Codes of unannounced Nikon cameras leaked on website

For a short time today the German support website listed the internal product codes of several not yet announced cameras that are supported in the latest version 2.5 of ViewnNX. The X1030 code is probably for the new Nikon 1 J2 and one of the other codes must be for the new Coolpix L610. It is unclear what the remaining codes stand for - maybe the upcoming Adroid camera, Coolpix P7200 or maybe even the D600?

If anyone is familiar with Nikon's internal product codes, please drop me a line.

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  • rhlpetrus

    Good job, let’s see if anyone has any clue about the codes. D600 is the most interesting release, by far.

    • D600 afterFaileD800

      Nikon trying really hard to bring a true successor to D700 after D800 EPIC Failed.

      Ironic how 5D Mark III turned out to be the true successor to D700!

      Don’t fail again Nikon! otherwise you’ll loose whats left of your customer

      • jorg

        hilarious trolling.

        • JHNE

          At least he is partially right that 5D3 is much more closer to D700 successor than D800 ever will be.

          Lets not be Nikon Fan Boy and don’t call troll on those who are simply stating the facts!

          • Me

            I don’t think Nikon will “loose” anything.

            • Nikon SMOKED by ….

              Canon’s new 61 pt AF system (1DX, 5D3) smokes Nikon

            • Lost Me

              Nikon lost me… unfortunately. I had a D800 on demo and wanted it to impress so badly, and it did, image quality wise, but the performance was what I thought it would be, tripod required. 5D MKIII is a joy to use and drives it’s lenses like a boss.

          • USA

            Agree completely! I was very interested in getting a D800, but ran into this rediculous wait time for a camera. What a joke! During many months of waiting, a lot of people are not happy with their camera due to left and right AF issue. From that point on, I lost my interest in the D800 completely! Let see what the D600 got for us this time.

            • Z

              “rediculous” … indeed … troll much?

            • David K

              I agree. I got spooked out of a D800, at least until the focus issues are resolved and it is clear that newer serial numbers are not effected by the problems. In the meantime, I purchased a D3200 for studio work. You know, with a good prime lens, VERY solid tripod, ISO set to 100 (lowest) and aperture appropriately set, the D3200 is an amazingly good camera!

            • ActionJunky

              I have purchased two of the D800’s. Surprisingly, I am not overwhelmed by the image quality of 36 Mpix. In other words, I am able to make use of that resolution, so it is beneficial to me. I am still learning about all the capabilities of this camera. It is an amazing camera. Every camera or piece of technology has its own drawbacks. You learn to work around them and not dwell on the them.

            • wublili

              Did you receive your 1D X already ?

            • eggzz

              Wow !!

              The Canon PR department are really hard at work these days, posting crap about the “focus-issue” in EVERY forum possible !!

              The “focus-issue” is long gone and the 5DIII is a fine little toy bur nowhere near the D800’s IQ.

              Go back to your canon-plastic and let us enjoy Nikons superior gear!!

              The D800 i got has NO “focus-issue” whatsoever and it deliver pictures that canon owner could only dream of. EVEN without a tripod.

              An the rest of you moaners don’t have to talk crap about the D800 just because you can’t afford one. !!

              It is a GREAT camera.

      • Mike

        You know, you’re right! Because you have only read about the D800, your comments are dead accurate. Just like Canon lost all their users after the 1D mkIII AF debacle.

      • Nex

        Looser comment

      • PeterO

        Sigh….And this has what to do with Nikon’s internal codes?

        NR must be seriously popular for so many trolls to be visiting on such a regular basis. Which begs the question: How much do trolls get paid? If they don’t get paid, then their lives are being pathetically wasted. At least learn to spell, or perchance was Grade 3 the best 7 years of your life?

        I imagine that Admin must be getting very busy these days and thus not having time to delete such drivel.

        • snarfy


        • LJN71

          Extremely well put,PeterO! 😀

        • BartyL


        • Michel

          lol 🙂 Grade 3 was the best seven years of his life 🙂 His trolls are the same monotonous repetition. Maybe when he grows up he can stop wearing short pants, but I think it might take longer than the time he spent in junior school, where he was expelled for not shaving his face

      • D600 afterFaileD800

        I’d also like to add that I know absolutely nothing about anything and also love it in the pipe.


        • Plug

          so your favoured mode is aperture priority?

          • ericnl

            what’s wrong with aperture priority mode?

            • BornOptimist

              I guess 90-95% of all my pictures with the D700 are done in aperture mode. V1 almost 100% in program mode. Only exceptions are when I use old manual lenses. This is also why I don’t feel the need for PASM on the selector wheel on the V1.

            • I get it

              I think he’s talking about the “aperture” on the back-side of the photographer and not the camera.

              Took me a few minutes before I got the “joke”.

          • michel

            He always shoots wide open

        • umesh

          I know that I shouldn’t feed the troll But still I guess you are drunk and bitter because you chose 5D3 over D800 and are now trying to justify it.

      • Tracht

        Based on owning a D800E, would happy to buy the next Nikon “failure”. The D800E is an incredible camera.

        • Andrey

          When and where you got D800e?

          • In the camera shop, where else? They have loads…

            • I’m not idiot. I did pre-order in BH and just looking where i’m at the line!

          • Joe

            Ever heard of this website called “”? Or visited your local camera store? You can even get loads of used ones already on Ebay.

        • Rikard

          It’s funny to read a lot of comments by people that don’t use the product!

          I’m a very satisfied D800 owner. And I guess by NOW, most people know that Nikon has sorted out the left Af focus issue! And also that a LOT of people that think they have the problem don’t have it (the tested it wrong)!

          I have no problem at all with AF, getting tons of perfectly focused photos!

          • Josh

            It’s not just testing wrong. Many people simply have an unrealistic expectation of how the AF will preform and/or simply don’t know enough about how it works to use it accurately.

            For example I see threads on DPR where the person thinks they have a problem because there is a slight difference between different AF points or between LV and PDAF results. The reality is this is completely normal and expected. It’s only a problem if you are using wide apertures.

            Then you have the people who don’t know what the differnce between a horizontal, vertical, or cross type point is. Which of course is vital, fundamental knowledge if you want accurate AF. Heck I am constantly amazed at how many people still dont’ even know that the camera needs contrast to focus or even what contrast is in respect to what the AF is looking for. These people are also quickest to complain when their AF “doesn’t work.”

            The only way to have %100 accurate AF would be to have each AF point calibrated separately to the specific copy of the lens you have and at every focal length and aperture. As the processing power of cameras get better we may actually see this one day. At the very least what is really need at this point is the ability to AF fine tune each focus point individually.

      • I wish it was easier to switch camera bodies!

        Yes I know you can get lens converters, but how well do they really work? And they dont work with sb800s

      • snarfy

        troll trying really hard to bring a true trolling to NR after trollface EPIC trolled.

        Ironic how re-troll turned out to be the true troll to troll-esque trolly trolling!

        Don’t fail again “D600 afterFaileD800!” otherwise you’ll grammaring whats left of your edible troll underwear

      • Michael Laing

        I do have to agree that the 5Dmk3 feels much more like natural successor to the D700 and in many ways the D800 feels much more like a successor to the 5Dmk2. Canon played safe with the 5Dmk3 and have come out with an great camera. Nikon took a serious risk with the D800, which succeeded and from the sales so far it have done exceptionally well.

      • Jacques


      • Foolishcfo

        Why rag on the D800 just because you can’t afford one? Its a great camera. Be one of the first to buy a D600. You’ll find nits as well. It doesn’t sound like you’re a real customer anyway.

      • Not bias

        @D600afterfailedD800, You are a canon diehard fan. What failed D800? It was still out of stocks in some stores. Meaning demands are high. Canon 5d markiii has a low demand camera because less people bought it due to higher price .

      • Leonard

        Another stupid comment. D800 has a good position on the market and many other people who are waiting a cheaper camera are looking for new D600.
        It is unpleasant to read all unqualified comments issued by all unskilled people.

  • MarkG.

    D800, EPIC Fail, you never tried own of those to say something like this !

    • Pablo Ricasso

      I think he wants someone to cancel their order so he can get his.

    • eggzz

      D800 NO FAIL !!

      Mine have no “focus-issue” (a word invented by envious Canon users)

      This was only a problem on a small percentage af shipped cameras, but has lon been fixed.

      They way posts about some “focus-issue” are appearing in EVERY thread in EVERY forum, makes it obvious that this is a campaign run by Canon.

  • Pablo G

    Maybe the D800 did fail to be a replacement to the D700, it’s really a replacement to at least two models after the D700… D700, D770, D790, D800!!

    • I think the d800 was intended for a different market…

      Those that use medium format and mostly studio work. Perhaps Nikon should have made a medium format with huge sensor and same lenses?

      I have waited since jan 2010 for a d700 replacement! I mostly use d7000 which is ok but doesnt focus fast enough and less comfortable in the hand. Plus isnt ff!

      • Jacques

        The D800 is the perfect camera in every situations, i use it out of the studio, its marvellous really… except maybe sports situation…
        You really should get one for a try few days.

        • Foolishcfo

          I love my D800. In fact I love both of my D800’s! Some people will whine no matter what you give them.

          • Jorge

            Here! Here!!
            I too love my d800. Yes, it has the left focus issue that has been beat to death here and elsewhere. However, until i get it up to Melville NY, I work around it. No big deal. The images are amazingly detailed and I can’t wait to shoot again with it — focus issue or not.

  • Plug

    7 codes in total, plenty of room for speculation. J2, D600, L610, android thing, P7200 are Admin’s speculation. That leaves two. D400 please! Of course some of these maybe for cameras appearing in a few months? do Nikon do that?

    • D800_is_finally_here

      I suspect a simultaneous release of D600 and D400 during Photokina for maximum press impact. Two more kick ass product would send a ton of shock wave.

      well, only if the D600/D400 left AF point is functional, however.

      • umesh

        You mean to say all nikon cameras had left af problem or they started doing it deliberately with D800?

        • D800_is_finally_here

          i meant to say nikon should step up their QC!

          otherwise D400/D600 would share the same left AF problem.

          • umesh

            For this problem to happen the assembly lines will have to be shared and should have the same fault as before. Do you think Nikon is such a bad company that
            1) they would keep this fault as it is in the machines
            2) they would keep on producing cameras with fault as they wouldn’t test random samples ever after
            3) they would use same assembly lines for 600 and 400.
            Every once in a while one comes across news of fault being found in a batch of any product . If the batch is big in volume they recall it . If not they correct it as customers bring them in.
            If you have a fault in your 800 get it to them. I am going to as also my 800 has this problem. But for now I am able to work and in India Nikon it takes time to do anything. We love Nikon products so we come to NR. So cut them some slack. I mean we would work nonoptimaly if our house was destroyed in an earthquake .

    • dont forget d7100!


      • Steve

        …and way out there… how about a DX-M mirrorless ?

    • I think there will be several Coolpix cameras.

  • Lanskymob

    I can’t wait for more specs on the D600. The D800 is brilliant…but I think just not the camera for me. if i was exclusively Studio work and landscapes, I’d already have one.

    Every pro I know who owns a D700-who shoot everything from weddings to war zones-say you’d have to pry it from their cold, dead hands. Really wondering if the D600 is going to be the answer to my prayers, or if I just pick up a used D700. I prefer the bigger body and the extra Fn + outside switches. Scrolling thru menus just killing me these days. Plus the D700 is weathersealed and built like a little tank.

    • D800_is_finally_here

      unfortunately, Nikon deems the D700 too good a deal so there won’t be a real D700 replacement. you have to buy the D4.

      The D600 would be based on the D7000 body. so it won’t be built like a tank. nor would it have the buffer and fps.

      D700 was too good a deal. Now folks are realizing all their complaints about the D700 backfires and you are stuck with too many pixels and too little fps going with either D800 or D600.

      • Michael Laing

        To be honest, I am not bothered by the 1 less frame per second. Not sure I need the 36mp and it does take a lot of processing power to work on the files in computer and quite a bit of storage but this isn’t a problem to most photographers who at going to buy the D800.

        • Michael


        • Jorge

          Agreed. the large files (I shoot 40mb raw + fine jpeg) is NOT an issue at least for me. Atop of the jpeg+raw combo when I work on an image that i want to send to my stock agents, they require TIFF’s. After converting the raw to a TiFF, the file size swells to 209mb each! I then delete the jpeg and keep the TIFF and the raw file. So far, it works for me and my 4Tb of disk space that I have. I don’t keep every image I shoot either. My sister for example will not under any circumstance delete a photo(!) WTF?! I’ve tried to explain to her that space costs money but to no avail. She keeps every image she shoots — she must think she is the presidential photog. LOL

      • brian

        I’d like to know where the hell the d800E is. Here in Canada the d800 is in stock all over the place, but the retailers in Alberta haven’t seen an E in a month. I’m still waiting on a feb 7 preorder.

        • Discontinued

          >> I’d like to know where the hell the d800E is. <<

          It is right here, next to me since April the 20th. No shut downs. Great tool! Not entirely flawless, but nothing that really bothers me. Great sensor, great DR and just about enough RES to suit almost any purpose.
          And not too bad for video, too.

          Great step from Nikon. I miss to catch the point of all that D700 successor talking.

          • Discontinued

            P. S.

            If D700 ist exactly what you want, JUST GO AND GET IT FOR CHRIST SAKE ! ! !

            It is still out there, new and used alike.

    • fxed

      The D700 is the camera that will go down in Nikons history as one of the best cameras ever made for still photography.

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!!
        Agreed!! I have now over 90,000 frames through my D700 and LOVE IT STILL even though I have the D800. Last month I returned from a destination wedding out in Puerto Rico and I shot a total of about 5800 images (raw+jpeg) over 20 hours of shooting in three days. I would say 80% were with my D700 the rest with the D800. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my D700!

      • jorge

        Oh. And I forgot to mention that I DROPPED THE D700 with the 24-70 F2.8 on the concrete floor of El Morro and it still functioned flawlessly!!! My zeikos battery grip (cost about 70.ooUS) is missing plastic pieces all over BUT it still worked perfectly. The 24-70F2.8? Works just freakin’ fine thank you very much!
        The D700 IS A TANK.

  • KnightPhoto

    Thom says we are getting TWO MORE DX bodies:
    “I’m sure we will get a couple of DX bodies updated in the next six months, though. ”

    D7200 and D400? Those are the only ones that make sense to ME, but I suppose it could be D7200, D5200.

    For posters above, face it, at least I did, the D700 Replacement is the D4. The D3 and D700 weren’t well enough differentiated (from Nikon’s bottom line perspective).

    • KnightPhoto

      …just subscribing…

  • PeterT

    I assume that Q stands for the p&s. At least that would make sense to me if X stands for Nikon 1 J2. Then DSLR would have another character and none of these internal codes represents a D600 or anything similar….

    • pointshooter


  • Good source

    D7100 and D400 will share the same D3200’s sensor. Main differences will be:

    -Weaker AA filter on D400
    -D400 will have 9fps (vs 6fps on D7100)
    -much bigger buffer on D400
    -better construction on D400 (but both weathersealed)
    -CF/SD slots on D400 (SD/SD on D7100)
    -D400 will have built-in WIFI and Ethernet support
    -D7100 gets articulated LCD, same as D5100

    D7100 will be priced at $1000. D400 priced at $1500. Kit lenses will be the 18-300 and the yet to be announced 16-85 f4.

    • Pro Camera

      Wow, it sounds good to me.

      • Plug

        I hope, for us bird/wildlife photographers, that you are right about the D400 although I feel the lack of rumour suggests otherwise. We can hope.

    • Shawn

      Hopefully both will have a new AF which includes cross-type sensors on the left and right, not just top-to-bottom.

      Canon seems to be getting this, most of their newer cameras are getting all, or almost all, sensors as cross-types.

      Nikon’s memo seems to be that you can have as many cross-type sensors as you want, as long as they’re all in the center.

      From a practical perspective, when I frame a portrait, I want the option of using one of the “outer” focus points for the eye. Since those points are one-directional in every Nikon I’m aware of, the area of contrast is miniscule and often I get sharp bangs and fuzzy eyes.

      • Joven

        I feel the exactly the same way. Maybe the AF system is far more sensitive in the pro bodies, but it seems so wasteful to put every AF point in the middle instead of spreading them across the frame. It actually makes me want to dump my great and go to Canon, especially now that they’re making an entry level FF camera as well.

        I’m looking to upgrade from my D51o0 to FF, but the most frustrating aspect of the camera is when I go to shoot my GF’s performances, the AF points on the outside just aren’t accurate enough. You can’t really focus and recompose during live action.

        • Shawn

          I also shoot a D5100, but I’m not really sure I’ll end up going full frame (action shots of kids in low light won’t benefit from less DOF for me).

          In regards to the AF on the “pro” bodies, I did have a chance to heavily use a D300 with my 35mm 1.8 DX last weekend (also my old 50mm 1.8D) and I found that the performance (speed and accuracy of the cross point sensors for AF-C) was not in any way better than the center point of the D5100.

          For quite some time I was convinced that the better AF systems would be faster and more accurate with the same lenses. Now my conclusion is that the lens has more to do with speed and accuracy than the body.

          I would still take more than 11 AF points though, especially more cross points, I did enjoy the flexibility in framing.

    • Hello !!!

      CF/SD slots ? Realy !! That is soooooooo yesterday. I at least except two XQD slots. It makes no sense using the old IDE standard, PCIe is simply the way to go. No more CF please !!!!

      • J

        XQD is not going to make it. SD and CF still rule and will continue to do so.

    • Rob

      I’d much rather see SD/SD. CF might still be a little faster in camera, but there is basically no room for improvement – 1111X is the absolute fastest the medium can transfer, and we already have 1000X cards (They probably won’t make anything beyond 1000X because overhead probably takes up the rest).

      But yes, XQD/XQD would be ideal. Whatever you do, Nikon, PLEASE make the card types the same. Buying all new cards one time is much less of a hassle than having to deal with 2 different types for the life of your camera.

      • BartyL

        I think there’s an argument for SD/SD for the D600, and XQD/XQD for the D400 (should it ever materialise).

        In any event, I do not like mixed card types in the same body. I particularly dislike CF and its many fragile pins.

    • mikils

      Oh come on, whoon earth would ever buy a 7100? this is the usual whisful thinking. DX is dead and D600 is its tombstone.

      • Shawn

        Hey, if I wanted to shoot at f/1.8 and get absolutely nothing in focus then I would turn off AF, not sink thousands of dollars into an FX system.

        DX is dead to you, but an EXTREMELY good compromise between full frame and small sensor. I can shoot at large apertures, retain usable DOF, but still get decent bokeh at shorter focal lengths.

        DX outsells FX massively, and I doubt Nikon is going to dump their high volume products because a few self interested photographers claim DX is dead.

        • Josh

          DX only out sells FX because of the price.

          If the D600 is $1500-$1600 which it almost has to be considering what it is, there is no room in the line up for a pro bodied DX camera. Plus the D800 in crop mode is basically a 15 megapixel DX at 6 FPS. The D600 will be around 10 megapixels in its crop mode . The resolution and FPS of cameras is only going to go up. Nikon is planing for the time when even the less expensive DSLRs have 30+ megapixel FX sensors and 8 FPS in crop mode. When this happens and it will probably be in 2 or 3 generations, the crop mode will make DX pointless for anything other than cost savings on the cheapest entry level cameras.

          The D600 represents the beginning of a fundamental shift. FX is no longer going to carry the high premium it once did and the price segmentation is going to be based solely on the body features and build quality.

    • Michael

      This is definitely wishful thinking. lol

  • Trollll

    If you can not cover the olympics with just an ipone, you are not a pro.

    If you are a pro you know you wont buy nikon.This post is a waste of time a nikon a waste o money. The D800 is the worst camera i have ever not-tried.


    • troll2


    • troll3


    • Jacques

      10000 hits combo troll !!!

      • snarfy


    • JLK

      Oh hush! The D800 is the ultimate camera for Instagram!

    • troll 3.14159265359

      + π

      • Plug

        That’s not rational.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Maybe it’s the code for D400, the ultimate professional DX body!

    • umesh

      and maybe the last. DX i.e.

    • jg

      I don’t hold out any hope for a D400 or wide DX primes. Thom Hogan has a post today titled “The DX Problem.”

      It’s worth reading in full, but here’s a little taste:

      The problem is that Nikon sees DX differently than many of its customers. With the pro gear having moved to FX in 2007, this is now more obvious than ever: Nikon apparently sees DX as only for those consumer folk that buy 1.5 lenses, both of which will be convenience zooms.

      • Foolishcfo

        Thanks for posting the link. I still hold out hope for a D400 or equivalent DX camera from Nikon. I have two D800’s but the FX sensor is a little big for the underwater macro world. The DX cameras shine there (Yeah, I know demand isn’t great for that market but what market is there love DX bodies).

      • Plug

        Surely Nikon recognise the potential of a high end DX camera for wildlife/bird photography? I have a D800 but a pro quality D400 with 8+ fps would be a huge complement. I have been toying with the idea of a 500mm but it is huge when out in the wild and I am not getting any younger.
        D800 + 500 f4 vs D400 + 300 f4 and 4fps vs 8fps.
        Only a very small difference in reach.
        I do hope Thom is wrong but I fear otherwise.

  • Did anyone else hear a political ad when they opened this page???

  • Miss J

    Waiting for d400!! I have numerous “pro” friends who’s d800’s were fine, no issues.
    I know of no one with an issue actually.
    If yours doesn’t work, send back, quit whining, grow up. If you were my kids I’d spank your whining, sniveling, butts.
    Canon good, nikon good…who cares, so what?

    • Well said.


  • Always the D800 trolls…

    In my opinion D800 is a great camera at a great price for what it is suited for. Maybe it isn’t the camera for you – then you can use your current equipment or buy something else.

    To me it’s the best camera I have ever had. I am really happy with it and I wouldn’t want to switch it for any other camera 🙂

    • umesh

      Are you sure? Not even with 900 when it comes?

      • As long as it keeps going, I’ll be happy with the D800 for the coming 3 years or so. Then I might start considering upgrading… 🙂

  • I’m really looking foreward to what Nikon has up their sleaves for us.

    A sidekick to the D800 for speed is not wasted.

    And to you guys who trample the D800 without trying the camera, you don’t know what you’re talking about. The D800/D800E have been markeded as for speed. The most likely camera to compare the D800 to would be the D3x. It’s for those of us who mainly need resolution without selling the house to get hold of a medium format-camera.
    For all the issues written about the D800, I’ve not experienced any on my camera. So stop whining.

    And Canon’s 5D MK III is not in the same league as the D800. It would be like saying that Landrover failed against Ferarri.

    • MB

      I like Nikon and everything but Canon 5D is in the same league as D800 just maybe not for the same job … like you said sometimes you need racing car and sometimes you need ATV … good thing Nikon have D4 and D800 so they covered it all … 😉

      • Shawn

        And sometimes you need that flexible SUV, which is currently where the 5DMKIII lives, but hopefully the D600 will displace that.

  • MB

    The Q codes could be lenses, ViewNX 2.5 added support for distortion correction for couple of lenses …

    • BRO

      Q are for cameras…R is for lenses

  • Lynne Hall

    The demand for a true D700 replacement will NEVER go away. No it wasn’t the D4. Regardless of the massive expense I’d never buy a D4 as it’s way too big & heavy for me to hold. Sure many others feel the same. The D4 is for pros only. I don’t want to buy old technology in a D700 and I need video. Yes the 5D Mark III IS the nearest to a D700 replacement but without the ultimate sharpness & image quality that only Nikon delivers. How long can Nikon go on ignoring the demand? Many have already defected to the Mark III. The exodus will continue indefinitely until Nikon gives in. If they don’t Nikon will be purely for pros (D4/D800) or true amateurs (DX or new entry level FX) The huge Semi-Pro market has been sadly forgotten by Nikon.

    I badly want a D700 replacement (bit better high ISO, 1080p video with better low light performance than D800, at least same fps as D700 & PLEASE a true quiet shutter mode!) Not sure how much longer I can hold out! The 5D Mark III is tempting! Nikon could lose the custom of me & many more forever if they don’t shape up & give us what we want. People can’t afford to swap brand these days once they invest. The D700 raised expectations. There’s no going back now Nikon. Listen to your customers.

    • Nathan

      Wow, really? That’s a pretty dramatic post you had there, Lynne Hall. Are you sure people are defecting in droves to a Canon 5D Mark III? They must really have a lot of money considering they need to buy all new lenses. I’m sure people who needed a D700 are still using a D700 since, last time I looked, it still works like a dream like the day we purchased it. Need 1080p video? Buy a Panasonic GH2, a Nikon lens adapter, and get better video and save a lot of money. If you want to stay with Nikon, then just buy one of the others that have 1080p video built in. Remember 1080p video is only 2MP so any of them will do.

    • neversink

      I work everyday with my D4 and D800….they are my workhorses and proving well worth the cost.
      Kept my D700 for backup (sold the D3s) and use my D7000 for hiking and yes I use a Canon P&S with housing for water sports…..

    • Joel

      So let me get this right.. You’re asking for a D800 with less resolution and a poorer dynamic range as the true successor to the D700, because that’s exactly what the 5D3 is. It certainly doesn’t kill the D800 in the high ISO stakes.

      I’d recommend actually using the D800 before you make too many big judgment calls in the future.

      • Rob

        5D3 is noticeably worse in IQ at high ISO (applies heavy NR which results in no detail), but its video is way better at high ISO.

        • KnightPhoto

          I agree with Rob, “5D3 is noticeably worse in IQ at high ISO (applies heavy NR which results in no detail), but its video is way better at high ISO.”.

          Plus I will add that in general I don’t need nearly as high ISO for video as for still. For example in Theatre I need at least 1/320 second to stop motion. But when shooting video the best practice is to use 1/50 for 24fps and 1/60 for 30fps. So I can shoot my video at 2.5 stops lower ISO than my stills. So I don’t see the D800 as significantly disadvantaged in the real world.

          Now everyone is giving Lynne a hard-time but I will say that Nikon is missing a niche for the lady pro. Around my parts, lady pros love the D700 for its form factor, which of course the D4 is bigger. If the D800 had 8fps people like Lynne would have an easy decision!

          I agree though, the 5D3 has muddy shadows (and banding) even at low ISO if you push them. And at high ISO NR is heavy, meaning detail loss. Lynne, I’d go with the D800 or even better the D800E, and live with the 4fps.

    • Jake

      I’m going to put this very bluntly.

      The D800 is better in every way than the D700. (Except in FPS, I suppose)

      If you disagree, you’re an idiot.

      Case closed.

      • snarfy

        pish posh, the D700 tastes better when licked.

    • rhlpetrus

      “I badly want a D700 replacement (bit better high ISO, 1080p video with better low light performance than D800, at least same fps as D700 & PLEASE a true quiet shutter mode!) Not sure how much longer I can hold out! The 5D Mark III is tempting!”

      1. D800 is already same as D4 in high ISO, at same res, so I doubt a D700+ would beat it. Likely match it. So that’s not an issue.

      2. FPS, well, 1 more, is that right, 1 more w/o grip. If you need a grip, why not a D4?

      3. Why a 5D3? What does it do that a D700 doesn’t (except for video?). And the 5D3’s IQ, low or high ISO, is not at same level as either a D800 or a D4.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    So then … One working day online and nobody has a clue what those codes mean?

  • One More Thought

    It’s interesting that Nikon can be so innovative and successful in the dslr market, yet prove relatively lackluster in the other markets, namely mirrorless and compacts.

    When Nikon goes bold, they succeed; hence the D800 and most likely the D600. But look at how they use the opposite philosophy with their N1 series; hence the J2.

    Come on Nikon…do with mirrorless what you have done with dslrs…take some risks and go bold.

  • Lynne Hall

    @Nathan Lol That’s what comes from years of waiting & frustration Nathan! Like many others, I want high quality stills AND video at high ISOs. The Panasonic GH2 sounds like a great camera but can’t match the Nikon D800 or even the D7000 at high ISOs. Didn’t explain fully. I have only a Canon entry-level & one decent semi-pro Canon zoom lens. I’ve resisted the D700 for around 2 years now. It’s an amazing camera but is overdue a revamp and having video in one body would be perfect for me. I’m sure those who already have a D700 will be sticking with it as long as they can and most people with lots of Nikon lenses wouldn’t be able to afford to switch brands. But I’m sure some of those who really need video must’ve been tempted by the Mark III, in particular those like me who aren’t already heavily invested in Nikon. Think I represent a significant sector of the market. The Mark III is currently my logical choice but I’ve longed for a Nikon for years. Once I invest further I can’t see me ever switching brands again. As regards other Nikons, the D800 is the ONLY Nikon in my eyes that comes anywhere near to semi-pro level video. Just a shame it’s so noisy in low light. I include the D4 in that! Quite shocked at the fuzzy D4 video (apart from crop mode). I actually have a D800 on pre-order at a great price & will have to make my mind up very soon. Whichever way I jump D800/5D Mark III I’ll have to compromise on either flexibility of use for my needs/image quality. Both are great cameras…but they’re not the D700 replacement I’ve dreamed of for 2+ years.

    • rhlpetrus

      Ok now, if video is your thing, go with Canon, they are more into it IMO. They are just tools, get the best for you. If you can, keep a dual system.

    • If you are going to need a lot of extreme low-light video, yes, go for 5DMk3.

      I wouldn’t call D800 bad and noisy in low-light though after having tested it at some low-lit live performance. If an aperture around f/2 to f/2.8 is enough for your needs, D800 can handle low-light nicely.

      Here’s a low-lit live performance I shot with the D800:

      Vimeo compresses the video quite heavily, but the original 1080p file isn’t really that noisy. Personally I rather have the D800 which is closer to true 1080p sharp resolution than a Canon with blurred image which is good in low light. But, depends on your needs.

    • ron scuberdriver

      Okay, for god’s sake, the D800 is not noisy at high ISO’s. It’s fine. It beats the D700. It’s so close to the D4 it’s negligible, especially when downsampled. I have never shot so happily at 6400 before. There’s no worry at all. Add 10% noise reduction and you’re pretty much good to go, and even that’s not all that necessary.


  • neversink

    Crack is Wack!!! What are you smoking Lynn Hall….
    You are looking for a D700 replacement and don’t even own a D700….
    Please, get yourself to rehab before you continue to hallucinate!!!!!!!

  • Lynne Hall

    Ha ha! Some of the comments on here DO “crack” me up! Rehab? I say No No No!

    • neversink

      Yikes!!! Look what happened to poor Amy Winehouse after she sang that very same tune. Don’t go there Lynne Hall.
      Seriously Lynne — Just buy a D700 – I loved mine to death. that is why I use it as a back up and didn’t sell it. It looks brand-spanking new, but it has more than 300K clicks and still growing strong. I really don’t need the D800 or the D4. Both are great. It was just time to upgrade for me. (Can’t take old equipment to work, especially digital to work. However, I still shoot film with an old F2, Leica M6 or Mamiya 7ii and drag them to shoots on occasion. Never bring my old Hassys, Mamiya RZ — They just sit and rot in their cases, as pretty as they are.)
      Anyway – as I was saying. Just buy a D700 if you don’t have the $ for the D800. Or buy the Canon. Just shoot… It doesn’t really matter — Canon, Nikon as long as you love to shoot and you love what you shoot even if what you shoot sometimes is sad or upsetting. As long as it’s a powerful image, it doesn’t really matter what camera you shoot with.

  • Lynne Hall

    Cheers for the advice. The D700 is a cracking camera & a bargain now. Maybe I’ll get a used one as a second camera some time. I’m definitely choosing between the D800 and Mark III. Never changed my mind so many times about anything! I WILL decide soon though! Totally agree what you say about a powerful image. That’s what’s important. A great picture says something and induces a reaction, especially “people pictures” which is what I love best – on stage or in the street, posed or candid. Whatever I buy it’ll be such a gigantic leap from any camera I’ve ever owned. Can’t wait!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      You might rather get a D3200 and invest the savings into a bit of glass that will stand up to the pixel density of that sensor. The reasons everybody’s not even talking about that camera are:
      1)It doesn’t cost enough and is plastic!
      2)They force you to buy a lens.
      3)It has no AF motor, so you can’t use your excellent old pre AFS glass.
      4)It therefore obviously isn’t a choice if you have manual focus lenses.

      Since you don’t have any lenses, this isn’t really a problem. It’s only whether you can stand to be seen shooting a plastic camera. It may not be “cutting edge” in the low light video, but I’m sure it’s no slouch. Probably it is as up to date as anything. I would then get the 50 and 85 1.8 and maybe the 70-200. They will always cost what they do now or increase in value, but your camera will just get old.
      Or you could skip the long zoom and just buy some crack…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      And I forgot about the 28. By all means, get the 28 f1.8.

      And if you HAVE to shoot Canon, get the 40.

  • BRO

    None of those are the Q code for the upcoming D600.

  • aham

    when will we see the real picture of d600?…

  • kjzhbxfiab

    Ok, just a thought…even if Nikon plans on eliminating DX with a $1500.00 or so D600, that doesn’t make FX lenses any cheaper now does it ? So tired of hearing all these one sided FX stories. Just face it, a company like Nikon is going to stay somewhat economical, especially in tough economical times, i.e. D400 for instance. I have nothing against FX, its just that my style of photography and the majority of all Nikon users, whether it be due to personal choice, lack of experience, or even financial restraint use DX !!! Until they can find a way to make FX bodies…AND lenses the price and point of current DX bodies and lenses, DX WILL REMAIN.

    • Josh

      What are you talking about? There are plenty of cheap FX lenses. Nikon even just released a new one and it probably wont be the last. In fact the majority of Nikon’s recent lens releases have been cheap FX lenses.

      • Fred

        Well at least someone is catching on!
        Nikon’s ‘delay’ in replacing the D300(S) and the lack of new DX lenses points to the D300 not having a direct replacement.
        Think it’s a bad move by Nikon but we don’t know what their reasoning is behind this.
        Perhaps a DX range-finder type camera (as a D300 alternative) might be somewhere in the pipe-line? I could certainly live with this but the ‘true’ D300 users maybe not.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I hope a D400 with the exact shape & functionality of D300s. D7000 is a disaster of ergonomics. I tried one, believe me.

    Why couldn’t Nikon put the same D7000 sensor on a D300s body in the first place? What a horrible mistake !

    • MD

      I tried D7000 so I don’t believe you, ergonomically and otherwise it does all important things D300 could and more and better …
      And it sells extremely well so what are you talking about?

      • Anonymous Maximus

        Well, one important point; try to assign central button for instant 100% image magnification. A D7000 won’t allow unlike a D300(s). It’s disabled on purpose, possibly for a future model.

        Another is the lack of dedicated ISO & WB buttons. The ugly concentric dials & so-called dedicated buttons on the rear panel are so clumsy once you’re used to a D300 / D700.

        Another is the plasticky feel of the body. It’s too small & light even for mid-sized DX lenses causing them to point downward. D300 had the optimum shape & size.

        Let Nikon make a D400 along with D7000. People are free to choose among them depending on their purpose & budget.

        • MB

          It it really depends on what you consider important.
          I could agree to some extend that missing single button 100% zoom preview would be nice but it is firmware feature and someone at Nikon assumed (wrongly) it is not important. One other software feature I would like to see is bracketing beyond 3 steps.
          On the other hand I really do not see anything wrong with WB and ISO buttons and I do like look and feel while holding D7000. Overall durability maybe not at D300/D700 level but I do not intent to hammer the tent nails with it I and I do change my DSLRs every year or so and it will certainly last lot longer than that.
          Nikon is also free to choose if they will be offering pro DX body and they will if they find it will be profitable but currently it seams it just won’t be.

  • Irritating

    For being a site dedicated to Nikon rumours (a least the part named, there is a way to many Canon-users in here trolling about, complaining about a camera they have not used and so on. And why complain so vividly? If you are a disgruntled Nikon user deciding to switch, make the f**king switch, and let us be spared from your whining.

    Think there was some obnoxious real photographer that said that photographers fills their time taking / making pictures, they don’t argue about technology, otherwise I just said that.

    I am also still interested in if anyone has some kind of knowledge about Nikon internal codes, which this post actually was about.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Nope. Don’t know SQUAT.
      But hey, I heard there’s a focus problem…
      And I had 18 of them on preorder with “the lenses.” I guess I’ll have to jump ship!
      And despite the fact that they are in stores, I’ve been waiting nine months, but now I’m really nervous BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW HOW TO FOCUS A WIDE ANGLE LENS.
      And my computer is too slow to handle the file.
      And I can’t figure out when to press the button, so I need nine frames per second…
      Also, can someone tell me what is dynamic range?

    • MB

      As far as I know X codes are alpha samples not to be distributed outside Nikon, Q codes are beta development models and hardware and firmware may change, R are preproduction samples identical to actual models (ready to market) and usually the only thing that may change is firmware.

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