Nikon at Photokina 2012

I think for the 2012 Photokina show Nikon will only announce the Nikkor 1 18.5mm f/1.8 mirrorless lens and the D600 DSLR full frame camera. No new DX cameras, Nikkor lenses or Nikon 1 V2 mirrorless camera will be presented at the show (the new 800mm f/5.6 lens will be on display). I also believe that there will be at least one more product announcement after Photokina and before the end of the year.

If you are interested what other manufacturers have planned for Photokina, check this recap on PhotoRumors.

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  • Hopefully the D400 as well.

    • tferroato


    • Hen Cockwell

      It’s rather unlikely Nikon will release a flagship DX (D400) and an entry-level FX (D600) both at the same time.

      • Glen78

        Why not? In 2008 Nikon released the D700 and D90 together and in 2010 the D7000 and D3100. The D400 and D600 should not cannibalize sales from each other since they are very different products (even though the will happen to be in the same price range, assuming the D400 is ever released). Plus if Canon releases their 7D II as rumored plenty of Nikon Pro DX shooters will jump ship.

        • Hen Cockwell

          Both examples you cited are catered towards different markets and price points – the D700 the workhorse of serious, even professional photographers, while the D90 leans towards hobbyists who want a decently good body.

          Similarly with the D7000, who attracts the upper level enthusiast crowd, and the D3100, which entry-level beginners, or regular people who like the novelty of owning a DSLR, gravitate towards.

          The D400 (if real) and the D600, from my point of view, are both too similar in purpose, and price range. I’m not saying that the D400 will never happen, just that it’s unlikely to be released together with a similar product (in the context of purpose and the market its targeted towards).

          Judging from the rumored specs and feature sets of the D600, Nikon is dangling a carrot for upper end DX shooters to move to FX. Thus I reason it is rather unlikely they would put another top of the line DX out there for now.

          It would be like Apple releasing the iPhone5, and at the same time, release an iPhone4x.

          Make no mistake, I’m not claiming or predicting anything. I’m just saying that by my logic, it’s rather unlikely to have both the D400 and D600 out at the same time.

          • Remco

            You call that logic ? The D600 is oriented at those that want to start using FX cheap. The D400 (if it would be released) is oriented at the Pro DX shooter.

            Those are two very different markets. And they absolutely do NOT overleap.

            Anyhow, a D400 seems more unlikely to come out with every day that passes. Nikon can add more D300(s) features to the follow up of the D7000 and catch most people that are currently hoping on a D400. If Nikon would have released the D400 august last year, together with the D4, then their would have been a clear market for it. But now, when the refesh of the D7000 is expected, there seems to be less and less differences to the D400 and the D7000 follow up.

            Because you will also have to look where camera lines are going. It’s obvious that the D7000 is moving into the D300(s) space. It may take one, or two updates bofore it’s there, but it will get there. That makes a D300(s) camera obsolete. There is simply no room left in the line up.

            And when you look at Canon, most people believe that the forth comming 70D will inherit most of the features of the 7D. Also, the rather impressive firmware update of the 7D, shows that it is unlikely that Canon will release an update to the 7D any time soon (if at all).

            • Hen Cockwell

              We each have our own ways of seeing things. Logic is subjective, and hardly set in stone.

              I simply believe that the D400 and D600 will be too similar in terms of people it will appeal to, that it is unlikely both will be released at once.

              By coming up with a cheap FX, I surmise that Nikon wants to entice existing DX users to upgrade, whilst offering fresh customers a quick entry to the high-end range. With the potential of sales of expensive glass and related FX accessories, I’m not surprised at this new director.

              Thus I don’t see why they would want to ‘confuse’ (for lack of a better word) existing DX users by releasing a D400 at the same time, and give them a reason to stay where they are.

              Yes, I do agree that both are catered towards slightly different markets, but the separation isn’t really that great.

              I say again, I do believe Nikon will eventually release a flagship DX. I just don’t see it happening at the same time with the new, cheap and shiny FX.

            • Hen Cockwell

              *Pls excuse the typo, I meant ‘direction’.

          • markogts

            Really, I don’t understand how come people think that the same price range should imply same market.

            My biggest problem with my D80 is limited AF control and unreliable metering. From this point of view, D7000 has never appeared reliable as a D300, BUT I’d never buy a six year old camera. OTOH, D600 is claimed to be a D7000 with FX, so again doubts over metering and focusing.

            I’d buy a D600 if I needed good low light capability on a budget, accepting the tradeoffs on the other features.

          • Nikonnut

            I agree with Glen78, reason being because the D400 is not only a d300s replacement but also for the d7000 as well. The full weather sealed body, 51 point AF, faster shutter, pro like features (no scene modes etc) and very high frame rate will set it apart from the D600.

            • Alex

              There is no such thing as a D400, so how do we know what it would be if there was one? Who knew a year ago that a D600 would be a consumer FX camera? Logically, one would assume it would have fit somewhere between the D300 and D700. I think now it would make more sense for a D400 to be a stripped down version of the D600, like an FX version of the D5100. But Nikon may use the designation for a completely different strategy again, or none at all.

            • Neomoive

              If D400 is the replacement both d300s and d7k, nikon needs to introduce one new dx camera to fix the big blank from d5100 replacement to D400; if so, it’s not the end of D300,it’s the end of D7k, maybe nikon should introduce the real replacement of D90, call it D90s, D91 or D92? same plastic body,24mp, af motor, 51af points/15 cross type sensors, 5fps, 1/4000-30s shutter, f8af, Full HD video/30fps, iso100-6400; if so, their market strategy will come to be clear again like the previous situation of d90 and d300.

              I think whatever their maket strategy is, nikon should introduce one new pro dx body, nikon had lost too much market in this field , as almost only choice for wild or nature shoot hobbylist, just one 7d has beaten d300 and d300s, and this market now growth very quickly and this will lead much telephoto lens market like afs300, afs80-400vr,afs70-300vr, we can see 400f5.6l,300f4l,100-400l sell very better than nikon afs300, afs80-400vr,because of the pro Dx 7d has better af than 5d and 5dii, in the same time it has the highest pixel density in the cannon and nikon camera before, now the 24mp D3200 had came, but it’s not pro dx body, now, we had seen some fanboy use it to shoot bird.

              There are always some guys insit on that nikon stop introduce pro dx lens, so, nikon will stop introduce pro dx lens, obviously, fx lens can fix on dx body, and just use the best area of the lens(centrel) can ensure the quality of the pic, even nikon permit dx lens fix on fx boday, we can also see some fanboys use 351.8g on d700, we will see many fanboy use 351.8g on the coming d600. so, the lens theory is obviusly wrong.

        • Barry

          “Plus if Canon releases their 7D II as rumored plenty of Nikon Pro DX shooters will jump ship.”

          So for the same price as a 7D MkII you will get yourself a full-frame D600. Surely the sensible DX shooters will ‘jump ship’ to the FX model.

          • Depends on what you shoot. And forget about what it’s called D400, whatever. What many people want and have been waiting for a long time is a pro/semi pro FX body. Not a D800 in crop mode, but a fast frame per second, solidly built, pro featured camera. But I guess that has already been said a hundred or more times on this site. As for the D600, it would be a step backward in many ways for people that use a D300 to its advantages.

            • Check that. I meant a pro/semi pro DX body.

  • I hope, the d700 replacement… I don’t think the d600 will be the replacement with those specifications

    • Rabi

      I feel like talking replacements is misguided at this point. In the past several years, Nikon has demonstrated that it doesn’t really care about preserving product lines. The D5— series, D7000, and D800 all resides in spots not previously inhabited by any other model.

      • enesunkie

        You make a good point.

      • Worminator

        Nikon very often bifurcates.

        • Z

          also very often obfuscate …

          • bud

            …which can infuriate…

            • Fish Guy

              …and cause wild debate…

            • Z

              leaving some fanbois inconsolate …

    • FussyBob

      Yep, I think the mini-D4 will be announced before the end of 2012 and available early 2013. Most who want a D4 already bought, so sales will have peaked by then and Nikon’s main goal is to make money and they really don’t care at that point if releasing a mini-D4 affects some additional D4 sales when they can make a ton of profit on many mini-D4 sales!

      • Worminator

        The mini D4 is the D800 or the D600, take your pick. Just how many “mini D4’s” do you think Nikon are willing to make!?

        • nikonhead

          How is the d800 s mini d4?. The d800 is for commercial use. 36mp vs 16. These 2 cameras couldn’t be further apart.

  • d

    Some new F lenses would be welcome. Particularly some better PC-E lenses as the current 24mm PC-E has sharpness problems on the D800. A shipped version of that 50mm f/1.2 that they filed a patent for a few years back would be awesome too 🙂

    • swartzfeger

      Sharpness problems with the 24 PC-E? I’m interested in getting one along with a D800 within the month and haven’t read of any issues. The few experiences I’ve read of D800 + PC-E have been positive.

      • Joe

        It has some CAs in the outer areas when fully shifted, but I find them quite easy to correct in post processing. Nothing to really worry about, but it could be improved. The Canon equivalent is a bit better though, and let’s see what the new Samyang 24mm T/S does.

        • swartzfeger

          Thanks Joe, I can handle CA!

  • Yakka

    @NR Admin: Is there a way for me to search for the latest rumors on lenses or anything else on NR? Say I want to see the latest on rumored updates to the 80-400 or 300/f4 or 200/F4 micro. Or even a tally of what Nikon has released by year. I’m not sure how to navigate the site. Thanks

    • try the search function on the right, the categories and the tags may also be helpful

  • Michael

    No new F lenses? I’m dying to hear more about the 18 or 20mm 1.8’s that we saw patents for recently.

    • +11111!


    • Radi

      I need 20 mm f2.0 DX!

  • RNK

    Will seriously consider the D4S if it ever eventuates. Wind on the new 800mm and you have some dynamic photographic machinery.

    • Glen78

      “eventuates”? I like it, although the D4S is two years away.

  • Crap.
    I was really hoping for an updated 300/4 or 80-400.

    • Same. Wish Nikon was dropping lenses like Canon is at the moment, looks like there’s a chance the 400 5.6L will be getting replaced at photokina.

  • PeterPan

    One or two new FX lenses would be sweet.

    Many of us are wating for these, and they have all been patented, haven’t they?:
    18/20mm 1.8
    50mm 1.2 AFS
    135mm 1.8 VR
    300mm 4.0 VR
    400mm 5.6VR

    Nikon should release a fast wideangle prime and a better telelens with VR that doesn’t cost a fortune.

    • Plug

      +100 these are all gaps in the range if the 50 f1.2 would be described as exotic.

    • El Aura

      Except that all the teles you proposed will cost a fortune if Nikon were to release them, just look at their current price and then add the usual Nikon price increase when it updates a lens to it.

  • Evanmileus

    No d7100? Damn.

    • I think Nikon wants the D7000 owners to upgrade to the D600.

      • Mike

        If the DX performance of the D600 is good, and it is priced at $1500 or less, that strategy will work. I would be in no rush to upgrade though. And I’m sure once they had everyone jump ship to FX, they will introduce a great DX camera + lenses. They will not let the D90 / D7000 market segment slip away.

  • Aldo

    I don’t get why people want more dx cameras… its like asking for a nerfed camera… nikon may be giving you a full frame with video at almost dx price..

    • BartyL

      Now you’ve done it. Over to you all you bird-in-flight photogs…

      • Yep, Barty is right: bird photographers just LOVE the crop factor of DX cameras. I even tried mounting a 300 f/2.8 on a Nikon 1 (2.7x crop!) to see how that works. For birding, full frame sucks, we need a world class small sensor, the smaller the better.

        • Plug

          And there are huge numbers of us, a clearly defined market segment.

        • Rikard

          Hey, you missed that the D800 has crop mode? So, basically you have à FX/DX in the same body 🙂

          Or you just can post crop afterwards…

          • Cheaper

            Hey, you missed that the D800 is more than triple the price of an D7000 !!

            • Alex

              You must have missed that the D600 is NOT triple the price of the D7000!

            • Uncle Henry

              True. Unfortunately, the D600 will only have about 10-11mp at DX crop. The D3200 would be better.
              A true D300 replacement is what dedicated birders
              wish for.

              An entry level FX is great, for those who wish for one, and I hope it is a great camera that meets your needs.

        • Michael

          Selling a higher fstop longer focal length lens is a better alternative to selling a smaller sensor camera.

      • manitup

        If you can’t afford a D4 or even a D3 just give up birding 😛

    • FrenchGuy

      An entry level full frame camera while we are expecting a high end DX one. What some people don’t get is that DX users wants to keep the crop factor of the APSC sensors in a pro body.
      Furthermore, DX cameras are lighter, easier to carry in a small bag and much more adapted for situations such as birds or planes shooting. Today the only high end DX we’ve got is the croped D800 and it’s a bit expensive for a 16 mpix sensor. With the D600 we only will have a 10 mpix sensor in DX crop so it’s not the answer.
      As a passionate using a D90 and having both FX and DX lenses, I won’t go for a D7000 because it’s too old now and I won’t also go for a D600 because it will cost me too much to buy new lenses to replace the DX ones.
      The solution: Or a D7100 with higher specs than the D7000 and very close to what we can expect for a high end DX body or a D400 which will be the direct sucessor of the D300s. That’s my wishes, hope Mr Nikon will hear me!

  • lupo

    im still waiting 20mm 1.8

  • Noora

    I hope it be D400
    I hate my D5000 it’s time to change but I don’t need cheep full frame

  • Sam

    I’m really disappointed if there are no tele-lens releases. Nikon’s range for non-pro tele-lenses is really disappointing compared to Canon. Only reasonable choice for birding at the moment is a 12 year old non-VR-lens (300mm f4.0). Other lenses just cost too much for an amateur.

  • jorg

    agree. please nikon, give us 135/2 VR and 300/4 VR

  • Good if the D600 is announced but where is the replacement for the D300s, will Nikon disclose a DX Camera map/ plan for next couple of years – would be nice to see whether we will get a D400 or not.

    I to would like one or more FX lenses like:-
    300 F4 AFS VR
    80-400 AFS VR f4.5 – f5.6
    400 F5.6L
    70-200 F4 AFS VR

  • cookie

    I am sure Nikon will present High End Coolpix like the G1X . Check my forecast in two

  • burgerman

    DX sensors are pointless now we have high pixel density.

    DX sensors in a “full sized” 35mm camera body is exactly the same as running tiny narrow strip of film in your 35mm film camera.

    The only advantage of fitting a small sensor in a hi end DSLR would be the small cost advantage. And its getting smaller. It just does everything else worse.

    If you use a d800, and just crop the middle bit you have your DX camera. The small sensor does not add “reach” only a crop…

    As such DX is likely to be an amateur only format from now on since you can get a 16mp crop image from the d800.

    And as pixels increase, there will be more cameras that have this high pixel density. Even the viewfinder argument can be cured with an add on magnifier for the minority (birders?) that want to only use the middle bit of the sensor. Surely just cropping later in post is a better option anyway as you get to CHOOSE the crop…

    • Cheaper

      You forget that the D800 is tripple the price of the D7000. That’s quite a premium to pay for pixles you will crop away anyhow.

      • assuming

        Get a Nikon 1 then, MOAR crop factor! LOL

        • Teecher

          Can you really not spell the word “more”? LMAO

      • El Aura

        And the D800 is about 1.4x the price of what a D400 is projected to cost by its proponents.

    • d400, onegai shimasu

      I don’t understand why everyone keeps referring to the APS-C sensor as being “cropped.” It’s simply a different sized sensor than the 35mm sized sensor. Using that logic, why don’t you refer to the 35mm sensor as being cropped, compared to a medium format or full format camera? A lot of the arguments that people make in comparing 35mm to APS-C could be made when comparing the larger formats to 35mm. If the 35mm gives better quality than APS-C, doesn’t Medium and Full format give better quality than 35mm?
      Of course, there are compromises to consider: portability, cost, etc. Coincidentally, the same compromises that apply to 35mm vs APS-C.

      If you want an FX camera, that’s fine. I won’t try to talk you out of it or tell you it’s only for REAL professionals, and not you “wannabes.” That would be rude and I would be an asshole!

      Don’t be an asshole!

      • Well, yeah. All that may be true.’s still true that APS-C sensors are “cropped”. And it’s stupid to think otherwise, because you’d simply be wrong.


        • d400, onegai shimasu

          Sorry, but you’re off the mark (pun intended). If you use a DX lens on an FX camera, the resulting picture will, in most cases, be “cropped” from the FX sensors’ full size. A DX camera does NOT crop anything from the APS-C sized sensor. Stating that an APS-C sensor is cropped is based on the erroneous statement that a 50mm lens on a DX camera is the same as a 75mm lens on an FX camera. It isn’t. It gives a roughly equivalant field of view in the end product but doesn’t have the same magnification characteristics.
          In either case, I AM wrong. Just ask my wife. She would be happy to give you a detailed list of numerous and varied examples…

      • Jabs

        You posted – ‘If the 35mm gives better quality than APS-C, doesn’t Medium and Full format give better quality than 35mm?’

        Did you mean something else like LARGE format as Full format in digital is 35mm? Maybe you were thinking about 4×5 and 8×10 film formats then???

        • d400, onegai shimasu

          I guess. I’m not familiar with large format cameras or their nomenclature. I did, in fact, mean 4×5 and 8×10 formats. I don’t even know if they result in better quality than a 35mm sensor. I’m just going by what I’ve read. Actually, I know they make digital backs for medium format cameras but have no idea if they make them for large format.
          If “ignorance” is bliss, I should be a lot happier than I’ve been…

      • plane relation
        • d400, onegai shimasu

          I’m glad it’s not. It’s difficult enough to get my wife to agree to 2′ off the floor…

          • coffing

            Never tried that, got hit in the head with the frying pan when I proposed her to go “6 feet under”…

            • coffing

              “her” should be “mine”.

  • Davide

    Awesome. Canon is already working on the 7D Mark II and Nikon has no camera that can compete with the initial 7D.

    They took a gamble with the D800 and its huge number of pixels and they clearly won, it got to their heads and they’re gambling again with a cheap FX.

    But why neglect a sure win such as the D400?

    • Michael

      Troll here…

      D7000 is 7D’s competitor, though with slightly less buffer and FPS. D300(s) is a class above 7D, but at its price. It seems as though Canon isn’t giving a damn about a new 7D2, seeing that they are providing firmwares to the original 7D. And before you talk about more shit, its not like Nikon has confirmed it is not producing a D400 and 7D2 is not here anyway. If 7D2 is not here, what’s the point of Nikon introducing a D400 since it is believed that the D300 isn’t earning Nikon much money.

      • cobby64

        The D7000 is almost the 7D’s competitor and the D300(s) [ Announced Jul 30, 2009] is not a class above 7D [Announced Sep 1, 2009]. The D300(s) wasn’t competitive enough for the 7D and so the D7000 that was to upgrade the D90 was given some features to make it look interesting. The D7000 does not even fully replace the D300(s).

        And so there isnt a camera in the same class as the 7D. Whenever a Nikon user is being objective, they call him a Troll.. smh

        Same thing for people waiting for a D700 successor. I don’t even know if it will ever come. Continuity is good too, Nikon.

        • Davide

          Exactly! Nikon is pushing to REDEFINE market categories. On the high-MP FFs, Canon seems to be following according to the 46MP rumor. On the merging of medium-end and high-end DX bodies, apparently not, still according to the 7D Mark II rumor.

      • cobby64

        The D300 (did u mean D300s?) isnt making Nikon money because its price is not justified. EVEN the price of the 7D has reduced. The Nikon pricing policy thing isn’t helping.

      • Davide

        I don’t know how much money the D300s is making. However, Nikon INVENTED the segment of the pro-bodies with DX sensor with the D300 (but also earlier cameras, such as D200 and D100). Few years later, Canon jumped in with the more modern, but exactly same category of camera, 7D. If the segment was not profitable, I don’t think a competitor would have jumped in.

        • cobby64

          I agree with the fact that Nikon redefines market categories and that they invented the D100-D300s segment. But the 7D as a catchup camera came in better that the D300s and it is still selling.

          I hope they eventually do a D700 and D300s replacement.

    • Z

      Canon may sell more cameras in terms of sheer numbers and Nikon may crank out sucky point and shoots, but when it comes to defining DSLR market, they seem to be playing catch up with Nikon these days.

      They are feeling the heat to answer the bell to D600 and come to the market with their version of affordable FF DSLR as 7D replacement is rumored to be an FF amalgamtion of 7D + 60D replacement.

      Goodness sakes, Canon does not want to caught be off-guard and have a repeat of Nikon stealing their marketing thunder with “unnecessarily high 36mp” D800 followed with the release of “questionable marketing tactic” of releasing affordable FF body by listening to their “loyal consumers” .

  • Retsu

    I need 70-200mm f4 VR .
    Canon has 70-200mm F4 and 70-200mm F4 IS
    Why Nikon too late to announce this lens

    • Michael

      Canon’s 70-200mm f4 is expensive, not really sharp, not really light, won’t earn Nikon much money. No point of it.

    • ron scuberdriver

      Stop being a sissy and buy the 2.8.

      I work part time at McDonalds and that’s the first lens I bought.

      • John

        You are my new hero! Well said.

      • Me

        You’re either: trying to be funny, lying, or live in your parent’s basement. If the first case, it is. If the second case, it isn’t funny. If the third case, is there room for me so I can get a D4, a D800, $50k worth of lenses, and a new Bugatti?

    • I’d rather have the 80-200 2.8 than that canon piece of plasticrap. and it’s cheaper too!

    • cheappoeple

      I don’t need junk f/4 lens, less crap plz

  • Niko

    IMHO there will be no direct successor of D300s as D700 neither has. D700 model line was splitted into D600 and D800. I don’ think that they will split another model line as the number of models also matters.

    I expect an enhanced D7000 –> D7200 with some pro attributes as the semi-pro DX and an enhaced D5100–>D5200.

    • I agree… Maybe the D7100 will be a successor to both the D300s and D7000. We’ll see.

  • john stevens

    Me Thinks…We all don’t know what Nikon is truly doing…but if I have to guess…

    Remember when the President of Nikon, Hiro Something sawada, said they were not going to play the MP war. But Bam here comes D800 with 36.3 And think my nikonians…even the entry level Nikon D3200 with it’s 24mp…beats all of Canon’s on the MP count. So when Nikon updates the ever popular D7000…it’s own MP will increase to 24mp.

    I truly don’t think this year…A D400 will be announced,or even will be announced.. it simply would take away from the D600. I think Nikon is going in a different direction. The Hobby crowd have their own toys to play with, and but yet…not too far off..with the D600..if they want to dabble into FX…there it is.

    What do you all think?

    • Becoztheycan

      Because Canon is way behind at sensor tech, that’s why they HAVE TO keep their MP low not bcoz they want to. Also they CAN’T up the MP without producing shitty high iso image, I guess should be fine if they add more digic5 processors to remove noise for their JEPG then LOLz

  • Toonie

    omg omg I’m so mad they won’t release a 16-200mm f2.8 VR II for FX :(((((((((((

  • Scott Porter

    Nikon won’t be releasing a DX camera at the same $1,800 price as the D600. The next high-end DX model will revert to a full-size Nikon body (D1, D2) and be priced between the D600 and D800, roughly $2,300. I don’t know when it will be announced but it won’t be called the D400.

    • JB

      If only you were correct…..

    • FrenchGuy

      +10000000000 if it’s true

    • Arnov

      That would be great…

  • bldnk

    Nikon it is necessary to us:
    18(20) / 1,8(2,8)G
    135/1.8(2)G VRII
    200/2.8 micro
    300/4 VRII
    70-200/4G VRII
    80-400G VRII

    • bldnk


      • Arne

        What is the real advantage of that “G”? 😉 I love my old lenses with aperture ring and screwdriver auto focus.

        However, these lenses would be nice:

        135/2,0 VR
        180/2,8 VR
        300/4 VR
        400/5,6 VR

  • CRB

    I might as well have my wish list too (lol)…DX small primes (28, 35 and 85mm EQ) , V2 with RX100 sensor, better lenses for the 1 system, and a 35mm EQ too…nah…wont happen…

  • Michalis

    If there will not be a Nikon D400 (or what the name of a highend DX), untill the end of the year…..SORRY but i will sell all my gear and I will buy a Canon 7D.

    • michel

      and then you will sell all the gear you bought when the Nikon camera you really wanted comes out 3 months later. Patience and be happy with what you have. Doesnt it still take wonderful photographs if you love it as much as you did when you first got it???

  • Luke

    But what if Nikon has a DX in their bag, no one knows about or even expected. I’M sure, NR will sure look like an owl! ^_^

  • Nikon Fan

    Nikon’s priority has been consumer cameras. The D7000 and now the D600 are cheap, very tiny and mostly plastic. Just like the D3200.

    That is how Nikon has bigger profits. They make cheap cameras so anyone can buy and use (IE. with scenes).

    If you want a pro camera the only options are the D4 and D800.

    • youpaywutuget

      You pay what you get. People should be happy when they can get next gen FF camera for less than $2000

  • morg

    I wont buy a new camera till the D400 comes out then i can compare the d400 and d600 to see what I want so lets get on with it bring out the D400 an D600 together if not Iwill wait and another year will go by without buying something new.I will keep using my old beat up D200.So will this announcement come out before Photokina starts!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Give me them or I’m going over THERE!!!

  • Z

    Nikon lineage …

    D1 variant –> D2 variant –> D3 / D3S / D3X –> D4
    ………………… ( ) –> D800/E
    D700 –> ????
    D70 –> D80 –> D90 –> D7000 –> Nikon says BUY D600
    D100 –> D200 –> D300 / D300S –> D400 (you wish … )
    D60 –> D5000 –> D5100 –> ????
    D40 –> D3000 –> D3100 –> D3200


    • enesunkie

      No, not exactly. Wikipedia shows it like that, but I don’t buy it:
      D-50 -> D40 -> D40x -> D60 -> D3000 -> D3100 -> D3200

      Th D50 in there is debatable because of the top LCD and focus motor.

      Then there was a new series:
      D5000 – D5100 – D5200 (in 2013)

      The D600 is not the replacement for the D7000. It is the start of yet another series .

  • Alex

    My bet

    D1 variant –> D2 variant (DX cameras) –> D3 / D3S / D3X –> D4
    ………………… ( ) –> D800/E
    D700 –> D800
    D70 –> D80 –> D90 –> D7000 –> Nikon says buy D600
    D100 –> D200 –> D300 / D300S –> Nikon says buy D800
    D60 –> D5000 –> D5100 –> FX replacement in 2013 (D400)
    D40 –> D3000 –> D3100 –> D3200 -> Nikon says Buy CX

  • Clemens

    The price for the D800 is dropping here in Germany. It has fallen for 200 euros today. Is it possible we will see something more than the D600 on the Photokina or does Nikon fear not to sell any D800 when the smaller brother is available?

  • DanielSadler

    I’m love to see the D600 at the Nikon booth in Photokina. I’ve been following their activity on their Facebook page ‘Nikon Photokina’ – is Photokina worth the visit?

  • Brent

    I don’t know how a $2000 FX camera with fewer features (no AF-On and no rear Metering switch) can be considered entry level or consumer. If it were priced at $1500 then I might think it were such. Nikon will release a D5200 and a D400 before a D7200 as both the D90 and the D7000 continue to sell very favourably. I want a D700 for $1000. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon because the D600 does NOT replace the D700 at all.

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