No, the Nikon D4x is not coming any time soon

Several readers emailed me this screenshot from B&H website showing a listing for a Nikon D4x camera with 54.6MP. The listing is obviously a hoax, just like this Canon EOS 3D entry from few days ago.

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  • Dave

    Wonder who put that on.

  • Troll Prozac

    Lol sorry mate. So close too. You must be embarrassed.

    • dewey

      To busy playing with my Cannon.

      • Like, the kind that shoots big metal balls?

        A true Canon user would at least spell the brand correctly – you’ve been outed as a trolllllllllllllandnotaverygoodoneatthat

        • lol

          I have a feeling he was referring to his “Other” “Cannon” >__<

          • Calibrator

            He probably does *this* all day long…

          • Z

            What’s a troll to do … but shoot his “canon” wad …

          • Pablo Ricasso

            I like my thing too much to call it a canon.

          • Alex

            I like mine too much to call it a thing

  • Apollo

    Someone is having fun with B&H…jeez..

    • Jason


      10 inch

      2160p video

      size nerds!

  • This is really funny. There is so much wishing going on. Some want a high resolution sensor in a D4 body, others want a D4 FPS in a D800 body, a third group wants a D400. Then there are the lens wishes, 80-400, DX fast wide angle prime, long telephotos with less light collecting ability and much lower prices. The list goes on forever.

    I can almost guaranty the next thing we get from Nikon will not be on that list because that is how things work in this world.

    • scurvy hesh

      True. But we REALLY need an update to the 80-400. Nikon has a huge hole in the 1200+ prosumer zoom/telephoto range

      • Chris P

        We have needed an upgrade to the 80-400 for at least 5 years. The only hope we have is that as Christmas is approaching, the season of miracles, that Nikon finally listen to their customers and announce it. We will know if they have finally abandoned the habit of a lifetime and started listening to their customers instead of ignoring them, because the last time a miracle of that magnitude happened a star appeared in the East. ;-))

        • Me

          You don’t need anything, you want an upgrade.

      • I don’t see $1200 plus as prosumer. If anything, it is more like under $1200. We are seeing some activity with lower priced FX lenses now with the three f/1.8 primes and the new 24-85 VR zoom all here to keep the D600 company. However, I believe a refreshed 80-400 would be closer to $2,000 judging from Nikon’s recent pricing strategies.

        • I’d say that’s prosumer and not consumer… You won’t likely see many pros buying something with that wide of a zoom range. Too much IQ loss…

      • Gizmo don’t

        Obviously defective aid take it back…

    • Click

      All I wish is a FX-Body with the resolution of D800 in a D600 Body with a framerate of D4 for price of a D3100 and a 10-550 f2.8 Lens for less then $1500. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • BartyL

        Can’t see how that’s any good unless it has an integrated battery grip to give you 89FPS, is made completely of titanium so you can ‘hang’ big lenses off the front of it, and is small-enough-to-slip-into-my-pocket-otherwise-I-may-as-well-buy-a-view-camera seriouslyNikonhasdroppedtheball.

        All you noobs who don’t have to earn a living photographing mass weddings on ice at dimly lit sporting fields shooting single-handed whilst bouncing on a trampoline dressed only in stretch jeans, well you just wouldn’t understand.

  • An AF-S 80-400 would be great! Also, considering the higher ISOs now available, how about some 400 and 500 f/5.6 lenses? Would be a lot lighter (both in weight and the amount taken from the wallet!)

    • mikils

      I would subscribe a plea for a 500 f/5.6 while i cannot wish for a 400 having already a 300 2.8 and 2X TC

    • Sahaja

      But William, Nikon want to take all they can from your wallet.

  • Andy

    How about an update to the 300mm f/4? With VR please.

  • Z

    I think it’s an inside job at B&H to humor us all and keep the traffic flowing …

    Didn’t the high mp Canon pop up little while back? Oh, that was Adorama …

    I fully expect D400 to show up next …

    • Rex

      Inside job LOL they’ve been on vacation for almost a month.

      • Big J


  • Anonymous Maximus

    Good news. Who needs such a camera?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      I don’t need to take pictures.

  • I certainly agree with Ron on some of that lens wish list! but I must say this doesn’t seem terribly fake…I question the 7fps because that sounds high for the amount of data we are talking about and since XQD hasn’t been catching on that would also be surprising to me if both slots are XQD but it could just be a very bold move by Nikon….

    lol not a surprise but I would buy the fake Nikon over the Fake Canon

  • snarfy

    3.6″ LCD, wow!

    I want an AF-S 135/2

    • Sparkplug

      Listen to him Nikon! I want that lens too!

  • T.I.M

    if there is a D4x it will have the D800’s 36mp sensor, with fastest computer and memory, the f.p.s could be around 8-10

  • Just for fun, do the following math:

    A D3200 is a 24MP camera, with a sensor size of 23.2 X 15.4. A D4 has a sensor size of 36 X 23.9. This means that in square area, a D4 sensor is 2.4 times the square area of a D3200. If you multiple 2.4 times 24MP, you get a sensor that is 57.6MP.

    Not saying the math really works that way, just pointing it out.

  • Dimitrii1130

    Specs make sense.
    and maybe they will present her this year – professionals can only buy the “cheap” D800. but available.. next year.

  • Shasta_D

    And diffraction would nicely set in at f/2.8 ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sahaja

      Diffraction doesn’t set in any earlier on a high megapixel sensor – though the sensor may resolve whatever diffraction there is better.

  • bob2

    Just curious–how does the moderator know that it’s a hoax? Does he/you have insider info? The D600/D800 rumors were not unfounded–just delayed. Could the D4x just be waiting its turn?

    The D800 is a huge step up in resolution, but its still considered a prosumer camera in Nikon’s marketing, and creates a hole in Nikon’s models with no “super pro”/flagship D4x– and Nikon had the D1x, D2x and D3x, and there’s no reason to change the pattern. Guess Nikon’s waiting for Canon before releasing its own super-camera of the moment (until the next round, that is).

    • T.I.M

      The D800 is a “prosumer” camera for people who don’t know how to use it.
      Of course, they will take better pictures with a “pro” D4 camera.

    • neversink

      But I use both the D4 and D800 in my pro work. I have no problem with action shots with the D800. Works superbly. Yes, I only get 4fps with the D800, but when I was shooting with the Nikon F, F2, F3 I only shot at about 4fps and achieved what I needed, as did every other pro at the time. 4fps is still pretty fast. I prefer waiting for the moment before I click the shutter anyway, just like photographers did before motor drives. Less to edit that way.

      And by the way, the D800 is not marketed as a consumer or prosumer camera. I believe it is marketed as a pro camera. Call it what you want, it is an incredible beast.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    Wouldn’t we be surprised if they came out with a new DX and it had 30 megapixels?
    Nobody even thought to make a fake rumor about that.

  • Former B&H-er

    I used to work on the web team at B&H — the B&H itemcode showing up for this camera, “NID4x” was not possible to be created when I was last there (18+ months ago). Only uppercase characters are supported by the backend system that drives the web site — so it would be “NID4X,” like the itemcode for the D3x (NID3X).

    Two possibilities–the system has been updated to support lower-case itemcodes; someone is having fun with Photoshop.

    • Abraham Collins

      They could just be having fun with NotePad… HTML isn’t hard to edit.

    • Yes, Photoshop is my guess. Thanks for the info.

  • Taco

    A few reasons why this is a fake screenshot:

    Items with no reviews do not show any star rating, but this has 5 greyed out stars.

    The screen shot was taken from a search of “nikon d4” and not “nikon d4x” (returns 0 results). Do a search on “nikon d4” and note 33 search results. This shot was faked by changing the results to 34, but the brands still add up to 33.

  • georg

    There is no Nikon lens which can resolve 50MP – lot of lenses have problems with the 36MP of the D800. No, not the consumer ones – the pro lenses.
    It would not make sense to move to more MP without new glass. But Nikon and a lot of customers prove that they are silly enough to produce or to buy that.. so maybe we will see such a huge, heavy and oversized crap some day. Just for the guys with small penis. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We need lighter and smaller mirrorless DX and FX bodies.

    • Me

      No…you “want”, not “need”

    • Rob

      So there is no lens good enough to resolve the D3100, Nikon’s entry-level camera? Somehow I doubt that.

      • Carsten

        Unfortunately yes. In the center most lenses do well, but even at the DX border they show softness, now figure how the FX borders will look

    • neversink

      @ georg
      Another myth. I use the D800 with all my lenses and the results are superb. Have you shot the D800 with any glass at all. Even my old manual focus Ai lenses work superbly when mounted on the D800.

      I thought these myths — about the D800 not being good for action, and the the glass does not being good enough for the camera — had been dispelled a long time ago.

      Let me make it clear.
      Most lenses work beautifully on the D800 — and I have been using it on assignment and have received no complaints. And I have been shooting action shots with the D800 also, with great results.

      Some people around here need to get a life….

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!!
        Great comment. I too use my D800 with my Holy trinity of Nikon glass, but also my “light” kit which is a 14mm F2.8 Rokinon, and a 100mm F3.5 Macro VIVITAR for crying out loud. The results? Awesome. My agents have NO PROBLEM accepting my images. It all comes down to shot discipline, and composition. Period.

  • GoGo

    Reading these fantasy D4X specs reminds me of something I always wonder about new and desirable features. Seems to me we have the resolution we need, and now the ISO/noise control as well. Why aren’t more people begging for LOWER ISO? Is this impossible to achieve? I have no idea, but I spend more time cutting light than begging for it. Landscape sure needs less, Lee can’t seem to make enough “big stoppers”. And anyone shooting 24fps video, properly, going for shallow depth of field does as well.

    Just curious. Maybe someone here knows

    • Michel

      I would think in that situation of wanting to get shallow depth of field in video in bright conditions then a ND and /or polarising filter might be used. Going down to 50ISO is ok, usually the slowest film I used was 25ASA slide film AFAIK. Its incredible now that at the press of a button one can change these settings and ISO levels.

      • GoGo

        Totally agree for video, it’s pretty commonplace using nds with matteboxes. And yes it is incredible what we can do now with one button in the palm of our hands. For stills work though, landscape and such, I would love (and my guess is many others would love) to take huge chunks of ISO out of what we have, rather than keep adding. Just curious why no one ever asks for this.

  • Funduro

    Nope not buying one. Drawing the line , 52.85MP sensor or less. 54.6MP is just too big for my style of photography.

  • Ralph

    Well, that will be one hell of a camera for landscape. I’m calling this an accurate forecast of a new camera because in my experience B&H are too incompetent to pull a hoax.

  • T.I.M

    you’re the first to be second !
    congratulations !

  • RRRoger

    To good to be true, probably not.

    Actually a good price but, I hope they do not come out with one until after I win the Lotto.

  • Sooner or later, Nikon will someday release a D4x, but D4s would come first assuming there is even one.

    • gabriel

      and I think will be with a d800 sensor, just more FPS

      • nostronikonus

        Yes, in future I see D5 using D800 36MP sensor, but a higher frame rate (11fps) utilizing new high-throughput AD converter and new dual-core image processor, and wait for it, USB3…(no firewire).
        Maybe the sports photographers wet dream.
        Will also take great photos of your sleepy cat.

        Don’t forget, must also purchase new compatible model (6mm larger) Battery of course.

        • aim54x

          The D800 already has USB3.0

  • Photographer

    In fact it makes sense, this camera would be a breeze for Nikon to announce a few weeks after a Canon 46mp body

    – they clearly have the sensor tech to do 56mp with a DR similar to that of the D800 without any major technology breakthrough simply by using slightly higher specced components,
    – the D800 was supposed to be released in summer 2011, meaning that its sensor technology is more than a year old already,
    – their strategy is very clearly focused on outspeccing Canon while competing with the Pentax 645d resolution wise,
    – they have never released a top of the line body using components already in use ina cheaper camera.

    So this may be a hoax, but one that is a lot more credible than the rumored Canon whose rumors only seem aimed at slowing down the exile to the D800…

  • Sergiu Bacioiu

    16 BIT RAW ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nogogizmo

    56 mp dx4 hahaha! Nikon would have to some lense work! Plus Dx4 would be far to slow! April fools day already past this year…oh they are real easing an F1.2 lense 12- 400 to?!

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