Weekly Nikon news flash #175

Samyang VDSLR lenses

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  • JB

    How long will it take for someone to complain about D800 focusing…..

    I am still horrified by this version of the D4 and 200mm f/2. Wonder how hard it is to get that stuff off???

  • nice ad, but else nothing special today…

  • Aldo

    there are other ways to announce that you are gay…

    • Like trolling message boards?

      I think you made THAT point…

      • Aldo

        you sir seem to have no clue as to what trolling is… having said that… you can be gay all you want. there was no offense intended. This color in the art was obviously chosen to be notorious…. and the way you decide to become notorious is always open to interpretation. I personally carry pink/yellow gear to display my manhood… now that could be a troll. kaythanksbye.

    • derWalter

      whats wrong about being gay?

      • Aldo

        never said there is anything wrong with being gay… but the color is gay nonetheless

  • $31,300 as a buy it now? good luck with that…

    Just seeing more attention would be my guess.

    • Nikon Shooter

      It’s hard to put price on art, but whatever.

      What I don’t get is their selection of the included lenses. An 85mm and a 200mm? Seems like a clever way to get you to come back and spend another $5,000 on the “pimped” 24-70.

      My guess is if no one bids on it they’ll just buy it themselves to add some perceived value to their brand. I’m pretty sure this is just a publicity stunt to begin with.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        That’s funny. I used an 85 and a 200f2 to take pictures of Ed Rosenthal and his audience. Two rolls of film, no flash, and I didn’t reach for another lens.

        • Stay focus

          Nikon’s brand is yellow/black/white, but mainly yellow. Its quite obvious why the D4/Lens is yellow/black/white. Don’t you think so?

  • Mike

    Check this out Usain Bolt, is using a nikon. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-19208480

  • David B

    Looks like a piece of kahkah

  • AM

    I don’t know what is more pathetic, Ashton Kutcher or Usain Bolt shooting Nikons.

    • Jabs

      @AM – FAMOUS people shooting or talking about Nikons = Advertising.
      Maybe no one or few know you, so would you prefer to be the spokesperson instead?
      Thought NOT!

      Nikon could have not gotten better FREE advertisement than the Usain Bolt one as he just won several gold medals plus is an awesome person and just happens to have a Nikon D4 shooting the photographers and his teammates.

      The world fastest man shoots the world’s fastest DSLR camera = priceless. Nikon owes Usain millions now = you don’t get it perhaps. How many millions watched it live all over the world? How many newspapers and online sites had this all over Earth?

      Again – legendary athlete with a legendary camera – CLEAR enough?

      • JonMcG

        Not quite, only camera geeks would have noticed that… 🙂

        • umesh

          Only camera geeks buy D4.

        • Jabs


          Don’t underestimate the effect of media and media stars. The world saw a camera with D4 on it clearly plus examples of what it DID = priceless publicity. Have you seen all the Nike logos all over the place. Remember this – ‘Be like Mike’ – and then everyone wanted to be like Michael Jordan? Ever seen or remember the famous video by Michael Jackson – JAM? Who did it feature? Two Michaels right?

          Geeks buy Apple’s products while Pros revel in the wonders of the D4 and this was especially telling as the images showed a lot of D4 cameras when the event is sponsored by Canon = free publicity for Nikon. Where is the Canon 1DX then? With the geeks?

        • Mike

          Just letting you know I am not a camera geek, I am a Photographer. A photographer that has the eye. Can I say the same for you?

      • Nikon Shooter

        “Nikon owes Usain millions now”

        I’m still laughing.

        • Jabs

          @Nikon Shooter – a little tongue in cheek humor from me, BUT the reality is that Nikon got millions worldwide to see their D4 in action live and being shot by the world’s fastest man. Priceless then and maybe Usain Bolt will now be a spokesperson for Nikon???

          Free publicity and just about everywhere you look online and on television, there is a report about this and also the images that he took with a Nikon at an event sponsored by Canon = EPIC!

          Look at the lineup of Pro DSLR’s that we see in the images that Usain took!

          The irony is that the tables were turned on the Pro photographers who were probably hounding Usain and he photographed them instead = poetic revenge maybe! We basically rarely get to see that perspective of an athlete shooting the photographers and his team mates with a Nikon or any camera. Awesome free publicity too.

          World’s fastest man hounded by the paparazzi who now get hunted by their prey instead or Elmer Fudd gets Bugs for a change – LOL

      • Calibrator

        “Again – legendary athlete with a legendary camera – CLEAR enough?”

        The D4 is already legendary?

        Oh the endless wonders of this forum…

        • Jabs

          @Calibrator – Perhaps you don’t see the irony here. World’s fastest man takes a picture of those who hound and photograph him after he just made Olympic history.

          Now, everyone knows about the Nikon D4 and what type of images it gives even when shot by an athlete who just broke several records while making it seem ‘easy’ plus now, he picked up a D4 and then easily shot images with it = priceless publicity for Nikon. Do you now see the symbolism? The EASE of perfection – since I might have to spell it out here for some – lol.

          Based upon the results from the London Olympics, the D4 IS already legendary! Beat the heck out of the fine Canon 1DX for sure.

          • Torben

            Well Jabs, you’re such a badass, you know how to stir up things with your warrior keyboard, I just wonder if your sweeth mouth can you take a mans 200mm f/2 in irl.?

            • Jabs

              @Torben – Reality is what I am trying to explain and not stir up trouble here.

              A simple superstar (Usian Bolt) using a new DSLR (D4) and it went viral = his doing or act and not mine.

              Too simple a thing to start trouble unless one does not quite understand viral marketing or even Internet sensations. PLUS I am not jabbing anyone – lol.

  • Jabs

    @ Administrator – Thanks for that link to the J1 and 600mm F4.
    Made my day, as was wondering when I would see someone using a Nikon1 with an FX telephoto. Great photos too.

    Now for a photo of one using the new 800 F5.6 – lol

    • JB

      It is interesting that the gallery containing the J1 pictures is gone. I guess the Olympic Committee that said no Social Media pictures were allowed had their way.

    • I have posted few of those in the past.

  • kin notwell

    drugs are bad um k

    • BartyL

      No they’re not.

  • umesh

    Hot darn. All black lenses there. Soothes the eyes. Doesn’t it?

  • That Usain Bolt video with the guy critiquing is ridiculous!

  • Simon

    Where/which photo slide number does it say that Nikon tested D70’s for the rover?

  • ericnl
  • iamlucky13

    Samyang “video” SLR lenses.

    Does the “video” distinction indicate any particular disadvantage in using them for still photography other than step-less aperture rings and being marked in T-stops instead of F-stops?

    Not that T-stops are a disadvantage…

    • Only speculating, but the focus throw (speed) is often different on Cine lenses

  • Cool

    Now we can get a D4 painted the same colour as its LCD.

  • Nik

    I’m sorry, but that yellow painted D4 set is….amazing! I would buy that in an instant (if I had just sold instagram or getty or the like)

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