Best Buy adopts Nikon’s internal numbering scheme (Q740, Q750)

Few months back I posted a screenshot from an internal Best Buy message that listed a Nikon product under the code name Q750. The Qxxx notation is an internal Nikon numbering scheme - basically every Nikon DSLR camera has a code name that is different than the actual product name. It was suggested that the Q750 could be the code name for the Nikon D7000.

Recently a new code showed up in Best Buy's system - Q740:

Q740 stands for Nikon D3100 according to this Nikon press release:

Best Buy have clearly adopted Nikon's internal numbering scheme in order to prevent leaks since they have to setup their inventory ahead of a new product announcement. If you are working in a retail chain, keep an eye for any future Nikon Qxxx notations.

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  • Interesting for those waiting the D5000 successor – I hope that does not mean that a D800 is not on the way, though

  • Exxo

    Does this REALLY mean we will all be calling it by Q#? I kinda hope not, for years people have been using and liking D# etc.

    • Internal names.

    • No, they’re just using Nikon’s product numbers in their database. Not their product names

      • ZoetMB

        I’m a little puzzled by this because those are not the Nikon ID numbers, so I really wonder if those are indeed Nikon’s numbering system. For example, the U.S. model number for the D7000 is 25468 and the D7000 with kit lens is 25474. The D3s is 25466. The 85mm AF-S 1.4 is 2195. The AF-D 50 1.4 is 1902. The old manual AI-S 50 1.2 is 1435. The SB900 flash is 4807. Etc.

        • WoutK89

          It is internal numbering as a code name, not an actual number we will ever see.

          • ZoetMB

            Yeah, but that means that Nikon is using FOUR names/numbers: the model name “D7000”, the internal number “25468”, the UPC/EAN code and this “Qnnn” code.

            It’s not impossible, but it doesn’t sound right to me. There’s no reason the internal number couldn’t have been used.

    • gt

      no. it doesn’t mean that.

    • Ronan

      I do believe it was mention 4-5 times INTERNAL name… Geez.

  • I wonder how long it will take for Best Buys to have the D7000 on the shelf, on display for me to finally see.

    I went in yesterday to see if they had it out yet, but nope. There was a couple blank spots on the shelf for what I assume would be for the D3100 and D7000. And there wasn’t a camera sales person around to ask about it. Anyone know how long this process usually takes?

    • Global

      Best Buy LOVES to keep out the old crap.

      I can’t believe how slow to update it is. You would think they’d understand that buyers tend to go discount or latest, so having the choice isn’t bad. But they’d rather their customers believe that no updates have occurred. In the age of interweb, that puts them 2 steps behind everyone else.

      Go to a camera store and support a local camera store. Avoid best buy (especially their memory cards/accessories) until they start showing their wares in a timely manner. If we pay a PREMIUM for brick-and-mortar, they should at least behave like there is some advantage to brick-and-mortar!

      • David W.

        The Best Buy I work at has had both the D7000 and D3100 on display since they day we got them. Which was months ago, before some online retailers even had them. So I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, maybe your store is behind, but if that’s the case don’t assume it’s true of all of them.

    • sirin

      in my area they had D7000 in stock from the day it was released. don’t think it ever disappeared. it’s stupid that they can’t provide all areas with appropriate amount of stock.

    • blackripleydog

      At the Best Buy in Bangor, Maine they have a D-7000 with a lens on the bottom shelf of the the lens case. If you notice it you can ask to see it. There is no place for it on the display stand hooked up to the security system. A salesman followed me around while I took some shots through one of my lenses. I shot in NEF and had to download a conversion app from Adobe to view in them in Bridge and PS-CS3.

    • David W.

      As I said to twoomy, my store has had it on the shelf for months. If your store doesn’t have a display model they aren’t doing their job. Ask one of the DI employees if they could display one.

  • twoomy

    admin — Does the “Q” naming convention always refer to a camera (and not something else like a lens or speedlight)?

    Sure hope it’s a D800. Although the D5000 replacement is another possibility. And EVIL.

    • Yes, I think Q is used only for DLSR but I am not sure yet. This is the reason why i published that online – with the hope to gather some more “intelligence” 🙂

      • BornOptimist

        Maybe this is where the Q-mount and Q-logo came from?

        • knurd

          I think you’re right. Someone at Bestbuy with some graphic design and photo manip. skills threw together those images and started that Q mirrorless rumor. *shakes finger* Sneaky sneaky 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I used to work for Nikon.

        “Q” is the code for DSLRs only.

        There are different letter codes for lenses and compacts. These codes are only used internally at Nikon pre-introduction, and I am very much surprised to see them surface at a dealer.

        • You used to work for Nikon? Anything else you want to share with us?

      • MLWadester

        As far as best buy goes they are not only for the DSLR’s. They also use those Q annotations for the point and shoots but the p+s cameras are in the thousands as far as I’ve seen.

  • PAG

    Interesting how some yammering heads trashed the D7000 due to hot pixels when photographing the inside of lens caps. I wonder if they saw the post on Photo Rumors about the need to repair or replace defective sensors on some Pentax K-5 cameras.

    • MLWadester

      This was on DPReview too.

  • pooparty

    admin, how long before the d7000 anouncement did you have reports of Q750 in the best buy database?

    • I got the first Q750 in early October 2009 but I do not know when was the first time this showed up in Best Buy’s inventory system.

  • Vino

    the answer to the “Q740” question\en_EU\news_article\data\BV-PR-WWA1908-Q740&sParamValueLbl=New&sParam1ValueLbl=The+new+Nikon+D3100+guides+you+to+beautiful+pictures+and+full+HD+movies

    • yes, I have included this press release in the above post

  • broxibear

    Nikon publish their quarterly results on Wed Feb 2nd which should be interesting… but will it be more interesting than Best Buy’s internal numbering system lol ?
    C’mon admin you can do better than this ?

    • Talking about financial results before the official announcement can actually get you in jail 🙂 Don’t expect any breaking news with their quarterly results.

      • broxibear

        Oh go on lol…there’s a little bit of Julian Assange in all of us ?
        Sales down and costs up should pretty much cover it ?

        • This post is not really newsworthy, but it is important for any future information I may receive, especially from readers that work for BestBuy and there is no other way to communicate with them.

    • Ronan

      Huh… you do know that posting financial information before its publicly release can get you in jail?

      It’s all laughs and smiles, but cries and tears once Bubba bends you over…

  • Funduro

    Maybe a Buy More employee named Chuck might spill the beans on the next Nikon camera.

    • broxibear

      I don’t know about a new Nikon but I did hear “Chuck” mumbling about a 5D Mark III on the 5th of Feb ?

  • Jeremy

    I second Global’s remarks. Support local camera shops. While B&H, Adorama, Best Buy and other retailers near me are out of stock on the D7000, my local shop had both the body and kit in stock since it was released. And they also had them for the same price. Unfortunately camera shops are going out of business because of the economy and online shopping. But there’s nothing that beats being able to go in there, talk photography with people who share your passion and they let you play with the newest gadgets and gear!

  • Just get that D700 replacement out so I can fleece an unsuspecting amateur.

  • broxibear

    Nothing on their site about the quarterly figures but there are details about the Camera and Photo Imaging Show…

    “TOKYO – Nikon Imaging Japan Inc. (Takao Nishioka, president) will exhibit at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show (Feb. 9-12 [Wed.-Sat.] at Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture).
    The Nikon booth exhibit will include “Nikon Solutions Stage” and “Nikon Technology Stage,” featuring explanations of photographic technique and culture by prominent photographers. There will also be “Nikon Performance Stage,” allowing visitors to experience the latest COOLPIX models, the D3100, D7000, D300S and D700 digital – SLR cameras. In addition to the three stages, the booth will include an abundance of content providing visitors with an actual experience of Nikon’s imaging products, technologies and services.”

    • broxibear

      If they’re making a point of saying “There will also be “Nikon Performance Stage,” allowing visitors to experience the latest COOLPIX models, the D3100, D7000, D300S and D700 digital – SLR cameras.” then there’s no D700 replacement being announced there.

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