Nikon D800/D800E cameras are currently not compatible with Eye-Fi cards

Eye-Fi posted an advisory that their wireless memory cards are currently not compatible with the Nikon D800/E DSLR cameras:

Known Issues: the Nikon D800 / D800E is not compatible with Eye-Fi X2 Cards.

Eye-Fi engineering has found and confirmed a compatibility issue with the Eye-Fi card that impacts the use of Direct Mode in the Nikon D800. We are currently investigating an issue with the D800's SD slot that appears to contribute to a lack of steady signal while the Eye-Fi card is in Direct Mode which makes the Direct Mode feature incompatible with the camera. The Nikon D800/D800e passes all other wireless network tests and is compatible with wireless transfers via a wireless router.

Nikon USA currently lists the Nikon D800 as "Eye-Fi Compatible".


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  • Incredulous Billy

    And why not?

    • eyefi cards are clumsy at best even if they work and it is faster to take the card out and copy the files while putting another in camera then wait 4 minutes until one file is copied over.

      • Landscape Photo


        • Andres Bott

          but, if you user direct mode to an ipad in the hands of your client, he will think youre a God, and pay you more money!!!

          AND repead, it must be an ipad, no android tablet (they don’t have apples)

          PS: personaly a prefear an android tablet

    • JC

      Who gives rat crap about eyefi !

      • Fervent Nikon Slayer

        I do care for the odd rat crap every now and then. Quite crunchy really.

  • TJ

    If the SD card door is magnesium, the enclosure and door may be acting as a Faraday cage. It wouldn’t be a full Faraday cage, but it would likely be enough to reduce the signal quality of the Eye-fi.

    • Jesus_sti

      Ok …….. you need to know what is in magnesium. ALL magnesium part are under the hard plastic shell (ipoxy)…..

      • TJ

        Magnesium is an element, not a compound. There could be some trace elements in the case material, but that would not factor into anything.

        It doesn’t matter if the magnesium parts are under a plastic shell if the magnesium frame is in contact with itself. Farraday cages can stop electromagnetic radiation which includes wifi communication. My Farraday cage idea is just that. It may very well be something else.

        • Ayams

          So how about all other previous Nikon model that use magnesium part? like D3s.

    • hq

      Allow me to quote:

      impacts the use of Direct Mode in the Nikon D800

      The Nikon D800/D800e passes all other wireless network tests and is compatible with wireless transfers via a wireless router

  • brec

    glad they found out, I began to think it was me…

    • Alan

      My reaction exactly– I read this and thought “good, I’m not an idiot”. Ok, maybe my conclusion was a bit hasty, but this isn’t evidence in support of the hypothesis…

  • goran

    so sad a miniature-card still has to deliver the wireless connectivity

    • Daf

      Asked Eye-Fi if they were planning for a CF card since pro’s generally favour them a year or so ago but had an arsey reply from them! :/

  • dbltax

    Eye Fi transfer speeds are terrible as it is, would anyone in their right mind even think about trying them with a camera that produces 80Mb NEF files?

    • Daf

      Hmm – that is a point.
      Mind you – closer to 35Mb with lossless compression

      • Allal

        Still have not had a single lossless file close to 35mb. Smallest is 40mb and that is 5000 clicks,

        • Daf

          Just checked – I’m on 12-bit – probably why.

    • Alan

      I’ve sometimes rigged it as NEF+JPEG with the JPEG stored to the Eye-Fi card. I’ve also used the ability to copy between cards to get select images out to a wireless device when my laptop isn’t available.

  • It’s been known for a while, drove me mad when I first got mine but a workaround I found recently which I’ve had good (albeit limited as I’ve only briefly tried it) success with is a suggestion I found which said to increase the “meter off” setting which somehow kept the connection alive.

    For the few occasions I’ll need it, I think it’ll work for me…

  • Just for the record…. An Eye-Fi Card will work as a regular SD memory card in a Nikon D800… The reason we have listed the D800 as incompatible is due to the lack of reliability regarding the WiFi features of the card in this camera. Eye-Fi is working with Nikon in order to resolve the WiFI issues.

    • Nikon Shooter

      Thank you for clarifying. I’m sure this makes this slow-ass card that costs three times as much as comparable 16gb cards worth buying even with the broken WiFi feature.

    • Cris Zeller

      How about the D600?

    • Big J

      Well… you can just swap out the lid for a plastic one (that also has weather sealing) that can help with wi-fi reception. How hard could it be? Also, not a big fan of using wi-fi cards in a studio setting when a tether via USB 3.0 is far better. Of course there ARE other situations in which it’ll be useful. But as far as transferring files at a very fast speed, these cards are still in it’s infancy in terms of technology and pricing.

  • Hi there,
    I have a Sundisk EYE-FI 8GB, and works almost fine (max. 2-3 metres) distance! More then 5m doesnt work! 🙁
    Jozef, Slovakia

    • Jozef Stefankovics

      Thank you nkn!
      (nkn: ja s tym fotím skoly/triedy, neviem tam zobrat este aj access point! Som rád, ze to funguje v metrovej vzdialenosti! ….zial to niekto, niekde “pokazil” 🙁 )

    • Jozef Stefankovics

      Harold: welcome, ja jsem madar! :-)))))))))

  • Andre Gerling

    I’m using a eye-fi pro x2 with d800 and win7 – and it works (more or less):
    The first problem was to connect the card in direct mode with the notebook (via a router was no problem): some else had to tell the firewall not to block the card. Easy work for a admin.
    When the direct connection was not “strong enough” ore the files “too big” the first 10% of the pixels were transmitted and pure grey followed (they same problem with a aw100).

  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    I always used direct mode with D800 so far. However the Notebook was not too far away. I didn’t notice that something is wrong.

    Maybe we older guys do not expect long range in wireless devices anyway.

  • Daf

    Darn – was looking forward to wireless tethering without paying for nikon’s cumbersome solution.

    So it works fine through a router though ?
    That’s fine by me.

  • El Aura

    Somebody forgot to tell that to my Eye-Fi card because it works in my D800.

    • scott varga

      El Aura, your card works in you D800 in the direct mode to your iPad or iPhone?

  • Chris Zeller

    How about the D600? Has anyone tried it in the D600 yet?

    • Big J

      Get the WU-1b that’s MADE for it and save yourself the headache. Wish it could be modified via a D800 firmware update to accept the adapter.

  • If I have only a couple of shots, I remove the card and use a USB 2.0 reader on my desktop, or the somewhat faster slot on my Macbook Pro. If I have a lot of images, I use the USB 3.0 cable provided with the D800 and that transfers images as fast as the memory will allow.

  • Josh

    Sure do wish someone would have told me this. I LITERALLY just walked in from a photo trip where I was completely without use of my myfi with my ipad on my D800E.

    WTF Nikon?????

    • Gooby Pls

      Why are you blaming Nikon? They didn’t make the card.

      If 3rd parties want to make assessories, surely it’s their responsibility to make them as compatible as possible.

      • Nikon claimed compatibility with Eye-Fi cards in their D800 announcement, and in information released since then, including their brochure and manual. One would think that they would test compatibility before claiming it.

      • soap

        Nikon deserves the “blame” (so to speak) as I’ll bet my left testicle this is a result of aggressive power management on Nikon’s part.

        Cameras keep increasing in power consumption while the form factor hasn’t changed significantly (w/o an increase in size there’s no room for a larger battery). Anyplace you can salvage 1ma you’re happy. Save 10ma by more aggressively shutting down the SD controller than you did in the previous body and you’re on cloud nine.

    • Dan Donovan

      This issue has been clearly displayed on the Eye-Fi website for quite a while now. Please see my other post for my solution for wirelessly transferring files from my D800 to iPad.

    • Jorge


      Well, how about a $29.95 Apple iPad adapter which allows you to
      1. Insert a SD card and upload to iPad
      2. Attach the Nikon D300, D700, D800 supplied cable and upload directly from camera (slow but it works) I’ve used this on occasion but again a waste of time.
      3. Or the time honored tradition (from the old film days when we processed our shots) of WAITING until you get HOME to upload your images. Wow. How’s that for a freakin’ idea?
      I’ve seen folks such as you all here uploading your images out in the field and I do nothing but chuckle — As you miss the beauty and the light around you while you F*ck around with your equipment. I too carry my Macbook Pro, or iPad occasion but it stays where it belongs — in the car, at home, or in the hotel. Outdoors is for shooting. Not screwing around with this stuff.
      At least you aren’t sitting in your living room shooting your cat…

      • 103david

        Jorge says it all. Quit chimping and pay attention to your surroundings.

      • Big J

        Very true…. guess when people are used to being spoon fed, they forget the important stuff like that commodity which is clearly taken for granted.

      • Dan Donovan

        I like to show clients (art directors, designers, etc.) the photos during a shoot on the iPad rather than on the back of the camera.

        • 103david

          So, Dan, didn’t get the memo from Jorge about the $29.95 SD card adapter for the iPad? I got one and it works a lot quicker and cleaner than the WiFart card. You might check it out.

          • Dan Donovan

            Just got the card reader myself, so I will check out both the speed and how easy it is to use in the field.

  • burgerman

    You should tell my 9gb pro card this. It doesent seem to know it isnt supposed to work…

    Works in all modes here? 5K shots. And as long as its reasonably close to my workstation its about 20 secs per file.

    What is supposed to be broke?

    On odd occasions it takes a while to start transfering. Meter off is on a long delay though.

  • Firstlight

    I have built my own $50 high speed wireless solution using a pair of wireless USB dongles (adapted to DC power) that works beautifully with my D800 at a BLAZING 480Mbps at upto 40 feet. It transmits BOTH the RAW NEF + JPEG large file PAIRS from my D800 to my tablet, laptop, or tower in only a FEW SECONDS. The only problem is that Cables Unlimited that made them went out of business and you can’t buy them anywhere. I have suggested to both Nikon and the EyeFi folks to create something wireless USB based – but both have ignored my pleas. I would bet that a wireless USB3 based one would be inexpensive and wicked fast!

    • Daf

      There are various USB-wireless DIY solutions around on the web – power does seem to be the issue with them all i.e. chunky(ish) DC supply.

      • NC_Mike

        Most of us did it with a simple modification without having to do any rewiring, building or soldering. It required only a 5V DC power supply with the right connector to power the dongle at the camera – which were easily found. 🙂

        • NC_Mike

          And just and FYI for anyone paying attention, the wireless USB2 solution (if we can get Eyefi or Nikon to bite) takes me only 9 seconds to transmit a full res 14-bit 36MP FX RAW file AND a full size JPEG Large (both!) from my D800 to my tablet or laptop (I am using Nikon CC 2 BTW).


          • NC_Mike

            ….And there is NOT Wifi network required AT ALL to use it – it is direct point to point non-network method of wireless image transfer and also enables full remote control from the tablet/computer with the right SW.


  • Art Mullis

    I tried my Eye-fi 8GB Mobile X2 SD card in my D800 this evening and it does not send pictures through my wireless network to the PC. However, it does work fine when used in my Nikon P7000 camera. So, apparently the story is true that the Eye-fi will not work in the D800.

    Can you say “Firmware Update”!

  • 103david

    Hmm, I understand “D800” is Japanese for “always something!”

    • JSLV


  • Eye-fi no work

    This is not news. It has been known for some time the eyefi cards would not work in the D800 in direct mode.

    There is some reporting that the eyefi card works better with the D800 with the older B1.0 firmware.

  • Dan Donovan

    This article is misleading. First, the issue is not new. That advisory has been around for a long time. However, the big problem with the article is it doesn’t explain clearly that the Eye-Fi card only does not work in one situation: Direct Mode. Eye-Fi cards DO work with the D800 for wireless transfers when using a Wi-Fi network. However, Direct Mode does NOT work with the D800. DM is when the Eye-Fi card creates its own network to transfer photos between a camera and storage device. I contacted Eye-Fi to see if they were working on a solution for the D800. They were, but now think there is no solution to the problem. I was disappointed with this news, but then realized iPhones can create Wi-Fi hotspots. I am with AT&T and the ability to create a hotspot is now free with their share plan. So, wherever I go with my iPhone, I have a Wi-Fi network which I can use to wirelessly transfer files between my D800 and iPad.

    • Eye-fi no work

      Most people don’t understand direct mode

      In direct mode the eye fi card acts like an access point and you connect your pc/iPad directly to the camera

      The transfer is relatively fast in that mode

    • Andre Gerling

      d800 + direct mode works!
      but it not easy to make it work! you won’t have a chance as a normal computer user! ask an admin for the right settings of your firewall!

    • I have d800/e, iphone5 and ipad3 can you please describe the worklow to get wireless images from my d800 to the ipad please.


      • Dan Donovan

        You can use your iPhone to create a personal hotspot / Wi-Fi network. As long as you have that featured enabled from your carrier (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc), you can use the WiFi network it creates to wirelessly link your camera to an iPad. Specific instructions for how to wirelessly transfer photos over a WiFi network are on the Eye-Fi website.

        And just to be clear, there are problems with a D800 and using Eye-Fi’s Direct Mode. With Direct Mode, the card creates a mini network, so you don’t need another Wifi network, like one created by your phone as described above.

        Getting back to the personal hotspot, I have a new family share plan with AT&T. A personal hotspot is included at no additional with that package.

        • Thx, I thought u were doing this without the eyeful card. Now I understand. How long does it take images to transfer from camera to ipad with the d800?

  • BTW ..

    Where is Toshiba with their card FlashAir ?

    these cards are on sale in Japan .. not anywhere else, unless i am not aware of 🙂

  • Really? My 8gb x2 works fine with my D800. Given wireless transfer does take forever at the best of times.

  • Larry

    This Eye-fi “solution” has been one of the most frustrating experiences to what should be a relatively process – seeing photos on an iPad as shot in the field. That is not asking too much. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it has an absolutely convoluted process that requires an IT degree when it doesn’t work.

    It may be a godsend that doesn’t work on a D800. Be careful what you as for. My experience is with the D7000. I accomodate it the best I can – Raw in slot 1 and jpeg to eyefi in slot 2…with the intention to trash them when finished shooting, retaining the raw. Basically, only for reviewing on a large screen and/or client discussion in the field.

    While their instrctions are dismal, first problem is requiring a PC to setup, change features, and apparently it or the “cloud” the preferred destination. Hello…how about an iPad 3 feet away. And what’s with this bias for “Direct Mode” that stronger local signals interfere with and has a limited range of a few feet. My smartphone hotsopt resolves everything, now if the iPad and Eye-fi would just work together and not have Eye-fi tell me it was loaded to the cloud. GRRRRRRRR!

  • We need more rumors!

    • BartyL


  • dx

    i want to see liveview on ipad3, instant photo review & delete.
    nikon you suck, and apple you suck too because I cant review&delete even with an SD card reader plugged into my ipad (and of course i dont want any stupid sd card import to library)

    • Mlajaca

      Perhaps…. But there’s no nead to act like a five year old.

      • Big J

        You must be new around here.

        • Mlajaca

          I guess being a childish bully is acceptable…why?

  • Timed.

    Nef files take 18 secs (lossless compressed)
    And Jpeg Fine best quality, 5 to 7 secs.

    D800e, to my PC via a decent router. Works fastest and from quite a distance if there is either no flash card, or the right hand rear corner points towards the router.

  • Bjørn Erik

    I’ve used eye-fi cards on my D800 since I got it early this summer, and I have’nt had a single issue. Works brilliantly every time (in direct mode). And Eye-Fi does’nt in any way replace the need for cables or cardreaders. Thats a whole nother thing. I use it in the field, when I have to get a picture back to the desk quickly, but I don’t want to send a crappy picture taken with my phone. I convert from raw to jpg, I downscale, and I copy over to the SD-card, and wifi-to-the-phone. I then send using dropbox. This is the cheapest and easyest way to do wifi-transfers when you need to send one or two pictures. Its NOT a replacement for a WT4 or 5, but an alternative to those who don’t really need the WT4 or 5, but need some sort of wifi-transfer to get one or two images to the web or over to the desk due to deadlines. 99 out of 100 times I’ve got the time to get back and use USB3.0 from the camera, or a USB3.0 cardreader. Ofcourse Eye-Fi is slower then wired transfer. Also, water is wet and air is breathable. But you can’t deny that its cheap, and practicle (if you know how it works)

    • Drwillix

      The eye-fi targets a specific crowd. I use it for live blogs anywhere on earth. With a telco data plan to my phone and a camera, good images get streamed the next minute. A camera and a phone is the practical limit. Hence it’s as this forum has been discussing … Eye fi doesn’t work on direct mode on D800. I have made this known to the Nikon of my country, it’s at best a long shot. Anyway, if Anyone is desperate, buy a point and shoot that takes your sd and use that to send images

      • Bjørn Erik

        I used my Eye-Fi to transfer images from my D800 using direct mode yesterday. Still works great. The newspaper had proper high-res photos from a caraccident 2 minutes after I was on location…

  • I wonder whose mistake this is? Is it more damaging for Nikon not to be compatible with one of the world’s largest memory card manufacturers, or the other way around?

  • Hi guys!
    This announcement came a bit too late for my testing project. I am currently testing the Nikon D800 and Eye-Fi and found out about this problem while I was testing it. I am coming to an conclusion tomorrow on my website if you’d be interested in knowing what I found out. No scientific data, but just an user experience considering the use in a vacation / documentary style where publishing-to-a-web-application is fronted, such as Instagram which were my tests main platform.

    Using my Android as an HotSpot made the connection a bit more stable 🙂

    title=”Tethering Nikon D800 and Eye-Fi Pro X2″>The project page

  • I’ve been shooting tethered to the iPad for a while now with the 800 & eyefi, no problems outside of a longer transfer time due to file size.. What exactly isn’t compatable? Maybe the range is diminished, but it still works!

  • Bjørn Christiansen

    Eye-Fi is now officially supporting D800
    FW: 5.0018

  • Gunawan Shutterbugs

    Has anybody tried the Toshiba Flash Air SD card on Nikon D800 ?

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