Weekly Nikon news flash #182


  • What's up with the price of the Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera? It now costs less than the J1.

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  • “What’s up with the price of the Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera? It now costs less than the J1.”

    and still too expensive for this plastic trash

    • c

      funny, when i dropped mine i learned it was metal. and i bet i could take better photos with that ‘trash’ than most people with a d800e.

      • hunt


        people always look down on lesser products. The term point and shoot is comming to an end. Some of the controls on these cameras are becoming just as complicated as dslrs

      • AAron

        show us your photos made with V1/J1

  • CRB

    What’s up with the price of the Nikon 1 V1 mirrorless camera?

    Reality happens…the system is stucked, thanks to nikons strategy, good for them and bad for serious users. Nikon, put the new sony sensor on a updated V1 (with histogram this time, for christ…sa…) and give better lenses..its about time now…

    • Paul

      Nikon made the wrong choice on sensor size for the V1. We really need a micro 4/3 or APS-C sensor mirrorless from Nikon.

      Perhaps now they’re clearing them out in preparation for the new line? One can dream…

      • Ren Konkwall

        “Nikon made the wrong choice on sensor size…”



        The “1” cameras are now prey for cell phones. Not because the phones are better (they are not), it’s just that a low MP CSC is now left behind and no matter what might have been OK a couple of years ago in the market place, the new reality is 16MP m4/3, APS-C or FX.

      • CRB

        they better do something quick, since i bet in this market they will fall behind very soon. But i hardly believe they will. They “think” there is much to lose in the dsrl market. too bad since i believe APS-C dsrls will be a market that will shrink very soon. Canon is even worse. the M is a joke. bigger sensor, with EPL-1 (or worse) AF performance.

  • 103david

    So, let’s see now…I can buy the Nikon 6mm fisheye for 80 thousand buckaroos OR I can buy the used Spiratone screw-on-the-front-of-my-50mm F2.0 Nikkor from 1965 (99% as good as the Nikkor)with the plus of a hefty down payment on a Bay Area condo or a dandy barely used Ferrari from (the same) formerly paper millionaire of the Sillicon Valley generation.

    What to do…what to do?

  • I wanna use my D600

    Any idea when we are going to get a Lightroom update for the D600?

    • Ron

      Or a fix for the crippled video mode aperture control or true HD output via HDMI?

  • St.

    Nikon Girls rules!!!
    So much beauty at one place!!
    Go Nikon!!! Go Girls!!!

    • yes

      So long Nikon Rumors — Hello Nikon Girls!!!

      • St.

        NikonRumors rules!!!

        The best rumor site out there!
        And in many cases the most informative one!
        I see how many (if not all) big names in the “reviewing industry” use the information from Nikon Rumors quite often!

        Good job, Admin!!!

    • There’s a Nikon Boys, too!

      • St.

        … 50% of their images (4-5 in total) are shared from NikonGirls

  • St.

    btw – really – what’s wrong with V1?
    I mean I know what’s wrong, because I ordered one after it came and returned it, because I didn’t like what I get for the money, but this is now almost 50% of the original price.

    • Rob

      Like it now?

      • St.

        not really.
        I don’t find this camera to suit my needs, nor I liked the feeling (holding it).
        Many people like it, but I think it’s not very smart move from Nikon . J1 is more successful I think for the group of users it was aimed to.
        It should start with this price and P series should be $350 at max.
        $900 for NIkon 1 and $500 for P7x00 is to high.

      • Ren Konkwall

        “Like it now?”

        I see what you did there…


  • Alfonso

    That low price for the V1 is only from some dealers at Amazon. Amazon, BH and Adorama just ended the Nikon promotion and have it for $569

    Maybe those stores (Cameta, Ace, OneCall) overstock the V1

    So this could be a good time to grab a V1, if you are looking for one of those!

    • St.

      it’s just Ace Photo actually who sell for $445 – Cameta and Onecall sell it for $496

  • IrisChrome

    The reason V1 is selling so low is because it doesn’t come in PINK!! :p

  • David G.

    TIL Mitsubishi owns Nikon.

    • boing wronkwell

      They have been for quite a while now…

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    Nobody wants a touchscreen on a strobe. This is a fact. that is just idiotic.

    • JC

      Agreed. I want more functionality, battery life, and durability out of my strobe.

      Adding a touchscreen to it defeats all of these purposes. I don’t want to worry about having to look at the screen while shooting to make an adjustment. I would rather have buttons and dials on it so muscle memory can do it’s thing.

    • ZoetMB

      Why not? I’ve always found the controls on the Nikon flashes to be hard to use with important functions buried deep in the menus and using obscure icons to represent functions. While a touch screen doesn’t necessarily solve that, touching the screen is a better, easier UI than trying to full around with Nikon’s cursor controls.

      A touch screen simply might be a far better user interface.

      And I’ve even thought that aside from power consumption issues, the top display on Nikon DSLRs should be bitmapped displays so that they could easily be updated over time.

  • Saszi

    Oh c’mon Nikon! Gimme successor of D7000 with with rotating screen! It would be magnificent! 😀

  • bjrichus

    About the Nikon brand campaign videos…

    Are they airing the “Directors Cut” videos as-is or are they aired with something like the commentary used at the end of the “Brand Story” video?

    I damn well hope they do have something more than just people crying and the logo, as otherwise they’ll leave themselves open to this kind of comment in the consumers mind: “Tears are what you get with a Nikon … tears of frustration, anger, pain and so on”.

    Very visual, but that is not the classic consumer, who is looking for validation and a value proposition, not something without a ‘call to action’ or just that looks like its artfully done. It needs more…

    • Indeed. And next they’re going to do a Laugh campaign as well, with random people laughing + Logo “story.” I think their DSLR campaigns are OK, but this? What is this exactly? Some sort of brand message? Lost all faith in Nikon’s marketing dept.

      • boing wronkwell

        Nikon USA marketing has a history of been run by people who never even graduated from “Marketing 101” class at community college… I suspect there is far too much “help” (i.e. they are told what to do) from Nikon in Japan.

  • Wow, the dpreview interview was rather informative. Thankfully, dpreview asked the hard questions a Nikon official should hear. Unfortunately, I’d give Nikon an F for most of the answers. Nikon’s product manager was painfully on the defensive, showing how Nikon doesn’t have a clear strategy with either the CX line or Android.

    Of course, as long as they produce stellar DSLRs (and they do) I don’t care. That much. Still, I’m eyeing Fuji’s latest for a street/very-light travel option instead of the V1. Why? CX lens selection for starters. CLS (the p7xxx series have it!). More traditional (=sane) control points on the body. Something that Fuji (and Olympus, Sony or even Panasonic) offer. And it would be good for Nikon’s future profit margins to finally figure what to do with their mirrorless offerings. Right now it’s only Nikon’s DSLR line up that shows some form of strategy, about the rest Nikon is quite clueless.

    • bjrichus

      You think that he asked the hard questions?

      I don’t.

      Screw the concentration on Coolpix compacts and android cameras …

      Where is the D400?

      Where are the additional DX lenses that DX buyers have been crying out for?

      Where is the roadmap for the ‘ex’ NIK (now Google) software that all feels like “left overs” from the last few years of developments in the Nikon lineup?

      Seems to me that the comment on dpreview was right on the mark about it being a discussion between two Nikon agents.

      Poor questions and poor answers. I agree about it being a “F” grade for Nikon, which as a Nikon user since the late 1970’s, pains me.

  • As of today the Photoshop update is Windows only and it is fairly major at nearly 200 mb updating AAM, Adobe Extension Manager ,PS and Bridge.

  • jason

    Posting from a nikon S800c. Weird.
    My job selling cameras may get crazy.
    There is no underscore in the keyboard.

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