameras are not for sports because of poor handling and low frame rate.

        • DX is DEAD

          No, what you want is a D4 in a D700 body! 😉

          Or would you buy a $2000/2000€ body just for one additional stop and two more frames/sec – but still at 12MP (this is what the D3s has)?

          Why don’t you buy a USED D3s then?

          • Rob

            Because they still cost $3800 used

            • Big J

              Still worth it imo.

      • gregorylent

        love my d600 as a walk around, but video auto focus has big issues, and there seem a few software niggles and inconsistencies, not yet reproducible by me though …

        we can see why leicas cost what they cost

        • Anders

          Would you care to elaborate on the auto focus issues on the D600?
          I’m considering one, and in my research so far I haven’t come upon anything about that issue.

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!!
        The D700 still rules! I love mine! 80% of my images — especially wedding work is D700, the rest D800. L…O…V…E… my D700 and I will never, ever give it up.

        • Dixie

          Yeah, right! Looser!

      • JS

        @DS Fogle


        They are many Nikon users that feel the same about our beloved D700. It was never really replaced.

    • ashwins

      “The amount of used D700′s in the market have dropped hugely lately. And the prices has turned back to higher, even there are D800′s and D600′s out there.”

      Not true in Europe—at least. You can still get second hand D700 bodies on ebay for €1300 and that’s the lowest they have ever gone. Check it out.

      Yes, the D7k tends to back focus. Nikon service re-adjusted my D7000’s AF but when I tried it with Sigma 17-70 lens, it was back focusing a lot and I had to fine tune the AF by -10 clicks. Maybe the AF inaccuracy is in the Sigma—don’t know—but the same problem I was having with my 50mm f/1.8G before sending the body to Service.

    • Ron Benson

      Are all the lenses producing back focus at any aperture? If not, check if your faulty lenses have spherical aberration. This translates in “back focus” when the lens is not used wide open. I have this problem with one lens at short focal lengths. For my part, my D7000 is a faultless imaging machine.

      • Cathy

        It is a real focus issue not depending on lenses. It has been discussed enough in many forums, I am not starting here any deeper. It cannot be adjusted with fine tuning, because the faulty focusing is not consistent, it does not focus uncorrectly at the same way in all situations. I have to send it to service and hope for the best. Thanks for your help.

      • ashwins

        Hey Ron,

        Have you been shooting with fast primes wide open? If not, then try your D7000 out with 50mm f/1.8G or 85mm f/1.8G at f/2.8 or faster and you’ll discover the inconsistency of its AF. Or just google it.

        Due to the slowness of standard zoom lenses you may not see any fault in the AF.

        • Ron Benson

          Hi, I shot every type of lenses with it!!! 35 f/1.8, 50 f/1.8, 85 f/1.4, 105 macro VR, 18-200 VR, 16-85 VR, 70-300 VR, even a manual 500 f/6.3 reflex using the telemeter to focus. Focus is spot on 90% of time in field conditions, a little less in low light.

          By the way, the lenses are not all mine!!!

          • ashwins

            Ron, what you are saying is pretty interesting.

            When I sent me D7000 to service I told them that the AF has to be spot on at f/2.8 with my 50mm f/1/8G lens because that’s the aperture I mostly use when I shoot indoor concerts. (I had earlier sent the lens to Nikon Service thinking that the lens was culprit for the inconsistent AF but Nikon did not find any fault in the lens).

            Now, after Nikon re-adjusted the AF, it’s pretty precise at f/2.8 but when I shoot wide open my D7k back focuses about 4 inches at the distance of 8 feet. It’s pretty depressive but at least I can shoot OK now at f/2.8.

            So, either Nikon service didn’t do the job right or you just have a better copy.

            • Ron Benson

              According to the link below, The 50 f/1.8 exibits focus shift when stoping down. Go see the ruler at the bottom of the test sheet. This is reminiscent of spherical aberration. As we seldom use the lenses wide open, it’s something to take into account before we purchase a lense. It doesn’t make a big difference around infinity, but up close…


        • The 50m F1.8G and 85mm F1.8 G are my most used lenses this year, and I shoot wide open from F 1.8 to F 4. No problems on my d7000. I’m buying the d800 soon and I was worried about the focus problems reported, so I ordered the SpyderLenscal kit last week, and just tested my d7000 with those lenses on it. The 85mm F1.8 G is dead on, at any distance. The 50mm F1.8 G is also very accurate, but accuracy varies a tiny bit (I noticed +/- 4 on AF Fine Tune as I moved closer and farther, which is absolutely negligible, even at F 1.8).

          I can say nothing but good things about the d7000 focusing system, it’s fast and accurate and works pretty damn well even in low light. Not as good as the 51 point focus system in higher end cameras, but it’s probably the best in its category (or at least a match to the canon 7d’s focus system).

          • ashwins

            So, looks like that I wasn’t very lucky with my purchase of D7000…

  • photographer

    My vote would be:

    1. D5000 replacement,
    2. D7000 replacement,
    3. D300 replacement,
    4. Z1
    5. D4x

  • Jesus_sti

    Ok, now my prediction …. A medium format camera ! 🙂 …. no ?

  • Todd

    Maybe someday we’ll see the 80-400mm replacement.

    • Or maybe not

      ..or maybe we die of old age. Better switch brands than hope for anything useful like a portable AND affordable 400mm G lens from Nikon. Or a 20mm G lens.

      • Ron Benson

        Long focal, affordable and portable… Try a Samyang 500 f/6.3 mirror lens!!!

        • Or maybe not

          Or rather a Canon 400mm f/5.6 L USM..

  • Martin

    Yes, a D 4 x, with 50 MPX , a ansäet to Canon 3 D x.

  • Toonie

    I do hope that DX will survive and turn into something better (larger sensor size, crop 1.3 becomes mainstream anyone?)

    • BartyL

      A DX camera with a ‘larger sensor size’ will no longer be a DX camera.

      As for crops, it would be nice to have a variety available provided this is implemented for RAW files as well.

    • VJ

      It might cause vignetting with DX lenses, so changing the cropfactor to a higher value is not really an option.

    • mikils

      The only people who really really would buy a new pro DX camera, if ever Nikon will launch one (I hope so but I do not reckon Nikon will), rather than a FX would do it just for the extra reach, so there is no market for a slightly wider crop camera. To be appealing it should have many more MP to make it even easyer to crop, but not affect framerate and High Iso. Quite a feat, and with an expensive R&D behind , which makes me think Nikon will not disgorge the money for it.

      • D400, I hope

        Not to discount the rest of your post but some of us want a pro DX to get affordable speed (high frame-rate, large buffer, high-iso performance) and a better body (I gave up trying to improve my own body a long time ago…)

        • VJ

          I second this…

          As an amateur, DX format is good enough for me, especially when paired with good glass. So I’d rather have a pro-grade DX than a consumergrade FX if prices are the same, mainly for the durability, but also for better features (AF, weather sealing, ….).

  • timon

    Nikon d5200 is coming soon

    d7100 is next year

    never a d400

  • Bernard

    My guess: D400 for Xmas and V2 next Spring (With more glass of course !) 🙂

  • Mike

    What? I’m expecting the V2 and at least two DSLRs before Christmas.

    D5200/D6000 video oriented DSLR

    Together with the long awaited 16-85 f/4 lens!!

  • Norah

    I hope D400 but I don’t think so

    • Dixie

      Thank you for telling us.

      Again and again and again and again…



    • andy

      that you are not going to buy anyway

  • ambo

    v2 ? no tq..
    d7100 ? yes please

  • Pan Da

    A mirrorless DX camera would be amazing! Or at least rethink the CX format and make it somethin usefull. I mean a cropfactor of 2.7 srsly Nikon WTF?! The sensor used in the Nokia 808 Pureview is almost as big as a Nikon 1 CX sensor and that is a f*cking phone.
    If Nikon really want’s to become a member of the mirrorless party they have to make some serious changes.
    And it wouldn’t be to bad if they admit that the tiny sensor and the moved image (or however they called these 3 second video things with horrible music) were mistakes and that they are going for another direction with the mirrorless lineup.
    Because Nikon has to catch up with Canon! Don’t get me wrong i love Nikon cameras but i think for the past 2 years or so the Canon lineup has just been a tiny little bit better, there are some exeption like the D7000 wich was and somehow still is a leader in that pricerange.

  • jetelinho

    how about NEW (&/OR improved) LLLEEENNNSSSEEESSS?!?!?!

  • ChrisDNT

    “get over it, pro DX is dead. DX have nothing to offer you over FX.”

    You’re right.
    Nothing, except lower price, lower weight, more reach with teles and more depth-of-field for landscape photography.
    So…. “nothing” !

    • Rob

      I’m having a hard time telling: do you think he’s just trolling when he says that DX has no advantages, or is he really that stupid?

    • El Aura

      For the same diffraction blurring DX gives you exactly the same DOF as FX. And diffraction blurring is was almost always limits the maximum DOF you can achieve.

  • Maybe D710 for Christmas? 😛

  • SNRatio


    I think it is pretty obvious that Nikon will work the V-concept further before they enter larger format mirrorless. At the same time, they clearly want to get there too, and an FX mirrorless would in a sense be full circle for them, back to rangefinder days…

    So – while there is almost surely mirrorless DX in the future, I think they may actually introduce mirrorless FX first. That would give them some real leverage, and, as many have noted, mirrorless DX lenses tend to be rather large anyway.

    But for now, I think most indications point to a V2.


    The clear indications of D5100 soon to be discontinued make a D5200 first more likely, I think. To avoid cannibalization, I think it would make more sense to launch the D5200 first, and a D5200/D400 might turn out to be a very useful DX combo for many shooters. (Might include me.) Nikon is in no hurry right now to fill the obvious gap between D7000 and D600, for the pro-DX segment is for the most part so heavily invested in glass that it won’t go away for a while, and – as many have noted – they have the D800 DX crop as a stopgap solution, adding a lot of unique value when used as FX.

    When provided with an “s” update, a D400 could have a very long life, and my guess is that this is what Nikon is aiming for.

    • Cocopop05

      I do not agree there exists a gap between the D7000 and the D600 on a technical level, but certainly at a pricing level. My guess is a D400 to replace the D7000 priced at around $1500US

      • iamlucky13

        The gap is not really between the D7000 and D600 on a technical level, but above the D7000 and kitty-corner to the D600.

        The D300 is a pro-bodied, high FPS camera.

        The D7000 is not quite pro-body and not quite high FPS. Decent in both regards, but you never have to read more than half a dozen posts on an even semi-relevant topic to see that there are plenty of users who want more.

        The D600 is not quite pro-body and not quite high FPS, and the lens costs drive the total system cost up more than the body cost suggests.

        The D800 is pro-body, but not high FPS, and again, the system cost is pretty high.

        The D4, of course, is both pro-build and high FPS, but much to expensive for most non-pros.

        I hope to see a ~$1200 D7100 and a ~$1800 D400. I’m pretty sure there’s room for both in the lineup.

        • v1owner

          “The gap is not really between the D7000 and D600 on a technical level, but above the D7000 and kitty-corner to the D600.”

          A baffling starting paragraph to a furthermore lucid post.

    • The D7000 has been out longer, so I think an update to it is more likely than an update to the D5100. It would probably have an upgraded version of the D3200 sensor and pick up a few features from the D600.

  • Len

    I hope that Nikon will release a PRO DX camera…=/

    • Len

      Also i’m thinking that Nikon should improve some lenses…=/

  • dx

    if nikon is not releasing DX camera this year, what should I buy? D7000 is too old obviously and D3200 doesn’t cut it. Nikon has a gap in their portfolio…
    whats the fuck is up nikon marketing team?

    • DX is DEAD

      If you actually considered the D3200 then it means that you either have an older DX or no Nikon DSLR at all. A D7000 would actually be a good choice for you if you want a good DX body for a good price.

      However, the D7000 is now about two years on the market, which means it will be replaced soon – either by a D7x00 (more expensive) or a D5200/6000 (less expensive and with better performance but less features, top display and/or magnesium body parts gone, for example).

      Don’t forget the lenses, though!

      The other strategy would therefore be: Getting a D600 and investing in good glass right from the beginning (and only upgrade the body later).

      Don’t waste money on DX if you are ambitious – you will only regret it.

      • v1owner

        “Don’t waste money on DX if you are ambitious – you will only regret it.”

        Just get the holy trinity of 2.8 zooms, a few 1.4 primes, lumbar problems and a divorce.

  • thealvix

    I’d like to see a new wireless commander system …not IR limited .. with many flash groups ..maybe with a possibility to change everything from a PC or android or whatever…

  • Jurppa

    Hoping for a mini-D4 (D800s?) but expecting a D8000 with DX.

  • DX2FX

    There isn’t any rumors about any new DX zoom to be released, hence it’s unlikely we’ll see a D400 coming just yet. My guess is the V2.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      How about the 18-300mm VR DX?

      • Mike M

        Typically they’d be released together, though the long rumored 16-85 f4 DX would fit the bill to roll out with a D400.

  • JanAlbert

    I work at a retailshop in the netherlands and
    we can’t order de D5100 anymore.
    D5200 in the making?

  • Robert

    tragedies in japan and philipinas, delayed launches Nikon with this they are being made in short time intervals, there is a risk of cannibalization between models, which is less worrisome than losing market share to Canon and Sony.
    I believe there are still to come in the coming months, dslr pro for current users of the D300 and D700.

    • gay Lord

      what happened in the Philipines?

      • v1owner

        You didn’t hear about Imelda Marcos’ missing shoe?

      • Robert

        correcting: the flooding was in thailand

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D400, of course…

  • oleseentre

    I hope it’s not the V2 with that tiny sensor…
    I hope that it is a DSLR – D5200 or D7100.

  • Niko

    It will be a “Christmas camera”, so I don’t expect any (semi-)pro DX body.

    • Mike M

      I feel like “christmas camera” and DSLR are almost mutually exclusive. Maybe I’m just not affluent enough to understand, but I don’t think most people are much more well off than my family and even the D3200s price tag would be borderline prohibitive as a christmas present, it’s 650 with a lens. Since they’ve already filled the lowest slot in DSLR you’re either saying it has to be a 1 series or a D5200 which is likely to be nearly 800 as a kit.

  • roberto

    just imagine nikon d710 with 16mp for christmas……..a dream camera .

    • DSFogle


    • Big J

      It would be a step backwards in terms of innovation from Nikon. No video, probably an fps or 2 more with grip. The D600 and D800 do quite well. No need for one. The D700 is venerable on its own. Get one while you still can or spare parts for it whenever it reaches the end of its shutter life.

  • Harold

    It better be the D300s replacement… I am getting fed up with waiting, and having come from a D300, my D7000 doesn’t quite cut it.
    Poor AF in live view, limited video recording, no 10-pin connector.

    There is definitely still a spot between the D7000 and D600.

    A refreshed D300s with the D600 video capability would fit the bill nicely.

    And to the ignorant clown who suggested DX is dead, I (and probably many others) have no intention of upgrading the all the DX lenses I already have.
    I have 7, and whilst this may not be many to some, it’s still an investment worth way more than any DX body.

    Lets’ hope Nikon don’t treat their loyal customer base with the contempt that Apple arrogantly does.

  • Still no pro DX lenses. And no in plan.
    It seems that because diffraction and construction troubles APS-C will always be inferior to 35mm. DX is for vacation-snapshot. Pro goes 135 as went last 100 years.
    I am D300s user. Sold Nikkors DX lenses because inferior quality of image. FX zooms too odd in focal lenghts on DX.

    So goodbye DX Pro. Welcome FX pro and CS vacation.

    • dx

      you can buy the FX lenses and just use the best center part of the glass with APS-C sensor – the quality of the glass will be superior!

      • Yes I use FF lenses but 24-xx and 70-xx isn’t as good on DX as on FX.
        An year ago I’d lust for probably new 16-80 f/4 VR AFS new version and 50-135 f/2.8 VR. (Hypotetically small and perfect from f/4)

        Today after trying to use D4 and D800 in real light I lust for…
        … For new auto ISO alghorhytm depended on lens focus distance.

        Maybe I’ll stand for new DX camera but with those new lenses and new auto-ISO.

        • v1owner

          If you can live with f/4, a 12-24 plus 24-120 gives a fair range on DX.

    • Mike M

      Did you miss the 17-55 f2.8? It’s squarely positioned as a DX alternative to the venerable 24-70. Granted they probably should have rolled out a 50-150 2.8, anything longer like the 70-200 doesn’t make sense to make a DX only version of really so they probably never would. The only other argument might be lack of a DX ultrawide prime, or fast ultrawide zoom.

  • root

    Anyone remember the Fuji S5 pro – Fuji sensor in D200 body. I would love to see the current Fuji X-Trans sensor in a D7000 body. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a Fuji or a Nikon afterwards – both have beautiful lenses.

  • Karen

    What I want badly to see from Nikon is lens, lens, and lens.

    (1) 70-200 F4 VR N
    (2) 50/1.2 N
    (3) 24/1.8G N

  • Nathee

    D800s perhaps

    • Any Anon


  • Dsa

    I like trains

    • Zoot

      Wedding photographer?

  • Chris

    Oh come on Nikon, tell us at least if it s a DSLR or a day to use – camera. Or else i m keeping my moneyz

  • question4u

    Question: what produces better image under good light with the same FX lens?
    24MP FF sensor or 24MP APS-C sensor
    Since all lenses are better in the center, I would asume APS-C is the right answer here but there might be more things in the play.

    • Landscape Photo

      It depends on the lens, aperture value & noise response of the sensor.

      24mp FX could be better when modestly stopped down to avoid corner aberrations, while 24mp DX could be nearly as good up to f/5.6 due to earlier onset diffraction.

      Some lenses may not show superb resolution but an even distribution throughout the image circle. These are the candidates for better FX result vs DX at same pixel count.

      And some FX lenses are very sharp exclusively at the center even wide open. These ones will benefit most from the DX vs FX competition.

      • DSFogle

        Yeah, when i last visited Guatemala, i only had my Oly Ep-l 1 and adapted Nikon 50mm, due to an accident with my other. I got some of the best pictures I’ve ever taken with that combo!

    • Anonymous Maximus

      The sweet spot is 25mp 1.2x crop of D800 !

      • v1owner

        Sounds great in theory – big enough VF image, and lose the dodgy corners. How well does it work in practice?

  • focus

    I want a camera that focuses quickly in videos like sony’s A99. D600 and D800 suck big time!

    • Big J

      Ummm…. they DON’T suck. You suck then apparently. You manual focus when you do videos, not rely on autofocus of the lens other than VR.

  • JR

    Whilst you drool awaiting Nikon’s new camera please check ouy my video I made:
    Youtube has some bad compression I noticed!
    D800 landscape photography video;

  • Oh Nikon

    What we are seeing here is a company in its death throws. Nikon is going BR. There will be no real replacement to the D700.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Oh ho ho. You so funny. Oh ho ho. A little cookie for you troll? Oh ho ho.

  • Vin

    It does sound like it may be the D5200, and a V2 to be announced. I am not sure we will see any more pro, ish.. DX DSLR untill next year. Perhaps just after a D4X is announced, I am afraid we may have to wait untill next spring or summer to see anything in DX above the D5100 range DSLR.
    There was talk of the larger sensor bigger then the cx, maybe this will be coming soon, but Will it be a mirrorless fixed lens first or another whole lens system. I am betting it might be android based fixed lens tilting screen camera first off for 2013.

  • Alwyn

    D400? I don’t think so. The way Nikon is heading it seems there will be no D400. With the D600 out they would want you to step up from D7000 and D300s to a D600 instead. It seems like full magnesium alloy is reserved for D800 and above and the rest must do with partial plates. It would be nice if I’m wrong, but then again what are they going to charge for it. Too high and you may as well go D600. Too low and there won’t be enough dough to make it worth their greedy little while

  • Zim

    I still want a D400. I don’t consider the D7000 or the D600 a replacement for the D300/s

    • burgerman

      Pro DX is now pointless.

      So enjoy your very long wait!

      • I actually think Nikon will release some “pro” DX lenses.

  • Alwyn

    As I said, would be nice if I’m wrong as I think there is a place for a pro DX body. Just don’t think so though

  • Mark

    Yawn lame lame camera

  • Vin

    Topic for discussion. Would Nikon dare to build a DX DSLR that would preform with a faster frame rate and a more dense pixel count then the D600, and D800. Take the 24mp DX with better IQ, and build it with the build quality of the D800. At 8-8.5 or 9 fps with a grip, may also be a very good HD video contender. If the D600 is the new D7000, then a new top of the line DX may not be a D300s replacement, Just like the D800, was not the D700 replacement. $1800, for a new DX top end DSLR would be priced to close to the D600? What side would it really land on? Above or below the D600 in price and features. Or if they do make a D400 priced below the D600, But significantly better in many ways then a D5200, it may be difficult to rationalize the $1000 increase to FX in the D600. I do see at least 2 more DX in the future but priced where? They have a lot of room between.
    $800-$1800. The build quality and image potential of the top end DX camera could place it in-between the D600, and D800 in price and function. Or will Nikon give us another great deal with a new D7000/D400 at $1100-$1600?

    • dx

      the question is who needs this kind of features in a DX body? how many DX shooters are willing to spend $1800 and not switch to FX at this price point?
      do pros shooting sports use DX?
      i think a smart move from nikon could be some d400 thats really cheap and becomes one of the last DX legends. $1500 or less and maybe not that higend features. and then release d7100 and forget the d5x00 line.

      • Vin

        I don’t see Nikon doing away the D5100 price ranged camera, or the D7000 DSLR priced camera. They need something at $250-$350 increase in DX.
        I like that hinged tilt LCD view on at least one of my cameras. Its great to shoot from the hip. Waist level and over head shooting made easy. You are much more inconspicuous or less obtrusive when you don’t have to bring the camera to your face. If the D5100 replacement has decent HD digital movie capture even better $750-$800. For the D300s replacement, If Nikon will produce another DX camera with many of the features of the D800 with a DX sensor at 24mp, and still slightly smaller in size then the D600, then this would be quite appealing. I would think the frame rate would easy to be able to be pushed up from smaller file size. A $1250-$1450 price would be great and a lot less in price then the D300s. Good question, is the D600 so enticing that a High end DX would have to be at least $500 less then the D600? What would be missing from it? If anything? Would it be more like the D7000 upgrade, or a D300s upgrade, or a spin off upgrade from the D3200.

  • mirrorless

    could it be possible that d400 is mirrorless? very high fps would be easy then…

  • Bret

    Its the D7100

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