Pimped up Nikon D4

Just a quick add-on to my weekend post - a pimped up Nikon D4 from pimpyourcam.com (some images on the site are NSFW):

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  • Hm.. well thats interesting.. N O T ! Where is my D600?

  • bob lebart

    Only someone from the “more money than brains club” would do this to their camera…
    and/or someone with an amazingly tacky aesthetic- roflmao!!

    • David K

      Lighten up boys.

  • Oliver

    hmmm… i recently somwhere found an article about a company that is specialized in refurbishing or colouring lenses and bodies but cannot find it any more…
    for me the idea of having a “own design” at my cameras and lenses is somehow intresting – just imagine your the only pro at a soccer game with an orange lense… or a green one… lol

    • Cristian

      I was thinking about a mimetic cover painted directly on the body and the lenses…

  • Ric

    Need to call CPS -Camera Protective Services- and put into my foster care.

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

  • B!


  • Alex

    I don`t like it!
    Admin, can you please start a poll so we can find out how many people likes the pimped D4 ?!:D

  • Rolf

    I have to admit, from a theft-prevention perspective, that will work well. Not because it’s ugly (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all), but because it makes it obviously unique and easily visually identifiable from a distance, hence making it nearly un-fence-able. and more recoverable.

  • LP

    Sacrilege my friends. If the price for this insult is proportional to the D4 price, then my guess is that this is gonna be the only example we’ll ever see…

    • T.I.M

      You’re right, but it will worth $25,000.00 in ten years.

      • riboul

        Not. Look at all those *gold* Hasselblad kit floating on eBay, nobody wants such a bling crap.

        Just like those vintage camera covered with blue/red/yellow/you-name-it leatherettes, ah ah!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      I bet they give me a GOOD discount when that lens comes up for sale…

  • NRC

    This makes baby Jesus cry.

  • Dimitrii1130

    are there any rumours about a nikon D500?
    just heard that a d500 was spotted in Vienna (AUT) at a concert – but nothing about the camera itself, only that it is a new cam.

  • Funduro

    Two words: ugly, UGLY !

    That Leica M Monochrome is a work of art next to that monstrous looking D4.

    • Patrick

      Hey Funduro. Are you using Steve McCurry’s photograph, with or without his permission? Let me guess,…NOT. Have you ever heard of “copywright”?

      • Funduro

        Yup avatar is of THAT famous image, that has inspired my quest in photography. BTW the avatar is around 180X180 pixel or so. If printed 8X11 WOW !! You do NOT know the profit potential in selling those postage stamp images in the cute frames, it’s unlim.. . . . .

      • @Patrick, I’m one of the biggest copyright nazis there is…

        This image is so iconic and famous in the photographic community, no one is ever going to make the assumption that Funduro is attempting claim at creating the image by using it as his avatar.

        This doesn’t fall under the arena of ‘fair use’ – but it clearly falls under ‘who cares’?

      • FIND

        fairly outrageous he/she obviously means no harm by using that photograph as they replied they can hardly do anything with it ahahah

      • Not to mention you spelt copyright wrong… your grammar is pretty shocking too. Oh well.

      • Riboul

        damn, I thought it was Funduro’s actual face. *sigh*

        @Funduro : plz disregard previous dinner invitation.

  • Jabs

    Expensive Art-Deco Nikon kit – lol
    What’s that – a D4, an 85 F1.4G and what looks like a 200 F2.0 or maybe 300 F2.8 = ouch – expensive gear!

    Should be in a Museum of Bad Taste for the Nouveau Riche – lol

    Different strokes for different folks NO matter how weird they are or how esoteric it is – lol

    Nikon meets Andy Warhol and D4 loses – LOL

  • foobar

    Thats so ugly I bet West Coast Customs did it

  • Great way to make about $12,000 worth of gear look like a pile of chit.

  • Miha

    Things like this should be illegal!

  • ColorfoolYellowAgent

    Nice way to get undercover.

  • I think depending upon your profession, especially like event/club photography, this would be awesome to have.

  • Kill the painter

    So many people wanting one of these camera and there is always someone who spoils the dream of aberrations. Maybe a tattoo artist that had nothing to do but ruin a camera.

  • Eric

    I want one! Not that design though. I really really really need to know what it costs to design my own. This is amazing!

  • john stevens

    Well It is quite different….Not sure if anyone hit on this…Would it destroy the warranty? Most Def. And something to think about…since it is a personal message of who you are on your own camera design…it is you..and when you want to sell it…I think it would be rather difficult…the resale value would be quite low.

  • hunt

    The only thing I want on my camera is the Nikon logo

  • Wow! What a great camera for someone who has their own body completely tattooed.

  • kin notwell

    black lite photography here we come !!!

  • fishguy

    Ah! Too bad this wasn’t just a rumor.

  • Pablo quiroga

    why we do this damage over the last and best product of Nikon, why?

  • Dr Motmot

    mmm, shiny.

  • While I wouldn’t cover 100% of my camera or lens, maybe just part would be cool. I remember years ago someone air brrushed some flames on the hood of their 70-200. It looked great and if I had any air brushing skills, I’d do it to mine. Just altering a lens hood would allow you to easily return it to stock when it comes time for resale.

    The website didn’t seem to have any info on cost, available patterns, etc.

  • joe abnormal

    It’s an effective Anti-Theft sysrem designed to deter all but the most tasteless thieves?

  • FIND

    love this pimped D4, got some serious swag

  • Website and links are all dead. 🙁

  • KL

    Is that really paint, a silicone case or plastic stuck on that D4 and lenses?

  • . . .Corvettes are ok in yellow . . never a Nikon should be anything other than chrome or pro-black .
    It is eye-catching however , & well done , but . . no yellow.

  • Kudos to them for doing something different…

    It’s not like it was a shit job, it looks well done – it would be quite a feat to do what they’ve done so I reckon it’s awesome.

    AND so what? it’s different, and that’s cool. Maybe you haters out there are more concerned about the image of your camera rather than the files that come out of it…

  • Big J

    The design ISN’T bad, but I think what killed it is putting it ALL over the camera rather than just certain pieces of it. And would’ve left the lens alone. But the lens hood idea whoever wrote about it before is kinda cool since you could have it replaced if you ever decided to sell it or broken the lens.

  • Michel

    Weep buckets if you lose a lenscap 🙁

  • Oliver Verbloot


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