Nikon ViewNX v2.5.0 is out

Nikon released ViewNX v2.5.0 with only one modification:

When images are transferred from a mass storage device with multiple media inserted with Disconnect automatically after transfer in the Nikon Transfer 2 Preferences panel checked, all recognized media are automatically disconnected after transfer.

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  • Fuzz

    My guess is this version also has support for the new J2 and maybe the D600. You don’t bump the version from 2.4 – 2.5 for a seemingly basic bug fix like this one especially as the fix is in transferNX rather than viewNX.

    • That suggests that right hand knows what the left is doing, which I highly doubt.

      And if rumors are true, neither is using a new sensor, so there’s probably very little to do to add functionality with the rumored cameras.

  • ravemotion

    Or they’ll wait for the cameras to be out and release v2.5.1 and 2.5.2 afterwards

  • Davide

    Are there people really using ViewNX?

    After I tried Lightroom once I could never go back… It’s like a Ferrari compared to a Camry 🙂

    Exporting few hundred photos to JPEG (did that after a wedding) with ViewNX takes hours, with Lightroom it takes minutes.

    And, more important, Lightroom is a lot more responsive during the editing phase.


    • sklsmk

      Lightroom is much better than View NX except when it comexto tethered shooting where Lr is slower. Also Lr doesn’t yet supportthe D800. I use both andhope there is more to this update that whsts stated above.

    • C_QQ_C

      LR is not able to use the settings you used in-camera, viewnx does, so both have their advantages. ANd ViewNX2 is free, where Adovbe wants your mony for any update they submit..

      • What in camera settings do you need besides white balance if you’re shooting raw?

        Of course Adobe wants money! They make a smashing piece of software used by professionals–if you can make money from it, you can affort it! If you’re just emailing pictures of your cats to the fam, you don’t need pre-press capabilities.

        And just to clear up your confusion, every time Adobe releases updates for Camera Raw (which is only for the latest versions of the suite) they also release a new updated version of their DNG converter. So it takes an extra step, but you can use the latest camera with even the first version of photoshop that has ACR. And that’s for free.

    • Yarrus

      I hate Lr for orgaizing because is catalogs. NX is only brows pictures and not waste my mac. Plus movie editor and all is free. What more? Second: for raw editing is not a primary tool. But here i prefere Phase One and CNX . My friends use DXO. For free browsing and editing you have a Phocus from Hasselbladt. Adobe is too much i think in both cases.

    • Richard

      common, Nikon software read NEF better. You get sharper image with CNX or VNX. I use Lightroom 4.1 and I hate how it toss so much DR and natural sharpness. Do a side by side SOOC comparison.

  • stuart

    View is a great way to quickly evaluate pictures. i love the way it works on dual monitors. i have the thumbs on my 19″ and the full size image on the 27″. when i take 500 pics i can quickly blow away the bad shot and tag the good. later i can get creative with Capture or Photoshop. i would agree that if you just want to volume process then lightroom might be better but if you want to work on individual shots View is the best place to start.

  • preston

    I didn’t want to get a RAW editor like Lightroom when I was a noob since I thought View could do most of the same stuff for free. Well, it can do some nice basic edits, but I just couldn’t take the several seconds of downtime per image just for saving edits. Reminded me of waiting for web pages to load back in the days of dial-up internet. And then I realized how much more powerful of an editor Lightroom was after I bought it. Really a no-brainer to purchase it (or Aperture or whatever).

  • Ralph Daily

    Nikonusa still has 2.3.2, which was the previous version to this I think. So you get the 2.4 changes in addition to the one in 2.5

  • Your link seems to take you to the European version of View NX 2. I’m not sure I want to download and use that version. Trying to install it, it asks you to deinstall the version you have first. Something is wrong here.

    • Ralph Daily

      You have to go to the Nikon website for your region if you are not in Europe

  • Alex

    Is there any rumors about the next major version of Capture NX?

  • Anyone know how Nikon View NX compares to Photo Mechanic?

  • D800_is_finally_here

    I hate using ViewNX for it is as slow as a snail, but I HAVE to use it as VNX/CNX are the only ones with truly authentic Nikon color/white-balance.

    LR4 is much better than LR3 in this regard, but still not 100%.

  • Dr Germ

    It seems from the release notes that the new version no longer has Google Earth built into it on Windows. Does that mean, geotagging won’t work any more? That would suck…

  • roombarobot

    Trying to “check for updates” on my US copy of View NX 2 (version 2.3.2 64bit for MacOS) it reports no new updates. Do I need to download a new copy, or will Nikon fix this?

    • roombarobot

      Oh, and it looks like Nikon USA still only has version 2.3.2 on their site.

  • Smutty

    ViewNX is great when you’re away from home and need to use a friend or relative’s computer. It has saved my bacon more than once.

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