Refurbished Nikon products

Adorama currently has the following refurbished Nikkor lenses for sale:

See the complete list here.

All refurbished equipment sold by Adorama include a 90-day return-to-manufacturer warranty.

Other refurbished Nikon products:

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  • Jabs

    What about some refurbished bodies?

    • St.

      Admin, did you heard something of replacing the 200mm f/4 Micro?
      Or may be it will be 2.8 now?

      • No, I think there will be some new “high-end” DX lenses next. Too early to tell.

        • D400

          So THATS what you meant by “DX is not dead yet . . . . ”

          When is the D400?? :D:D:D

    • Stanley

      ^^^ Jabs ^^^^

      Nikon does have refurbished bodies. Their D800!!

  • Macchese

    A refurbished lens to save averagely 100 bucks?! Ohw, c’mon…

    • well, with recent QC issues nikon have, refurbished is better then new. it saves the time to send the lens in to have it calibrated and centered

      • Big J

        Fuck yes…. the 85mm 1.4G is worth it since it’s been refurbished by Nikon themselves. Was worried since I’ve read reviews of people having to send it back to get it calibrated and costing extra cash. Now you save this time around.

  • T.I.M

    If you have some $$, get the 200mm f/2
    fantastic lens

    • Jabs

      @T.I.M – It is the older version of the 200mm F2.0

      • D90

        It’s still good enough…

      • T.I.M

        I use it 95% at f/2.0 so VR1 vs VR2 is not an issue.
        Make a great 400mm f/4 wit the TC-20E III

  • Bart

    Really…the savings are so minimal, 90 day warranty vs 5 years, who really see the upside here? Better on the used market to be honest because 90 days is really insignificant.

    • R.

      Nikon “refurbished” lenses are, in most cases, brand new. Their release gives Nikon the opportunity to clear up excessive inventory in a win-win situation. They save on warranty costs and can then declare a business loss.

      I have purchased several refurbished lenses and upon arrival I have carefully examined the mount area with a magnifying lens. To date I have not been able to find evidence of them having ever been mounted on a body.

      For anyone contemplating a purchase, think of them as new, with limited warranty, and without the original box. They are packed on plain cardboard boxes, but they do include all the components, e.g., the front and rear lens caps, the hood and pouch, when applicable.

      Bodies are somewhat different but lenses are typically good value. The choice is individual but for some paying $100 more for a laminated box and the extended warranty doesn’t make a lot of sense.

      • Dave

        You do realize that when a lens is tested to pass inspection, it is mounted on an f mount before ever being sent to a distributor right?

  • dx

    buy second hand, this is a ripoff, not worth it

    • quintana


  • Alfonso

    Just $100?? Its a bad joke from Nikon.

    • someone

      and in many cases less than 50. Just ask how much would it be to buy the warranty for any of these.

  • Mike M

    The rest of the deals are meh, but that 200 f2 is less than they frequently sell for USED with no warranty…

  • 200 f/2 is definitely interesting. It will be gone soon.

  • Joey

    aaaaaaand the 200 f2 is gone.

  • Paul

    Had an internal debate about purchasing the 35mm f/1.4G last week. Decided it was worth $70 to have a 5 year warranty. I typically don’t care and have purchased many refurbished items that arrive spotless. But when spending over $1,600… $70 seemed worth some peace of mind.

    That being said, I’ve actually never owned a Nikon lens that needed warranty repair.

    I only wish they reduced all the refurbished lenses by over 36% like that 200mm.

  • WoutK89

    “Refurbished” means it came out of the box once at those prices.
    If it really is a secondhand repaired product, why so little discount?

  • geoff

    The nikon refurbished lens store has better deals than adorama.

  • neversink

    This is NOT a sale. It is a rip off.

  • ed orama

    Adorama sucks! This is a rip off!

  • bossa

    Nikon warranty in OZ has only been ONE YEAR up ’till recently but it has now been pushed to TWO YEARS in an attempt to compete with grey importers. It seems unethical that the same products from the same company have differing warranty periods on a country to country basis. If we had five years there’d be no way I’d consider anything else but new. A lot can happen in five years.

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