Huge Nikon 1 V1 price drop

I already mentioned yesterday that the Nikon 1 V1 camera is currently cheaper than the J1. Today the price went even further down at Adorama - the Nikon 1 V1 + 10-30mm lens kit now sells for $399 (regular price $896.95, deal available only through this link)! Nikon is either having hard time selling this model or they are about to release the Nikon 1 V2 .

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  • ericeidele

    NIKON and CANON..both runn in their own 2007 old wolrlds
    in walls.. we have 2012.

    d600- a nice 1200 euro body. not more
    and so is canon.
    they should begin to rebuild all the lines, means
    kill all of this old stuf.

    CANON 2012 means quad digi 6++ chip
    aps-c 18mpx without any bad-so no roling shutter
    +-24 stops
    and so on

    i am not CANON taht is the work oF CANON
    stop marketing shit of overyesterday.
    build one CAMERA.
    and maybe a second..okay

    not trash…. this is also for SONY…was on Photokina
    and only the LEICA and the BMC-43 i will buy.
    ( panasonic gh3 is a fail- pana has alwas his
    good camera- then 2 generations trash cams)
    THE rest is overexpensive homerecording.

    only OLYMUS goes with its smal pen a litte and consequent…

  • Donald

    $379 with coupon code on KRs website. I ordered one as a present for my son. Just recently ordered one for myself, and paid about this same amout once all the bundling discounts and instant rebates were applied. Took the camera to Six Flags and loved it. Video is awesome, VR makes handheld video very stable.

  • Gael Ridire

    Last weekend was at a camera show that offered the V1 at a $400 discount and was really tempted, but glad I didn’t give in having seen this post that I could get the camera at even another $100 off. I shall still wait to see if there will be a V2.

    • Richard

      What a great testament to the Nikon 1’s capabilities and, very importantly, lasting robustness and reliability under heavy useage.

      Thanks for the link.

      • neversink

        What robustness and reliability?????? Huh????

  • Andrew Koenig

    I followed the link and they’re selling it for $499, not $399.

    • Donald

      It was working this morning. But, I used Coupon Code S1111111 on checkout and got it for $379.

      • I tried that coupon and it was not working for me – this is why I did not post it online.

        • Donald

          Wierd…. But i am very glad my order went thru. I wonder if it was a pricing mistake of some sort. This all happened while they were closed Monday and Tuesday for the Holiday.

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